December 13, 2011

Oh, The Ass End of the World, Arkansas

I am going to rephrase this blog, I scraped my last one. I had some stuff to come up today and I voiced my opinion and I really feel good about it to tell you the truth. Since I live in the Twilight Zone and all, I wish people could see this kind of living, I would so do an interview about this, and I would give my right arm and leg to get this out more into the media. However with me marketing my story like I do and when I see it’s making its way around the world, I have many readers in Russia and Japan; there are many more countries to name to let the truth be known. It makes me happy inside that I make a stance and let people know about the corruption in a small town. How murders are covered up and drug trafficking is going on strong as ever. The cops and informants need a boost in their job to make a better income I suppose. I really love seeing the statistics on my Blog it really makes me happy. I am NOT bashful about voicing my opinion none what so ever. However I am the crazy one, the one that is out of control, if that’s it LOL. I am proud to be crazy. Living in The South and being around the hypocrites of the Bible belt makes me a sane person when I see this, just saying. I have certain family members trying to degrade me and make me feel like a low life. Your stupid and quitter to be exact, however they have more money than God. Here I come along and bust these dumbasses out. Because I am standing on the outside looking in and I see the dysfunctions that are going on, more than meets the eye to be exact, if you know what I mean. A bunch of fake ass people trying to look good that’s all. Oh how loathe fake people. I will be glad to move out of Arkansas, I will never ever come back here. It has to be absolutely dire emergency for me to come back. All I am doing is telling the truth but I am labeled as a crazy person that doesn’t know her ass from a hole in a ground. To me, I don’t let anyone run over me and that makes me a horrible person so be it. I am used to it; I will not change not by a long shot. I am glad some stuff came up today and I voiced my opinion about it and I feel so good inside now. Because I am telling the truth, when living in the South you stand up for yourself, the Arkansas State Hospital is the next place you will land in. It’s a shame that it’s like that though, very sad. When you don’t follow the “The Good Ole Boys’ rule you are disobeying or you have deviant behavior. Your ass will be locked up in the nut house. The movie “Changeling” defines that with a T, in the end, Angelina’s character frees the women. Because they really didn’t need to be there in the first place, they just didn’t take their sh*t, that's all. You got to love the South and the ignorance that comes with it. I am washing my hands away from people as I type this, I have NO use for these types people family or not. I shall NOT put up with it any longer. All I am trying to do is survive until 2016 and get the f**k up out of here. I am hoping and praying that my donation button helps me just to raise enough money to start my business. I will be up and out of here sooner than 2016. I hate the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. I really do, this is a nightmare. I am ready for a change. This is pathetic what I have to go through every day of my life.  I am doing the best that I can in the meantime that’s all I can do. I just need to market my story a little deeper and little harder. I could do a book and movie deal over my life. I would love to sit down with an experienced author. I would in a heartbeat. I see things and sometimes I feel great changes coming in 2012. I can’t wait for a new beginning to take place for me and my kids. All do in respect we need this in the worst kind of way.

December 1, 2011


Kiss my ass! That is how I will deal with this one, I am so sick of phone calls and how people try to push my buttons. I am having a hard enough time to deal with what I have to deal with anyways. My 1st X-husband and my 2nd X-husband has destroyed my life with their finances not getting right with Uncle Sam. One doesn’t want to pay and the other claims when he shouldn’t be claiming. It’s a no win-win situation for me. I hate them so bad, I hope the worst luck for them in 2012 and I will put a spell on both tards, I betcha! I hope Karma comes back and get their ass. But that is beside the point. I had a major fall, I mean a serious one. However I am seeing a touch of light coming my way and that really means a lot to me. Believe me it’s like a blessing of hope. Maybe there is a chance out there that I can better my life once again. But I don’t want calls upsetting me; I don’t want people talking to me about school. My life right now has been ripped away from that and I am trying to find a new option. I would love to finish, I really would. However the little punk bastards that I married once upon a time have done my life in! I am just now maneuvering trying to get my barons’ to cross the bridge that I have been trying to cross for years and years now. I have never in my life seen anything like it, a person like myself trying to DO good and this county and state have their hooks in me, seriously. I am too the point throwing my middle fingers in the air and say f**k it and start doing me! I am so sick of this sh*t, I need a change and I need one real fast. I could do a reality show and have high ratings, here at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. I could hold the show down like no other!

Dear Highway Patrol..........

I think it is real cheesy how the Highway Patrol does their job. Are they supposed to protect and serve or torment and piss people off? Here a couple weeks ago I had a problem, I am so used to it by now, I do believe. They were everywhere and that was unusual however there was a million dollar bust, now that was a joke, LOL it is what it is, I just go on with it. But one morning I left out for work and that was the day that they were all around, going to work like I normally do. Seatbelt and speed limit. There was this SUV rig that they were driving as I passed by them, I had that deep stare. I normally get that, the look that kills stare. When I was passing by he acted like he was going to get back behind me. He pulled up like he was going to pull out, then I looked in the rear view mirror. I got to the High School he decided to back up into his corner again. Don’t bully me like that, if you wanted to get at me, while I am driving pull me over motherfkker. Don’t be bashful, do your job. I was doing my job driving the speed limit and wearing my seatbelt. However I have this one cop that has a thing for me or just trying to punk me down by bullying me. I gave him an opportunity to say something at a local store I went into, but nothing was said. I am not bashful, if you have a problem let’s announce the situation and work on it. Don’t stalk nor bully me because in the long run it will get you in trouble, trust me! I have serious problems with this kind of behavior. To each its own, but they need to be concern how they do things in this county. Because the rug could very well be pulled up underneath them, just sayin’

November 7, 2011


Poverty that is understatement especially where I live at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas and do not get me wrong, I live it. Because I know some of you are looking at my pictures. Jay is a great friend and photographer and he does all my work for free. He does that for single mothers. I just want to lay that one out in the beginning. I live in a place where most of the teen girls that are 16-19 are pregnant. They don’t have a clue that there is a world out there than this f**ked up place. They were not taught that and that is sad. Where the mothers and fathers that are addicted to meth and they make their families do without, while they get their next fix. Some these kids go without food at night because of that problem. The only food they receive is during school, how sad is that? Most drink and drive on the weekends hit the dirt roads and most likely there will be fights break out from time to time. You got to love the redneck way of living. I live right in the middle of the gossip town. I can sit on my porch and I could tell you, who is high who is drunk or just down right plain mean. The meth is so bad here, if they did a sting, 80% would go down, yes, it’s that bad here. There’s nothing like the Ass End of the World. I could say it has made me mean as a snake. Because I do deal with a lot of nosy ass bastards and no I do NOT feel sorry for putting them in their places. The living here is horrible. I am thankful for the place that I stay at, however I wish I was back in Little Rock. I was moved out for a while, it so happen that I had to move back. I happen to marry sorry ass men and they can’t get their finances right and it falls back on me because I married the POS’s I will not lie about this not at all. I am living the American Nightmare. I just have that gut feeling that this county will get it soon. I just can’t shake it off. This is very scary living and not a nice atmosphere to raise a family. I would not recommend this area, not by a long shot. It needs to be reshaped and reformed before I recommend living here. Like I stated before, this is Satan’s World. “Corruption at its finest” It’s a sad situation and I am hoping to get out of here soon. I hope and pray that it happens soon but I highly doubt that. I know I will get out it will take time though. I have kids to get graduated and up and out of here. I do NOT want to them to live in Arkansas, there is a world out there and I want them to experience it. I have really smart kids and I know they can do so much better than me; I am just the one that got stuck here. I do not want that for them. I want my kids have a better life than me. I want them to shoot for the stars not have kids at a young age and be like me later in life in a f**ked up situation, I will be doing good to live another good 20 years, how sad is that? But this kind of living will do that to you when you don’t know better. I just have enough guts to say what needs to be said about this county. I am pretty much the only one needless to say. So to me that makes me special, because I have enough intelligence to speak my mind on the World Wide Web. I have marketed it to the fullest for right now but I will go up and beyond more in the future, that is a promise I can keep.

September 17, 2011

September 17th 2010 TO September 17th 2011 30 BLOGS 1 Year =)

It has been a year, since I went on a mission to get these fktards off my back. It has been quiet around me now somewhat I still have a lot of nosiness going on. It has had its moments to be exact. When I started this I was, not backing down by no means, it very well made me have a mental meltdown for sure; however I was standing my ground. I meant business, it was just a simple in the beginning, ‘just leave me alone’ that is all that had to take place but no, I had to go through hell. I wonder if it was worth it because it has landed on the World Wide Web. I will get my story out that is a promise I can keep. I hope that ‘Karma’ zaps my 2nd X-husband and his stupid ass brother; I hope she cuts loose on them like no other. All due in respect, these people deserves every bit of punishment that comes their way. As far as the law dogs here, I thought that was cute when they sent underage kids (males) to the house to buy alcohol for them and oh I can’t forget about the underage kids (males) around my daughter’s age, to see if I will sleep with them, oh how sick and twisted was that? People should think about the mentality around here it’s slim to none. I am like, ‘really’ I don’t think so, however nice try bitches, when the sh*t hits the fan, I will be sure to talk about this. It does not matter how much I stay off to myself, but every dog has their day and I will make sure the cops that has f**ked me over will get what is coming to them and that is a promise I can keep as well. Now, NOT all the cops are bad, these cops know who they are and they know what they have done. Helping these low lives out has landed them in trouble needless to say. I am proud of myself to get this out on the net. Since I have gotten my point across, I will be closing this out on my part; September 17th 2010 to September 17th 2011 is done. I will bust out a blog if I need too if they start back up. Now I will have a year to do short stories of different occurrences. Like the Wal-Mart parking lot and Killed Front of my Daughters. Names and places will be with-held. However I will get my point across. Here’s to the next chapter in my life.

September 5, 2011

Just a MINOR setback for a MAJOR comeback that's all =)

Being rip to shreds over and over gets old, yes, it does. I just think to myself and ask, why me? I am put on earth for some reason; I really do think that I am the one to set this county straight. It has been so quiet, however, I wish something’s would go as order, getting certified letters, emails, and phone calls now, is a pain in the ass. I will be glad when this passes. The more I try the more I get tore down, I am so used to it and that right there is a sad thing to say. My education just went out the door; I was doing so well in Little Rock. Then my life went to hell in a hand basket once again. I had to move back to the Ass End of the World. By September of last year, I had enough of the bullsh*t and then I started fighting back. I started to blog about my occurrences which took place at different times. I am glad that I did this because it shows what kind of jerks I deal with and I have too many to count. Hopefully my education will pick back up; it will kill my soul if it doesn’t. I had a certain friend to tell me, there is a reason for you to be back here. Everything happens for a reason they stated, you are the one to shut this crap down. He told me I will be known all over the world, not just by my BlogSpot, Twitter, and MySpace. I just hope that I can hang on, because this is really tearing me down, emotionally, mentally and physically. That is why I want to do an interview; people should see my face and my emotions. It’s not pretty it’s really scary to tell you the truth. It should be talked about and evaluated for the world to see. I have this gut feeling that all hell will be breaking out, I can’t shake this feeling. Whatever it is I hope it tears these fktards a new a**hole. I really do. I hope they wake up and smell the roses. I highly doubt that, stranger things have happen though. I have a serious gut feeling. I just want my life back, that’s all. Paybacks are a bitch, just sayin’

August 25, 2011

Jealousy and liars are a disease which infects the life of good people. Exposing their lies is the cure.

I think it’s funny how people are getting the hell out of dodge. When the water gets hot they have to go.  As I look back on it, many of these people have ruined many lives of many folks. Now, they have decided to skip out and forget what they have done. On my part it’s slandering and stalking. I experienced a lot of psychological babble bullsh*t that was much uncalled for over the years. What about the ones that have lost their loved ones over lies to keep people safe. What I am talking about is the good O boy system. I can say this has pissed me off beyond measures. But all sense of reality judgment day is coming. No, I still don’t care about what people think about me doing this blog. Yeah, some are for me and some are against me. All I am doing is telling the truth. I am the type that will tell you to kiss my ass real quick. There are a lot of two faced motherfkkers since I joined back on FB, I can tell from the real from the fake. I will sit there like a snake in the grass and see what is up. I am not too worried about that, I have had people to talk to me about that. I know how to handle my FB page, it’s all good. Not all are bad, but there are some nosy ass bastards, that’s for sure. However I do have some kick-ass people on there with some kick-ass attitudes to boot, I like that, seriously! I don’t give a sh*t about what people think about me, either you love or you don’t. I will not lose any sleep over it. However people leaving certain positions here in this county are pathetic losers. They can run but they can’t hide. This has really made me mad, however karma is a bigger bitch than I am, I sure will be glad when their day comes. Because I want them to feel like I do, when you have had your life torn to shreds, and scattered all over the place. They need to feel that kind of pain, I know from experience it doesn’t feel good not at all. Some of these people are some low lives scum buckets, that shouldn’t breathe the air that I breathe.  I am telling nothing but the truth to this matter in hand. They can run their mouths about me 24/7 but I am going to run my mouth about the truth 24/7 about this county. Hey, at least I have big balls to do what I am doing. I just have that gut feeling that the sh*t is going to hit the fan soon and it’s going to beautiful!

July 22, 2011

I am a brutally honest person and I am labeled as a CRAZY woman, boy the mentality is low, huh?

I have 2 words for these people that know me in real life that have caused me grief, f**k you! Yep that about sums it up right there =) all I have been doing is telling the truth and nothing but the truth however I am the craziest person alive. Well the truth hurts, anyways there has to be someone to put these people in their place. See, I deal with dope heads on a daily basis. That right there is the hardest and the most stressful part of my life. Dealing with ignorance coming from these folks are mind blowing and physically draining to the body. I am straight to the point no beating around the bush and sugar coating there is no need for that, I mean seriously. Be straight forward and go on with it. Now everyone running and hiding like nothing happen, well I got some news for these folks, too bad to sad it isn’t going to happen like that. I have lost a lot over the years and those years I can’t ever get back. These people and this county have done so much damage to me it just makes me sick at my stomach. Now they are playing the game like it never happen (news flash) I will not forgive nor forget until I see these twisted souls rot in jail and maybe in hell. Because I am way smarter than these twits and I got myself on the Internet to tell my story and remember there are more people in this county that has stories to tell about this system that is still going on here. I am not the only one, I am just the only one that has enough balls to speak up and let the world know about this kind of abuse. I have rights and I have a right to be left alone not be slandered nor stalked by these morons. I still can’t get over the fact that they were saying they never knew about my BlogSpot, I am like really? Seriously? What a joke! I will NEVER buy into that one for sure. How about a lie detector test and see what is really up? I know it's going to be nothing but lies. They would FAIL that test for realz! Dope heads are pathetic and need a shot of a reality check straight into the ass! I can actually say in this day of time in 2011, I hate these types of people. When I was on that side of the track years and years ago, I apologized for my behavior because I know it wasn’t good, how I acted. I am truly sorry for acting like a dumb ass back in the day. I am so sorry, seriously I am. Hey at least I can admit that I was a fool than pretend to be a fake and live in a fairy tale world. I am woman enough to say I am wrong and I am sorry. I keep it 100 all the time and I sleep like a baby at night. So the story goes people like me will always get a nasty treatment from the no good sorry SOB’s that make your life a living hell. Because we can own up to our faults and learn by them. I am a good person with a good soul. I am just a woman that doesn’t put up with any crap from anyone, not by a long shot. People with a low mentality will say I am a drama causing bitch but all in the sense in reality. I just state the facts and put everyone in check and I am not ashamed of doing it either. My intelligence is a little higher than theirs. I just took a more mature approach, the World Wide Web level. If I can’t get any help here I will put my story on the net. I have had enough of the BS and I will nip it in the bud and have no problems doing so. I am sick of dope heads coming to my house and trying to get me out. I know something is up with that and it's not good either. Then I am tired of underage kids trying to get me to buy alcohol for them. I am like get an f**king life already. LEAVE ME ALONE! That is how I see it =) that is how I am going to roll with it. This is not over far from it! They have turned a good woman into a bitch and now I am on a path for some kind of justice. It is awful that at good hearted woman like myself at one time, had to turn into a cold hearted bitch. That has pissed me off on so many levels. I am on a mission!!!


July 13, 2011

Just found this website, now that is sum funny stuff right there, woot!

I have been tailed for years on the Internet. I means seriously. I have a tracker and it shows location and the ip address, come on now. Just found it, that is so funny. But I am not going to worry about it though. Liars are such fools. Karma is a bitch and what goes around will always come back around. This made my day right here. Just found out, oh about 2006 you guys did when I joined the Internet world, I think that is funny. But the ones that know are the ones that will get the job done. I can't wait, I just love print screen =) When I tell the truth and everyone goes crazy. Well they can go crazy all they like, woot-woot! Because I will continue to tell the truth. In the long this will favor on my part, whoop-whoop! Just remember I am TeamFBI and TeamDEA. I roll with those folks. I am the only one in this county stands up to the filth. I know these folks don't have a problem with me. Because when I started all of this September the 17th of 2010 with my testimony. It was all eyes on me with them.Well it was like that back in 04, thank God for them I mean seriously. They have kept me out of harms way. They will get rewarded more ways than one when this is said and done. Just found out, that is the craziest thing I heard. I bet the higher ups will disagree on that one. Like one of them told me, you will come out on top and the scum will be brought down =) Charges bring it on baby, because I am going to demand hair follicle testing, well this one is new. So go ahead shave the head or whatever put some kind of shampoo on it. It will not help, BTW. Yes, I can do this. I don't have anything to worry about. I would love to see the stats on that for the last 5 or 6 years. I wonder if the DHS would have to be call on. I never said that I would take any kids out of the home, now if the follicle comes back not good but that is out of my hands though. I was told about the illegal activities going on especially last summer, woot! Did I just say that? I am itching to do this soooooo bad! As far as you guys are in for a visit. I am told by someone, they just warn me that's all. I am like OK with it, I just work or I go visit. I don't want to run it to you guys. I'll pass, woot! Ok the 'brother' thing OMG how funny! He is a good guy, yes he is but a controlling man oh no I will not put up with that, no way. Stuck up each other's asses on a daily basis, I don't think so. I guess he said, that he kicked me to the curb too. My mom was there and I broke up with him. I don't know why they are putting their 2 cents in, but I don't give a rats ass. I am like whatever. I am up for a good challenge though. It's my choice to be single, there is one that I would get in a relationship with and he is a FBI Agent and he has seen the beat downs I have taken and he also has seen when I just pick myself back up and dust my shoulders off and go on. He will be the only one that is for sure. I bet your sweet ass on that! I have the right to block anybody so that is that on that part, LOL

June 24, 2011

Get Tough or Die, take your pick..........

That phrase should sum it up right there. You either get tough or you die. However I am a fighter and I will continue to fight for a better life. I have put up with some major BS and why? I don’t have any idea but for most part of it, it's all about control. I am sorry, these folks aren’t going to control me not by a long shot. I will fight till my death over that. Tina Graves controls herself no one else will do that job. I have had enough and I will take this to another level. My life is like a nightmare that won’t end; I mean seriously it’s aggravating needless to say. But, I have seen a big let up like a release of pressure lifted off of my back. I can leave my place and not having different ones to trail me and see what I am doing. That there is a blessing in disguise; you know, like I have stated on here before. What I do is my business it is nobody else’s business but mine. It is not my ex-husbands business not my ex-brother-in-laws business either. People shouldn’t be running and telling them what I am doing. However getting on the internet has broken them from doing that. I am not married thank God! I don’t have to answer to anyone but me. I think that’s how it should be. Dear Jesus they need to quit being nosy ass bastards I swear my time. Thank God for the internet I have ways to get my problems out on a more mature level than the ones in this po dunk town.  Karma is a bitch and these people here have a wakeup call coming to them that doesn’t even make sense. However when you do people wrong then you have to pay the consequences in the end. These uneducated twits have never thought anything about that. Yeah, they need to keep doing their drugs and keep nosin'in people’s business and eventually they will get their noses slap off soon for being such punks. They need to stay clean all away around and people like me will  put them in their place. I do not feel sorry for them. I do live in a low mentality area and that is very tough to deal with, take my word for it. All these people does, live on my sites and I will give them something to read and make them think. An average 5th grader is smarter than them. They say I am dumb, I laugh at that remark. Since I have put my sites on a marketing level, even though it’s not a business (not yet, it will turn out that way soon) but it is my words and about my life and I am not afraid to talk about it at all. This is a very true situation and I would give anything to do an interview or just get on Dr Phil. I don’t have any shame in my game and I am so ready to talk about this more ways than one. My kids they will be the first ones to get rewarded in the end. I promise that much. I have a story to tell and I will tell it. I have had some to ask me about a reality show. I would do that if the right one came along. Everybody should see the ass end of the world. That is a good one right there. I would love to sit with an author and do a book as well. Either way you look at this situation it can go into many directions. The direction will be going towards the way for some much needed justice. Like today, I had a person came to my porch and talking the same O sh*t, I am like really. These people need to get a life and pay their taxes. They are worried about their taxes oh yes they are they need to be. Hell, they should have been paying them year after year in the first place.They live high on the hog and people like me, gets punished. I will not put up with that crap. I do right by the law. These people absolutely make me sick.Their no special than anyone else. I bet in the end of this situation they will be glad to pay those bad boys year after year. I just get tired of people trying to get me out and go with them. I know it’s either death or set up. My nerves are worn out and I really don’t know how much more I can take. I really don’t. I just want to be left alone that’s all. Now everyone wants to move out of state. Well the law will come out there and get them as well they can here. I hope these people lose everything they have worked for, and then they can see how it feels. I have lost everything time and time again over these people and you know what I hate them for that. I get everything taken away from me quite often for the truth to be known. I think they need to feel that pain for once. I hope these bastards get what is coming to them. I need a break for realz. I need to see some kind of justice, like right now.

June 3, 2011

The All American Nightmare =(

The All American Nightmare
Even though they have backed off, that doesn’t mean crap to me. The damage is done and I will seek some kind of justice. This should have never happen in the first place and I will be the one to set an example and put these people in their places. I am like game-on bitches. That is how I feel. They have destroy my life and I will make sure this doesn’t happened to someone one else. There should be some kind of law built within the system to protect people like me.
1)  A cop should not be able to stalk a law abiding citizen.
2)  A cop should know if an informant is telling the right story or not. The cop should know his/her job.
Now I can see if the person was up to no good and they were on the wrong side of the track and all. Yes, they need to be taken down. But let’s reverse this, when a person minds their own business and doesn’t disturb anyone. They need to be left alone, seriously.
They have started something with me and I will not give up until I see some kind of law standing within the system to protect people like me. I don’t care about the Good O Boy system; I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of thing.
This county has absolutely done me in, I swear it has. Now everyone is quite. I beg thy pardon, I don’t think so. I can’t stand dope heads I swear I can’t they make me so sick. They need their ass kicked up between their shoulders and people that are around them, need to quit babying them and drop them on their ass make them crawl then walk right into recovery. These twits should be put in their place at all cost even if they have to lose everything around them and start all over. I have been there and done that and it’s not pretty but I got through it. However I still have everything taken away from me and I obey the law too, WTF is up with that one? I swear my time! Something needs to give, for realz! I wish the dope heads blame their selves and take a good look in the mirror because they are the problem, not innocent people that are trying to make it in this mean ass cold world we live in.

I tell you right now, I will never get married again. Men are crazy and controlling and I think I am better off being a lesbian. I am Bi so I guess I need to make the transformation of the cross over to the other team. This kind of punishment, stalking and accusing and cops galore at my door, I think I will NEVER get back in a relationship with a man. I am better off without them that’s for sure. I would love to do an interview or be on Dr. Phil, I want to talk about this on a worldwide level so bad it hurts. This situation should be talked about and laid out on the table. I want to talk about it and I want a Tina Graves Vs. _____ _____. That is what I am talking about right there =) I am not going to stop until something is done.

May 25, 2011

No Sir Re Bob, I don’t Feel Sorry for What I Have Said on Here, End Of Story

I don’t feel one bit sorry not at all, I have put up with so much BS that I can’t take it any longer. For me to stand up for myself feels AWESOME! I have been made out like I am a POS and a good for nothing trailer trash whore. Oh, I forget how I am a homewrecker when it comes to married men. I am like WTF are you serious? I haven’t done such a thing. The dope is talking on so many levels I do believe. I am not like that by a long shot. When I degraded the dope heads I really pissed some folks off. So be it, to the dope heads that can’t pass a hair follicle test is absolutely a POS a good for nothing moron. By all means they should have everything taken away from them and start all over by earning everything back. I feel good about myself knowing a hair follicle is clean on my part. That is one thing I can’t stand is a dope head. Hey, least I can sleep at night. How many of the tweekers can say that? Oh I don’t think none can say that. All I am doing is telling the truth and truth is killing a lot of people. If these people weren’t high they would not be by my sites all the time huh? When I started to get raw stating the way I felt about this situation everybody got defensive. Talking about some humor, I thought that was funny. However I am telling the truth nothing but truth. Tina is this Tina is that, she’s no good. The lies I have heard, were shocking it really was but all do in respect I give don’t give a sh*t. It used to hurt my feelings but now it has made me stronger. I must be doing something right for people saying all kinds of stuff about me. I know who I am and I know what I have done and it has not been all that bad. I have had my moments, hell who hasn’t? Because I don’t hang out with some people in this county because I don’t want to hang out with the low lives. That makes me into a bad person. I don’t want to play by the rules with the Good O Boy System? Well I think I will take the Good O Boy System rules and wipe my a$$ with it. How do you like those apples? I stand up to these people and make a stance, I am no good. So be it, I am like whatever anymore. This is how I feel and I will not change that, I am a good person with a good heart. Because I am blunt and tell it like it is and it gets me into trouble. Who gives a rats a$$? I shall not change for no one! I have been picked up and slammed on the ground so many times and that right there has made me into a person that I like. I have zero tolerance and don’t put with any crap; I am such a stickler huh? Oh I am sorry I am from the South, I meant a bitch, my bad. I would give anything to do an interview or just be on Dr. Phil, I swear I would love to do that. I know I have made some folks mad, but guess what? They could never ever get as mad as me. Thank goodness that I know my$$ from a hole in a ground that I can get my story out on the internet. I know in my heart that I will get media attention on this situation, I just have to have me some faith and everything will fall into place. I am thankful for BlogSpot and Twitter and MySpace. The internet is a great way to reach out for help, when you can’t get any help at all. I am not stupid by no means; I am just going to a length to get some kind of help. I can’t get it in this state or my hometown I will get it somewhere. I am tired of being bullied by these people. 8-5-04 should have been the last day to lash out, not 7 years later for crying out loud. I don’t like these people and there was a reason for me to separate from them. I do everything for a reason. I will get some kind of justice with this situation, hell and high water I will. I am done just stick a fork in me. This is what happens when people stay all up in my business 24/7 here in this county. “All over the world internet story.” There are millions and millions people on here and I will reach out to that many, that is a promise I can keep. When a person gets bullied, slandered and degraded on a daily basis will go up and beyond and get some kind of help. I took a hell of a lick last April and I still have not recovered from it, however I am just waiting on my letter on that part, it could go on my favor or the other ones favor. Who knows, but like the story goes the dope head gets all the glory so therefore I know where it’s going, I just need that letter, that’s all. So I can move on from that one. So I can recover from the other messes. I am the one that is trying and I get sh*t on like I do. All hail to the dope heads I suppose, this state is such a joke. I am getting to that point that I don’t care and I will get this story out there. Whatever it takes, I am done so done. In this state the good people are thrown to the waste side and the dope heads live it up with all their illegal activities that just disgust me and really pisses me off. This is wrong on so many levels. This state is so backwards. What is really going on here?

May 18, 2011


That is the main problem to this situation. It’s all about CONTROL and that is not going to happen to me, not by a long shot. I have been disobedient from the day one, 1-21-2004. I don’t listen well. I am not going to listen to these POS people in this county. That will never happen not in this lifetime. However that has put me on a long road to hold. When you don’t do what you are ordered to do, then you will have hell on your hands and I have had plenty of hell on my hands. I am surprised that my skin is still there. You know that hell is hot and my hands are scorned. How I am living at this point of time is beyond me. I think that my strong willed and ambitiousness is pulling me through. There are so many days that I look in the mirror and say to myself, another day of life another day of breathing. What is my reason for me to be here on earth? I have everything yanked up underneath me all the time, I have my head held down to the ground and it’s hard to get up when the scum don’t let you breathe and they don’t let you live. But, my blogging is helping me out and it is very therapeutic, I might have to say. Control, that is main objective to this problem, this is 2011, and I am a liberal woman. I will never get in another relationship, never ever again. When I see a man trying to control me, I would just hate to put him in a choke hold. My liberation has bloomed big-time. I think outside the box and I am a realist. The Good O Boy System controls you in every way. If you don’t obey you will have hell to pay. I get so sick of people trying to control me. What I do is my business, it is not theirs. They can live on my sites all day and every day, I don’t give a sh*t. I will still speak my mind and keep it 100. It is getting a little better somewhat, I can leave my house and the calls are not that bad. It is bad when you can’t make a move without someone knowing. I should get a police megaphone and use it every time I leave my property. Tina is leaving the premises. Seriously, this is how I feel; I am like, am I that popular, really? The Control and the stupidity that comes with it, totally blows my mind, for real. The mentality here is very low, like a dozen Barney Fifes. I swear to gawd, it is like the twilight zone! I think they need to take the control and turn it sideways and cram it up their ass that is what I think about this situation. Can I get a hell yeah? I want to do an interview so bad and Dr Phil. I want to talk about this on a face to face level. I want to do that so bad I can just taste it. These people here that I know, they need to see my emotions and my eyes that’s where my pain lies at. I will be able to heal, when I am able to talk about it. I will never heal totally but I will heal somewhat and that is a good thing, better than nothing and being stuck in limbo, you know. I will remain blunt and tell it like it is and never sugarcoat anything, one day I will blow this county out of the water for sure!

May 11, 2011

What is the Ass-End of the World? Do you really want to know? Seriously?

I have been asked that so many times on Twitter. I am like; do you really want to know that question? The Heat of the Night, Deliverance and Wrong Turn all rolled up into one. That is the county I live in. I am being serious on that note, what I have been talking about in my blogs are nothing but the truth. I would give anything to do an interview or just be on Dr Phil. I would so talk about this situation; I just want that chance to tell my side of the story. I know what their story will be, however they better have mug shots and documentation upon documentation to back it up. I know one of the records and that was such a lie at the Fall Festival in 2004, I quit going after that one. I mean really??? A hair follicle should have been done at that time. That was a lie and very uncalled for. Oh the Good O Boy System of crooked cops and informants. If you have ever watched Changeling the one with Angelina Jolie, that is also this county too. Remember the cops told her that the boy was hers even though the boy wasn't even hers to begin with, however it would make the police department look bad if she did not do it. She had to go along with it. There was also another scene about the State Hospital, there was nothing wrong with those women, all they were doing was just taking up for themselves that was all. Angelina also saved them at the end of the movie. You don’t do what the system tells you to do here; they will have you in the State Hospital for disobedience for not minding them. Yes, it still goes on in 2011. That movie was based on a true story of the 1920’s supposedly that's when the occurrence happened. All I ever had to do was go back to my ex-husband and everything would be OK. I was divorced and I did not want that marriage anyways. He had a baby on the way too. That was NOT going to happen. When I am done, I am done just leave me alone. So therefore I have had to battle with them for years and years. However my ex and his brother had the cops do everything possible to me. Just to make my life miserable. See they have to do what they say. My ex and his brother can get them in so much trouble. They can put the present sheriff and the past sheriff under the jail cell. My last incident with a cop was a highway patrol on November 23rd between 1:00-3:30 I was passing through _____ the last exit they just built the one with a hell of a curve to it. I hate that exit, I swear I do! (I can’t put names or places on here that sucks so badly!) Now the cops around here, they have backed off in February (2011) because of my ex-brother in law. Yep, all about drugs, lord have mercy on my soul. Hair follicle please, let me do one. To set the record straight! These cops and informants uses every excuse to torment the crap out me, so therefore it has made me into one bad ass motherfukker fo sho. I am not stupid by no means. I have had people to tell me that they would get in the car and get the hell out of Arkansas and NEVER look back. If they were me. But I stuck around and fought for my rights but it has brought me a lot of pain, I mean lots of pain. One my FBI Agent friends, he told me, “Good things happen to good people for the ones who wait.” Well I have been waiting for a long time and I am like really? I will believe it when I see it. All I know is being picked up and slammed on the ground on a daily basis. That sucks so badly and it pisses me off. But I get up and dust my shoulders off and go on with it that is all I know, that is all can do. I guess you can say I am a hustler and a hardcore bitch. I am one tough chic, in this situation either you get tough or you die. Take your pick. I think I did hit a nerve on the hair follicle though. However that is my thoughts on it. I can go back years on my hair follicle. Not many people can say that not in this situation. To those they are a POS and no good for nothing idiots that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. These are truly some retards and rejects. I have every right to say that I don't like dope heads, they disgust me. If you don't like what I say about them, kiss my a$$! Some people do grow up (cough) But let the truth be known the crack heads around here they get all the guts and the glory. It absolutely makes me sick. The honest working people that work their ass off don’t get crap in life, the ones that does everything illegal gets everything handed to them. I am like really? Are you serious? I cannot stand this county and some of the people. I should be used to it by now, but I have every right in the world to say what is on my mind. I can’t wait to do my book about this county. I will blow it right out the water. To tell the truth of this matter, I don’t care anymore. It’s time to do something about this situation.

May 2, 2011

Go to Hell and Build a Snowman =)

Yep, that sums it up right there. Like I care what certain people think about what I say on here from this county, the ass-end of the world. Hell, this is a free country and I can say what I want, that is what you call Freedom of Speech baby! I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. I don’t care =) I am still going to blog and tell the whole wide world. I think that pisses them off every time I decide to blog. To me blogging is therapeutic and it helps me out mentally and makes me feel better in the process. But I am glad that things are cool, calm and collective now days with me. To some extent though. I think the tards learnt that I will blog about the dumb stuff they do to me, I don’t mind one bit expressing my feelings on here, nope not at all. The truth hurts, oh well. I don’t like them, I am sick of them and I am going to make sure it doesn’t happen again to another person. If other people are having trouble in this county, they need to get on Twitter and get on BlogSpot and let it rip baby, split it wide open and pour salt into their wounds. I am telling you right now, IDGAF, piss me off I dare them. See you got to learn to fight back, I am not going to stand there and let them get the best of me, I will get the best of them I betcha, I love the Internet and the World Wide Web, it makes my heart go pitter and patter for sure. I am not in no hurry to change not by a long shot. I like who I have become, a strong willed, ambitious, aggressive, woman. I give a big THANK YOU to all the tards that made me that way, one of these days I will step on them like a bunch of cockroaches’ running for safety when the light switch is flipped on, LOL! Yeah, I am supposed to just sweep it under the rug and forget about it. I don’t think so, they have caused lot of damage to me and it has been many years of it and it just makes me mad. I refuse to forget about it and I am going to rake a lot HOT coals over people in the future. I will not feel one bit sorry for it and they deserve every bit of the words and statements that I make on here and they know it’s the truth that I am telling. After what I found out the other day, that I have been nonexistent in a certain area since 2005. They are going to pay for that one; I promise. That has sparked a fuse within me and I will finish what they started. There is nothing like cops and informants to make your life a living hell, because you don’t play by their rules and do what they say. These people and they know who they are I hope you guys rot in hell; I hope you guys are down there with Bin Laden! Don’t think that I would not go on Dr Phil nor do an interview on a TV station. I am so ready to talk about this on a worldwide level. I am ready to get the party started and shut this place down. If I was offered a reality show, now that would be great I would so do that. I would not even thinnk twice about it. I want people to see my face and my emotions on how I feel about this. I am ready to step forward and discuss this, on all kinds of levels. Whatever it takes I am ready to do this. I am not sweeping it under the rug like it never happened. Too many years of abuse and I can’t forget what it has done to me. I want to discuss this on a level front of millions and millions people and why did I have to go through what I have been through. That is one thing I what to know, why me? They are going to say drugs, I am like yeah right. I can take a hair follicle test and pass it with flying colors. Hair can go back up to 7- 9 years ( I know I can go back that far) I wonder if the tards can go back that far, hmmm NOPE! I am not afraid to summit it to the DEA not at all. I don’t have anything to hide from them. I am sick of that excuse and I am going to nip that in the bud. These people are retards and I live in Hooterville and Sparta, MS and Wrong Turn rolled up in one. I am telling the truth about this situation. They want me to shush but that is not going to happen. I am going to open this can of worms where I can bury the can of worms at the same time and go on with my life. They should have left me alone when I divorced that POS. But they didn’t, live and learn baby, that’s what they are going to do when I get done with them. There are people in this world you don’t step on and I am one of them =)

April 16, 2011

Like the story goes,"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorn" So TRUE!

I was sitting outside the other day and I started thinking. This year would have been a good year. I would have had everything paid off. My kids would have a nice home and everything would have been in place. Then I began to cry and asked myself why? Everything would have been perfect. Getting run out of a county destroys your soul into little bitty pieces. It puts you on a level of hatred. I swear I hate my 2nd X-husband when he dies I hope he rots in hell. That goes right along with everyone that has helped that POS. They need to rot too! He has the audacity to say I was still in love with him; I was the one that was running away from him. He was saying, I was the one causing problems, yeah right, whatever. If I felt like that, I would have never gotten a divorce nor changed my last name, but I did get a divorce and I changed my last name. I knew he was my greatest mistake in life. I don’t feel one bit sorry getting rid of his nasty ass. I am something he will never have again and I think that was a trigger for him and his funky bunch for doing what they did. Well there has been one thing, the BS has stopped, knock on some wood. It took 7 years. Thank goodness that I have the internet and I can put my side of the story out for the whole wide world to read. I don’t give a rat’s ass what these people think about it either, they should have gotten off my back 7 years ago, dumb bastards. They might have backed off now however I am going to finish what they have started. But it will be on my terms and in a positive way. I am going to make sure this doesn’t happen again to someone else. That kind of punishment is a rollercoaster ride from hell and mind ripping experience that a person will not forget, I promise! If the little punk would think, his little girl cannot go around my dad I can’t do that to him and I could not do that to my sister either. He is just too stupid to think about that, I suppose. I get sick of trying to date someone and these people tell awful stories about me to them. How can you move on with your life? If you have people destroying your happiness before it even happens. It's hard to move forward when the scum will not let go. It's not right nor it's not fair. This part here is hard to understand I know. The ones that knows what is going on does understand. My life should be so different right now, not like this. I hate these people and I am going to make sure that these people get what is coming to them. Anybody that has any dealings with these people will have trouble with the law that is the “Good O Boy System” for you. I can’t say it is mafia type thing, all do in respect these people aren’t that smart. Mafia people are intelligent and they have their sh*t together. These people don’t know their ass from a hole in a ground. I hope the hell; I can get my idea off the ground so I can do my internet business. I love the internet and this would be great for me, I love doing this kind of stuff. I am in my happy place. You know I don’t have a happy place at the ass-end of the world. How can I? When there is nothing but torment. I used to be a loving person. I would love to break the cold-hearted bitch shell and be like I was, I would give anything if I could do that, I swear I would. I will have my finger and my toes crossed for a better outcome for me and my children. Maybe just maybe it will fall in place for me in the next few months and everything should go well with me. My family is in need, because since 2007 when my Aunt died it has been rolling downhill and it hasn’t stopped. I will hope for the best, hopefully everything will turn out and a new start will begin. Only one can hope for a positive outcome living at the ass-end of the world.

March 17, 2011

This County has Emotionally, Mentally and Physically ran me into the GROUND.

I have been working on this since September 17th of 2010. Today makes 6 months. I just got my feel of the bullsh*t and I really didn’t know how to deal with it. However putting my feelings on my blog and let the world see and read what I am really feeling inside makes it a little easier to live with. I moved back to this horrible county in May of 2010 and it was really hard on me living here by September of 2010, I was in a nervous wreck. I just could not take it anymore. I never had any problems expressing myself over this situation. If I don’t get it out of me, this could run me nuts or make me really bad sick. I am very opinionated and vocal person, I had to be, to get along in this world. My life hasn’t been peaches and crème; I have had a very rough road to hold and raising my kids as well, that’s extremely hard. My kids shouldn't have been put through this, which is very sad right there, it really is. My life is pretty much a headache. However I am a very thankful for the good things that are presented to me from time to time not very often though. That is one thing I can say, I am extremely thankful person and I appreciate what is given to me that is the truth. I think I have put up with enough and I need to see a break, years and years I have been living in hell and basically I think that is how life really is and logically I know it’s not how life is supposed to be. I am just tired of it and tired of the slandering to tell you the truth of the matter. I have had people come up to me and like my BlogSpot and some told me how you dare you say those things. I had my come back if you would open your small and uneducated mind and look at the “Big Picture” then you would understand. This county is f*cked up and everything is done ass backwards. It seems like I am the only one that is making a stance. There are people that have lost loved ones and let me tell you this much there are a bunch of those people that are grieving over the dead. Just remember the dead can’t talk it is going to take the living to be their voices. I hope that I don’t have to deal with death that would really push me over the edge I feel so sorry for the ones that have lost their family along the way over stupid BS; I just wish they would make a stand too and do something about this county. I really do and it would make a difference. I know it would. This county is pathetic and it needs an extreme makeover and get rid of the low lives that run it. It is not the 1950’s not by a long shot. Thank God! I had my fair share of things (yes) I have, however February 26th of this year. I had a very eventful day (yes) I did. However my blow out that happened on the way to town, with a car full of teenagers mind you. If it comes to light that these 2 little boys that I know, the ones that I am having problems with had anything to do with it, they are in some deep doo-doo. I promise one thing, I will put them so far under the jail cell and they will NEVER see the light of day again. That is a promise I can make. One left out of state that day and I hope the hell he lives out there and NEVER moves back. I am going to wish really hard on that one. But like the story goes, I bet he is causing hell and havoc out there. So who knows. They might have their bluff in on everybody not me I am not scared of them not by a long shot. Talking about being quite since his brother moved out of state, I haven’t heard a word how ironic is that and I am glad that I got to see this and it shows me what is really up. Someone told me that he does not have a protector now since his brother is gone. This has been a real eye opener for me and I understand it now. It took a move out of the state to realize who was actually started sh*t with me. His younger brother is about dumb as a box of rocks and you can put him up to anything if he knows someone has his back, LOL. The ones that are married to these little boys are as dumb as a box of rocks too. I look back and see how stupid I looked and I am very ashamed of myself. Why did I do that? WTF, was I thinking? I needed my ass kicked up between my shoulders for real. I had to pull out of college this semester my nerves are bad and something had to give. I hated the fact that it was my studies that had to suffer for it. I have never done this before and I hope my university understands however I was on a brink of a nervous breakdown. Hell my nerves are still bad. I hope all is well and I can resume in the fall. I hope and pray that there are no problems and I can just start right back up. That scares me to death; I don’t have a degree and my student loans to boot, WTF. I am in a world of hurt if I can’t. Try to go to college and I can’t even do that and my nerves are worn thin. I was going to go into nursing school that would have been something else. Nursing school and the way my life is, yep that would have ended my life real quick. I could have not put up with both of those at the same time, hell to the NO! I am a strong person but not that strong. It is sad that a person can’t have anything in their life however I have become accustomed to it. My life is a big pile of sh*t and I get so sick of how I have to live I swear I do. There is one thing I can say, I am not afraid of death, not at all. The man up above knows what misery I live in everyday of my life. The way I see it I would be free of everything no more worries that is for sure. A stroke or heart attack will take me out, with all the stress I live with and it is a lot. Sometimes I really don’t know how I do it, I really don’t. I step off my front porch and people know when I am gone and they know what I am doing and when I get back home. Now, what kind of life is that to live? I am not a famous person either, just a regular woman that is trying to live her life and it is very hard to do, yes it is. I hate this county and I hate this state. If I ever get a chance to get the hell out of here, I am gone with the wind and I will never look back and not regret one thing about moving away, far away. That is a promise I can keep. Between my taxes and student loans and my regular bills oh about 55 grand. I am glad I don’t own a house or land. I would really be 6 feet under then. I am the one that is doing right and I am the one that is trying. A big pile of sh*t gets dumped on my head on a daily basis. I am just sick of it and want a change in my life. I hope that I can get my idea off the ground. Find me a web designer that I like and get LegalZoom for my legal work and maybe just maybe I can do something with my life before I die. Living in hell I am sick of it and I need a different outlook in life. I swear to God if I can sue this county and there is a chance in the future that I can, so help me God paybacks are going be a bitch from me I swear it is, no holds bar. I am going to rip this county a new a**hole no doubt about that. This is years of punishment for no reason at all. In the long rung of this situation I will be glad I didn't back down. If I live long enough to see it, the FEDS don’t have to worry. Because I will help them nip it in the bud real quick like! When the sh*t goes down they all better be ready!

March 1, 2011

Tina's Testimony of Corruption within the Police Force and The Good 'Ole' Boy System

As of September 17th 2010 this has motivated me to get the word out, I can't deal with it any longer too many years to be exact. However October 20th 2010 of the incident with my ex-brother in law, he and his brother are getting on my last nerves this needs to stop. That was too early in the morning for that kind of behavior, why? I don't know. Then November 23rd 2010 leaving from my classes that day, I had a run in with the Highway Patrol Cop, which that has turned me into an activist, cops should not be allowed to torment people. I wonder if he remembered the cameras on his car, prolly not this is Arkansas. They were most likely turned off, knowing my luck. So therefore I will get this out on the net and I will get this out there in the media as well. I have also been working hard to get this on Dr. Phil; I will go to extreme measures to get this on the show. Maybe just maybe he and his crew can help me out with this problem in hand. Now that is a promise I can keep. The Arkansas Criminal Justice System has failed me. I will believe it when I see it and I am being serious about it too. I can't believe they let people do this and get away with it. It absolutely makes me want to vomit because no justice has been served. When you can take protect and serve under oath (mind you), however they have turned it around and it is torment and scare the citizens. I thought I would dedicate this page for this special reason. I have seen that bullying is making the news a lot and it is growing and on the rise. However what about bullying amongst the thugs and the crooked law department? Has anyone ever thought about that one? Apparently not, that is very sad. It is just not noticed like the ones that has made the news. That is why I am trying to get the word out and stop this nonsense. This kind of behavior can be very tiresome to an individual, I know for a fact it can wear a person down and bring all kinds of emotional dwellings. It is very unlawful and it should not happen in the first place. I used to be a most kind hearted person you could have ever known, a very loving woman. However throughout the years and all that I have been through with NO help from the law. This has turned me into a cold hearted bitch. I have trust issues and it has buried me alive. Hey, it is the truth, I am a very different person now, that makes me so damn mad but there is nothing I can do about it though. I would appreciate that you take my link and tweet it or take my link and put in a bulletin or email it to different ones, let them know that something needs to be done about this kind of behavior. Send it to Dr. Phil, I will get on that show, I will address this problem, because it needs to stop. Thank You

This is the truth and how I feel about the whole thing. I am getting so tired people coming to me and telling me, Tina, I heard the most awful thing about you. This is called SLANDER and I am sick of it. I just want to be left alone that's all I ever wanted. So now it's my time to talk and get the word out and explain my side for once. I am NOT going to take it and I am NOT backing down either. I am done stick a fork in me. Ok, I have had some concerns about what I say on here and my Twitter account. Bill of Rights, 1) Freedom of Speech baby. Well I am NOT putting names out so therefore assumptions or assuming can't be held up in court. Not like the ones in my county saying my full name. To the ones that are saying it, their jig is about up and they are going to jail. I can promise that much. To these people that I know in person better have hardcore facts and proof to back it up like actual names. I am tired of the BS and I refuse to put up with it any longer. Has anybody sat down and look at what damages that are being caused from it and what it is doing to me. Really truthfully have ya'll thought about it. Has anyone thought about my health and the stress that I endure on a daily basis (I have a heavy case load everyday). NO, I don't think so. There are so many selfish people involved in this and they are not looking at the broader view of the picture and that is a very sad. Yes, now my health is effective by it and I could have a heart attack or a stroke. I really don't know how much more I can take from this so called county that I live in now, which sucks BTW, I really don't like living there not at all, and really I don't like it there after what I have been through. I am tired and wore out and I just want to be left alone. I have had enough and I am going to get my story out there. This made me to think of a solution to get the word out about corruption and it is time for someone to stand up and fight for their rights for a peaceful life. We only live once you know and I just want to be at peace with myself. I have been in the ruins of hell for 6 years. Well it will be 7 years in January 21 2010. This is like an on and on story that never ends. I am basically sick and tired of it and I am here to put an end to it and tell my side of the story. See I put up with the 'Good O Boy System and what it brings with it like punk-ass b**ches to be exact. You know the crooked law system and cops and all. See my 2nd X hubby was a good O boy not a cop though, so make it short. I got out of a marriage that I did not want to be in anymore. I had enough of moving in and out all the time. He moved out on my 30th B-day, that was the last straw. I told myself no more, I am much done this time to be exact. Well he made out that I am the one that was chasing him, blah blah and blah. Because I did not want him anymore and he was saying that. WTF So I did not obey the system so I got ran out of town for many years. For example, (what I endure in this county) ~the day he left~ 1-21-04 a helicopter over my house for illegal activities, I slept the whole night. I should have taken pictures of that. That is my regret. I would have put them on here for real. Then later on that year in June, my family sent me out to Colorado for 2 weeks to stay with my brother thank God for my brother. Because I had a nervous breakdown of other stuff that was going on it was too much for me to handle. I will NEVER forget the week before I left it was nothing but hell. One thing I remember vividly about it was going to the town store to get my son's birthday stuff and walking in the store and the scanner was on and the person were saying the silver neon just pulled in and the suspect and her son are walking in the store. I was so freaking mad, I just got my stuff and left. Then I finally got my divorce thank God, however my X came over that night and he could not believe it was over, he just wanted to come home. I said, "Hell No" and he said, “if I can't have you nobody will, I will make your life a living hell from here on." Boy was that an understatement! Then 1-21-05 (My B-Day once again) all I am going to say about this was 2 pounds of stuff was going to be placed in my car (BTW he had the keys to my car the 2nd set) and 4, 7 and 11 was on standby. However I was warned and my butt went to bed at 7 that night. No ands ifs or buts about it. The next day I got my Gold PT Cruiser straight off the showroom floor. I was not messing around with it either. My sister law on the other hand was not that lucky. She was on 4, 7, and 11. She was not warned. Her life was ruin forever! However there is a something, something out there and we will know who actually took the kid out of the car. Someone’s face is going to turn ghostly white for real! Mine was on a Friday and hers was on a Monday. They need to ask the prior Sheriff, the one in 05 you know the one before he had a heart attack so he says if he had one so did I! OMG~ these people are so stupid. He had to step down. How about the $10,000 to $60,000 (in that range) dollar pay off to her now I am talking about the present Sheriff -oh boy- he is a dandy, no wonder she was buying stuff left and right. I guess I should have done that and fell for the trap and I could have set them up with the FEDS, that is another regret I have to live with ;( I live with a lot of regrets BTW, shoulda coulda woulda! (Why me?) More stuff went on as the year went by, then I sold out my place which it was completely furnished, I did not take nothing with me but my personal stuff and few odds and ends, I basically had to started all over. I just wanted out of that county and that was okay if I had to start all over and get new stuff. 11-10-05 was a new beginning for me. So, I thought. I still had problems, I saw my 2nd X up there around my place in 2006 and 2007. Very chilling huh and disturbing. My last incident was July 2010 and my X brother in law is a real big help to my X husband as well. I loathe these people. I also had an incident on April 9th 2010 with a mailbox being stolen and he was on a 4 wheeler riding by my house all day long! Me and my kids saw him. All the crap I put up with I just hate it! Through all of this he did get married again more less an ultimatum of a gift that they had between them. See I was blind in my 20's very stupid it was less like a haze or fog for 10 years, til this day I still don't understand my motive 20-30 then I finally woke up and smelt the coffee. He cheated on his 1st wife and cheated on me and cheating on the 3rd as I was told. If she would stop and look he has a repeated pattern going on. He talked bad about his 1st wife to me, he talked bad about me to the 3rd, now he is talking bad about her to God knows who and I really don't care. He can go straight to hell! See I am something he can't have ever again in this lifetime, he had me at one point in time and he did not want me. However I don't want to be in the same room again with him at all. Hell to the NO! I don't want to be accused of being with him in this day of time. He can say he was with me I don't care, if that is the case, or carry my number around, I don't care, he better NEVER cross my path again and that goes right along with his brother too. Quit sending your family members to my house that is getting OLD and I am getting SICK of it. THANK YOU! Word from the wise, to you my dear, Mrs. Thing; you better have hardcore facts before coming after me, phone records, pictures and such. I have NOT talk to the moron since 04 I will NOT be talking' to him in this lifetime never again, so you better get your facts straight before I handle it. If you don't know what I say on here, then you should not know, in the eyes of society, that consider stalking, you guys do alot of that with me on a daily basis. Just get a life and leave me alone, for once!

 Being pounced on all the time by these sick and twisted people can get on ones nerves. That is for sure, a person can take so much and they can't take no more. I am at that breaking point, I am done and I am coming after them (if I live long enough). Like I was saying about my health, I really haven't felt good these past few months I really haven't. If you look at it, I have kids, school and work. Hell that is a lot (and I am single too), then you need to add my X-in laws and X-husbands (2) I will NEVER get married again, I PROMISE that much HELL NO been there done that not for me, and add the crooked police force too. Now you tell me how I am dealing with it? I would love to hear the answer to that one! My nerves are shattered beyond repair at this point in time. I go and go and go, that is all I know how to do. I wake up in the mornings, I hurt a lot, and however I just get up and go. I have no choice. I am the one that is trying' and I am the one that is getting' sh*t on all the time. Like I told someone, one morning they are going to find me dead. I will lay down for bed the night before that is going to happen I feel it. Death is knocking at my door. See all of this could have been prevented, however they let these types of people just go and do what they want to do. If you look at it, this county is in the paper and the news (TV) all the time, and it is being covered up for the most part. We all know that is true, I am so sick and tired of this. All I ever wanted was to be happy and have a normal life. However that was not in the cards for me in this lifetime I suppose. Instead, I wake up in a nightmare everyday and ask myself. What have I done to be treated this way by these punk-ass bitches? Because I don't play by the rules and don't do what they say, well I have some words for these people, F**K you guys and go straight to hell! Something tells me that KARMA is coming for these people. I just hope that I live to see it, because something needs to be done. I just have that gut feeling I have for a long time now, when the sh*t goes down, they better be ready. What has been done in the dark will be brought to light. Maybe just maybe we can start breathing again. I hope so, I am such a good person too, I have been done oh so wrong! That is a crying shame and it is very sad! That someone has to live her life like I do and there was no point in this at all! See I am NOT angry, I am just telling it like it is, for most part people will turn it around and say I am angry because they don't want to accept the fact that I am telling the truth. See, I am NOT blindsided at all, I know what is going on. I am not stupid nor are the other people that are involved in this matter as well. I just have the balls to say what other people are wanting to say that is the difference between a realist and a nonrealist . Because to tell you the truth about it, I really don't care what you think about me, I am living my life or trying to live my life, if other people would just stay out of it and STFU in the process of me living my life. Ignorance is bliss in the south, it really is and that is sad on most part. But, that is life, however I am one tough chic and I will open a can of whoop-ass if needed, cause I am not bashful like that. Life has thrown me some dandy's (oh how I know about it) I think I can handle a lot, if I can't handle it then I will meet the maker, death I am NOT afraid of it at all. The way I see it no more suffering, no more pain and no more sorrow. No more waking up into a nightmare every day. Death is a reward if you look at it that way. We are born to die, that is the facts. I am not angry or crazy I am just telling the truth and the truth is hurting a lot of people. To those people that I know, welcome to my world.

My 1st husband I have kids by him, so I don't want them mad at me. However it is funny how mommy and daddy save his ass from the DEA all the time. That story there kind of makes me sick at my stomach. At least I have one baby daddy. Don't want to talk about it either! This is a very sore subject to me and it is very unfair especially what I have been through. This here makes me mad as hell and I am not the one to forget it either!

This is why I am single till this day, going on 7 years. I have had people to tell me that they would just stay single if they went through what I went through. The next man comes into my life, will have a good education and a good job and he can drink sum not much and NO drugs are allowed! Hell NO! One baby mama, (Not 2 baby mama, oh NO!) cause Tina does NOT like drama! My life My Rules! I struggle so hard by myself; I refuse to struggle with another person with another income. Living paycheck to paycheck is NOT going to cut the mustard. If I had to do that I rather be alone the rest of my life! Oh, Mr Money man it would NOT be a wise idea to ignore me. That is why I have you last on here mister. So I can add and let the world see and read this. You need to think twice about screwing me over. We do have history together since December of 2002. Stabbing me in the back is a very wrong move and I will get this out there too. I am not bashful, not for one minute not in this lifetime. (Another word from the wise, you threw me under the bus, wait till I throw you under it big smiles) Well I can say that I am living the "American Nightmare" that is an understatement for sure. I wish that something would be done about this county I live in, I wish that I can post links on here, I would give anything to do that, but that will cause me more grief though, one day soon I bet I can, that will be a blessing.  If I can sit down with somebody one day, I would love to do a book on my life. I was told that a book and movie could be made over this turmoil that I have been in, that is for sure.

February 7, 2011

It's either color my hair or color the world, it's your choice pick it = )

I am going to discuss my mishap the other day like February 2, 2011. Just a regular day, I thought that I would do something different with my hair; I wanted to color it to a light brown. Everything was going fine until I heard that my X brother in law from my last marriage, wife had been there early that morning, not once but twice that day. The first time at 9 and the second at 12:30 really she should have been there at 1 that was her appointment. To be exact, I got there at 10:15 AM, I was tweeting about how I was getting my hair done. I could not wait to have something different done to my hair. These idiots stay on my social sites like a flock of flies leaving there maggot infested poop behind them. If she would just realize, that he is sleeping with his (BOYS) mother still. Going home to her (the wifey) at night, baby mama during the day. Both of brothers are cheaters they will NEVER be faithful, end of story. Talking about soap opera, and I get thrown into the remix and I don't get it, I can't stand neither one of them, pretty much hate them both, to be truthful about it. Why they are married is beyond me seriously.Well it is the truth. That is one thing that I am gonna set straight is the truth, I am a realist and I don't like how I am being treated as well it is wrong on so many levels! It would not have been a thought if that was not her first time coming in and all. I would have NEVER thought anything about it. Now they made that very obvious I do believe. You could not get any more obvious than that, how crazy was that? Hello lay off the stuff and you would not have put yourself through this, just saying.  First time ever stepping in that particular salon, on the day I changed my hair color.That was very much planned. If this isn’t Sparta, Ms I don’t know what the hell it is, LOL add a little bit of wrong turn to the twist and you have my county that I live in, nothing but the truth, so help me God. I have said in the past, I see a stupid moment and I will blog about it. I am going to get my point across one way or another. Just leave me alone! You know I washed my hands away from this bunch in 8-05-2004 and I even changed my last name too. When I am done I am done. I am absolutely glad that I got out of that family and I do not have no regrets what-so-ever. Maybe one regret, marrying that POS 2nd X husband, I should have ran far away from that one, seriously! I can’t wait to get on Dr. Phil, I know he will have his hands full with me, because I can do at least maybe more than 4 segments or shows. Now, I have people telling me all kinds of stuff. The best one yet, I am a Kingpin, if I was one of those. I would not be living in poverty like I do and my kids would have new of everything and so would I. I would not be driving a car that has 130, 000 miles on it either. Now why would I do that in the first place because I would be going to jail real soon like. I am down with the DEA/FBI. I am getting tired of this kind of slander, yep my cup has runneth over this time. No more, it will NOT be I hope I get on Dr. Phil it will be I am going on Dr Phil. I have a good background check that is no problem, my credit sucks right now. Yes, it does  sad to say. I will be working on that, in 6 months I will be good to go hopefully. Now my taxes are a sore subject, we will see about that in the next few weeks. I will prolly pretty much will get a dumping on top of my head, just like last year. I get screwed over all the time. I am tired of being picked up and slammed down on the ground on constant basis that gets very old. From now on there will be none of that. I am the one that can pass drug test, and I have to be tested at work and at my college over my grants, student loans and scholarships. The state will not tolerate giving money away to dope heads, right? I get so sick of this, I really do and I will discuss this on a worldwide level on TV. I will be discussing my police record as well, because that was lies and it was thrown out of court. That was 7 years ago and why is this still going on? Speaking of police records, I know a few that are really bad super duper bad. If I had a bad record like that, I would very well keep my mouth shut and tend to my own business for sure. As far as the cops go, I am gonna make sure each and every cop that has listen to my ex-brother-in-law from my previous marriage gets fired. Cops like that don't need to be a law enforcement officer, if they can't do their jobs right they need to get the hell out of the police force. That right there shows you how corrupted the system is and it is pretty damn bad. Because there are people like me that will take them down in a heartbeat.  They better have more proof than word of mouth back their actions up and coming after me. I am a law abiding citizen.  Now I will nip this in the bud and I will nip it real quick like. I have never been by my 2nd X husband’s house not over there that is none of my business and none of my concerns. All I can say they better have proof, not word of mouth; I am saying photos or videos. All I am going to say on my part is GPS; yes they had that back in 04 and they still do and it is a lot better now. These people are a piece of work and a POS as well. For someone that stays off to herself gets chaos from hell thrown at her. I have NEVER seen anything like this in my whole entire life. It will stop, I promise that much. Being bullied by the informants and the cops has landed them in a whole lot of trouble, I promise. This will get world wide attention. I am shaping myself into a hardcore activist against the good O boy system and the drug infested informants. When you remove yourself out of a family/marriage you should not have these kind of emotional dwellings to keep you moving forward to make a better life for yourself.