August 16, 2016

Ignorance is bliss in the south - sigh-

Come on now,

5 boys with a 30 pack of beer which was scattered all over the highway and I have pictures to prove all of this. No sobriety tests, no possession of alcohol charge on the police report because they couldn't lose their scholarships or have dirty records. It has been stated the boys, all the boys were drunk and starting on a second 30 pack. That's why I want them to swear under oath, tell the truth nothing but the truth or go to jail, end of story. I want to know the truth. Possession of alcohol should have definitely been a charge but it wasn't. I bet a parent bought the beer and they are being highly protected too.

Come on now,

I hired a law firm they cut my throat and protected the boys and the ones that covered this wreck up not me. That law firm are scum pure scum of the earth.

June 3, 2015
I had leverage
The pictures and witnesses
Yes ma'am, the alcohol should have been on the police report the police shouldn't have done that. Yes ma'am, the alcohol and speeding in a school zone, reckless driving will be added to the police report. Don't you worry, Ms Graves.
A picture is worth more than a thousand words, the ball is in your court, Tina. With those pictures you don't need witnesses now. I was told this by a lawyer.

A looooooong 5 months.

October 28, 2015
No leverage
Nothing added to the police report
Just empty beers cans they chanted through out the meeting.
NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or the pictures and witnesses.
They dropped my case

It went from I had leverage to no leverage.

Yup, this law firm are snakes in the grass. 3 lawyers should be disbarred immediately. They got a pay off too a very big pay off.

Come on now,

The sheriff of Conway County Arkansas took pay offs from the parents. The parents didn't want their boys to lose their scholarships. So therefore the sheriff punished me and most of all it was revenge over the book I wrote about Conway County AR. I wrote about corruption and the sheriff sealed the deal when he covered my wreck up. I have the evidence to back my story up.

Come on now

The Arkansas State Police, Conway County AR, the law firm, is stopping my concrete evidence from going into court. They don't want me to have a lawyer at all. They know everyone that is involved covering this wreck up can be charged on numerous charges for taking my rights away and covering this wreck up for protection of the boys and revenge over my book. ALCOHOL should never ever be swept under the rug NEVER! A civil lawyer is their worst nightmare. They don't want that to come into the picture and they are trying to stop it at all costs. I pray to God I get the meanest African American male lawyer a bulldog a true bulldog. The African American people know what it's like to have their rights taken away and now I know what it is like to be one of them. I need the meanest black man lawyer in the United States of America. I hope and pray I get one.

Come on now

This consists of:

Dirty lawyers
Dirty FBI agents
Dirty sheriff
Dirty judges
Dirty cops
Dirty Insurance agents
Dirty County officials
Dirty citizens

It's a God damn dirty mess consist of organized crime. That's what it is full of corrupted maggots they destroy lives, punish for profit. They make money by taking away from the innocent. I fucking hate dirty rotten scoundrels despicable gutless cowards egotistical maniac liars like these people. There's a special place in hell for these people.

See, mom and I have been smashed into the ground over corruption. I don't mind resorting to the 'M' I don't mind death row. I'll get justice one way or another. Lethal injection bring it on bitches.

See all I want is my pictures and witnesses in court.

All 5 boys sworn in

The sheriff sworn in.

(The 2 state troopers because they filled out the police report they took orders from the sheriff and the law firm I hired protected their sorry asses NOT me.)

The lawyers should be sworn in too. They covered the police report up as well. Why didn't they protect me? Why did they cut my throat and throw me under the bus? I had solid proof that the police report was falsified and they didn't do one thing to help me. I brought proof alcohol and they lied to me to my face did absolutely nothing to help me because I knew this wreck was a cover up. That law firm should be shut down to be honest.

I want my wreck corrected and my medical rechecked because I don't trust it.

I only have 3 people in my life. My mom and my kids. I want them taken care of too because they have been smashed as well. I can't do for my kids and that pisses me off to the max.

I want to move to Connecticut, I found a spot and I should be able to live there. I am 42 years old and I have never been able to rest my mind, body and soul let that sink in. I need a break in my life before I die. I just want to get the fuck out of Arkansas and away from the scum, the trash and toxic waste. That's my right and I should be able to do so. I have to fight my way out of Arkansas that alone speaks volumes.

Corruption tore a family apart and corruption destroyed a 71 year old woman to pieces and she is living her last days in political and police corruption. That pisses me smooth the fuck off. I've already snapped........

I have concrete evidence to bring the whole house down and I am being punished for it. If I have to take the law into my own hands. So be it, I'll rock it like a boss. Take my life away, I'll take yours it's only fair.


I was told on 8-31-2016, why I am having troubles with my personal injury because, wait until you read this:
You have 3 years statue of limitations
They are gonna hold out for the 3 years and make it hard on you as possible to file your personal injury law suit with your evidence you have, they are gonna make it rough on you and your mother because, wait until you read this,
Once your personal injury is over with,
1) you can sue the Arkansas state police for falsifying and tampering with evidence so on.
2) you can sue Conway County AR sheriff's department for taking pay offs so on. Lots there to be honest, the sheriff plays a big part and he doesn't want this in the public eye.
3) you can sue the law firm for conflict of interest and for other things too.

These are 3 hard lawsuits and you can win with your personal injury hands down and definitely win with those other lawsuits. You have the goods in your hands, you have the proof. You can bring the whole house down immediately. However they have the upper hand with the court system, what can go into court and what can't go. That's where they will be stopping you at, your evidence will be hard to get into court. This law firm are snakes and they control Arkansas.

They are gonna make it so rough on you with your personal injury case Tina. They will stop you at all costs, no witnesses in court, no pictures in court, no getting the 5 boys sworn in to testify what actually happened that day. They will make sure the sheriff of Conway County Arkansas won't get sworn in. Arkansas is gonna make your life a living hell for you and your mom. Heads up!

When I received this tip today. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have lethal injection in my future. I will get justice if I have to take the law into my own hands. I promise that much. I've been beat into the ground and I won't be bashful about getting justice on my own.


This was from a follower of mine and I just wanted to put this on my blog. What she stated was perfect so perfect and true.

"This is a short version of what has happened to you in the state you reside in. You have reached out for help from every source available to you. Sources include local FBI agency, a law firm to represent you, other lawyer's and the local news media. The judges were ruled out by your own lawyer, no one in the state, including the lawyer you hired is willing to help you get your case evidence into court. When you can't receive help in the state you live in, this sends out a strong message that this is caused by state wide organized crime, this will now be investigated by those in higher positions. This is an extreme case of 'abuse of power' the 6th amendment protects your rights to a fair trial. A serious criminal offense has been committed against you, punishable by law."

I absolutely love that feedback.

I am having trouble getting pictures and witnesses into court. I have proof that I'm not lying. The police report is a joke.

5 underage boys with alcohol, no one was given a sobriety test. If they did take one, it should have been stated on the police report, end of story. Alcohol scattered all over the road, the Arkansas state police let it slide. Because of scholarships and make sure their records stayed clean. The boys were not charged with possession of alcohol either. Only citations were given, failure to stop at stop sign and no seat belt those tickets are a joke, you don't have to pay them not in Conway County AR you don't. The police report looks minor. This was a horrific wreck. My pictures tells the truth nothing but the truth what had happened that day. I can't get my pictures and witnesses into court. Yup, organized crime ring at its finest in Arkansas.

All 5 boys should be sworn in under oath to tell the truth what had happened that day. Why did you go past a stop sign at an intersection doing over at least 60-70 miles an hour (in a school zone)? Why did you pull a stunt like that crossing a main highway, traffic galore? Why didn't you stop at the stop sign, look both ways then crossed over when you seen it was safe to do so? Only people that pulls a stunt like that:

You are drunk
You are on drugs
You are mentally ill
Or all the above
A sober person wouldn't have done that, what if I was a semi driver those boys wouldn't be alive today.
The Arkansas state police gave it the okay to drink and drive, we will get out of it attitudes from here on out. It will happen again, trust me. That's why all boys should be sworn in and tell the truth about this situation.

The sheriff should be sworn in too, because he took a pay off to remove the alcohol off the police report, it's there plain as day. If the price is right, you can have anything removed off the police report, it has been like that for decades. The 'good ole boy system' he should be sworn in too. He knows what happened to the alcohol disappearing, the speeding in the school zone and reckless driving from the police report. He should tell the truth about this situation. Which parent paid first? Come clean Mr Sheriff, tell the truth for the first time in your life.

We have the same lawyer and the lawyer I hired to protect me is protecting him because if the price is right, that applies to him too. Don't worry about Tina Graves, I can take care of her and shut her down in Arkansas she will not get any kind of help. If the price is right. This has been going on for a long time too. It's there plain in sight.

I have to fight like this to have pictures, witnesses in court. I need 5 boys sworn in, I need a sheriff sworn in. I need to know who bought the beer. I have a sneaky feeling who it is and I had a cousin to step in to save the day, when she should have kept her fucking nose out of it. I want to see how that plays out too. I am pretty sure that a parent bought the beer and they are being highly protected too. Just that gut feeling.

Criminal justice system in Arkansas is nothing but a joke. If the price is right you can make shit disappear real quick but concrete evidence trumps that bitch. There's a lot of lying in this situation and I want it exposed.


I have concrete evidence to get this wreck corrected by law, I have a law firm that blocked my evidence out of court in the state of Arkansas. That's injustice! My wreck was a cover up, I have proof to back my story, that I'm telling the truth. This is shear ignorance in the criminal justice system of Arkansas. Stupidity at its finest.

The ones that took me down and destroyed my life all to hell and my mom's too.

Conway County AR sheriff's department
Arkansas state police
The law firm
Some of my family
The ones that are related to the boys.

These people don't want my pictures and witnesses in court. They don't want the 5 boys in court too, they are stopping me in my tracks at all costs.
The 5 boys and the Conway County Arkansas sheriff should be sworn in under oath, tell the truth or go to jail simple as that. This is high amounts of corruption and they are protected by a well known law firm in Arkansas that I hired to protect me but they are their lawyers too so they protected them not me. I got my throat cut!!! See where my anger and rage stands. If something ain't done it will turn out ugly. I have concrete evidence and I am being punished for it. That's wrong on so many levels right there. Correct the wreck and redo my medical because that can't be trusted too. They covered up the wreck scene, yes, they will cover up my medical to make it match and balance. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

I have to fight tooth and toenail to get my pictures and witnesses into court.
That right there alone will tell you, this is massive amounts of corruption in this situation a lot of corruption. This law firm I'm dealing with compare it to a terminal cancer. True grim reapers of death. Total nightmare from hell, I wished I never called that number.

-----On the note:
Well, once again my anger and rage is running amuck and I need to get things off my chest. I need to thank a close family member and a few other family members for cutting my throat and stabbing me in the back. How many of you offered to help me or my mom fight this bunch of corrupted goons? I was told many times by a family member that I couldn't do anything about the alcohol being swept under the rug and I could not get money from the wreck. This same person told my mom much later that the law firm I had hired was the same law firm that represented the Arkansas state police and Conway County sheriff's office and police officials also Conway County elected officials. How do you suppose she knew all of this? She also told us that the law firm was going to drop my case on October 28, 2015 when the meeting was held. How did she know this? She was right they dropped me. We finally saw the light after people started informing us as to what had happened. This same person did nothing to help, just watched for 5 long months after proof of alcohol was handed to the lawyer. My life or my mom's life meant nothing to her or a few other family members. They stood by and watched us get beat into the ground. Then to make matters worse, we were kicked out of the house because of my social media. No need to try and lie your way out of this. It won't work. Who caused this wreck? It wasn't me, wasn't my mom. Who got punished? Yes, me and my mom did. Where's the justice here? On February 1, 2016 we signed a legal paper to be off the property by February 29, 2016. That gave us 28 days to be gone and we made it thanks to the family members who cared and wanted to help us. We were desperate at this time.

Now a few words for the self centered, whining corrupted parents who paid to make the alcohol disappear from the police report, the corrupted law firm who should not have taken my case because of conflict of interest, the corrupted Conway County sheriff who took the pay off to make the alcohol disappear from the police report and the Arkansas state police who should have been investigated by falsifying a police report NO investigation was done and also to the corrupted family members involved taking part in this, all of you can go straight to hell. All of you are nothing but a bunch of low life, gutless corrupted cowards and another thing, all you Bible thumpers who claim to be such Christians need to knock it off. Stop the pretense, stop quoting scriptures. Who the hell do you think you're fooling? When innocent people get caught up in a bad corrupted situation such as this one, you have to separate yourself from the situation. This has been done permanently done-----

A few definitions of corruption that describes all of you despicable maggots that covered this wreck up,

Debased in character
Guilty or dishonest in practices
Moral depravity
Perversion of integrity
Corrupt or dishonest dealings
Bribery, tainted, putrid, infection, rotten

*****let's talk about the media in Arkansas, that loves to do news stories. Mom and I have been through a horrific horror story straight from the depths of hell for the last 17 months. When I have 100% proof that these people are lying and the alcohol got removed and covered up. I have been punished to the max for it. My life completely destroyed from this political and police corruption. My mom's life has been destroyed too.

The media in my eyes and the hell I have been through one of the 2.

Shut down by the law firm, by the head lawyer, this law firm has commercials and donates money and such. STRAIGHT up fake, I can prove it and back my story up. This law firm are crooks and criminals, end of story. They might have Arkansas fooled but they don't have mom and I fooled. I can state facts, I have it in my hands to back it up.

Or the media is protecting them because this law firm is known....

Like someone told me, it's going to take one 'good news reporter' because the Arkansas state police, Conway County AR and law firm doesn't want you and your mom to sit down with a news reporter because once that happens everything is going to get blown out of the water. Once the 'right news reporter' sees what you and your mom are talking about its going to blow them away and they WILL shed tears with this horrific story that you and your mom have been through. People at home watching this story is going to be shocked not one dry eye in the house. This is a horrific story that's why the Arkansas state police, Conway County AR and the law firm doesn't want this to surface. They want to keep this hid and smash you into the ground make you take it. A lot of people are in trouble and your evidence you have, you can have that particular law firm shut down and they know it. That's why you and your mom have been through hell like you have been the last 17 months. This is an explosive story all that are involved covering this wreck up knows it and they know it's about to pop. They don't want a news reporter around you guys, that's their worst nightmare right there.

The news reporter will ask the Arkansas state police why was the alcohol covered up? Why no sobriety tests were done? It states it clearly on the police report no sobriety tests were done. Tina has proof of alcohol and the Arkansas state police has got to explain that.

The news reporter will ask, to the law firm, when Ms Graves brought you proof of alcohol on May 28, 2015 how come you didn't investigate it immediately? How come you didn't help her? How come you stalled this case out for 5 months and then dropped her on October 28, 2015? How come you destroyed her life? Why did you tell her and her mom not one judge will favor the pictures and witnesses in court? That's a harsh statement to make, why did you say that?  She has proof of alcohol, why wasn't anything done about it? I was told the news reporter the 'right one' will hit these people hard with questions. Did you take her case to hang her and destroy her for the Arkansas state police and Conway County AR? Did you know about the conflict of interest? You are the attorney for the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas. Did you do this deliberately to ruin her life for profit, is that why you shut her down in Arkansas so she couldn't get help? The news reporter will be rough on these people because this is serious. The most important question to the law firm, why didn't you protect her?

The news reporter will ask the sheriff of Conway County Arkansas. Why did you allow this? Who are you protecting? Alcohol is a serious piece of business it should never be removed or covered up for any reason especially at a wreck scene. Is it because of scholarships? Why did you do this? I was told news reporters doesn't play when the 'right one' comes along. The famous question will be, is it because of the book Tina Ann Graves wrote about Conway County AR? Is that why you covered this wreck up and used the boys scholarships and clean records as a ploy? Be truthful about this question. Alcohol visible all over the road no sobriety tests were done and the alcohol not placed on the police report because of the boys protection. It's time to come clean.......

The right news reporter will come along hopefully it's a feisty one and they will blow this story straight out of the deep waters that these scumbags have put you and your mom through. Your evidence you have can knock this out the ballpark!****

Because of you and your gutless crew at the law firm, I have a lot more things to get off my chest. Because of you and what you did to me as your client. My anger is running amuck. Why won't you defend yourself if you are not guilty? What I am saying to the public is nothing but the truth at least I'm not sneaking behind your back to speak the truth unlike what you did to me behind my back. You and the rest of the gutless cowards carried out your plans to destroy me within days when you took my case, before the police report was released. You sat on your ass for 5 long months after I presented all the evidence (proof of alcohol) then you dropped my case to keep it out of court. I want the whole world to know this.  I needed help desperately and you did nothing to help me, you didn't do jack shit for me, absolutely nothing. You ruined my life as you cowards planned to do. I am a mad motherfucker and fighting like a son of a bitch to get my life back. I will continue to fight back every minute. Your TV commercials turn my stomach. You lie every time you open your mouth. If you don't agree with me about what I am saying about you, then why not try to defend yourself? Why not try to explain your way out of this shit you created? This also applies to the Conway County sheriff and the Arkansas State Police. Man up, explain this to the world. Why not call a meeting with everyone involved in this pathetic mess? That would be myself, my mom, you and your underhanded crew, the sneaky Conway County sheriff, the whining parents, the backstabbing family members ALL that are involved in this cover up, and the FBI headquarters in Washington DC as special guests. Let's get this shit hashed out. Let's see who starts lying first. We can use the FBI building in Little Rock as the meeting place? Bring it on!

Since my so called lawyer stated that if my case went to court there wasn't a judge in the state of Arkansas that would favor for me or my evidence. I decided to hell with this corrupted shit. If this is how the judicial system works in Arkansas, they can cram it up their corrupted asses. No need for a lawyer, no need for a jury. That leaves me and a corrupted judge in a court room. That ain't going to happen with me. Ain't nobody got time for that shit. There is always a 'sure' way to get justice for yourself.

To the head honcho of the Arkansas State Police,

You might need to have the highway department in Arkansas, go to the wreck scene area, and change the speed limit signs through the school zone and through the township, 35 MPH in the school zone and 25 MPH when children are present. The present signs are obviously not correct as the police report states, 55 MPH. My wreck happened in the school zone. You can see the school plainly in my pictures. Also could you look at the pictures of the wreck and estimate approximately how fast this truck was moving at impact? Your employees stated they couldn't determine the rate of speed at impact on the police report. This was not a fender bender as it was made to look like on the police report. Dear head honcho of the Arkansas state police you have a lot of explaining to do. Why did you let these 2 state troopers cover up my wreck? I better have an appropriate answer. I am not messing around with you either. I want the truth NOT lies!!!!!

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