June 15, 2015

Once upon a time in Hooterville, Arkansas...... Short Story...... Part 1

Once upon a time there was a free spirited young woman that lived in Hooterville. She had no cares in the world just a gypsy soul with a heart of gold. One day she met up with an old classmate. She already knew how he was but that silver tongue of his swayed her into his wicked world. He was the 'good ole boy' at its finest. She never had a clue what a nightmare she's about to go through.

They dated, they married and they divorced. 1999 to 2004 was a rocky time for the free spirited soul. 2004 til 2015 was nothing but a horror story from hell for her. Thugs and crooked cops destroyed her and her happiness. She had a hard time she struggled every day of her life but she still sank into the pits of hell. She was working so much she was burning the candle at both ends. She had 7 years of college but no degree just student loans out the ass to remind her that she tried. She also wrote a book about her situation kept the places just changed the names. Even though the publisher scammed her over her royalties she just kept positive and hope it turns out for the best. So she started her rituals and mantras and prayed for a way out. She was asking the God's, the universe and her spirit guides to get her to a peaceful place to live because she has been defeated this whole time all she wanted was to die because of the pain she lived with everyday so she prayed extremely hard for her way out. She needed to get those negative thoughts out of her head to be honest.

One day she got ready to go to work. She just got off an 7, 12 hour work pattern 7p to 7a 84 hours in 7  days with a few days off to start it all over again. So she pulled out to leave for work not even a half mile from the house she seen this truck doing about 60 not stopping at the stop sign at the intersection she had the right of way. I guess he thought he could beat her but he didn't they hit he flipped his truck upside down by a semi truck. If she was 30 seconds faster all 7 people would have lost their lives.

The cops came out and she was rushed to the ER. She was in and out like it was McDonald's. At that time she didn't know they were treating this as a minor accident not a major accident. She knew alcohol was a factor and it was all over the wreck scene. She and her family thought the cops would do their jobs right. Boy, they were wrong. The ER doctor and nurse told her she could go back to work the next day. Well, it took her 2 weeks to get out of bed right. She knew something was wrong at the beginning.

5 weeks almost 6 weeks later the police report came in however she already got her lawyer by that time. Shit was going down hill fast. She and her family looked at the police report and seen there was no alcohol stated, no reckless driving, no speeding at a school zone. They had 55 was the speed limit at the intersection at a school zone negative. No witnesses the semi driver was a witness,  he seen it all happened. Shit wasn't adding up. She had people to tell her a sobriety test was done on the driver but she looked at the report and none was taken. She knew right there it was a cover up and a set up rolled into one. There was angel that sent her 24 pictures of the wreck. That was a blessing from God. She took her pictures and took her police report and she seen that it didn't add up the police report was all wrong. They almost got away with it. She was 7 inches from death, she could have died, she would have died with a false police report by her side and the county would have gotten the very last laugh and nothing could have been done about it. At first the lawyer wasn't going to put the pictures in. She was like oh hell no. This was a cover up and major one to be exact. Yes, my pictures will be presented in my case over my dead body. The police report was WRONG damn it. This will be fixed or they all can go down together. She was so fed up at that point. She had enough of the bullshit.

So she is hoping for a fair settlement because of the hell she has been through. No car and barely no money to her name for almost 3 months now. She had an out of body experience at the wreck now she knows what to do. God, knows she's been defeated for many many years at Hooterville. He knows her soul is tired and worn down. He gave her this gift to set her free. Falsifying a police report, her 24 pictures (because a picture is worth more than a thousand words) concrete evidence,  her book to seal the deal. If she was lying in her book. She would have died that day. God wanted to free her soul and her worried heart let her be free to move where ever she wanted to go until it's time for him to bring her home. The media, the FBI and civil suit was his plan of action because God doesn't like ugly and he is setting an example to this county and the state because he chose her as the chosen one.

June 13, 2015

Public Service Announcement

I am going to blog about wrecks and whatever other kind of behavior that deals with police reports and stuff. Police reports are considered as hearsay, however if you have proof like pictures and videos it becomes concrete plus witnesses,  sometimes they are needed.

For an example, when you come across a wreck. How do I put this, in a good way? Make sure the ones that are hurt are okay or get help for them. Then, get your phones out and take pictures all away around the scene take videos too. Especially when alcohol and other stuff are involved. Take lots of videos and pictures of that too. Why are you stating this you might ask?

When the police report comes in and the pictures don't look like the report more less the police left stuff out looks like a cover up. Alcohol all around the wreck scene but no alcohol on the report and no sobriety test given. That will turn in to a shit storm from hell. When the police report is falsified. Trust me I know all about it. Pictures tells an exact story of the wreck how it happened, hands down. When alcohol or whatever  isn't on the police report, what if that person died. There goes justice thrown out the door. If you didn't have evidence there's not much you can say or do. That my friend is a sad situation but it happens all the time.

I don't care if you don't know them. Give them your number and tell them you have pictures and videos of the incident that happened and you are willing to help them out if the police report goes South or something goes wrong. Give a helping hand it goes a long ways. If it was me, take the pictures and videos put it on a travel drive give it to the victim or the family. They will need it that's a given. The best way to do it in my opinion.

Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. You really don't need a witness because the pictures paints the story of how it really went down all by itself no words needed. When the pictures and the police report don't add up. The anger rises on such levels that would scare the shit out of anyone. Trust me I know all about it.

I am going to do a blog of an example it may be my experience or not. Corruption comes in all kinds of forms. The police are in hot water at the moment. I have seen beatings to a cop that put his knee into a 15 year old girl's back to some cops shutting down a lemonade stand because an 8 year didn't have a permit. So much ridiculous bullshit that doesn't make any sense. Just beware and give a helping hand when needed. Picture and a video is worth more than a thousand words. It tells a story all by itself.