December 13, 2011

Oh, The Ass End of the World, Arkansas

I am going to rephrase this blog, I scraped my last one. I had some stuff to come up today and I voiced my opinion and I really feel good about it to tell you the truth. Since I live in the Twilight Zone and all, I wish people could see this kind of living, I would so do an interview about this, and I would give my right arm and leg to get this out more into the media. However with me marketing my story like I do and when I see it’s making its way around the world, I have many readers in Russia and Japan; there are many more countries to name to let the truth be known. It makes me happy inside that I make a stance and let people know about the corruption in a small town. How murders are covered up and drug trafficking is going on strong as ever. The cops and informants need a boost in their job to make a better income I suppose. I really love seeing the statistics on my Blog it really makes me happy. I am NOT bashful about voicing my opinion none what so ever. However I am the crazy one, the one that is out of control, if that’s it LOL. I am proud to be crazy. Living in The South and being around the hypocrites of the Bible belt makes me a sane person when I see this, just saying. I have certain family members trying to degrade me and make me feel like a low life. Your stupid and quitter to be exact, however they have more money than God. Here I come along and bust these dumbasses out. Because I am standing on the outside looking in and I see the dysfunctions that are going on, more than meets the eye to be exact, if you know what I mean. A bunch of fake ass people trying to look good that’s all. Oh how loathe fake people. I will be glad to move out of Arkansas, I will never ever come back here. It has to be absolutely dire emergency for me to come back. All I am doing is telling the truth but I am labeled as a crazy person that doesn’t know her ass from a hole in a ground. To me, I don’t let anyone run over me and that makes me a horrible person so be it. I am used to it; I will not change not by a long shot. I am glad some stuff came up today and I voiced my opinion about it and I feel so good inside now. Because I am telling the truth, when living in the South you stand up for yourself, the Arkansas State Hospital is the next place you will land in. It’s a shame that it’s like that though, very sad. When you don’t follow the “The Good Ole Boys’ rule you are disobeying or you have deviant behavior. Your ass will be locked up in the nut house. The movie “Changeling” defines that with a T, in the end, Angelina’s character frees the women. Because they really didn’t need to be there in the first place, they just didn’t take their sh*t, that's all. You got to love the South and the ignorance that comes with it. I am washing my hands away from people as I type this, I have NO use for these types people family or not. I shall NOT put up with it any longer. All I am trying to do is survive until 2016 and get the f**k up out of here. I am hoping and praying that my donation button helps me just to raise enough money to start my business. I will be up and out of here sooner than 2016. I hate the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. I really do, this is a nightmare. I am ready for a change. This is pathetic what I have to go through every day of my life.  I am doing the best that I can in the meantime that’s all I can do. I just need to market my story a little deeper and little harder. I could do a book and movie deal over my life. I would love to sit down with an experienced author. I would in a heartbeat. I see things and sometimes I feel great changes coming in 2012. I can’t wait for a new beginning to take place for me and my kids. All do in respect we need this in the worst kind of way.

December 1, 2011


Kiss my ass! That is how I will deal with this one, I am so sick of phone calls and how people try to push my buttons. I am having a hard enough time to deal with what I have to deal with anyways. My 1st X-husband and my 2nd X-husband has destroyed my life with their finances not getting right with Uncle Sam. One doesn’t want to pay and the other claims when he shouldn’t be claiming. It’s a no win-win situation for me. I hate them so bad, I hope the worst luck for them in 2012 and I will put a spell on both tards, I betcha! I hope Karma comes back and get their ass. But that is beside the point. I had a major fall, I mean a serious one. However I am seeing a touch of light coming my way and that really means a lot to me. Believe me it’s like a blessing of hope. Maybe there is a chance out there that I can better my life once again. But I don’t want calls upsetting me; I don’t want people talking to me about school. My life right now has been ripped away from that and I am trying to find a new option. I would love to finish, I really would. However the little punk bastards that I married once upon a time have done my life in! I am just now maneuvering trying to get my barons’ to cross the bridge that I have been trying to cross for years and years now. I have never in my life seen anything like it, a person like myself trying to DO good and this county and state have their hooks in me, seriously. I am too the point throwing my middle fingers in the air and say f**k it and start doing me! I am so sick of this sh*t, I need a change and I need one real fast. I could do a reality show and have high ratings, here at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. I could hold the show down like no other!

Dear Highway Patrol..........

I think it is real cheesy how the Highway Patrol does their job. Are they supposed to protect and serve or torment and piss people off? Here a couple weeks ago I had a problem, I am so used to it by now, I do believe. They were everywhere and that was unusual however there was a million dollar bust, now that was a joke, LOL it is what it is, I just go on with it. But one morning I left out for work and that was the day that they were all around, going to work like I normally do. Seatbelt and speed limit. There was this SUV rig that they were driving as I passed by them, I had that deep stare. I normally get that, the look that kills stare. When I was passing by he acted like he was going to get back behind me. He pulled up like he was going to pull out, then I looked in the rear view mirror. I got to the High School he decided to back up into his corner again. Don’t bully me like that, if you wanted to get at me, while I am driving pull me over motherfkker. Don’t be bashful, do your job. I was doing my job driving the speed limit and wearing my seatbelt. However I have this one cop that has a thing for me or just trying to punk me down by bullying me. I gave him an opportunity to say something at a local store I went into, but nothing was said. I am not bashful, if you have a problem let’s announce the situation and work on it. Don’t stalk nor bully me because in the long run it will get you in trouble, trust me! I have serious problems with this kind of behavior. To each its own, but they need to be concern how they do things in this county. Because the rug could very well be pulled up underneath them, just sayin’