December 1, 2011


Kiss my ass! That is how I will deal with this one, I am so sick of phone calls and how people try to push my buttons. I am having a hard enough time to deal with what I have to deal with anyways. My 1st X-husband and my 2nd X-husband has destroyed my life with their finances not getting right with Uncle Sam. One doesn’t want to pay and the other claims when he shouldn’t be claiming. It’s a no win-win situation for me. I hate them so bad, I hope the worst luck for them in 2012 and I will put a spell on both tards, I betcha! I hope Karma comes back and get their ass. But that is beside the point. I had a major fall, I mean a serious one. However I am seeing a touch of light coming my way and that really means a lot to me. Believe me it’s like a blessing of hope. Maybe there is a chance out there that I can better my life once again. But I don’t want calls upsetting me; I don’t want people talking to me about school. My life right now has been ripped away from that and I am trying to find a new option. I would love to finish, I really would. However the little punk bastards that I married once upon a time have done my life in! I am just now maneuvering trying to get my barons’ to cross the bridge that I have been trying to cross for years and years now. I have never in my life seen anything like it, a person like myself trying to DO good and this county and state have their hooks in me, seriously. I am too the point throwing my middle fingers in the air and say f**k it and start doing me! I am so sick of this sh*t, I need a change and I need one real fast. I could do a reality show and have high ratings, here at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas. I could hold the show down like no other!

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