December 7, 2013

Depression Sucks Ass

Depression sucks ass that is an understatement for me it is. I am going through all kinds of emotions with my 2nd book. My 2nd book is based on my life and I am taking it way back to 1976 to 2011. My memory goes all away back to 1976 and I am really amazed at myself with this book. I have a good memory or someone is with me spiritually guiding me through this like my 1st book. I swear I felt some kind of spiritual guidance with me at that time no joke. 

I think that is why my book is so life like because it was MY life that I was unfolding. I have had to deal with so much stuff and I have encountered many things over the years and I am surprise that I am alive and kicking today to be honest. I have dealt with depression all my life but as I write about it my depression is leaving me and it feels so freaking good. I had a block about a couple weeks ago. I just wanted to stay in a cold dark room and not get out just shut everything off, I wanted to quit. I am head strong and I had to fight and fight real hard to escape that nonsense. I can’t afford to do that literally I can’t.  I am already in the poor house I did not need to be homeless and depression will put you there in a heartbeat. Because depression is not prejudice at all it will attack anyone that is weak and I refuse to be weak and let this get to me. I have to be strong and move along. I am overcoming things and even if I have to pull out the skeletons that are in my closet so be it. I am dealing with it. I needed to do this. 

I know at this time in my life I needed to write these books. I know I will piss some people off and some people will be proud of me either way I am proud of myself and that's what counts. I am conquering these demons that have been weighing me down for many years now. I think to myself so many people thought I was just a stupid little country girl from Wolverton Mountain and I would not amount to a hill of beans, they have another thing coming to them. I am a whole lot smarter than these inbreed assholes and I can’t wait to start on my 3rd and final book. 

However my writing has just begun. I will do a book of all books when I get my self-healing writing out of the way. I understand now why I chose the life like I did and I know now how to make my future brighter not darker and if I lose people along the way I am OK with that maybe that is for the best. God is good and he is guiding me in the right direction and it took me nearly 40 years to do it better late than never I suppose. He is an awesome man that is real talk. God knows I am trying and that is all that matters. I am doing right by this some may like it some may not, and the ones that don’t they are the ones that don’t want to hear the truth, end of story. 

November 26, 2013

My 1st Book

My book, it took me about 6 months to type up and almost 9 months to get published. I was really worried about the publishing. I paid for it all by myself and that was a big accomplishment for me. I got what I could afford at the time and when I can get more money I can upgrade my package to what I want, I am glad I went with this self-publishing company. I have been blogging for a long time now here on BlogSpot and MySpace too. This book took my anger and rage to places that I haven’t been before. I knew when I went into this I needed to change the names however I kept the places to make it more personal. I had to watch my P’s and Q’s too. I came to almost 50,000 words and here comes a writer’s block because this was still going on and I did not know how to end it. I knew that I did not need any type of lawsuits of any kind. I have talked to 2 professionals and they told me to keep my feet firm on the ground because of the ones that really keep up with my sites. So I sat down with one of them and they told me to own the ending make it fictional, so a lawsuit couldn't be brought against me. I sat there like WTF am I going to talk about. I thought at that point just scrap the book and say fuck it be done with it. He told me to stop that nonsense come up with an ending. He had a piece of paper in his hand and he asked me, what is one thing you don’t believe in? I told him and he wrote it down he ask me again what is another thing you don’t believe in? I looked at him crazy this time and I told him. He wrote that down too. Then he gave me the piece of paper and told me I have my ending and get to work on it. I was in shock; I told him I can’t do this. He looked at me straight in the eyes told me (yes) you can Tina. You got this. So I ponder on that note for 2 weeks. Of all the places to get that piece of paper out and look at it. The ending came to me. I was in a good place too. That was when I worked psych a lot. Yes, I wrote my ending in between my 15 minute rounds. I know right, I have been drove crazy and I complete my ending in a psych ward as I worked. Til this day, I shake my head with amazement. I had people all around me telling me that I own this book and I need to own the ending too. I am very proud of this book and very proud of the manuscript review team with the company I am going with. They absolutely liked it. That boost my confidence up where it needed to be. I can’t wait for this book to get online. I have always liked to write and I am glad that was able to do this and I overcame my problems with these people. I don’t think I will ever forget what had happen to me but I will forgive and go on because that will help me out. My 2nd book that one is about to kill me right now with depression but I have to hurdle through it like a champ just like I had to do with my first book. My first book I dealt with anger and rage now depression with my second book. I can’t imagine what my third and final book is going to bring me.  I am rolling with all types of emotions. I hope and pray that I get through it. 

You can Google this place and the county. There's already a book out about this county however I don't think there were many books sold at the time it was published to be honest. 

November 4, 2013

Immortal Hell

Immortal Hell that’s what I have been living in for the last soon to be 10 years of my life! I have been in a very long nightmare, it seem like it doesn't want to end for me. However I am about to end it with my fictional writing that I have done, I wish that I could have been more truthful with this whole ordeal but I don’t want any lawsuits. I have a knack in writing and I think that’s my second calling in life. I honestly believe that. I have been in the medical field for 21 years did not want to go that far to become an RN and I am glad I didn't because I want to remove myself from the medical field because it’s not for me anymore. I would have been a great RN but I don’t have the patience for the doctors because they are licensed thieves, end of story. In writing I find it comforting, motivating and stimulating.

You know since my 2nd ex-husband doesn't want to pay his debts and I have to pay for them however that is OK now. When my book royalties come in I can actually get my shit together because in the last 10 years it’s been hard to do. I can pay off this nightmare of collection over the years. I have worked myself to death and still can’t get ahead. I can’t get a college degree either. It’s a damn shame too that a person can’t get a break from all the corruption from one county and that is a very, very sad thing right there. I will take care of my mom’s stuff too and make sure that my son and daughter is set up and when it’s time for me to leave this world. I will have it set up my children they will get 50/50 out of my writings/publishing’s that is a promise. Through my writing my kids will get a college degree and have a better life than me. I will make sure that their needs are met that is a promise that I can keep. They WILL NOT go through what I have been through not gonna happen not in this lifetime. I love my kids. Whatever comes my way with these books good or bad, I have a backbone and I can take the heat. I will do anything for my kids.

I am so sick of this bullshit I have to live in and I am so glad I took this to the internet like I did in 2010. I am so glad that I am growing on the World Wide Web too I am growing every day that will be a blessing for me, my mom and my kids in the near future. I can’t wait to get my ass on Dr Phil either. I am not going to hold in my emotions and rage. I think people should see how I really feel about this situation and my dad’s situation. IDGAF what people around here has to say about it. If it is something negative they can suck my dick. I am that fed up. All I am doing is telling the truth and not sugar coating a damn thing. My cup has runneth over a long time ago.

I can’t wait to move to the east coast. I can’t wait so I can breathe again and I can’t wait to rebuild my life and this time I am going to rebuild it through writing. I done my compassion and hospitality work for a long time in the medical field and now I want to hang that up and go with the flow with words because words are beautiful. I am tired and exhausted because I can’t get NO where in life because of the nosy ass bastards that I have to deal with. I can’t wait for karma to zap their ass and make them feel like I felt, hopeless and nowhere to go just a dead end road of destruction for many many years. They need to feel what I have felt over the years. It’s not a good feeling to be burden with and trying to live your life in the meantime through the darkness.

I have a right to walk away from my dad too, I put up with mental abuse and control for 37 years. 37 years on an emotional roller coaster ride from hell. Yes, there were good times but the bad outweighed the good.  I don’t have to worry about being mentally beat down any longer, I don’t have to worry about crying over hurtful words, I don’t have to live in fear and I don’t have to feel like a piece of shit laying on the floor because I didn't want to do something that I did not want to do in the first place. My second book, I see in a whole different light. I see things for what they are and it’s not a good feeling to have. I am proud to write this book, I needed to do this and God knows it too. God has been through every step of the way with my writing and I thank him for letting me to release how I feel. Amen!

Moving away I can heal myself and that is a good thing right there I need that so bad. I am glad that I am able to recognize it and walk away from it. I am NOT a bad person for doing so people think I am, they can kiss my ass, seriously they can! My cards in life that I have been dealt with have been a pretty shitty hand. I am NOT going to let this get the best of me any longer. It has got the best of me majority of my life. I am glad that I decided to write myself out of this situation through a self-publishing company I can’t wait to get started with them. I wanted to pay for this on my own, money doesn't come to me easy; I have to work my ass off for it that’s the God’s honest truth. A very smart move for a woman that has had a dark cloud over her most of her life because I still have that hope for better days to come. Since writing I have become more positive than negative, I thought I would never see the day. I am proud of myself. I think I have handled myself pretty good so far and I am so ready for my publishing’s in the near future. I have worked my ass off to the bone and it will pay off in the long run.

October 4, 2013

I am done, stick a fork in me! Done, Done, Done!

I think I am plagued by ‘white trash’ this letter that I got today about done me in, no I take that back it did do me in almost to my grave. The deaths that I have to deal with and the ignorance of one situation over an innocent life, I really don’t know how much more I can take of this nonsense. You can look back in my blog archive and see what I have been dealing with when it comes to taxes. I have been sinking like a turd in the well since 2010. The motherfucker hasn't filed his fucking taxes since 2003. If he filed his fucking taxes they would have not sent me a letter. I am the ONLY one filing taxes and yes they are going to come after me and I think I might quit filing my taxes too. Hell he does not work, he just a piece of shit, end of story. Low life white trash! Some of his people were in my house not that long ago. They can’t get enough of me I suppose; hell I don’t know what is going on. Then I get this letter in the mail. Someone told me I can get a lawyer he can go back on my federal (I paid in 8 grand already) and state and make him pay for what I have paid in, ‘innocent spouse’ I can be reimbursed if I just try. I really need to be reimbursed more than $15,000, what I have to put up with for going on nearly 10 years. That is REAL TALK! That is entirely to long to put up with situation like this to be honest.

I am going with my BFF on this one, once I get my books online. I got a 2nd job for that too to get the job done. Now I have to get a 3rd job for the lawyer fees. God damn those motherfuckers they are going to pay for this shit! However, she looked into my eyes and I was crying and carrying on here while back I had a meltdown. Because I had enough of this bullshit, she looked at me and said, Tina, once you are published and your book royalties come in and you will get on Dr Phil because this is right up his ally. Then you will have movie producers come to you because of the mountain you came from. Then you will have book royalties and movie royalties in the near future because you have something to write about. You want live in Maine, go for it. When you are in Maine then you see Arkansas on TV flipped them off and look up to God and say thank you, I am NOT living in that chaos anymore because my life will get better and better. She has a good point and I am going to achieve that. Because I am dying in Arkansas, I can’t get ahead here to save my life. I have been beaten down to the ground and I don’t know how I am still holding up but I know my writing will take me places because I have a story to write that is for sure a real thing. This is getting ridiculous it’s 2013. They need to pay that debt and close that fucking door! Amen!

On the note: I have no last names( but mine that is my name) nor addresses on that picture so go fuck yourself to Oblivion capish!  This is a story I’m not making up, when I find my federal; I will put another one with it. DILLIGAF, NOPE, BOOM!  Like an "Old" friend of ours told me, since we did NOT have any kids together this is one way to stay attach to my hip and I think they are right. I am about to unattached that shit real fast like. 

Well I finally have a letter in my hands and it's 2013 over taxes with his name on it. This will fit perfectly when I get on the Dr Phil show. I am NOT a lying bitch. Those people are the lying bitches. Living high on the hog, and lying every step of the way. Karma is going to be such a bitch to them one day.

October 3, 2013

They Say I am 50 Shades of Cray-Cray!

They say that I am a pain in the ass; they say that I am shit starter and they say that I should go to a psychiatric center.

To me, I don’t sugar coat anything, I call it like I see it and I don’t beat around the bush. Here in the South you are one of the above that I mention (you're crazy) if you don’t play by the rules. I am like ‘rules’ fuck that shit. Someone ask for my opinion, they better be prepared for the truth.

See I started this blog 3 years ago. I am going to give a prime example of what I am dealing with. See my paparazzi are a group of meth heads and it seems that I can’t get away from them. They stay up in my business and they stay up in my life. Tweakers will tweak. The geekers will geek. Until they get clean they will continue this nonsense of disrupting other people’s lives.

See I had 3 deaths in my family. My uncle which had cancer and we knew that was a given when his time came. Then my aunt got sick and died 5 weeks after my uncle. My aunt was a sudden death, she wasn't in good health but it was still a sudden death. I lived by her and it was a close nit circle. However when people die, others will come to the house bring food, flowers and money etc. That’s how it is and that’s all I have ever seen. Just helping each other out in a time of need, loss of a loved one.

We had lots of family to help too however a couple stood out and it was the night of the family hour. The 2 that wanted to stay behind and help, I was like hell no, that wasn't going to happen. Why? Because they are friends with the ones that I have been blogging about for oh about 3 years now! I was going to stay behind but there were couple said they would, so they did. We were told what had happen and they haven’t seen anything like it before and did not understand what was going on. Well, I knew and that was why I wanted to stay behind. I have zero tolerance to bullshit!

My opinion of this situation:

Here I have a blog out and I can’t stand these people and these people were in my home and my aunt’s home. One of them actually stood in my kitchen. I could NOT believe she was in my kitchen how bold and how dumb. I guess they don't understand LEAVE ME ALONE! I have blogged about this white trash bullshit for years all because my cousin invited them over.  Now, if they had sense but dope heads don’t have sense they would be like ‘hell no I am NOT coming around that place’ but there was a reason. How come they did not come over when I was there and other people was there? They came over when there were 4 people there not a house full and the other 2 stayed behind for a reason. That was very odd to come over like that, they are not welcome here.

The reason, I really don’t think they would have taken anything that night I really don’t however they were scoping the houses out though. Taking a mental picture and come back later on.  My ex brother in law from my last marriage have stolen so much shit in his lifetime it doesn't make sense. He gets away with it too, explain that one to me. Now we had 4 drug users and a drug dealer in these houses while EVERYONE was gone but a few. I really don’t appreciate this shit all. I am pretty much fucking pissed off about it. They knew I did not want them over and they done it anyways. I have been blogging and I have been tweeting. I did not do this for my health I did this because I can’t get help in Arkansas. This right here shows me a thing or two. It will be 10 years (mind you) in January I still have to put up with this bullshit. But that is OK……

I can’t wait to get my 1st book online to sell and I will have my 2nd book done soon when I can get it typed out but with my chaotic life of death I hope I can soon, it will not take me that long. I will get on Dr Phil too. I am so done with this situation. Dope heads get away with so much shit and it makes me sick. Then the police will NOT do a damn thing about it. That’s pretty fucking sorry. Coming into these houses has invaded my privacy and IF they come around, they are bought and paid for, end of story. I am NOT fucking around.

September 17, 2013

September 17, 2010 to September 17, 2013

1) I don’t have any regrets of what I have written and of what I have said. I have every right to say what I want to say. I just have bigger balls than most people.

2) I will get my books on line and I will continue writing. I have learned a lot about myself and I will continue to learn.

3) My main reasons for my publishing’s of my books are for ME to make me a better person and to get that damn chip off my back, and provide a better life for my daughter, my son and my mother they deserve that much those 3 are my life and I love them with all my heart..

4) I have a story to tell and it will be told, end of story!

I will continue to have fun and grow on the World Wide Web and most of all keep it 100. Either you love me or hate me, because I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Just Google Tina Graves you will find my social sites one way or another. Thank You

August 1, 2013

Mental Abuse and Physical Abuse

Those are some touchy subjects. I have encountered both to be exact. I know all about it. Both can cause deep pain a lot worse than a scar that you can see with the eye. The pain grows deep down inside and sometimes it just stays there festering waiting to pop.

Mental abuse is so raw and sharp and straight the point of a spontaneous combustion waiting to happen when you least expect it. The torturing of the mind by a bully, bullies are the ones that cause the most pain when it comes to mental abuse. I remember my dad as I was growing up and how he treated my mom and my step mom. It was so wrong on so many levels.  I just got used to it and thought it was normal to act that way. He was so rude with me too. However I grew up in that environment and that it was the norm. Oh how I was wrong. But it took to me 37 years to wake up and smell the motherfucking coffee. It was December 7th 2011 to be exact and I walked away and never have looked back and stood my ground with all the non-sense bullshit he swung my way. I don’t have time for it. I have been educating myself and opening my eyes with mental abuse and I have learned a lot.

Physical abuse I have encountered that with my relationships. I have seen physical abuse as I was growing up too. However if you say something about it people now will lie their way out of it like it did not happen. I always ignored it back then now I think how stupid people really were covering that shit up. I have had my fair share. I remember with my 2nd marriage my ex-husband beat me one afternoon. My leg till this day has a dent in it. When I got picked up and thrown at the corner of the closet. I thought to myself, I was not going to put up with this shit. I went to dad’s and he took pictures and went to mom’s she took pictures then I bought a throw away and I had pictures taken. That was the end of that and he never hit me again until the night of our divorce. However karma will zap his ass soon and I will laugh my ass off long time coming. 

Mental and physical abuse is sore subjects to many people in the world. It’s how you deal with it and I am dealing with mine through writing.As I write I understand myself more I don’t hate myself like I used to. I am starting to love myself and that is amazing because I am a damaged person. I am working to be better and help other people out in the process. I understand the way I am. I understand the relationships with men I chose. I know what is right and what is wrong. I know how I was raised is not normal at all. It was fucked up and the bad outweighed the good and I see that clearly in my 2nd book. Writing has been and eye opener and a blessing all rolled up into one. It’s indescribable to be honest about it I don’t know how to explain it. I will continue to write until the day I die.

A lot of people that I know don’t understand why I am writing these books and there are some that I know totally understand why I am writing. I just have enough balls and guts to write it down and get it out there. I am a type of person that really doesn’t give a fuck what people think of me. I did not choose to write, writing chose me through the help of God. Writing is therapy and understanding oneself is a brilliant idea.  I can’t wait to get published and I can’t wait to get out of Arkansas. I am nothing but miserable here. One day I will pack my bags and walk away I will never look back and question my decision to leave this state. I have had enough of the bullshit from the cops, informants and my dad. It’s that simple. I am done stick a fork in me and I can’t wait to get published and get my life back in order. I deserve that much needless to say.

July 5, 2013


I have been through so much that when I feel some bullshit creeping up on me I will know it. Here lately I felt some strange vibes from the law enforcement of all people. I wasn't sure what was going on. I wanted to state something about the Arkansas State Police. I have never had any kind of problems with them. That is the God’s honest truth. However I know how this county operates and I figure it’s a deeper matter in that configuration of corruption. I pay attention to my surroundings like a hawk in the sky that’s no lie.

The State Trooper, I hate when you see a cop and they act like they are going to pull over turn around and come after you. My rear-view mirror is my main BFF. This has happened several times but the last time I went off. I took it to my Twitter account. I love my account. That 140 character keeps me sane and not in jail. I sent off my tweets like it was nothing. I was thinking to myself, I have never had beef with them they actually have helped me out. I was getting more pissed off and I was like the State Police doesn't want to be in this remix because I am not bashful for throwing them in the fire-ring. IDGAF that is truth! I have been through so much shit.

Then I started to ponder my thoughts and go back in time to figure out when this had all started. I kept on pondering then I figure it out after my daughter’s graduation. I did have someone mention to me about it. However I have already figured it out. Man alive, I have left this person alone for a while now. I have kids and I have to be respectful and deliver obedience regardless of the situation in hand.  I am not stupid by any means! What I have done was get rid of the negative in my life and stayed with the positive aspects of life. I feel so much better by doing so and I feel I can live again. I can’t wait for my second book to get to the editor and get it published. I am not going to be the nice one at all about that book. Throwing the cops on me like a scare tactic is low as one goes. He is now on the level of my second ex-husband and my ex brother-in-law. They were good about doing that to me. Every dog has its day and I hope I live to see that domino effect. But once I took it on the net it stopped so quick it made my head spin a little. I know some that are high up in law enforcement. They do have my back that is a guarantee fact.

 For nearly 10 years I have been laying on the floor in a choke hold of slander, stalking and bullying. Then you add the scare tactics along the way because I did not play like they did. As I write these books I have  started to get up from that spot that I have been in for many years. I see everything on a different level. The chaos and the control are disappearing. I am smiling again and I am overcoming a lot of obstacles in life.  I am rising out of that spot it’s almost like the phoenix. Once I get these 4 books completed then I will no longer be lying in that spot of doom and darkness. In my 40’s I will be living again. It’s about damn time. From sixteen to twenty nine it was sex drugs and rock & roll. In my thirties I was isolated because I did not obey the system. In my forties I will be living and breathing like a normal person. People don’t take my intelligence seriously but that is okay. Like the phrase goes, “What goes around comes back around.” Boom!

June 11, 2013

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

That is a (big) word to comprehend. However I understand it totally. I have done extensive research on the subject because I relate to it so much. I have not been the one to take meds. It takes an act of congress to take some Tylenol for a headache. Back in 2004 may be close to 2005 I took Zoloft and I hated it. If a bomb dropped in front of me. I would have thought it was a beautiful sight to see. I quit taking them; I have no plans of becoming a zombie any time soon. Those medications are for the fucking birds. I just dealt with my problems and how I survived that era in time is beyond me. I knew God was carrying me through this but I would not open my eyes to it pure honesty right there. The way I see it, God is good all day and every day. When he came to me and opened my eyes up about writing these books to heal me and help others out as well. I knew he loved me and I felt comfort for the first time in my life as I started to write these books. I am glad I did. I love him and he loves me nothing else matters. So that is that.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

People that knew me and the ones I had problems with didn't know how close they come just to be a distant memory in their loved ones eyes. I was about to break. September 2010, I had enough, I was about to snap. I wanted to be left alone. I was tired of my 2nd husband and his stupid ass brother sending people to my house or anywhere, inviting me to different functions. Like I would go I don't think so. Yep, 3 hots and a cot plus a dose of lethal injection were in my future. That’s real talk. They better be thanking their lucky stars that they are living today. So I thought I would do a testimonial on the internet and see where it would lead me. I am glad that I did. September of this year of 2013 will be 3 years. It will not be long I will have my 1st book online and my 2nd book to follow then the 3rd. Writing has been a blessing to me. I have grown into such a better person and my chip on my shoulder is slowly going away. God is good, enough said.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

It didn't affect me just the last 9 years of my life it has affected me my whole life. I just did not realize it until I sat down and started to write about it. I started to get everything off my chest and put everything in perspective to analyze what I have dealt with over the years. It is shear amazement how writing will open you up and make you see things on a different level. I hate Arkansas, ‘ignorance is bliss’ that is putting it mildly. My 2nd book opened my eyes so much and I can’t wait to talk about it.

I have written people off in my life, they carry poison and make me miserable they can’t be around me. I tried to get help in Arkansas; I couldn't now the FBI is begging for people to step up. I have been dealing with dirty ass cops and informants since 2004, punk-ass bastards. I don’t feel sorry for what I have said on here either. I ain't sugar-coating shit, nobody got time for that. I am going to keep doing what I am doing and I will eventually have all 4 books online. Then I will start on my novellas, I will start with JB. Yeah, the one that got killed at the Supercenter parking lot, I refuse to hear the word, ‘horse playing’ hell to the NO! I done a blog on that as I recall! IDGAF about the money, the books that hold near and dear to my heart, the family will get 50% of what I make. I know I have done 4 blogs of the ones that stood out to me. There will be a list of names that I want for a charity type thing I will have to research it more to get what I need to make it happen. It will happen. I am for these families and I hope they see justice.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

I have faced this a different way. No, I don’t drink like a fish. I might drink half a dozen times a year no more than 12 out of 365 days to be exact that’s a good number I am NOT a drunk. I like to cut up from time to time, hell, who don’t. I fucking can’t stand drugs except pot. I wish marijuana was legal. I could roll through these books like a boss smoking straight from a bong while I type. Maybe one day it will be legal in all 50 states, it’s getting there. My only problem is I just have zero tolerance to bullshit that’s all. I am not gonna put up with not a motherfucking thing. I don’t give a damn who you are, cops, informants my dad IDGAF. Man, alive I am so surprised that I haven’t snapped. It’s a blessing in disguise. It would have been a blood bath if I had. I believe that God knew I was at my breaking point; he came to my rescue with my books. I love him for that and I can’t wait to get published. I can become a published author however I can’t get my college degree. Like someone told me, I will be free and clear of debt and I will get my college degree once I get these books selling because God is that good and he will carry you through this storm and bring you into a better life. Tina, you got to have faith. I love my friend to death she rocks! I hope she is right, I need a motherfucking break, I really do. I am hoping for one.

May 27, 2013

Ode to the Question

I was asked this question twice needless to say; I avoided it the first time but the second time from another person. I ponder my thoughts and told him directly what I thought about that question. I was asked, ‘Are you afraid of someone coming in your house because it can be easily done, what if they messed with your laptop because I work a lot and I am gone sometimes?’ I was asked this before by woman now a man. This is how I responded to the question; I did not avoid it this time.

First and foremost, I have my laptop locked on my side of it I do. I looked at this person right into the eyes without hesitation. I told him, I know where you are going, it’s about my manuscript. I know there are nosy ass motherfuckers all away around me. Yeah, it’s been in the back of my mind. I went through all kinds emotions while I was writing my first book, I had to withdraw myself. I mean it tore me down to the ground and I had to build myself back up. If someone fucked with my manuscript caused me problems with my publishing’s, you really want to know what I would do. I got closer to his eyes and I could see he was getting scared. This is what I would do.

I looked out the window; I would get in my white car and drive to the Federal Bureau of Investigation the FBI building. That startle him, nope, I am not fucked up about it. I would walk up the steps and I would open that door like I owned that motherfucker. I could see it in his eyes then he knew I was serious. I would ask where I can make some statements. Where is a pen and paper, I will need a lot of paper, you know? Knowing if my manuscript being messed with, I would be pushed to my limit I would snap and I know I could put some motherfuckers under the jail. I have been in a choke hold for so long and if that was done to me so be it. The way I see it, the book is based on a fiction novel, names has been changed. Now when I go the FBI building the real names will come to life. IDGAF anymore! As I write these books I see things so clearly and can’t believe what I have been through and what I have put up with all my fucking life. As I recall, my face has been on the floor in a choke hold in a pile a shit for a looooooong time now. Push my buttons I will cause the domino effect! Then he left without a goodbye, WTF, really. Oh well!

I was watching the news the other day and the FBI of Arkansas wants people to step up and make a stance. I was looking at the news and they are begging for people to step up. It kind of mad me mad at first. I started my crusade September of 2010. I think that I need to get my 4 books published and let me get on Dr Phil and let it play out when it should play out. That would be the wisest choice to do. All of this bullshit that I have to deal with has made me a strong motherfucker.  I had no other choice. My father, well, he can kiss my ass! That’s real talk. I am a good person with a good heart and soul that right there would turn me into a bitch and there would be NO turning back for this OLE girl. I can’t wait to step in front of a camera because I am full and ready to talk about this. 

May 16, 2013

I LOVE Writing

I love writing, I swear I do. My daughter graduated from high-school. I was really amazed how good I was and how I acted because I am NOT on meds.  Meds are a cop-out there are ways that people can deal with life problems that’s real-talk. One doesn’t have to rely on drugs or alcohol in all due in respect your problems are going to still be there when you come off that stuff. I was nice to people that I had problems with at one point in time or another. I was even nice to my dad. I was told to be civil and I was. I know one day I will have to look at him in a coffin if he doesn’t get cremated. I totally understand that. At this point in my life, I am proud of myself. Man, I had so much hate in my heart. I know it had to be my writing for me to get over many situations I have. When I done my 1st book, I wrote about it and I put it in a story form. I got over the hump that I needed to get over. I forgave but I will never forget. Since I am doing my 2nd book, I am analyzing my situation with my dad and I am getting over that too. I think December of 2011, I snapped, I had enough of the mental abuse, I just walked away I couldn’t handle it anymore. He knew what he was doing and he doesn’t need to play dumb with me, I am so over that. I really don’t know if I will get emotional whenever he dies to be honest. I have so many mental scars over him and I have so mental scars from this county that I live in. They ran me into the ground full force. I think when I had my mental breakdown. I began to go into deep writing and released the demons that were bogging me down. My problems began like the matrix; I was putting the pieces together and understanding it all. I never thought that I could do this and I am simply proud of myself. I had a hard life, I don’t have the resources like normal people would and get a shrink. I had to be a shrink and teach myself. I was in a hole and I am still there but I am slowly come out of it. Most would have turned to drugs and alcohol. I chose to deal with it. I learned a lot about writing in 1993, when I had to sit through a few anger management classes that my uncle made me do. I told him 3 times that’s all and I wanted my name nowhere. Sometimes I think about that time and I should have gone through all the classes and had my name down. In 1993, I was a stupid little girl. I would recommend writing, I chose to publish mine other people don’t have too. Just writing things down, you get a better perspective in life and that is the God’s honest truth. I am glad that I am becoming a better person. I really am.

May 8, 2013

The TRUTH Hurts

The truth hurts sometimes. I think that's why I am so proud of myself about these books that I am doing. See I have been in a sewer all my life, I have been up to my neck in shit my whole life basically. I am seeing that while I write my 2nd book. I am seeing things on a whole new level and I am amazed of what I am seeing on a logical perspective. Slowly but surely as I write the shit is rolling off. I am realizing a lot of stuff that I would not have recognize it if it was not for my writing. Writing opens your eyes to so many things. I am so glad that I did this and I really don’t care what these people think of me either. They can absolutely kiss my fucking ass at this point. It’s nice to have the shit roll off because I have started to live my life and I am 39, how sad and pathetic is that? It is what it is, living my life and telling it like it is. I would not have it any other way. Support or no support, fuck it, I will get through it. One way or another!

I have had my 1st book done since February 21st 2013. I was about to get burn with the 1st publishing company. To be truthful, I don’t know what I am doing when it comes to publishing. I wrote a book that I thought I could never do in the first place. I just don’t need to get burned by money hungry motherfuckers. Then I had to research a new self-publishing company and I feel good about this one and I hope it works out. I am in the process right now of getting my book online it will take time. I have put this in God’s hands and he has placed me with them with hope and faith it will carry me through. I just don’t want to get burned this is a story about my life and it took courage to do and I done it. I am really proud of myself and I think that I done the ending great because this is an ongoing situation. I kept grounded on a fictional basis towards the end of the book. I have to remind myself of legal matters as well. I had several people to read it and they loved it and I should not have any problems selling it. Stalking, slandering and bullying are very much alive these days and this is a good time to launch a book about it. I did live through hell and I am getting through it as best as I can. They told me those particular subjects all over the news all the time. When you get on Dr Phil it will be on then. I have always had a good feeling about these books and I am not doing wrong by publishing them. If someone has a problem with them, they don’t want to hear the truth and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out, just saying.

My 2nd book I am proud of that one, I was told I have a best seller on my hands. I hope that dad reads it and understands. I don’t feel sorry for walking away from that situation either. I could stand in a circle and look around me and I have no regrets what-so-ever because my writing is building me into a better person not a bitter person. I had a chip on my shoulder all my life and its slowly coming off and it feels so good too. If I died, after all my books are published I would know one thing I will be in a better place and having God to have my back feels great.  That’s real talk. 

April 19, 2013

Is the 3rd time a CHARM? My Facebook!

Here is my personal Facebook:

Here is my Like Page:

Ok, I still have my 1st Facebook, I check in about every 6 months or so. I got off of Facebook because of the damn DRAMA. It was indescribable and ridiculous.  My 2nd Facebook I got hacked on December 24th 2011. I can not get into that one at all. I said 'Fuck It" for almost a year I had no Facebook because that pissed me off. November 10th 2012,  thought that I would jump back on and give it a whirl.

My friend at work set it up for me in a circle of writers and authors and let me tell you something right now. It has taken off, I am very impressed with it. The Timelines on both pages, rock my world. My hopes were not the best in the beginning. She told me to give it a few months if I did not like it, delete both accounts and be done with it never get back on Facebook again. So far so good. She done a good job and I would never ever have thought about building my pages like she did. I have learned a lot from her and still learning. She knows Social Media. She told me about Twiends for Twitter. She rocks and she also stated that my books will go through the Social Media circle like wildfire and I will not have any problems selling them once I get published. I will say bye-bye to the medical field. Hello to a whole new world, she says, if anyone deserves it, it is you Tina. I have seen you struggle and she does not know how I have made it this far. She is established on the web as well and she will help me. I know that, I just love her. I just wished I had her around January 24th 2010 when I started Twitter. Oh my, I would be in the big-time like her. She has a pen name and she is low key because she is an RN. She is also getting out the medical field too. 20 years for me and 25 for her. She has already told me what to do when I get published. When I have a little bit more money to maneuver around on the web, I can go 'bigger' in the Social Media world in no time flat. I am getting very well established now, it took almost 3 years to do it but I am getting there. She is amazing, a true friend. She wants the best for me and I want the best for her too.

I have yet to add my family I won't. Once I get published, I will add my kids and my brothers. I can't forget my 2 sister-in-laws. Oh my niece and nephews. I have NOT dealt with any drama this time around and now I know where it came from that is a good thing to know. The rest can add me if they want too. I will not search and hunt for anyone. I will not turn them down, that is fore sure. My books are brutal and straight to the point. Most don't want to hear the truth at all. This is my life, my writings and if someone that I know has a problem with it. Don't read my books and stay the hell away from me, it's that simple.

April 1, 2013

No Support System for this Ole Girl!

Yep, I can say that all at once and mean it. The support system is slim to none here with my book. When I started this journey back in June of 2012 I knew it would be that way. I live in the South and this is where the quote, “Ignorance is Bliss.” Comes in, I knew it was going to be very difficult to do. Most people are the shhhhhh, let’s not talk about it or it’s in your head kind of people. I am like what the fuck ever, I am going to write this book and I don’t care what obstacles come my way. I am writing this book in a fictional form, if they have a problem with it they can kiss my ass. I know in my heart and how I feel this is the right thing to do. I have felt like this from the beginning. If it wasn't for a couple of my friends to talk me into writing this book, I would still be in the same old funky mood and putting up with the same ole bullshit. I am glad that I wrote this book and I am glad that I don’t have that support like I should. I know that doesn't make sense but it makes sense to me because it makes me value my writing more. Now I have some friends at work told me they would pay for my publishing fees because they want the book online and for people to read. They told me I have a story to tell and it will take me to places that I would never dream of going. The book says a lot. They also stated the Dr Phil show will be a plus for me more ways than one. However, I turned them down; they told me they are still there for me if I needed that extra boost. I am very thankful for friends like that, seriously. Those kinds of people are hard to come by. I want to do this on my own though. My first book was my stepping stone for writing. My second book is off the charts and I am glad I am doing it. This time I am writing it down and then typing it out. I am really fortunate to still have my laptop because there were about half dozen times I wanted to break my laptop into pieces because I got mad, going back in time will do that to a person. I got closure with my first book and now I am getting closure with my second book. I thought that would never happen. It’s about my father and my childhood. I know that I will never have a relationship with him again but I will have closure that counts and I hope he understands. I don’t know if he will read it or not but writing the  book is doing me good because I am seeing this in a 39 year old woman’s perspective. I needed that. I have 4 books lined out on my part of the self-healing writing. Then I will start a series of novellas of different people in this county but in a fictional kind of way though. Someone suggested that to me and I ponder my thoughts and it’s not a bad idea at all. I would love to do that in near future. I am taking this one day at a time and I will get my book online. 

March 16, 2013

God Loves His Bad Children Too

What I am getting at is that, ‘God does NOT judge people.’ Yeah, I am very opinionated person and I take up for myself on the highest level. Who else is going to do it? Nobody but me! I suppose all the stuff I have been through all my life and especially the last 9 years. I did not have any intentions of backing down from that matter. Writing my book about it changed my life and changed my way of thinking and I cannot wait to publish it. Talking about an upcoming life change according to my editor she loved that book and she was happy to help me out. I appreciate it dearly.

Yeah, I cuss and I love women like I do men. I am not going to be damned to hell because how I live and state things. I am being real. Why be fake? Go to church and live a life of pretending. Yeah, my life sucks at the moment. However I am very thankful for the people in my life and the things I have. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God because of him I am keeping my sanity intact. The person that lives in the fake world of pretending will eventually meet their Karma one day and lose everything. That’s how it goes. Speaking of losing stuff I lost more than my share in this lifetime. I was put in this situation for a reason, I believe that now as I wrote a book about it.

I have no desire to change because I am as good as it gets. I hope one day I can get my college degree. I will be the ONLY grandchild to do so. I don’t have that much longer to get it either. The battle that I have been battling over the years will come to a close soon. When I publish my book! All the stuff I lost along the way I will be able to retrieve most of it however I will not be able to retrieve some of the years that I have lost but I will be able to make the upcoming days better for my children and that’s a promise I can make and keep.

I will keep doing what I am doing and I don’t give a fuck what-so-ever. Either you love me or hate me there will never ever be no in between when it comes to me. I don’t believe riding the fence.

March 15, 2013

It Is What It Is

What I call this is pure ‘fuckery’ I just  love that word. It brightens my day when I hear it. However, I had to mention, that everything was calm around me going smoothly. I should have known that these people ‘tweak’ on my sites like no other assholes in this world. On March 6 2013, I was leaving for work and I looked at my door handle it was bent so far out and I pulled on it and made it worse. I had a friend across the road he came over and fixed it. I just needed to get another handle that's all. I guess someone was trying to break into my car. I had two days off from work (my door was okay, when I locked it) then I was leaving out for work. I walked into a mess. I needed to get down the road and get to my job. I was so mad, I should have taken a picture but I didn't  I was in a rush. I was not thinking. I got it working again then left.  I have nothing in my car that anyone would want. That just did not make any sense at all. This is the Ass End of the World, Arkansas.  Anything can happen.  :/ I refuse to go to the police. I will NOT do that, waste of time needless to say. I am not going to lie I was mad about it but I soon got over it.

Then 4 days later, I got the strangest text ever, it was a voice text. I was like WTF, is going on now. I was on my way to work, again. I looked at the number and it looked familiar. I was like I don’t know about this then I ignored it. Then I was working in the ICU that night. I looked at my phone and I had another text. A new ‘Snapped’ is on. Then I was like freaking out now. My friend mention to me, did you not mention on a blog about Snapped. I was thinking to myself. Yeah, I sure did. Now I understand, crack-heads will be crack-heads. My friend told me to do a screen shot and I did. In a few days I put it on Instagram.  Because IDGAF, I have been through so much hell. I just don’t care anymore. I asked who it was and I did not get a reply back. I thought that was odd.

On the note, I am going to be so glad to publish my book. I hit a road block because the company I was going to use is under investigation. I talked to them on the phone they fumbled every sentence when I asked a question. I did find another company and I will be dealing with them very soon. Everything happens for a reason, a slight delay with my book is okay. I will get there no ands if or buts about it. In the mean time I will keep blogging and tweeting. I will continue to market my story. One day soon, very soon, it will PAY off for me. I will make sure I take a picture with my middle finger straight into the air and do a lovely blog just for them. DILLIGAF? Nope! This is only making me stronger and wiser just saying

March 4, 2013

Writing (Myself) OUT of this Situation

Writing (myself) out of this situation has to be the smartest thing I have done in a long-time. I am glad that I was talked into writing these books. It will help me out of my hole that I am in because of this county needless to say. That is OK though, what doesn't kill me through this period of my life will make me stronger in the end. These books are going to help me out mentally, emotionally and physically. Therapeutic writing is the bomb! Why spend money on therapy, when you can pocket that money through books. Something that I thought I could never ever be able to do. I done it! I wrote a book, a novel. It is such an accomplishment. I have turned my wounds into words. I think everyone should write at least one book in their life.
I have had nothing in life but hell pure hell. The next book I am working on is a touchy subject. I am going back to two years of age. I am glad I am doing it and I really don’t care who I piss off because I am being on-point that’s all. I have had several people to tell me I have something write about. They wouldn't want my life that is for sure. Maybe this is my calling my reason to be here. I know I am not the only one that is going through this in past-tense, present-tense and future-tense. That’s how the world works I suppose. Live and learn.

I used to have a place of my own; I had that taken away from me when I did not obey the ‘Good Ole Boy System’ that’s all in my first book. Writing straight from the heart relives the hatred and anger issues that are embedded deep in your soul. That causes so much pain and writing is a sweet release. Yes, it is.

After I get my series done that will be a total of 4 books in all. I will pursue my BA in professional writing. I think I will do this for the next 20 years since I have been in the medical field for that last 20 years. Writing takes me to a happy place and I know I can do it. I have a lot of ideas for future books when my self-healing writing is done and out of the way. I am working at a job that saddens me, why not change it up a little and write about things that I enjoy and love.

You are never too old to start a new adventure. You only live once and live it the way you want too. If people have any problems with it, they can stay away from you or be your friend and help you out through the good-times and the bad. "Life is too short to put up with bullshit." That’s my motto. Just remember, GOD IS GOOD!

February 28, 2013

Overcoming, Slandering, Stalking & BULLYING!

I am so proud that I was able to write this book. It was a hard one to write. Towards the end, my editor wanted me to read some of it to her out loud. Now that was hard to do, she seen my emotions and actions. Right then she knew she was glad that she helped me with the book and took a part in it. She told me I will not have any problems selling the book and she would not be surprised if it became a Best Seller. The book is ready. She told me, I was making the right choice with Dr Phil and the exposure over these particular subjects it’s happening all over the world no doubt about that. She stated he shouldn't turn me down. She also stated that it took guts to write what I did and kept myself grounded even though it’s an ongoing situation and my ending blended in beautifully while I had to keep my feet grounded from the court system. 

My life is not pretty at the moment however I got to say what needed to be said and that satisfied me. She was impressed with my work. I wrote straight from the heart that says a lot about the writer. Nearly 65,000 words of hell, I got through it. I couldn't have gotten through it without God and prayers. He has been right there by my side and he will be here until I finish my 4 book series. I am pretty sure he will continue to be with me until the day I die and afterwards.

My next book which I am working on now is a killer. Mental abuse, bullying and control all rolled up in one from a parent. I will get through this book too. I can say that there’s NOTHING going on around me now. What I am seeing now people are putting on a fake front and saying how good this one is and that one is. I am like let’s talk about this on Dr Phil; I barely got through reading it out loud. I can’t imagine what being on a stage front of millions of people would be like. Like the story goes, when shit gets real people get fake, yes, I am seeing a lot of that lately. I have opened the gates of hell while I am writing these books; I will close the gates of hell when I am done writing these books. That is a promise I can keep. 

January 26, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday to 'My Girl'

My daughter is 18 now, OMG~ where has the time gone? I want her to have so much more than what I had. She is so smart with her 4.0 and she got accepted into a great college. She will have most of her stuff paid for that is a good thing. Mama does not have that kind of money. I think the way she seen me struggle through-out the years to raise her and her brother she sees the difference. I tell her all the time; get that education then marriage and children if she wants that. I told her to stay clear of the young men at this time focus on that education most of all. They are nothing but trouble just another ‘notch’ in their belt. That is the truth. I told her not to have children at a young age. What it will get you, a baby daddy that will leave your ass after 2 or 3 kids. It will be over because you are too demanding or the kids are too much to deal with or just can’t get along. I also told her and it will be hard to find someone else with young kids at tow. They will use you as a booty call nothing more. Most will not put up with another man’s children anyways. You need to give that long deep thought girlfriend. There are men out there that will do that don't get me wrong, one in a million, slim to none. You gotta have some good luck to find a man like that. I told her you need a man with a brain, good education and good credit report. Man that will work and provide for you. I have always been the bread winner and she has seen that. I think she gets the picture. I told her women should not have kids until their 30’s that is the God’s honest truth. Live a little and then settle down. I am glad that she seen me struggle raising her and her brother. They have never had things handed to them. Hell, I was doing good to get what they needed in life. I have always done without, I am not complaining that is a mother’s job. I know she is very smart and I want her to play her cards right. She has told me that she does not what any children. I told her you will change your mind in the long run. I also told her to be honest having children in this monster of a world we live in now that would not be a bad idea not to have any. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, why put a little one in such of a heartache kind of world I must say. But that is up to her. She has to make that decision, no one else. What she needs to do, get that college degree and live free spirited as long as she can. I love her so much and I know she will do well because she has her head on her shoulder. With the right guidance and support she will do just fine. I love my girl!

On the note, when it comes to having kids at a young age. You have massive bills and NO life until they are 18. If you don't have a college degree you are pretty much screwed and you are living on assistance as well. One thing about it, if you are going to college full time and working full time it's a total nightmare however if you are driven you can succeed and make your dreams come true. If you are lazy not driven your life will be complicated for a very long time. My advice, graduate from high school, then college, then children. Make your life simple NOT complicated. Live your life as long as you can then add the BIG responsibilities when you are stable and under control with life.   

January 1, 2013


I hope that 2013 will be a blissful New Year for me and my kids plus my mom. We need it! I am super stoked about my upcoming novel. I worked hard on it and I am ready for that adventure to start. I have to keep my praying in high-gear, so everything will fall into place. So far it has worked out for me and I appreciate it.

I have been in a dark place for several years almost a decade to be honest. However I fought like no other and I stood my ground. I never did give in. I wasn’t about to let that happen. I guess like the saying goes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I am one strong woman now. I don’t hate these people like I used too. I thank them because they have given me chance to a write a series of books. I guess what I lost over the years and I lost a lot kid you not. I did not deserve that kind of treatment at all. Now, I can take care of some of my personal problems that I am having been having for years now. There are some things I can’t get back because that’s impossible but I will make the best of this situation that is for sure.

I can’t wait to actually say the name of this particular mountain. I am so stoked! It hasn’t got any attentions since the 60’s over a very popular song. Naming my series from this particular mountain moves me to no end. It has its own Wikipedia, maybe my books will be placed in it who knows, that would be wonderful. The power of prayer, works in so many ways. God is good all the time. He has been with me through this trial believe that. I needed him that is a promise without him I could have not done my writing. I will defiantly need him for my second book and my others as well.

I have written off people in my life. The first one was my second ex-husband back in 2004. You see where that has gotten me, blogging and my upcoming Novel needless to say. He made his bed, he will lay in it. Never again! Why should I stay around people that make me cry and belittle me? Life is too short to put up with that. No, I don’t feel sorry about it, it just gives me a chance to write books. Maybe my 40 years of hell is my calling in life, writing these books. I can’t get nowhere in life, that’s the Gods honest truth. I don’t sugar-coat anything; I tell it like it is. I hope for a wonderful 2013 because almost a decade of darkness sucks-ass, I need a little bit of sunshine in my life and good luck for once.