October 4, 2013

I am done, stick a fork in me! Done, Done, Done!

I think I am plagued by ‘white trash’ this letter that I got today about done me in, no I take that back it did do me in almost to my grave. The deaths that I have to deal with and the ignorance of one situation over an innocent life, I really don’t know how much more I can take of this nonsense. You can look back in my blog archive and see what I have been dealing with when it comes to taxes. I have been sinking like a turd in the well since 2010. The motherfucker hasn't filed his fucking taxes since 2003. If he filed his fucking taxes they would have not sent me a letter. I am the ONLY one filing taxes and yes they are going to come after me and I think I might quit filing my taxes too. Hell he does not work, he just a piece of shit, end of story. Low life white trash! Some of his people were in my house not that long ago. They can’t get enough of me I suppose; hell I don’t know what is going on. Then I get this letter in the mail. Someone told me I can get a lawyer he can go back on my federal (I paid in 8 grand already) and state and make him pay for what I have paid in, ‘innocent spouse’ I can be reimbursed if I just try. I really need to be reimbursed more than $15,000, what I have to put up with for going on nearly 10 years. That is REAL TALK! That is entirely to long to put up with situation like this to be honest.

I am going with my BFF on this one, once I get my books online. I got a 2nd job for that too to get the job done. Now I have to get a 3rd job for the lawyer fees. God damn those motherfuckers they are going to pay for this shit! However, she looked into my eyes and I was crying and carrying on here while back I had a meltdown. Because I had enough of this bullshit, she looked at me and said, Tina, once you are published and your book royalties come in and you will get on Dr Phil because this is right up his ally. Then you will have movie producers come to you because of the mountain you came from. Then you will have book royalties and movie royalties in the near future because you have something to write about. You want live in Maine, go for it. When you are in Maine then you see Arkansas on TV flipped them off and look up to God and say thank you, I am NOT living in that chaos anymore because my life will get better and better. She has a good point and I am going to achieve that. Because I am dying in Arkansas, I can’t get ahead here to save my life. I have been beaten down to the ground and I don’t know how I am still holding up but I know my writing will take me places because I have a story to write that is for sure a real thing. This is getting ridiculous it’s 2013. They need to pay that debt and close that fucking door! Amen!

On the note: I have no last names( but mine that is my name) nor addresses on that picture so go fuck yourself to Oblivion capish!  This is a story I’m not making up, when I find my federal; I will put another one with it. DILLIGAF, NOPE, BOOM!  Like an "Old" friend of ours told me, since we did NOT have any kids together this is one way to stay attach to my hip and I think they are right. I am about to unattached that shit real fast like. 

Well I finally have a letter in my hands and it's 2013 over taxes with his name on it. This will fit perfectly when I get on the Dr Phil show. I am NOT a lying bitch. Those people are the lying bitches. Living high on the hog, and lying every step of the way. Karma is going to be such a bitch to them one day.