November 7, 2011


Poverty that is understatement especially where I live at the Ass End of the World, Arkansas and do not get me wrong, I live it. Because I know some of you are looking at my pictures. Jay is a great friend and photographer and he does all my work for free. He does that for single mothers. I just want to lay that one out in the beginning. I live in a place where most of the teen girls that are 16-19 are pregnant. They don’t have a clue that there is a world out there than this f**ked up place. They were not taught that and that is sad. Where the mothers and fathers that are addicted to meth and they make their families do without, while they get their next fix. Some these kids go without food at night because of that problem. The only food they receive is during school, how sad is that? Most drink and drive on the weekends hit the dirt roads and most likely there will be fights break out from time to time. You got to love the redneck way of living. I live right in the middle of the gossip town. I can sit on my porch and I could tell you, who is high who is drunk or just down right plain mean. The meth is so bad here, if they did a sting, 80% would go down, yes, it’s that bad here. There’s nothing like the Ass End of the World. I could say it has made me mean as a snake. Because I do deal with a lot of nosy ass bastards and no I do NOT feel sorry for putting them in their places. The living here is horrible. I am thankful for the place that I stay at, however I wish I was back in Little Rock. I was moved out for a while, it so happen that I had to move back. I happen to marry sorry ass men and they can’t get their finances right and it falls back on me because I married the POS’s I will not lie about this not at all. I am living the American Nightmare. I just have that gut feeling that this county will get it soon. I just can’t shake it off. This is very scary living and not a nice atmosphere to raise a family. I would not recommend this area, not by a long shot. It needs to be reshaped and reformed before I recommend living here. Like I stated before, this is Satan’s World. “Corruption at its finest” It’s a sad situation and I am hoping to get out of here soon. I hope and pray that it happens soon but I highly doubt that. I know I will get out it will take time though. I have kids to get graduated and up and out of here. I do NOT want to them to live in Arkansas, there is a world out there and I want them to experience it. I have really smart kids and I know they can do so much better than me; I am just the one that got stuck here. I do not want that for them. I want my kids have a better life than me. I want them to shoot for the stars not have kids at a young age and be like me later in life in a f**ked up situation, I will be doing good to live another good 20 years, how sad is that? But this kind of living will do that to you when you don’t know better. I just have enough guts to say what needs to be said about this county. I am pretty much the only one needless to say. So to me that makes me special, because I have enough intelligence to speak my mind on the World Wide Web. I have marketed it to the fullest for right now but I will go up and beyond more in the future, that is a promise I can keep.