December 19, 2014

Zero Fucks Given Blog

Fuck the Police

Don't get me wrong there are some good police out there, slim to few. I have cops in my family but the cops in this county are corrupted to the core 90% of them ONLY 10% are good. I thought I would do this blog since the cops are in 'hot water' at the moment in time. I wonder if the 'bad cops' ever think about the emotional and psychological damage when they fuck with the law abiding citizen. I will not get into my whole situation cause it's all in my past blogs (you can read back). What I am talking about P.T.S.D. that shit is real and I deal with it from time to time. I am either on an emotional streak for a few days or I am on a mean streak because of my anger issues I deal with and it makes me want to play Kill' Em All, by Metallica just go to town. The emotional state is hard because all you want to do is cry, cry like a little bitch. Cry for days cause you hurt that bad inside. I hate when I am dealing with the anger part. I would rather cry like a little bitch to be honest. When my anger issues rises, the thoughts in my head at the moment are scary. I would go after the ones that caused me grief that would be the ONLY ones, I promise that much. The innocent shouldn't get caught up in the cross-fire, I don't believe in that shit. I can honestly say that I can keep my P.T.S.D. under control though. Man alive the police can really fuck up a life and the ones that I have dealt with in the past really can kiss my ass or suck my dick to be straight up about it. I have always stated, the police should protect and serve NOT torment and scare the shit out of people that is real talk. I have NOT been bashful over my blogs. P.T.S.D. is real and alive and it's scary to have at times. I don't regret writing my book. Chapters 1-46 I went through that shit and torment. 47-54, heaven forbid that I land in court so that is the fictional part of it. When people talk about the police and the damage they have caused them, I totally understand what they are talking about. Something needs to give that is fore sure. They need to make a place or clinic where we all can go because of the police and deal with P.T.S.D. that brought upon us that is nothing but the facts.

Fuck Outskirts Press

That is how I feel about Outskirts Press, I had so many people come to me on social media over this and they told me that I got scammed big-time over my publishing in the worst way they have ever seen. They were proud of me for coming forward with my story because this will save someone from heartache and pain in the future. I told them that is why I done it. Quarter of a million followers, $400.00 give me a freaking break. I am NOT the ONLY one they are scamming there are plenty more getting scammed too. I just have bigger balls than most and do a blog in all due in respect I really don't give a fuck what they think about it either. If I could throat-punch that bastard of a CEO I would in a heartbeat, embezzling motherfucker. People are putting in hard earn time in writing and also at work to pay for it and for this to happen. I had a figure in my head, you can't get rich off a book unless you have some awesome exposure that's the truth. I know I earned more than fucking $400.00. I guess they thought I am from the south and I did not know my ass from a hole in the ground. I guess they thought I was uneducated too straight up stupid from Arkansas. Those motherfuckers should have done some research on me before scamming my ass. My Klout is a lot more and stronger than what they have. Cocksucker motherfuckers, I hope they get investigated. I had a friend come to me and told me what happened to her and she went with Author House and she got a check over 20 grand when it was said and done. She told me that she just made a few hundred from them until they got investigated. She hopes and prays that something like that happens to me. Your interactions on all your websites are constantly jumping a lot of people draws into you. She is on everything I have so she should know, I guess. There's you another emotional and  psychological outburst from hell because a company that are scamming people. I hope I don't go off the deep in soon. I had a lot of people tell me I need to get my ass on Dr. Phil ASAP! I know that takes time and I will get there. I am confident about that. Fuck you, Outskirts Press may you rot in hell!

December 5, 2014

My Brutal Honesty

My brutal honesty gets me labeled as a bitch to be honest I really don't give a fuck. Freedom of speech baby! When I started this blog, it was all about my fucking nightmare. I caused hell and havoc over it too. I went through stalking, slandering and bullying with a dash of sexual assault and suicide. I have been through a lot and I am one tough cookie. I have zero tolerance. I stand up for myself at all costs because all due in respect I'm not scared. Then my ex and his wife they don't pay taxes but I still get the blame for it tho on his part since he hasn't filed since 2003. I have a October 2014 letter, I carry in my purse since I have been told that I am starting shit with them. When I pull out that letter they shut the fuck up real quick. They don't have a comeback for me either. I love to smile big when that happens. Both of them, moved to Wyoming to run from the IRS here in Arkansas, how pathetic is that? The tax man will get you in any state. Paying their taxes they will not be able to live high on the hog like they do. So I guess they avoid them. It is what it is. I have survived through a lot of bullshit and I survived that creek without a paddle, just saying.

My father my lovely father. Which I had to wash my hands from. Don't get me wrong, I love my father but I will love him from a distance. In 6 days it will be 3 years since I been on the mountain to see him. I am in the process of finishing my 2nd book. I have a bad case of PTSD. I know a lot came from the cops and thugs that I was having problems with for 10 years but it has run a little deeper than that as I started to write. This started in 1976, I was 2 years old. I am understanding myself completely with my 2nd book. It scares the shit out of me too. Sometimes you have to love a parent from a distance. I know I get uncomfortable when his name is brought up. It's sad but I have to protect myself. I am in that mode right now. This is one tough book to write and I am about done with it. I know I will get on the Dr Phil show probably next year sometime. When I do it will be awful because I have anger issues lying on top of the surface just like a pimple, ready to pop. I was told to categorize this as anger issues. I have them but I have it under control for the time being. When I talk about it. It will be a different story. A monster will appear. I know one damn thing. I want the sheriff of this county and the past sheriff to be on the show. I have many questions for those dirty rotten bastards. I hope I don't kick their ass in the process. I will pray about it. I have questions to ask them I hope they can answer them properly. I will not be a happy camper if they don't.

My last relationship I will go there again too this is my blog! I have a couple of switches, my 1st switch is that I will always love him and to be honest I am still in love with him and it's hard to turn that switch off, I do love him. We had an unbelievable connection and he knows that. Our connection was off the charts and he can't deny that one bit very rare. My other switch is when I reach out and try and I can't get anywhere with it. I turn that off, I refuse to hurt myself, I can't drown in my own tears. I have to set limits this is my mind, body and soul it belongs to me and I have to protect it. That switch is hard to turn back on too needless to say it can be done but it's extremely hard to do. My blog I done, I left it up for a few days. I have done that several times with other blogs. I just need to get my point across then take it down. I was being truthful. That is 100% real talk. I have never ever cheated during this relationship and I never have before to think about it when I was talking to him. I was by his side through two relationships. That's his loss, he had a good woman, he just didn't realize it, nothing I can't do about that. He will regret it one day, trust me I know what I'm talking about.  I sent everything through via emails so that is that. What else can I do?

What people are failing to understand is, I was moving a long ways from home like 25 hours away from home. My kids are grown so it's my turn to get my shit together. I was moving to a town that I did not know anything about. I was going to work in a place that I wouldn't know anybody. I was uprooting and reestablishing my life. That is a big fucking deal and I needed a household that was financially stabled until I got my feet off the ground once again. I am the stupid one tho. I think shit through before I take a leap. I will have my regular bills plus the bills there 50/50. No one has thought of this but me. I wanted my ducks in a row and my eggs in one basket, think about it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I would have had to transfer everything from Arkansas to another state. That was going to take time and money. That is a big-deal very big, yes indeed. I am very intelligent woman so never underestimate me one bit.

I don't know why my life is so damn difficult, I have placed this in God's hands and hope for the best. I know that I have put up with too much bullshit and I need to see some kind of break. I am really a good woman, I have a heart of gold. I just know what I will put up with and not put up with. I need to have deep prayer and hope it pulls through for me. I can honestly say, I have been pushed to my limit. I think I'm tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

December 4, 2014

Outskirts Press Update on my Scam

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Outskirts Press decided to lock me out of my account and pull my book from their warehouse. I did not get a call, email nothing of that nature. They didn't say a word to me, when I tried to get into my account, I did it from my phone. It said that the name or email doesn't exist. I tried it again. I thought to myself its just my phone so when I got to work, I used their computer and it did that same thing. Then I knew something was up. I got so pissed off it shot my blood pressure up,  I tried to send them an email from my primary and secondary, they knew both of those, it would not take and that was from the main website just to contact them, anybody could have done it. I thought to myself  those sneaky ass bastards. They zeroed in on my emails, so I used an email a different one and it took that blew my mind all to hell. Let me tell you something right now. I put the fucking fear of God in them. In a couple days I was back into my account and my book was back up. These motherfuckers don't know who they are messing with, they didn't notify me at all and done this that is very shady and back behind my back too. My co-workers were telling me they have destroyed something, and they are up to no good and they told me, I need to check into that ASAP. My KLOUT is bigger than theirs, they better back the fuck up. Outskirts Press is nothing but a SCAM! The links up above shows you that I have almost a quarter of a million followers and I have made almost $400.00 in a year and I have not gotten another check from them since April of 2014. I make with Amazon (EBook), 2 to 6 dollars every other month. I get an email from them every month and they tell me they are depositing money in my account. One month I don't get any money at all and they send me an email saying that I am receiving money but I don't receive anything but on some months I get 2-6 dollars deposited into my account. Something is up and I don't like it. Barnes and Noble, I have never gotten any money from them, ZERO dollars. I figured why they locked me out, was over my blog. Well, I have every right to review them because they done me dirty so dirty. They have met their match with me, I betcha! Please don't use them, they need to be shut down. Here is my link to my blog review the first one I done look (below).....the day I get on the Dr Phil show, the shit will hit the fan all around and to be honest, I don't give a fuck either. I am sick of this shit and other things too. I wrote a book about getting screwed over now I am getting screwed over with my publishing my book. I don't know how much more I can take. When I snap, it's going to be bad!

FYI~ Outskirts Press is such a JOKE and a SCAM! Have they ever thought about the mental and emotional part of this? When someone writes from the heart and want to publish their work and they work their ass off at their job to get published. In my case, money doesn't come easy to me, I have to work really hard for my money. Then have someone to SCAM me like they have. Outskirts Press, should be out of business. They shouldn't be aloud to embezzle money from other people. This is embezzlement they are scamming 1000's of people. Quarter of million followers and I have only made $400 something is very wrong with this picture. I hope and pray they go down so other people will NOT get scammed like I have. They are rotten to the core! I would NOT use them!

UPDATE 2-11-15
OK, I made $118.00 in 2014 from Outskirts Press!!!

OK, I made $146.41 from Amazon on Kindle!!!

I made ZERO from Barnes and Noble. Let all this sink in would you. I have almost quarter of a million followers look at the links up above. I had to do this. $264.41, I made in 2014. My book sold out twice too.

I had a friend to get in touch with me today. They are making tons of money off my book because they have stolen my rights to my book. They are giving you very little because they can do so. He told me this is a form of embezzlement (big-time) they are scamming all the authors. However I want to put this up and let people know what is going on. Just remember they can access my information on all of my accounts, they have my email and passwords. I stated that in my 1st blog. This is mad-crazy that they are embezzling other authors too. My friend he told me it will take the FBI to step in on this because it's too big of a case for anyone to conquer. The FBI are big on embezzling schemes, he told me I should have got a good chunk out of my book in the beginning. However they are keeping my money. I hope and pray now that something is done to this company. I don't have the money to pay that kind of lawyer. However I am big enough and bigger than them on the internet to cause hell and havoc on their asses my Klout is way bigger than theirs. If anyone uses this company is very stupid do not I repeat do not make the same mistake as me! I hope the FBI reads this cause this will be right up their ally, they love stuff like this. My friend told me they are screwing me over in the worse kind of way. Please help spread the word of this fuckery.  I am not worried tho cause Karma will play her part on this soon. 

July 9, 2014

NEVER ever be afraid to speak your mind!

That is one thing I have learnt in life, never be afraid to voice your opinion on anything. You have every right to say how you feel with all the emotions going through your body at that moment. It doesn't matter if people get mad or they get happy. You are the one that has to live with yourself on a daily basis no one else. I will tell you right now, no one will take up for YOU but you! You have to have backbone and duck feathers to survive in this sick and twisted world. Stand your ground.  As far as Outskirts Press, do I feel sorry for what I did? Hell NO! I work at a hospital and I have compassion. I work my ass off too for the patients just saying! 1st of all Outhouse Press doesn't give a shit about you or your work. I learnt that fast. Most writers especially me have emotional bond with words. My writing is my therapy of life's shit that was thrown at me. Do you think they cared about my trauma? Hell NO! Only thing that predators and scammmers care about is the MONEY how they can screw over a vulnerable person. A person that doesn't know much about writing or publishing.  See, I'm street smart and street tough. I had a gut feeling about this after they took my money. I'm not on here to give them hell. I blogged about this to educate people and show them the ropes to stay the hell away from scum like that. I know one thing, I will not look at my sales again. I will buy my books for my book signings that's it. I will not email them because it takes up to a week for them to reply back and I got proof of that.  I will not call because they will not call you back. This is a lesson I learned in life. I know $1500.00 is a lot but I know people that spent 3-8 thousand to them, they lost out too. If that was me, I just heard about these stories. I would have gone to the local news station here in Little Rock. They can get some stuff started for sure. Investigating at its finest!  I'm just warning people, this was my experience and it was a bad one. I will bounce back. I always do but I will voice my opinion in the process and NO fucks will be given. I am a good person with a soul however the truth will always roll off my tongue.  Like the story goes, "you will get glad in the same pants you got mad in."

I don't know what to think anymore about my life. I don't give a shit what people think about me in Conway County, Arkansas.  I can't wait to move to the east coast,  that will be a happy day for me especially now since I found someone. I look back at the last 10 years. I have survived,  stalking, slandering, bullying,  sexual assault to suicide.  It's amazing that I'm still living. However there's not a day that I don't give thanks to the man above because I woke the fuck up and I am still breathing. There will be a day that I will not wake up and that will be all she wrote maybe I will find peace then. God, knows that I'm feisty, non-compliant, I cuss like a sailor. He still loves me and that is something I know whole heartily.  My 2nd book, I hope to God I get that one finished soon. All the life obstacles I deal with I just don't know about it. I will keep on pushing and thriving like I always do.  That one is dealing with a parent,  mental abuse, control,  bullying.  I don't regret washing my hands from him because that poison is no longer in my body and I will never ever subject myself to that again. I love my dad but I love him from a far. I love him from a distance because I can't live like that anymore. I'm a getting my shit together and I'm done with crying. I'm over and past that. My 3rd book is a reflection of the 1st book the prelude where it all started.  No need to say anymore. That is one roller coaster ride that I'm glad that I'm off of, never again. God has his plans for me, I know he does.  I have to trust him and trust my struggle along the way. I know God is good and he is good all the time.   

July 5, 2014

Outskirts Press SCAM!

My review on Outskirts Press: This is my experience with them.

Please watch this video too, it's a MUST see! Before you read my blog!

The picture up above is part of the Barnes and Noble package. My Amazon was free in the Month of November of 2013. I just thought I lucked out there if I only knew what I know now. OK, at this time. I have already spent $1500.00 with Outskirts Press from the package that I wanted to my cover. Now, I was getting my Nook and Kindle ready. I want You to read this really close. They also put close to $1000.00 in my check out cart on my account, I thought that was ludicrous, I trashed it ASAP. I did not want that shit!

I set up my Amazon and Barnes and Noble account, I GAVE them my email and password they needed it to set my account up. I thought that was very odd needless to say. I was new at this and did not know better at the time, I should have had my ass kicked up between my shoulders. I had a GUT feeling about this (I really did) something stood out and I did not catch it at that time. They could get into my account either one at any given time just saying. There's NO telling what they done besides put the book information in that is an understatement too.

Ok at this time my book was ready. I will tell you right now, I had trouble getting them to reply back to my emails and such. My experience with them were horrible, just wait I am far from done with this. No one would help me out with the pricing. I set it for $13.95 with the discount was $12.56. I still needed guidance being my 1st time to publish my book. I done the best I could with what I knew. Click on the picture and read it very carefully. I am not done yet. 100% Rights 100% Royalties LMAO!
January 29th, my book launched. In a weeks time, this happen to me. Look at the above picture. Woo-hoo I thought! I had people to text and call me it will take 3-4 weeks for them to get my book to the ones that purchased it. Why was that, they asked me. I told them, I did not know what that was all about. At that time, I thought my book was selling and it was selling good. Some people it took a month to get the book. At that time I had over a 100+ people sending me pictures of their books too. Yes, I am doing good selling my book. I thought I would make a 4 figure amount someone told me I should make a low 5 figure amount. I told them I don't know about that, I don't think so for me being a 1st time author and all, they told me my book had potential to make a good profit. The way it looked the book was selling I was happy about that. This is a vanity press and print-on-demand they should get their book quickly so I thought. I could not understand the delay part of it.
Later on, at the end of April my Kindle money came in. I got $4.70 deposited into my account (month of February sales.)  I had so many pictures etc. of people that sent me with their Kindle purchases. I went ballistic with Amazon. I emailed them a very furious email. I got straight to the point too. They were finding money here there and everywhere. Then I stopped and thought about Outskirts Press and how they can get into my account at any given time. The light bulb went on. I thought to myself, I am going to get a fucking from hell with this company I see it coming. I knew something was not right at all. To this day on 7-5-14, I have not heard from Barnes and Noble royalties, with Nook and that link gets retweeted more than the Kindle. I don't get it at all. Not ONE dime from them at all. ZERO! Like I told Amazon and Outskirts Press, I probably have a lot of money going into this but I will NEVER ever see a damn dime from it, they will but I won't. This only gets worse.

My very 1st royalty check $86.50. I about died! I knew that was NOT right at all! I told them everything like I stated up above and that did not matter they could careless they were not gong to listen to me, Outskirts Press employees are so cold. I knew I was being scammed BIG-TIME! What could I do about it, nothing? I have close to 210,000 followers on the Internet and I made almost a $100 from this so far and about that much with my EBooks. I knew, I had a gut feeling this was not right at all, scammed all the way. Something was just not right about this picture that many followers nearly $200 all total. I have good reviews too. My mind was blown all to hell. I was livid at this point in my life.

They haven't figured in May or June with the picture above that was June 27th 2014 when they screen shot it, to that point I told them I will never ever look at my book sales again. I don't have time for that kind of depression AT ALL. This is some sad shit right here I was dealing with. I told them I was going to do a blog too. DILLIGAF, NOPE, BOOM! I will order my books and go on about my business.  That is so sad that I have to do that. I was being scammed so bad! Buying my books to make my $1500.00 back is sad and pathetic. What assholes they are! I should have had a good check out of my paperbacks. That didn't happen for me.

This was my last email, that I sent to them. It took them a week to reply too. They always tell me my email went to spam, that shit gets so old with me come up with a better one fuckers! I should pull my pants down and get some KY and let them tap my ass! I pretty much got a screwing over this. I hope they choke on this blog too. This is my review and this is my opinion too. Here are some good reviews with my book. Oh, I guess they don't want to place my book for $9.99 too. They will NOT get back to me with that concern. More money for them NONE for me! Fucktards!

This is the fuckery that I get from them, the notorious email [look below]. I got that today {7-5-14} I got it about 5 times so far! They would not send me a sales sheet like I asked for they were going to waiver $25 fee too, what liars they are!  They did not want give me a sales sheet that tells me right there I am being scammed straight to hell! To me this email was a run-around to get me off their backs!

 Hi, Tina,
You are right, it is important to understand how royalties are tracked and paid.  If you think you have sales that are not showing in your author's center, there can be a number of possible reasons:
·         Keep in mind that orders you place yourself inside your Publishing Center are not included among book sales that earn royalties. You will see your personal book orders on your "My Book Orders" page. Only wholesale book orders placed by someone other than you appear on your "My Book Sales" page and earn royalties.
·         Recognize that it sometimes takes Ingram up to 45 days to record a book sale and report it to us. So, for example, they may receive a book order from Amazon in January. That may not appear on their report until March. Since we are notified in March, we may identify that as a March sale. Therefore, that sale may not appear in your Publishing Center until May. This is a rare occurrence, but could play a role in why sales are taking a while to be seen.
·         The date of a retail purchase may not always correspond with the date of a wholesale sale. In many cases, retailers order books months before someone buys them and then the books are sitting in that store's inventory or on the shelf, waiting to be bought. This means that if you buy a book from in March, for example, you may not see the sale reported in your March report. The book could have been purchased by Amazon months earlier. We report when wholesale orders occur, not when retail orders take place. 
·         Authors sometimes confuse availability of a book with the sale of a book. They see all the places their book is available for purchase (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, even eBay, among hundreds of other e-retailers) and assume that ALL those places have purchased copies of the book.  This is not the case.  Those e-retailers are displaying digital information about the availability of your book. If a customer buys the book, those e-retailers will place an order with us to fulfill the customer's order. The advantage of Outskirts Press is that we make your book available just about anywhere that sells books -- but just because it is listed as available doesn't mean people are buying it. That's where your marketing efforts, and our optional marketing services, come into play.
·         When a friend or family member says "I'm going to buy your book" authors often assume they do it immediately when they may do it later, or may forget to do it altogether.  Perhaps the friend or family member means well, but doesn't realize how easy it is for Outskirts Press to track book sales (or lack of sales).  If someone you know says they purchased a book that isn't appearing on your sales report, ask him or her to confirm their purchase by sending you their purchase order or receipt. Let them know you need it to investigate an order discrepancy with Ingram (who provides us with all book sales).   One of three things will happen when you do this. They will either tell you that they didn't actually purchase the book, or they will go and order it right away (in which case, it will appear in an upcoming sales report), or they will send you the purchase order or emailed receipt.
We need copies of receipts to investigate serious claims like this with Ingram.  Ultimately, as a print-on-demand publisher, we have a double-check on the accuracy of book sales -- they always exactly match the number of books we have printed, since books are printed when they are ordered. The accounting numbers uploaded into the Author's Center are checked against the number of books that are printed. Those numbers will always match.  If we receive evidence that Ingram is misreporting, we will pursue it aggressively on your behalf. Thus far, Ingram has always been 100% accurate.

I am going to close out on this blog. Companies like Outskirts Press, Author House and the list goes on. Vanity press and print on demand. You will NEVER make money from them. I don't care if you sold 10,000 books with Amazon or Barnes and Noble you will never ever see that money it will not come to you. That money belongs to them NOT you and they will fuck you over. It's not IF I make the Dr Phil show it's when I make the show. These fuckers are gonna be rich. I will NOT see a dime of it and it makes me so sick. The video that I posted on here is a must watch and he is a hero in my eyes. I wish I would have watched that before jumping into this boat. This is a live and learn and I don't have the money to pull away from them just yet but I will. So I need to get used to making around 100 bucks quarterly. The ONLY way that I will make my money back is buy my own books that is so fucking stupid to even think about. I have to buy my own books to make my money back. As far as Nook and Kindle, I am shit out of luck. I will never ever know what I sold there too. This a live and learn experience. I am not happy but there's nothing I can do about it. That is why, I have set up my gofundme account and hope for the BEST, I have book number 2 almost done and I don't know what to do. I have to rely on faith that it will all turn out the way it should. I wanted to do a review on them and I wanted other people know exactly what they do. Embezzling at it's finest. That is real talk.  Run far away from these people. I pray that the FBI/IRS audit the fuck out of the authors see exactly what is going on. I am NOT happy about this at all! Nothing is adding up and they will not get back in touch with me. I want this to be spread around the world for people to see. I would love to know exactly how many books I have sold. I know I have sold more than 31 books. I hope they get investigated to the max. I don't know how they are number one when they rip people off left and right. Take it from me, you will be scammed and depressed. If you look back on my blogs, I have been through enough shit to last a lifetime and some company ripping me off my money really makes me more depressed. This makes a writer just want to give up. 


I had a few people get back in touch with me on this and the video makes more sense than ever now. The video can't be played on a phone just on a computer only. That video is a couple years old. Anyways.....
Some told me they could have a 100 or more books in stock with Amazon and Barnes and Noble. While Amazon shows 5 in stock with me. They said, once the stock gets low then 5 in stock becomes 4 then 3 so on. A email is sent to them to stock it back up, we really don't know how many books are being sold. That's where the scam comes into place. They say they are honest and loyal, I don't think so. I had people to tell me that there were 10 in stock to 20 in stock 5 in stock shows up on Amazon on their website. I can believe this could happen I really do. They did not want to send me a sales sheet either. That right there alone says something about it. They even said, they would waiver $25 too. This makes me so mad I can't stand it. You can Google Tina Ann Graves or Wolverton Mountain Woman my sites are right up there. Amazon is right up on the top too. Someone mentioned to me that I am probably making a killing from this and I will never know but later on I will every thing that is done in the dark will be brought to the light all in due time. They have a way to keep things under wrap for a long time needless to say that sucks. However I will be tweeting this link for a long time to come. That person also said, 210,000 followers and you have been on social media for a long time he has been with me since my Myspace days. I wish I could get back into that account. That is besides the point. My royalty check should have been descent not $86.50 that right there alone has SCAM written all over it. He told me to keep promoting because in the long run you will get your money and my blog is fabulous how I blasted out Outskirts Press by telling EVERYONE the truth nothing but the truth. This is your review and people should know about it you have every right in the world to feel the way you do. What Conway County, Arkansas done to you. You mentioned you are writing a book about you and your father's relationship. You are trying to get on Dr Phil, this would be right up his ally. He would be like a kid in a candy store with this. He told me to hang tight before I know it, the tables could turn and I should never ever give up writing because you are good at it, this is a bump in the road and it will be in your favor soon. I sure do hope so. I have been through too much shit in life to deal with this from Outskirts Press with their scam scheme! DO NOT USE THEM! You will never ever make your money back NEVER!

This is their website for me, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. (You will NOT get money from this, they got a system going on and I want to know what that is) I should have got a BIG lump sum from the beginning. From then on, it would be a hit and miss kind of thing hope for the best. I am so mad about this, if I had the money I would sue the hell out of them. I am hoping and praying that the FBI/IRS audits them and the authors to the fullest. There's a scheme scam going on here that's really bad. The book that I wrote, I went through chapters 1-46 with a fictional ending so I wouldn't get sued. Then I have to face this scam mess that I am in now. No one has thought about that. These are some heartless bastards. When I make the Dr Phil show, I promised I will let it rip. No holds bar for me! Something is just NOT right about this picture! It's no wonder I haven't snapped yet.

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My Bookstore:
August 5th 2014

I got a spread shit (sheet) from them 2 weeks after I posted my review. I had 3 professionals look at it and they called it a 'hot mess' and done it very quickly. So you can form an opinion on that for yourself.
I have made about $100 off of paperbacks an $200 off of EBook's and I have NOT heard from Barnes and Noble over my Nook. I will not here from them either. Probably LOST money.
I have around 210,000 followers and I made about $300 from Outskirts Press. You can form your opinion on that too. I would NOT use this company!
It will take the FBI/IRS to get this company and GOOD luck with that one!
It's a shame that I have to buy my books to make my money back. A lot of  people have reached out to me and told me I should have had more money than that. I got scammed. End of story. What can I do about it.?
My next step is trying to get my paperback to $9.99 and I am having a hard time with that too.  They don't want to listen to me at all.
I will continue to drop this link on my social media because at this point in my life, I don't give a flying fuck. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are rude to me now. I am a believer in KARMA. That's a fact!

To  sum up my thoughts on this, Outskirts Press raped my soul of existence when it comes to my writing. I loathe dishonest people! End of story!

This is the BUY in bulk section. This was very surprising to me. OK, I have just sold 31 books so far, I got very little to none return on my Amazon and Barnes and Noble packages. I know it's because they needed my email and password for that. Yes, I got scammed big-time with my nearly quarter of million followers that I have on the Internet.  To buy my book in bulk if I wanted to buy them at $3.50 a book. I would have to buy 10,000 books. I'm going to put this very bluntly.  Let me reach deep down in my checking account and give these bastards $30,000 plus dollars.  Motherfucker please how can I do that when 31 books have been sold so far.  This company is some kind of fucking stupid.  I wonder how many more authors are getting screwed over. I bet everyone of them are. I done a step by step blog with my horror story.  This picture reads clearly with the bulk section.  Please don't be a special kind of stupid to publish with this company. I'm a special kind of something to warn people because being scammed is a heart-breaking feeling and it's hard to get over too. I hope this company goes down in flames with their scamming asses that takes 2 weeks to apply to their emails.  There's a special kind of place in hell for these fuckers!!!!
I want my book price to go down to $9.99 however I have to pay $149.00 for a set up fee. Yes, Outskirts Press is a total fucking scam don't use them! 
Let this set in, here are all my links to Social Media and I had ONLY (31) books sold
My Twitter: (Over 200,000)
My (Instagram) (Over 7,000)
My (Personal) (Close to 5,000)
My (Facebook) (Over 5,000)
Goodreads (Around 3,000)
Before choosing this company. I have made around $300.00 on my book so far in 6 months I have close to 250,000 followers. I was sold out too. Some of my readers did not receive their book about a month took that long to deliver. To me this is a complete scam. They are all about you buying your own books and buy their packages which is NOT any good at all because they don't market your books. You WILL NOT make any money from Amazon or Barnes & Noble just a little bit that is all. To me they are keeping the money that is yours for their selves. Let that sink in. Outskirts Press doesn't think about how hard it took me to save up my money to publish this book or what I had to go through. This money was for my kids and their future and Outskirts Press doesn't give a flying fuck either. They keep the money and you get very little in return. I wished I knew what the scam was because I would expose it to the max. I don't want people make the same mistake as I did. I wished I would have researched better than I did.
FYI~~ I did an update on Outskirts Press please click on the link below. Thank You!
FYI~ here is my latest blog and my thoughts on Outskirts Press!

May 1, 2014

Hardships and Adversities

That's the story of my life hardships and adversities. I have lived my life with a lot of WTF moments.  I truly, deeply don't understand it at all. I had to wash my hands away from some people because they were absolutely running me nuts point of crazy that was mind-blowing. They weren't happy if they didn't see me crying or I got so mad that I was about to have a heart attack at any given second.  They lived their life in doom and gloom by God you were going to live your life like that too. I just got to the point  I just rebelled and pulled away from the nonsense I didn't want to be around it anymore. Then I got to placed in a category of being crazy and unruly, out of control because I wouldn't play by the rules. I took a stand for myself. All I ever wanted was peace and tranquility.  I have had to struggle over the years and I finally got to the point I wanted inner peace. I went for it and I caused myself more pain than relief. That makes me so damn mad. However I'm going to pull through it if it doesn't kill me. The way I look at it death you don't have to struggle anymore because the demons are no longer there.  I'm a type of person that is strong-willed and hard-headed. I will go until I can't go anymore. Living in this particular county is extremely hard; mind-boggling and I hope and pray that I make it through to some better days.

This picture above takes my mental status on so many levels and it's no wonder I haven't snapped yet.  I will explain my month of April of 2014.  
      April 1st my laptop crashed I am hoping and praying I don't lose my pics or docs.

 Then I took my car to get it serviced my oil-pan was jacked up and the bolt was stripped.  However I got that taken care of; I don't think it was their fault but they took the blame. Something within me tells me different.  Then I was told my taillights were out. I got that fixed right away. Who doesn't need to get pulled over by a cop is Tina Graves. 

Then I was running late for work I looked at my car my 2 back tires were nearly flat. I about died. I got air in them right away and went on to work on my scheduled breaks I checked on my tires.  I had a warranty thank goodness to get them fixed. I finally got to the shop I told them I had leaks on my 2 back tires and I wanted them to fix it. Then they came back and told me my tires were fine. I knew right then someone let the air out of them. They agreed with me on that needless to say.

So I took my car to the shop to get my oil pan fixed . On my way to the shop my car got hot. Then I started to freak out. I told the shop what had happened however when I got there wrong part for my car. That was on a Friday.  I had to bring the car back to the shop on Monday.  However they put more antifreeze in they told me I had hardly any and just checked the other day and I had plenty. The shop ran my car for an hour no leaks there.  That was another WTF is going on here moment.  This was too much going on with my car.

 Then on my way home I was having battery problems.  So I got another battery when I had the chance and it didn't take that long I got a new one I did not need to be stranded on the side of the road. Monday arrived I took my car back to the shop and they fixed it. 

OK I finally got enough money to get another laptop. I was putting my work mode on high gear and anybody that is following me on Instagram knows I was work a lot. 

As of May 1st my laptop crashed (New) I only had it a few days.  I can honestly say my life sucks. I have to work hard at the hospital and I have to deal with way to much drama there and at my house. Anything strange happens I put it on my social media because I really don't care any more and that is a good way to timestamp my problems.  Now I have to take my laptop back and I have a 2 year warranty thank the lord for that one. See this is way too much shit I have to go through.  I am over half done with my 2nd book. I hope I get to finish it. People are pulling me down and God is pulling me up because I can feel it. I just hope and pray I make it through. All in due of respect,  I rather be walking with God than putting up this trauma drama I've had enough and that is a fact.  
All you have to do is Google Tina Ann Graves or Wolverton Mountain Woman. It will take you to one of my sites. My life sucks however I have to remain positive and I hope I walk out of this storm alive. I have been wanting to go on the Dr Phil show and now I have a gut feeling I will make it. It's all about timing.  When the time is right it'll happened.  I'm really on a life test right now actually I've been on it all my life it seems like. I just hope my mission is filled here before I die. My health has been bad for a quiet sometime now. I really need faith and let God take over. I need to finish my second book. These books are making me a better person all I need now is hope and I will pull through it like a champ. You know; I started this mission on 9-17-10 actually it started on 1-21-04, look it's 5-1-14 and the shit is hitting the fan around me. It's like I've been cursed or something. All I can say I will not back down not one bit. What I am doing is God's work through my eyes. There's a reason for this and I hope it surface really soon. I need a break in the worst kind of way.  

April 9, 2014

Conway County Arkansas; leaves a bad taste in my mouth!

Conway County Arkansas leaves a bad taste in my mouth. That is real talk! I will be ever so glad to move away from here. However I have kids and I just have one more year. That is what you call sacrifice of being a mother. If it wasn't for that I would have left a long time ago. I have one child grown another on his way. Then I can get the hell out of dodge never regret one moment of my decision. It was bad enough that I was run out of the county in 2005 I had to move to Sherwood. That was another nightmare. No support here for me but that is OK I got this.

My laptop and my car. My laptop got a bad virus in it. I hope and pray that I can recover my content like pictures and documents.  I see that Microsoft Word is my main problem; imagine that.  However I will take care of that problem when I get my new laptop.  I have never trusted living here and this makes it more obvious. I have always had a gut instinct about my living arrangements.  I will be taking care of that soon when I move. I had to do the best that I could do for what I had. I have pushed through a lot of bullshit around me. I put up with too much shit. My car I was waiting for that day. I will pay my $303.00 go on about my rat killing. The crackheads that I put up with. I will be glad to get a new car but I know I will not be living here when I get a new car. It is what it is and I will push through that too. I have no other choice.

My book must be a threat so that means the truth is setting me free no matter what I am going through.  This also states that a lot of guilty consciences' is on a rise. I will work twice as hard to get me another laptop and get my car fixed. No matter what they throw at me I will rise above it. Some of these people are pathetic and waste of my time. I don't know what this will accomplish for them because I will be sending my 2nd book off regardless of what is going on in my life. I had a couple people to tell me I can come up to their house and use their Microsoft Word if all else fails. It's sad that a person can't write the way they want to write because of obstacles like adults in the way.  I am halfway through my 2nd book. I will get through this because they are forgetting that God is helping me along the way. He knows this should to be done. He will get me there.

See I only exist here in Arkansas. I don't live I just exist.  I just breathe that's all. How can a person like myself live in a nasty environment when everyone is up your ass 24/7. You can't fart without someone knowing about it. This is a sad life I live but I will make it through.  When I get the hell out of dodge I will never ever regret it because I will be living my life for the very first time in my life I'm 40. I did not know that the truth with my 1st book making people go bananas like they have been doing. I see humor in it because the truth is setting me free no matter what is going on around me!

March 6, 2014

Suicidal Tendencies

This is a touchy subject for anyone. However there’s someone everyday pursues the mission and accomplishes it. When a person is pushed to the edge and they think there’s no way out, suicide is the only option. To the ones that have read my book, knows what I am talking about. I have been there a few times in my life needless to say. I think the last time was the scariest of all. 2010 was a horrible year for me at that time I had to move back to a place that I did not want to move back too. Why would I? My 2nd ex-husband would not let go of me and my ex brother in law would help my 2nd ex-husband to whatever he wanted.  I was tormented by the cops and I was tormented by them. I was thinking why would I want to move back? I was better off dead so I thought and to me that was the most logical answer at that time. I knew what I was up against and I knew what I was about to encounter and with no help at all none what so ever. That kind of torture is horrible and I was 36, I did not know if I could hold up to another beat down, I really did not know if I could handle it.  However it’s 2014 and I am here blogging for some reason God spared my life once again. I am very thankful for that. In that year of 2010, when I did move back, I had a lot of pressure from May to September. I gained a lot of weight and I always asked why was my life spared? Then I had a nephew in Denver, Colorado he did commit suicide and it went through he was just 21 years old a few days shy of his 22nd birthday. No one did not know what had happen in April of 2010 with me when I attempted suicide to be honest this is the first time I have opened up about it and its (2014) I kept my silence because my mom, would have lost her daughter and grandson in the same year if my planned went through. I look back and see the pain I would have caused everyone and then they would have had to go through it all over again with my nephew. I felt really bad and I had to keep it all inside because I did not know how to open up, to me I thought that was for the best. It’s all about timing.

 Now this is the reason why I stood up for myself and started to fight back in September 2010. I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. I was thinking about my nephew and I was thinking about my situation and I was like fuck this shit, let’s get a testimony up and knock this out the ballpark. A lot people really think they know me and they really don’t, my 2nd book is cleaning out my closet ode to my father since he is a POS. Why I think that, because he could not help me when these sorry son of bitches were stalking, slandering and bullying me running me into the ground with no hope and no control of the situation. You want to know why? He had his hands dirty in this county and they were holding that against him and he was making it really hard on me with my blog if you read my book you would know what I am talking about. Oh the south, oh the corruption. I just hate it! However that is OK. I am proud of my 2nd book. I am talking about stuff that I need to talk about and there is some stuff that I hid from a lot of people.  It’s time to be honest and open.

In this county I was told I wrote (a tell all book).  No, I am not writing (a tell all) book.  I am writing a cleansing book to cleanse my soul of toxic people that’s all. God has NO problem with it and that is a fact sometimes things need to be done like that and all I have been through and I have been through hell. I am one tough cookie. I have been in some horrible situations in life and I came through like a champ. I know when it’s time for me to go, I will be in the arms of the loving lord and I will be praying for the ones that need to be prayed for. I have hit a spiritual realm with my writing thus far and I thank God for that because he is good all day every day. My 2nd book, I am seeing things on a different level. I am seeing things on a 40 year old perspective. I can’t wait to publish that one. There are some that are going to be mad and there are some that are going to say, way to go Tina. When you get to a point in life that you don’t give a damn what others say, you are on a level that can’t be explained. It feels pretty damn good to me!

March 1, 2014

Standing MY Ground!

I have been standing my ground for a very long time now, oh, about 10 years or so.
I was asked if I regret writing this book and putting it out there like I did?

My answer was, HELL NO! It is what it is and I want my story out there, no ands, ifs or buts about it.
Chapters 1-45, that was MY journey through hell and how I survived I just don’t know. Chapters 46-54, now that was a fictional ending I needed a happy ending in reality my life is still the pits and I need a miracle really bad however I count my blessings not my problems on a daily basis. I pray, pray, pray all the time. That’s what keeps me going in this cruel county I live in.

I was told that a few were having fits over my book. I am going to explain this one, these people that are having a fit over this book. I got a few words for those type of folks. Guilty Conscience Complex; that is being honest about it. I went through hell and back several times over. I have every right to write these books and published them. Cops and the informants are having problems with me as well; they can pretty much kiss my ass to be honest. Now, I am NOT saying all the cops here are bad majority of them about 90%. Brutal honesty right there! Only 10% are good cops here.

I had another question asked…..
Do you really think that you will get on the Dr. Phil show? I am going to try my best to get there. That is when all hell is going to break loose. When I talk about this can you imagine my emotions my feelings, OMG ~ it will be off the charts no doubt about that. I can’t wait, I am ready. I am very strong willed and strong minded person, I will get there.

My second book is another blessing from God and I am glad that I am able to write this book and I am glad that I will be publishing it too. I am to that point in my life, I don’t give a damn. I am going to write and I will be doing it straight from the heart those are good reads needless to say. This is the best therapy ever; God is good, all day every day. I am thankful that is he is walking with me through my storm. When I get through it, I will be a brand new person inside and out. I am going to be on the east coast thanking God that I am NOT living in the south can’t forget Arkansas too this state sucks. Drowning in my pain that’s NO life to live, WTF! I will be living somewhere and be happy for once. I can’t wait for that day. I can’t wait to meet this certain man either, he lives on the east coast too. I can’t wait to get there and start a brand new chapter in my life and I deserve that much. Happiness is what I want and happiness is what I aiming for, amen! 

February 27, 2014

My Book Promotion, Thank You

The Wolverton Mountain Woman, here are several of my links: This is an actual place, you can Google these places in my book, I just changed the names of the people to stay out of the court room.
My Blog, the link below tells the story very well. Chapters 1-45, I went through that, that's all me now chapters 46-54 are fictional, like I stated I don't need to be in court. I am so proud of myself for doing this. A very brave thing to do. Book number 2, I am very proud of can't wait to publish. DO NOT publish with Outskirts Press!

ATTENTION PLEASE: Here are my links to my different activities that I have going on the Internet. My BLOG is a must READ
to understand my book and my upcoming books. I hope and pray to make the Dr Phil show.
Author Central


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February 7, 2014

My 1st book, stepping stone to my 2nd book

My 1st book, I am so glad that it is here! You know if I had more money and more time I could have had a killer book. However I’m a poor ass bitch that doesn't catch a break nor do I have the time. I had to make the time and worked my ass off at the hospital to get a decent package for my book; I still had to borrow money towards the end because I wanted my cover to stand out. This was NOT an easy feat at all, I had to spill my guts out over the past and make a fictional ending to set it off right without landing in to court. I done the best with what I had and with what time I could give. My life is totally a mess and my book explains that much! I am not lying by any means and I feel oh so better getting it off my chest. To be honest I really don’t give a flying fuck what these people (who) I know that hates what I (have) done because they don’t have to go through the turmoil that I have to go through every day they don’t see that at all. My mom has been the only one that has seen the mess that I am going through each and every day. It just feels good that the beginning and the middle of the book was all ABOUT me and I talked about it. I thought I did a kick-ass job at the end of the book and I totally finished my ending in a psych ward how ironic was that. I have been drove fucking crazy by these people. I am so glad that I started this back up in 2010 on the internet. I look at movies that are a franchise and see the first movies not looking too hot or they could have done better with this or that. They were like me, doing the best with what money they had to start the project with. When the 2nd movie came out the movie looked better and things started falling into place. That is how I see my books; my first book may not be at its best or whatever. I thought I did well, when the money comes in the 2nd book will be better than the 1st because I can do oh so much more with it. That’s what you call starting from the bottom working your way to the top. I will have total of 4 books with my Wolverton Mountain Woman series. As I write my 2nd book I really don’t how I am living in 2014 I really don’t know how to be honest. God is really good; he has been carrying me for a long long time. Now I know what he is trying to do for me and my writing will guide me into a much better direction in life and I will be able to take care of my kids and my mom the way I want too the way I need too. I am going to have negative feedback and I am going to have positive feedback either way I am going to grow from this good or bad and become the person that God wanted me to be. I know that I am driven and strong-willed, like the story goes, get tough or die!


January 1, 2014


Before I start off with my Blog, I wanted to state that I am turning a very negative situation into a positive. I am reaching into deep dark realms of despair within my life and focusing on healing myself and my soul. Here in the south that’s hard to comprehend. I found an outlet and I am taking advantage of it through the help of God. There’s nothing wrong about healing myself and writing it in a story form. I am coming out of a dark hole and into light; I love every minute of it. I think I have every right to do this and I don’t have to make sense to others as long as I am learning and healing from my writing. This is my journey no one else’s. I just took a unique stance and I have no intentions of backing down what-so-ever.

I have come a long way since 2010 in retrospect since 2007, I really began to blog then however I have lost numerous Myspace pages because of hackers. That is OK though, it has made me stronger in the process no matter if they are here or not. Writing is such a sweet release and it keeps me from going to jail with that being stated I don’t have to worry about 3 hots and cot plus a dose of lethal injection. I am making it through this and even if I am losing a lot of people along the way, I just have a good feeling that God is leading me into a better direction in life.

My life has been in shambles since 2010. I have had to move and I had to sell all my stuff. I had to sell all my stuff not once I had to do that 3 times in my life. I got involved with the wrong men and after the 2nd time, I said, hell with it and I have remained single since 2004 I had to sell all my stuff twice over that sorry bastard. This time I really sank in a hole. The last time I got a car was in 2005, how I could get another car with the mess that my last ex made for me. I really don’t know how I am standing but I am God has a plan for me with my writing and that is a fact.

OK, here is the deal with my book. I am doing my books to get myself out of the hole, get my mom’s bills paid off too most of all I WILL make sure that my kids go to college and have a home and car because I know how hard that is and I will help my children anyway I can. I know one thing that is for certain, my children will never ever go down the path that I chose. My children are smart well behaved and very loved. I see a motherfucker get in my way over these books because I am telling the truth BUT in a fictional way. I will throat punch so fast they will wish they were dead. I have dealt with enough of the chaos and bullshit for a life time. Now I want to live in peace and tranquility. My kids come first and that is that. I will make sure they are taken care of.

I was told if anyone tried to sue me, that right there alone is a guilty conscience. People really don’t know of the ones that I am talking about and they might not want to be seen to be honest however I will make the Dr. Phil show, it will take some time but I will get there. I was told I really need to get my 2nd book online to step up in that direction where Dr. Phil can understand it better. I am halfway done with my 2nd book in a few months I should be good to go and send it off. I think that these people should see my emotions and how I really feel about this situation. It’s not going to be a pretty sight to see and that is real talk. I was told you will make an impact with the Dr. Phil show for sure.

Only the people that have problems with my blog, my book are the ones that are afraid of the truth that’s all. I have been through hell, oh about 50 plus times. Like the old saying goes, “Religion is for the ones that are afraid to go to hell, spirituality, are the ones that have been to hell numerous times like myself.” I am glad that God chose me to write myself out of this situation. I know deep down in my heart that I will help others out too because they will relate to it somehow someway. I just have bigger balls than most people around here because I am one fed up woman. 

 Why I chose Portland, Maine. I want a fresh new start and I want to be at peace and I want to live where no one knows me because all due in respect I don’t like to be fucked with. I have dealt with a lot of trauma in my life and I would like to heal from that before I die, I really would. I just want to be at peace and something tells me that Portland is where I need to start go from there. I know I will never be the same but I like to have a chance of happiness I think I deserve that much I really do.