May 1, 2014

Hardships and Adversities

That's the story of my life hardships and adversities. I have lived my life with a lot of WTF moments.  I truly, deeply don't understand it at all. I had to wash my hands away from some people because they were absolutely running me nuts point of crazy that was mind-blowing. They weren't happy if they didn't see me crying or I got so mad that I was about to have a heart attack at any given second.  They lived their life in doom and gloom by God you were going to live your life like that too. I just got to the point  I just rebelled and pulled away from the nonsense I didn't want to be around it anymore. Then I got to placed in a category of being crazy and unruly, out of control because I wouldn't play by the rules. I took a stand for myself. All I ever wanted was peace and tranquility.  I have had to struggle over the years and I finally got to the point I wanted inner peace. I went for it and I caused myself more pain than relief. That makes me so damn mad. However I'm going to pull through it if it doesn't kill me. The way I look at it death you don't have to struggle anymore because the demons are no longer there.  I'm a type of person that is strong-willed and hard-headed. I will go until I can't go anymore. Living in this particular county is extremely hard; mind-boggling and I hope and pray that I make it through to some better days.

This picture above takes my mental status on so many levels and it's no wonder I haven't snapped yet.  I will explain my month of April of 2014.  
      April 1st my laptop crashed I am hoping and praying I don't lose my pics or docs.

 Then I took my car to get it serviced my oil-pan was jacked up and the bolt was stripped.  However I got that taken care of; I don't think it was their fault but they took the blame. Something within me tells me different.  Then I was told my taillights were out. I got that fixed right away. Who doesn't need to get pulled over by a cop is Tina Graves. 

Then I was running late for work I looked at my car my 2 back tires were nearly flat. I about died. I got air in them right away and went on to work on my scheduled breaks I checked on my tires.  I had a warranty thank goodness to get them fixed. I finally got to the shop I told them I had leaks on my 2 back tires and I wanted them to fix it. Then they came back and told me my tires were fine. I knew right then someone let the air out of them. They agreed with me on that needless to say.

So I took my car to the shop to get my oil pan fixed . On my way to the shop my car got hot. Then I started to freak out. I told the shop what had happened however when I got there wrong part for my car. That was on a Friday.  I had to bring the car back to the shop on Monday.  However they put more antifreeze in they told me I had hardly any and just checked the other day and I had plenty. The shop ran my car for an hour no leaks there.  That was another WTF is going on here moment.  This was too much going on with my car.

 Then on my way home I was having battery problems.  So I got another battery when I had the chance and it didn't take that long I got a new one I did not need to be stranded on the side of the road. Monday arrived I took my car back to the shop and they fixed it. 

OK I finally got enough money to get another laptop. I was putting my work mode on high gear and anybody that is following me on Instagram knows I was work a lot. 

As of May 1st my laptop crashed (New) I only had it a few days.  I can honestly say my life sucks. I have to work hard at the hospital and I have to deal with way to much drama there and at my house. Anything strange happens I put it on my social media because I really don't care any more and that is a good way to timestamp my problems.  Now I have to take my laptop back and I have a 2 year warranty thank the lord for that one. See this is way too much shit I have to go through.  I am over half done with my 2nd book. I hope I get to finish it. People are pulling me down and God is pulling me up because I can feel it. I just hope and pray I make it through. All in due of respect,  I rather be walking with God than putting up this trauma drama I've had enough and that is a fact.  
All you have to do is Google Tina Ann Graves or Wolverton Mountain Woman. It will take you to one of my sites. My life sucks however I have to remain positive and I hope I walk out of this storm alive. I have been wanting to go on the Dr Phil show and now I have a gut feeling I will make it. It's all about timing.  When the time is right it'll happened.  I'm really on a life test right now actually I've been on it all my life it seems like. I just hope my mission is filled here before I die. My health has been bad for a quiet sometime now. I really need faith and let God take over. I need to finish my second book. These books are making me a better person all I need now is hope and I will pull through it like a champ. You know; I started this mission on 9-17-10 actually it started on 1-21-04, look it's 5-1-14 and the shit is hitting the fan around me. It's like I've been cursed or something. All I can say I will not back down not one bit. What I am doing is God's work through my eyes. There's a reason for this and I hope it surface really soon. I need a break in the worst kind of way.