July 5, 2014

Outskirts Press SCAM!

My review on Outskirts Press: This is my experience with them.

Please watch this video too, it's a MUST see! Before you read my blog!

The picture up above is part of the Barnes and Noble package. My Amazon was free in the Month of November of 2013. I just thought I lucked out there if I only knew what I know now. OK, at this time. I have already spent $1500.00 with Outskirts Press from the package that I wanted to my cover. Now, I was getting my Nook and Kindle ready. I want You to read this really close. They also put close to $1000.00 in my check out cart on my account, I thought that was ludicrous, I trashed it ASAP. I did not want that shit!

I set up my Amazon and Barnes and Noble account, I GAVE them my email and password they needed it to set my account up. I thought that was very odd needless to say. I was new at this and did not know better at the time, I should have had my ass kicked up between my shoulders. I had a GUT feeling about this (I really did) something stood out and I did not catch it at that time. They could get into my account either one at any given time just saying. There's NO telling what they done besides put the book information in that is an understatement too.

Ok at this time my book was ready. I will tell you right now, I had trouble getting them to reply back to my emails and such. My experience with them were horrible, just wait I am far from done with this. No one would help me out with the pricing. I set it for $13.95 with the discount was $12.56. I still needed guidance being my 1st time to publish my book. I done the best I could with what I knew. Click on the picture and read it very carefully. I am not done yet. 100% Rights 100% Royalties LMAO!
January 29th, my book launched. In a weeks time, this happen to me. Look at the above picture. Woo-hoo I thought! I had people to text and call me it will take 3-4 weeks for them to get my book to the ones that purchased it. Why was that, they asked me. I told them, I did not know what that was all about. At that time, I thought my book was selling and it was selling good. Some people it took a month to get the book. At that time I had over a 100+ people sending me pictures of their books too. Yes, I am doing good selling my book. I thought I would make a 4 figure amount someone told me I should make a low 5 figure amount. I told them I don't know about that, I don't think so for me being a 1st time author and all, they told me my book had potential to make a good profit. The way it looked the book was selling I was happy about that. This is a vanity press and print-on-demand they should get their book quickly so I thought. I could not understand the delay part of it.
Later on, at the end of April my Kindle money came in. I got $4.70 deposited into my account (month of February sales.)  I had so many pictures etc. of people that sent me with their Kindle purchases. I went ballistic with Amazon. I emailed them a very furious email. I got straight to the point too. They were finding money here there and everywhere. Then I stopped and thought about Outskirts Press and how they can get into my account at any given time. The light bulb went on. I thought to myself, I am going to get a fucking from hell with this company I see it coming. I knew something was not right at all. To this day on 7-5-14, I have not heard from Barnes and Noble royalties, with Nook and that link gets retweeted more than the Kindle. I don't get it at all. Not ONE dime from them at all. ZERO! Like I told Amazon and Outskirts Press, I probably have a lot of money going into this but I will NEVER ever see a damn dime from it, they will but I won't. This only gets worse.

My very 1st royalty check $86.50. I about died! I knew that was NOT right at all! I told them everything like I stated up above and that did not matter they could careless they were not gong to listen to me, Outskirts Press employees are so cold. I knew I was being scammed BIG-TIME! What could I do about it, nothing? I have close to 210,000 followers on the Internet and I made almost a $100 from this so far and about that much with my EBooks. I knew, I had a gut feeling this was not right at all, scammed all the way. Something was just not right about this picture that many followers nearly $200 all total. I have good reviews too. My mind was blown all to hell. I was livid at this point in my life.

They haven't figured in May or June with the picture above that was June 27th 2014 when they screen shot it, to that point I told them I will never ever look at my book sales again. I don't have time for that kind of depression AT ALL. This is some sad shit right here I was dealing with. I told them I was going to do a blog too. DILLIGAF, NOPE, BOOM! I will order my books and go on about my business.  That is so sad that I have to do that. I was being scammed so bad! Buying my books to make my $1500.00 back is sad and pathetic. What assholes they are! I should have had a good check out of my paperbacks. That didn't happen for me.

This was my last email, that I sent to them. It took them a week to reply too. They always tell me my email went to spam, that shit gets so old with me come up with a better one fuckers! I should pull my pants down and get some KY and let them tap my ass! I pretty much got a screwing over this. I hope they choke on this blog too. This is my review and this is my opinion too. Here are some good reviews with my book. Oh, I guess they don't want to place my book for $9.99 too. They will NOT get back to me with that concern. More money for them NONE for me! Fucktards!

This is the fuckery that I get from them, the notorious email [look below]. I got that today {7-5-14} I got it about 5 times so far! They would not send me a sales sheet like I asked for they were going to waiver $25 fee too, what liars they are!  They did not want give me a sales sheet that tells me right there I am being scammed straight to hell! To me this email was a run-around to get me off their backs!

 Hi, Tina,
You are right, it is important to understand how royalties are tracked and paid.  If you think you have sales that are not showing in your author's center, there can be a number of possible reasons:
·         Keep in mind that orders you place yourself inside your Publishing Center are not included among book sales that earn royalties. You will see your personal book orders on your "My Book Orders" page. Only wholesale book orders placed by someone other than you appear on your "My Book Sales" page and earn royalties.
·         Recognize that it sometimes takes Ingram up to 45 days to record a book sale and report it to us. So, for example, they may receive a book order from Amazon in January. That may not appear on their report until March. Since we are notified in March, we may identify that as a March sale. Therefore, that sale may not appear in your Publishing Center until May. This is a rare occurrence, but could play a role in why sales are taking a while to be seen.
·         The date of a retail purchase may not always correspond with the date of a wholesale sale. In many cases, retailers order books months before someone buys them and then the books are sitting in that store's inventory or on the shelf, waiting to be bought. This means that if you buy a book from Amazon.com in March, for example, you may not see the sale reported in your March report. The book could have been purchased by Amazon months earlier. We report when wholesale orders occur, not when retail orders take place. 
·         Authors sometimes confuse availability of a book with the sale of a book. They see all the places their book is available for purchase (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, even eBay, among hundreds of other e-retailers) and assume that ALL those places have purchased copies of the book.  This is not the case.  Those e-retailers are displaying digital information about the availability of your book. If a customer buys the book, those e-retailers will place an order with us to fulfill the customer's order. The advantage of Outskirts Press is that we make your book available just about anywhere that sells books -- but just because it is listed as available doesn't mean people are buying it. That's where your marketing efforts, and our optional marketing services, come into play.
·         When a friend or family member says "I'm going to buy your book" authors often assume they do it immediately when they may do it later, or may forget to do it altogether.  Perhaps the friend or family member means well, but doesn't realize how easy it is for Outskirts Press to track book sales (or lack of sales).  If someone you know says they purchased a book that isn't appearing on your sales report, ask him or her to confirm their purchase by sending you their purchase order or receipt. Let them know you need it to investigate an order discrepancy with Ingram (who provides us with all book sales).   One of three things will happen when you do this. They will either tell you that they didn't actually purchase the book, or they will go and order it right away (in which case, it will appear in an upcoming sales report), or they will send you the purchase order or emailed receipt.
We need copies of receipts to investigate serious claims like this with Ingram.  Ultimately, as a print-on-demand publisher, we have a double-check on the accuracy of book sales -- they always exactly match the number of books we have printed, since books are printed when they are ordered. The accounting numbers uploaded into the Author's Center are checked against the number of books that are printed. Those numbers will always match.  If we receive evidence that Ingram is misreporting, we will pursue it aggressively on your behalf. Thus far, Ingram has always been 100% accurate.

I am going to close out on this blog. Companies like Outskirts Press, Author House and the list goes on. Vanity press and print on demand. You will NEVER make money from them. I don't care if you sold 10,000 books with Amazon or Barnes and Noble you will never ever see that money it will not come to you. That money belongs to them NOT you and they will fuck you over. It's not IF I make the Dr Phil show it's when I make the show. These fuckers are gonna be rich. I will NOT see a dime of it and it makes me so sick. The video that I posted on here is a must watch and he is a hero in my eyes. I wish I would have watched that before jumping into this boat. This is a live and learn and I don't have the money to pull away from them just yet but I will. So I need to get used to making around 100 bucks quarterly. The ONLY way that I will make my money back is buy my own books that is so fucking stupid to even think about. I have to buy my own books to make my money back. As far as Nook and Kindle, I am shit out of luck. I will never ever know what I sold there too. This a live and learn experience. I am not happy but there's nothing I can do about it. That is why, I have set up my gofundme account and hope for the BEST, I have book number 2 almost done and I don't know what to do. I have to rely on faith that it will all turn out the way it should. I wanted to do a review on them and I wanted other people know exactly what they do. Embezzling at it's finest. That is real talk.  Run far away from these people. I pray that the FBI/IRS audit the fuck out of the authors see exactly what is going on. I am NOT happy about this at all! Nothing is adding up and they will not get back in touch with me. I want this to be spread around the world for people to see. I would love to know exactly how many books I have sold. I know I have sold more than 31 books. I hope they get investigated to the max. I don't know how they are number one when they rip people off left and right. Take it from me, you will be scammed and depressed. If you look back on my blogs, I have been through enough shit to last a lifetime and some company ripping me off my money really makes me more depressed. This makes a writer just want to give up. 


I had a few people get back in touch with me on this and the video makes more sense than ever now. The video can't be played on a phone just on a computer only. That video is a couple years old. Anyways.....
Some told me they could have a 100 or more books in stock with Amazon and Barnes and Noble. While Amazon shows 5 in stock with me. They said, once the stock gets low then 5 in stock becomes 4 then 3 so on. A email is sent to them to stock it back up, we really don't know how many books are being sold. That's where the scam comes into place. They say they are honest and loyal, I don't think so. I had people to tell me that there were 10 in stock to 20 in stock 5 in stock shows up on Amazon on their website. I can believe this could happen I really do. They did not want to send me a sales sheet either. That right there alone says something about it. They even said, they would waiver $25 too. This makes me so mad I can't stand it. You can Google Tina Ann Graves or Wolverton Mountain Woman my sites are right up there. Amazon is right up on the top too. Someone mentioned to me that I am probably making a killing from this and I will never know but later on I will every thing that is done in the dark will be brought to the light all in due time. They have a way to keep things under wrap for a long time needless to say that sucks. However I will be tweeting this link for a long time to come. That person also said, 210,000 followers and you have been on social media for a long time he has been with me since my Myspace days. I wish I could get back into that account. That is besides the point. My royalty check should have been descent not $86.50 that right there alone has SCAM written all over it. He told me to keep promoting because in the long run you will get your money and my blog is fabulous how I blasted out Outskirts Press by telling EVERYONE the truth nothing but the truth. This is your review and people should know about it you have every right in the world to feel the way you do. What Conway County, Arkansas done to you. You mentioned you are writing a book about you and your father's relationship. You are trying to get on Dr Phil, this would be right up his ally. He would be like a kid in a candy store with this. He told me to hang tight before I know it, the tables could turn and I should never ever give up writing because you are good at it, this is a bump in the road and it will be in your favor soon. I sure do hope so. I have been through too much shit in life to deal with this from Outskirts Press with their scam scheme! DO NOT USE THEM! You will never ever make your money back NEVER!

This is their website for me, Amazon, Barnes and Noble. (You will NOT get money from this, they got a system going on and I want to know what that is) I should have got a BIG lump sum from the beginning. From then on, it would be a hit and miss kind of thing hope for the best. I am so mad about this, if I had the money I would sue the hell out of them. I am hoping and praying that the FBI/IRS audits them and the authors to the fullest. There's a scheme scam going on here that's really bad. The book that I wrote, I went through chapters 1-46 with a fictional ending so I wouldn't get sued. Then I have to face this scam mess that I am in now. No one has thought about that. These are some heartless bastards. When I make the Dr Phil show, I promised I will let it rip. No holds bar for me! Something is just NOT right about this picture! It's no wonder I haven't snapped yet.

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August 5th 2014

I got a spread shit (sheet) from them 2 weeks after I posted my review. I had 3 professionals look at it and they called it a 'hot mess' and done it very quickly. So you can form an opinion on that for yourself.
I have made about $100 off of paperbacks an $200 off of EBook's and I have NOT heard from Barnes and Noble over my Nook. I will not here from them either. Probably LOST money.
I have around 210,000 followers and I made about $300 from Outskirts Press. You can form your opinion on that too. I would NOT use this company!
It will take the FBI/IRS to get this company and GOOD luck with that one!
It's a shame that I have to buy my books to make my money back. A lot of  people have reached out to me and told me I should have had more money than that. I got scammed. End of story. What can I do about it.?
My next step is trying to get my paperback to $9.99 and I am having a hard time with that too.  They don't want to listen to me at all.
I will continue to drop this link on my social media because at this point in my life, I don't give a flying fuck. Amazon and Barnes and Noble are rude to me now. I am a believer in KARMA. That's a fact!

To  sum up my thoughts on this, Outskirts Press raped my soul of existence when it comes to my writing. I loathe dishonest people! End of story!

This is the BUY in bulk section. This was very surprising to me. OK, I have just sold 31 books so far, I got very little to none return on my Amazon and Barnes and Noble packages. I know it's because they needed my email and password for that. Yes, I got scammed big-time with my nearly quarter of million followers that I have on the Internet.  To buy my book in bulk if I wanted to buy them at $3.50 a book. I would have to buy 10,000 books. I'm going to put this very bluntly.  Let me reach deep down in my checking account and give these bastards $30,000 plus dollars.  Motherfucker please how can I do that when 31 books have been sold so far.  This company is some kind of fucking stupid.  I wonder how many more authors are getting screwed over. I bet everyone of them are. I done a step by step blog with my horror story.  This picture reads clearly with the bulk section.  Please don't be a special kind of stupid to publish with this company. I'm a special kind of something to warn people because being scammed is a heart-breaking feeling and it's hard to get over too. I hope this company goes down in flames with their scamming asses that takes 2 weeks to apply to their emails.  There's a special kind of place in hell for these fuckers!!!!
I want my book price to go down to $9.99 however I have to pay $149.00 for a set up fee. Yes, Outskirts Press is a total fucking scam don't use them! 
Let this set in, here are all my links to Social Media and I had ONLY (31) books sold
My Twitter: (Over 200,000)
My (Instagram) (Over 7,000)
My (Personal) (Close to 5,000)
My (Facebook) (Over 5,000)
Goodreads (Around 3,000)
Before choosing this company. I have made around $300.00 on my book so far in 6 months I have close to 250,000 followers. I was sold out too. Some of my readers did not receive their book about a month took that long to deliver. To me this is a complete scam. They are all about you buying your own books and buy their packages which is NOT any good at all because they don't market your books. You WILL NOT make any money from Amazon or Barnes & Noble just a little bit that is all. To me they are keeping the money that is yours for their selves. Let that sink in. Outskirts Press doesn't think about how hard it took me to save up my money to publish this book or what I had to go through. This money was for my kids and their future and Outskirts Press doesn't give a flying fuck either. They keep the money and you get very little in return. I wished I knew what the scam was because I would expose it to the max. I don't want people make the same mistake as I did. I wished I would have researched better than I did.
FYI~~ I did an update on Outskirts Press please click on the link below. Thank You!
FYI~ here is my latest blog and my thoughts on Outskirts Press!