January 21, 2016

Freedom Of Speech

January 21st 2004 to January 21st 2016. This is what you call living straight in hell, 12 years now going on 13 something has got to give with me seriously it does. I'm done for and so is my mom. I want to move so bad it hurts, Arkansas just sickens me to the core. However I'm paralyzed financially because I'm NOT signing a DAMN thing until the police report is done right like it should have been done on March 24, 2015. This is a severe cover up this is nothing to joke about either, because of some punk ass kid and some punk ass crooked cops. I mean seriously it is a mind blowing cover up straight out of the twilight zone unheard of in 2016. I am NOT backing down or giving up. I hired a law firm and they cut their OWN client's throat (me) to protect the bad guys to wear me down so I will take any amount and starve me and my mother out in the process gotta love the scumbags in Arkansas. We are both financially broken. I loathe them dearly and they don't need to be in business. They jumped ship thinking they could get out of it but I think differently. I believe they can go down with the rest of them, when the time is right. Karma what goes around comes back around 10 times fold.

Family let's talk about this, it's mind blowing too. I've got such a mind blowing story to tell the world. Okay, now I can see the Arkansas state police part seriously I can it's there plain as day. What I don't understand when this individual is exiting soon, getting out, retiring. Why throw the weight around for some punk ass kids to remove the alcohol from the police report when they need to learn a lesson from it. What I mean is 'abuse of power.' Alcohol is serious, alcohol should not be dismissed at any given moment at any given time especially when it involves a wreck. Alcohol all over the wreck scene and I was told the smell was unbelievable very strong. You couldn't deny the alcohol it was there all over the road. Now the scumbags lawyers I hired are asshole buddies with the Arkansas state police and they are their attorneys needless to say. Let that sink in would you. Say the Arkansas state police needed a favor to be done to get the alcohol removed from the police report. The scumbags lawyers I hired, would cut my throat to save them in a New York minute without a doubt. That is straight up facts to be said. I hope I'm wrong on this one but throat cutting is a major factor in this wreck needless to say again it was my throat that got cut and I am the victim and I don't understand this at all. Someone that close to retirement and I am praying this person kept their nose out of it but who knows at this point in time. This is one senario however I have another senario, sad to say this one is even worse.

Senario 2, this is the mind blowing part. There are several here in this county runs to the rescue for some especially when it deals with wrecks and getting stuff removed off the police report, favor for a favor. What's sad about this it involves family too. I know some of my own family that do this for people. It's the good ole boy system at its finest. My throat got cut all away around with this wreck no doubt about it. This wreck was about the boys and the crooked cops saving them strip me from my rights where I couldn't voice my opinion on anything. So I couldn't say, hey this is NOT right the police report is wrong here, fix this please ASAP. Where did my rights go when the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone disappeared from the police report and I want to know what happened. Alcohol is serious and the mentality here in Conway County Arkansas is out of this world with stupidity. Like my mom stated, if they could find a way to pin this wreck on me 100% they would do it. I had the right of way and I was minding my own business and I did NOT ask for this at all. She is blown away by the way they handled it. This is not fair and everybody can see it. Some punk ass kid decided to go past the stop sign at an intersection doing about 60-80 miles an hour he thought he could beat me to the punch he thought he had the timing down obviously he didn't. I was the unfortunate one that got hit and my car got totalled and my life got destroyed within minutes and my life is still destroyed to this day. This wreck was not my fault at all. However it's been about the boys no one else and that really pisses me off because I can't have no say in it. Then you have family that rescued the boys and threw me into the ditch to defend for myself over dirty political,  police corruption give me a freaking break they can go to hell too. They helped to remove the alcohol off the police report. God doesn't like UGLY. Their day is coming, I grant you that. They are also good friends with the law firm imagine that. The law firm are asshole buddies in this scamming system they have going on here. Favor for a favor. Boy, I just had to pick shitty lawyers that cut their own clients throat for probably for a huge amount of money as a pay off too. Talking about pay offs. When my own lawyer stated, not one judge in Arkansas will NOT favor for me or my pictures that is high amounts of pay offs and corruption that rolled off his tongue at that moment. I have concrete evidence to bring the house down and I am being punished for it and I have family stabbing in my back because of it. That just sickens me and my mother. We are both ready to get the hell out of Arkansas as soon as possible.


I am the (bad guy) because I am standing up for my rights and I am calling them out on it. I am the very 1st person to do so in Conway County Arkansas and I am a WOMAN too let that sink in. I have concrete evidence and this is NOT going to slide. I've been told I have to move if I continue this to see who covered up this wreck in Conway County Arkansas. I will not be able to live here if I continue this on the Internet. I call that bullshit I'm NOT going anyhere, end of story until I see my police report is fixed and I am done right. I have been done wrong going on nearly a year. This was a serious cover up. My pictures saved my ass. If I didn't have nearly 40 pictures to prove that my police report was wrong and they done this on purpose they covered up the wreck to save the boys and punish me because of my book I wrote. I would be shit out of luck. I wouldn't have a prayer to stand on. I would have had to bite this and go on. I have pictures and pictures are worth more than a 1000 words. These pictures I have told the story of my wreck the true story of how it happened and that was a gift from God right there. There is a reason why they don't want the pictures in the court room. They will NOT win and who covered up the wreck will be exposed and that includes the law firm too because they took money don't let them fool ya. This is a severe cover up and I will expose the ones that covered it up too. I don't care if family is involved because they should have kept their DAMN noses out of it, PERIOD. People will lose their jobs and retirements especially state workers. This was a big no no and this is corruption and it will be addressed. Trust me. Mom and I are NOT going to let up on this, it's going to get worse trust me.


The Long Talk

I had a long talk with someone. They stated when the time comes and it will. This will turn out to be a power point meeting with some pretty powerful people to be exact. First they will start out with the police report, go through that, then they will go on to the pictures and then back to the police report (a heated discussion of a lot of Why's.) Then shots of your social media which it dates back to 2010 who knows who has your blogs from your MySpace days which that states back to 2007. They could surface back up who knows. Someone could have printed them off at the time. Then last but not the least your book you published in 2012 can't forget about that. In this present time, your police report, your pictures and the book cinch the deal as you stated before about corruption. They can't win in court that's why judges and Lawyers are paid off in Arkansas (before it is set into motion) so they will not favor for you. The pictures reveals the true story of the wreck. The police report is botched on purpose to simply to destroy you. The pictures shows up in the court room everyone involved is doomed so doomed. The unfolding will take place and the corruption will surface and everyone will know who done it. Tina, you have an unbelievable story to tell the world so does your mother. The law firm took part in this to dragged it out to wear you down basically to make you have a nervous breakdown. To starve you and your mom out in another words make you take anything and forget about the alcohol ever happened that day, they live back in the 1950's that's not good. Let me tell you right now, the law firm, will throw the Arkansas state police under the bus and Conway County Arkansas under the bus too. Yup, to save their own asses they sure will do it. They will cut their throats in a heartbeat. Conflict of interest put them in hot water with you, they knew better to take your case on anyways, instead they helped the bad guys out. They are in big time trouble for that trust me. If the law firm took part on the days you and your mother went to the FBI in Arkansas, asked for help and you got shut down there too because of them, they will have to answer for that too if that happened.  This is a bad scam ring and this will be addressed because it can't go on and happen to another person another person after that. I don't think so, something has got to be done about it this time it can't continue to the next victim and it could turn out fatal too death is a serious factor. Say that you died in your wreck, the alcohol was nowhere on your police report. Your family wouldn't have got the full amount of money from your wreck (minus the alcohol) your family would have got scammed by corruption less money because alcohol wasn't added to the police report. Let that sink in. This case is going to be a civil lawyer's dream come true right here. The law firm was the ring leaders and they were the head honchos. They were the ones behind this cover up they took charge. It will all come out in the wash soon. A lot of firing, a lot of retirements will be taking away. These are grown people and they knew better. No one will feel sorry for them. They know RIGHT from WRONG.

Let's use the state police for an example. Say someone from the state police told those 2 state troopers NOT to put the alcohol and other things on the police report. The corruption started at that moment. That state police employee abused the power that was given to them. No matter how long they worked there and did this and that for the state police. Loss of job and loss of retirement because of 'abuse of power.' This goes straight down to Conway County Arkansas too. They will lose their job and retirement as well whoever is involved in this cover up. You commit a crime against the criminal justice system you got to be punished for it. See, they weren't expecting those pictures to show up and they did it surprised them big time, now everyone will have to pay the price the ones that done wrong with this wreck the ones who covered it up. I am very curious who is the mastermind behind this. I'm pretty sure I know who covered this wreck up just have to watch it unfold and wait.

The family
This is so sad. No one backed you up but your mother. Your children are still young and they don't fully understand this situation. Your mom your only supporter. You seen the true colors of everyone and that is a good thing too. It's their loss NOT yours or your mother's. They made the decision they took sides with the bad guys and they have to live with it now. Family divided but good times still remain never forget that Tina with or without them. This is a start of a new life that God gave you because you deserve it. Remember you are the winner they are the losers. They will miss out on a good woman that has been through hell and back took severe beatings for many many years still fought for her rights and never gave up. Your mom has the good reputation not them that needs to be stated. You came from good family. God will take care of them later on. Karma. Don't worry about family and friends that done you wrong. They will get theirs in the long run or in the end.

Let's talk about God.

God seen you in your darkest days and what you have been through over the years. He seen your struggle as child, as an adult. You never had a dogs chance to survive in Arkansas but you kept fighting through it and you fought hard. Go look in the mirror and look at your tattoo that says it all. Your tough Tina and he carried you through for a reason. You have an amazing story to tell the world. That's his gift to you. Tina's testimony in the making and he chose you to fight this battle. So many secrets will unfold in Conway County Arkansas. To certain ones that can't cross over will be able to cross over when their families receives justice like it should have been done long ago when it first happened. A lot of bad things have happened here in Conway County Arkansas. It's time for a clean up, they can't do this forever. Someone from the spiritual side has intervene in this I do believe. That's hard to explain if you're not fully spiritual and have the understandings. You are fully spiritual and you understand what is going on most don't though. What people should do is let this take place and leave well enough alone. You're right God doesn't like UGLY at all. God knows who has done right and who has done wrong and they will eventually have to pay the price. This is God's work and he's taking care of you and your mother in the meantime. He seen when you got scammed by Outskirts Press and he seen all the other stuff too. There's going to be a time a traditional publisher will come into the picture and make a deal with you. They will see a movie deal too. Your story is movie made material. They will get it started and there's another gift from God to you. He knows you trust him just let him do his job. He's got your back. Let this unfold as it should.



Now I know how the African American people feels being stripped from their civil rights. Not being able to voice their opinions on anything. I got a good dose of it and I have reached out to AL Sharpton too. They have took everything away from me but my freedom of speech and I will continue to do so on the Internet until me and my mother is heard. They will not take away that.

My mom's thoughts

My mom is so furious about this cover up and how it was handled. $25,000 pay out and I have $18,500 in medical. I haven't had a car since March 24, 2015. I have been off work almost a year. There's no money left for me to make my life whole again. She stated, alcohol all over the wreck scene. It's not on the police report at all and the ALCOHOL will NOT be swept under the rug like it didn't happen either the alcohol WILL NOT be dismissed these scumbags need to get over it. The police report looks like a fender bender nothing to it, the wreck was a war zone. Nearly 40 pictures that tells a different story tells the truth about the wreck and what had happened that afternoon. This wreck was covered up to destroy me and it destroyed my mom in the process. It will be a cold day in hell, Tina will NOT sign that check and the (alcohol not ACKNOWLEDGE at all talking about corruption.)  The alcohol and the other things will be added to the police report and she doesn't give a rats ass if family is involved or not. Family should have kept their damn noses out it in the first place. They had NO business helping the scumbags to cover this wreck up (favor for a favor)  This is wrong and it will be addressed to high profile officials to get the job done since the lawyers and judges are paid off in Arkansas so Tina can't win. It will be made right, end of story. She is freaking pissed off. The police report and pictures doesn't match and she wants to know why? I want to know why too. She's mad about it being about the boys 'the poor boys.' Tina is the victim and her civil rights have been violated smashed into the ground like she didn't have any her voice didn't matter. She is one pissed off lady over this wreck for sure. They turned the wreck around, the boys are the victims that disgusts her. Looked like Tina, caused the wreck and that infuriates her to the core. She's pissed off, I would advise anyone to take caution around her at the moment. She loathes the law firm she can't stand them at all professional scammers at their finest. They are shysters and they simply destroyed Tina's life on purpose for the scumbags that are involved in the cover up because they are attorneys for the state police and attorneys for this county also, they all worked hand in hand in this cover up and that includes her medical too. They don't need to be in business with their lying ways. They need to be disbarred and the Arkansas people should know what they have done to Tina. It's NOT my voice that the scumbags should worry about its my mom's voice. I can just see her on national television right now. I couldn't hold a candle to her she's that mad. My mom is not a liar she will not lie about this situation. She will tell it like it is on national television. Out of all the people in this she has the BEST reputation. Her reputation is off the charts.

January 9, 2016

Police and political corruption has buried me and my mother alive.....

The political and police corruption in Conway County Arkansas has buried me and my mother alive. It has wrecked this household like no other nothing will ever be the same not in this lifetime. These scumbags makes us sick to our stomach. They are a true definition of a douchebag. My mom will never ever get over this and that's a statement that will be set in stone. I promise that much.

Let me make a note, everyone around here knows this was wrong and how it was handled. What was done to my wreck was wrong just wrong there's nothing right about it what so ever. Has me and my mom had any support through this?  Hell to the no we haven't. Only support I had was the day of the wreck ONLY. I am speaking the truth nothing but the truth no support system here not to our knowledge. (check this out, what we were told, there's NOT one thing we can do, the corrupted has this sowed up that anyone out of the Arkansas will be automatically shut down, we can't win this the alcohol disappeared for a reason and it will NOT reappear that goes for the other stuff too) I call that bullshit because anyone can be took down at any given moment in time. There's NO such thing as untouchable they need to get their ego's in check.  (I have concrete evidence to blow this out the water, let that sink in this is wrong on so many levels of the criminal justice system) The boys were protected and the crooked cops were protected (for a reason) end of story they mattered (I didn't.)  I can't wait for the day mom and I make national television and tell this shocking story, people will be blown away by it that's a fact. If I know the people that was involved in this cover up, I will take my knife out of my back, cut the cord permanently be done with THEM cut my losses and go on with my life. When I move to New England and when I come back to visit, I will see my mom, my kids and then I will head back out. It is what it is and I will do what I have to do keep peace in my life. This is a true tragedy but I will overcome it like everything else that has happened to me in my life I grant you that much. What's the difference between me and this county, I keep shit real and I don't hide things or make excuses for the corrupted assholes. I speak up and stand my ground for what is right that's the ONLY way to do it. The way they handled my wreck was wrong and I will NOT tolerate such nonsense especially when it is breaking the law. I'm on the right side of the tracks not the wrong. What my mother was put through, (forgiving them) I don't think so not in this lifetime. The rage and anger I carry speaks volumes and it's getting worse by the day. That is why I basically shut myself out from the world. I go around NO ONE (because I TRUST NO ONE, in Arkansas, I have every right to feel this way) the ones that covered this wreck up, I have my suspicion they definitely don't come around me and that is a BLESSING for sure.

The scumbags have these 'untouchable attitudes' and the 'above the law' attitudes. We do what we want here and no one can bring us down state of mind. This goes down to the sheriff, the law firm or firms, certain law enforcement officers the list goes on. If we want to cover something up, we have the power to do so. End of story.  If someone wants something off a police report by God it's off. Depends on who you know. They have a system here. Corruption runs deep to the core. American Horror Story. Just remember my life was destroyed on purpose by the book I wrote and they ruined my life so bad it will take forever to get back on track and make my life whole again. I'm mentally damaged from this and no one cares. Real talk. My life is ruined and my mother's being ruined in the process too and that's a damn shame.

Now people around here are waking up, it took nearly a year to do so. That says a lot right there. Good old southern mentality at its finest. What ifs, are coming into the picture. What if that was my wife, my husband, my children, my grandchildren they got hurt or they died. What if alcohol was everywhere and no sobriety test was taken they get the police report back and the major factors were missing. The police report became a lie for a cover up. Favor for a favor. If you don't have pictures or videos of the destruction basically you are shit out of luck. There's NOT one thing you can do about it either. However when you have concrete evidence, be prepared to be taken down into the depths of hell because that's what they are going to do to you because they don't want the cover up uncovered they want it to remain a secret for eternity. True Story. It can't be exposed and they will pull out all the stops so it can't be uncovered. You have leverage but you will be pulled into hell in the process. You can take that to the bank and deposit it. I am living it right now. True freaking nightmare for me and my mother at the moment.

Why I am fighting this, when another wreck happens it will,  it's around the corner and it gets covered up. I don't want it to hang over my head. Tina, you had the pictures you had concrete evidence. You should have stood up and made a difference in this corrupted county. Me and mother are taking major beat down over this big-time. Most of the time I hope I die in my SLEEP to be honest, I would be better off. This is a severe beat down and my 71 year old mother took one as well and that pisses me off! Most of the people I know are dead in my eyes and they need not to talk or look at me. I'm saying that straight from my heart and I mean it too. If another tragic accident happens again in Conway County Arkansas. I don't want to be held accountable for it when it's time for me to leave this earth. I have to stand up for this if I'm the only one standing for what is right. I have to do this NOW not LATER. This is God's work and he needs his work done.

My wish is to move to New England but when I do, my mother, my daughter and my son (gotta to be okay tho) and doing good for themselves. (stable)  I will be 21 hours away from them. I hope it all turns out for me because of the hell beaten path mom and I took over this wreck. This is a serious matter and it needs serious attention by high profile people that's our ONLY hope to get this job done, I'm on bended knees for them to come to Arkansas we need them very badly in here like right now to be honest. I hope and pray that my medical will be just fine. I still have my headaches, numbness, chest pain but I have learned to maintain no matter how bad I hurt and I hurt a lot. I was stripped from my rights and I was thrown off in a ditch to die I didn't matter to no one. Like I stated up above, sometimes I wish to die. This is a stressful situation to be in and yes, I am better off dead that's nothing but the truth. Why God chose me to do this is beyond my understandings or control, I don't know. God talks to me when I am down and out when I feel I can't go any further with this. When I lay on my bed and I can't move, all I do is cry, cry for help. He's shows up. My strength, I don't know how I'm holding up after all I have been through. I do a lot of crying tho, why me moments. This is one hell of a storm I'm ready to exit out of it please and thank you. I want to move so bad it hurts but I got to make sure my 3 amigos are taken care of before I leave.

I don't make money from my book. I haven't got a royalty check from outskirts press in about 18 months I need to email Amazon and Barnes and Noble to see what is up, I haven't got paid there in about 18 months too. I got scammed once again by scumbags. Story of my life. If I don't have a story to tell, I will kiss your ass. I have a story to tell the whole wide world a very unbelievable shocking story to be exact. What I want to do is pull the book from outskirts press and publish it elsewhere revise it add what I need to add and keep that ending and republish the book, edition 1. Edition 2 have a different ending which would be my wreck. Edition 1 the original and edition 2 the updated version that consist of my wreck now that one would turn into a movie. I have a story to tell and have it made into a movie without a doubt in my mind. (The Wolverton Mountain Woman) I just need the right people in that industry in my life to make it happen. They would be getting book and movie royalties out of that deal. I just need that right publisher. I will pray about that too. I need God's help yes I do. Pray pray pray pray for a miracle. A miracle for me and my mother, my children we need it in the worst kind of way right now. We have been starved out by corruption. There's nothing left of us for mother and I needless to say. I have 2 more books to do but I have 2 laptops down imagine that? I had good virus protection too. My other devices I have I put them in my purse I never leave them behind when I go anywhere but my laptop it is what it is. I am hoping I can extract my pictures and documents put it on a portable hard drive then I can restore my laptops put word doc and a good virus protection back on it. However I got to be living in New England tho NOT living here when I do that. I have rough times with the laptop at Hooterville strangest shit ever my mom is a witness someone doesn't want me to finish my books. It's a lost hope here because I live in the Twilight Zone. This is a nightmare from hell.

What I DON'T understand is, I got hit by a drunk driver and the Arkansas state police covered it up by favors. I have proof NOW that a sobriety test was done by Jane Doe on YouTube. Her profile can be traced back in this county. That comment right there alone acknowledges that ALCOHOL was around the wreck scene, PERIOD. If he passed his sobriety test the state police would have stated it on the police report RIGHT yes I am RIGHT? He did NOT pass his sobriety test, SIMPLE that makes it clear to see. Everything started to DISAPPEAR right after that. Plus, my book plays a major factor too a BIG one to be honest. Then I hired scumbag lawyers that were for the CROOKED and kept them out of trouble by starving me and my mother out. My own lawyer punished me how sick and pathetic is that? I absolutely positively truthfully loathe them. They need to be exposed to the Arkansas people so they don't hire them and let them screw over another client which they will. Favor for a favor type bullshit. This is serious and something should be done about it like right NOW. They can't get out of the pictures because they don't MATCH the police report at all. My life was destroyed on PURPOSE by scumbags and now my mom's life is being DESTROYED too on purpose because she's fighting this with me because she knows it's wrong and what I've been through breaks her heart to the core and she will never ever get over it. Alcohol should have been placed on the police report, END OF STORY. These sorry ass motherfuckers around here don't care about me or mom. We see that quite clearly now and some are in the family too. Not all my family there is a few that helped get the alcohol off the police report. We will find out and I know what I will do about my situation. I don't know about mom but when I leave Arkansas she's going with me because I don't trust the future with her being here ALONE and I am living far away. You can look back on my blog and see I was having trouble in this county for years and years that goes for the rest of my social media too. All I wanted was out of Arkansas permanently just come back for visits and mom & I got buried alive because of police and political corruption in Conway County Arkansas TRUE STORY. When I find out who covered this wreck up they will automatically be dead in my eyes.


DILLIGAF nope BOOM. Scare tactics doesn't phase me at all they don't work on me. That moves my anger and rage to high levels, off the charts to be exact. Mom and I are financially paralyzed because of this cover up our lives is destroyed. I really don't give a shit a about 'perfect images' 'perfect reputations' IDGAF if family is involved either that's the truth. They should have kept their nose out of it to begin with and they shouldn't have helped with the cover up, end of story. That's why I didn't go into law enforcement because I would take my own family down if they were doing something wrong. You can take that to the bank and deposit it. I don't care who covered this wreck up family or not however it lands. They need full punishment, names and faces exposed and loss of jobs and retirements. That's a fact jack. Sit and spin on that please and thank you. Corruption I will NOT back down from the bullshit. Someone needs to stand up in this county and God chose me so here I am raising hell until I get heard. End of story!!!!!!

January 1, 2016

Dear 2016, please get me to New England, please and thank you!

I got attacked on my YouTube the other day by people who live in Arkansas and in this county the stupidity runs deep here to be honest. First and foremost, I'm not in need of a handout. This is my first law suit. I'm NOT signing a DAMN thing until the alcohol, reckless driving and speeding in a school zone is ADDED and it will be ADDED trust me. It takes a true dumb ass to fly through a stop sign doing between 60 to 80 miles an hour. Thinking they couldn't get hit on the MAIN highway is sheer ignorance. If I would have got hit on my side. I would have been hanging out the passenger side dead, decapitated bleeding out. My mom and my son would have seen that. Has anyone thought about that? NOPE. Because ignorance is bliss here in Hooterville. However I did learn something by a comment on my YouTube and I have it screen shot and put away for future use because Jane Doe deleted it, she deleted everything.  There was a sobriety test taken the driver took one. What the kicker is, it's NOT stated on the police report. How come it's NOT stated. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. He did not pass it. If he did it would be on the police report. That's why the alcohol, reckless driving and speeding in school zone was NOT added they were covering it UP as fast as they could by a simple phone call. Okay let me state this, in Conway County Arkansas, there's (double versions) the truth and the false. Okay, say he didn't pass the test but they put it down as he did somewhere else maybe... Or it will pop up in the future who knows... The false will trump the truth when covering things up here. The truth disappears and the false is stated in. Serious corruption I would say. It has always been like that. When the 2 state troopers seen the alcohol scattered all over the wreck scene. This shows you how dumb these state troopers are. Here alcohol is scattered everywhere. A smart cop, would have started a series of sobriety tests on ALL 7 us that was involved in the wreck. To clear it and make sure no one was drinking and have it documented and recorded. Sometimes alcohol is in a vehicle NOT touched. OBEY the LAW make sure everything is on a legal status! It's very illegal to leave alcohol off the police report. Like it didn't exist I don't think so. The 2 state troopers they have some explaining to do. Who told them to leave the alcohol off the police report.....  Who told them to leave the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone off the police report...... Someone did and I will find out too. This has corruption and scandal written all over it they got caught this time.  Someone has some explaining to do. Why? Alcohol is serious and alcohol was scattered everywhere. The police report doesn't add up to my pictures why is that? You know this is one cover up that will NOT be covered up I will FIGHT this. The people around here need to get over it because I will find out the truth, end of story. If the alcohol belonged to me, it would have been scattered all in my car. Same as the semi driver scattered in his truck. The beer came from the truck when it went airborne and flying upside down everything fell out of the truck scattered everywhere at that moment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out once again. I wish these scumbags would quit playing me stupid. Trying to set me up is pointless. I have turned this over to people that can't be bought off in Arkansas. People need to watch it here and quit being so ignorant.

The law firm, let's talk about the ring they have going. The SCAM ring.

1) The Law Firm the main ones heading it off. Big ego's and untouchable attitudes. Arrogance galore. We are above the law, this law firm can't be brought down by anyone mind-set. Professional scammers at its finest. We do what we want to do, good or bad.

2) Attorney for the state police. They get in a bind they have their back no matter what. Probably an awesome payout as well.

3) The insurance companies. They have them in their hip pockets too. Another awesome payout if they can save them money. They work hand in hand. Don't let them fool ya. Hell, after the case was dropped the next day the insurance company called. $25,000 pay out. $18,500 in medical. I am still having headaches, numbness and chest pains. I hung up on that bitch. I ain't signing shit until, alcohol, reckless driving and speeding in a school zone is ADDED. End of story. Let the fight begin. DILLIGAF nope BOOM! I've been off of work for almost a year. How am I supposed to make my life whole again with 6 grand and still NO car. Wait til the FBI and Dr Phil talks to me and my mother. We are gonna shock the hell out of them. This is an unbelievable story. Shocking story. Only in Arkansas aka Hooterville story. This story is mind blowing. I'm still going through this nightmare and it still blows my mind.

4) Medical professionals, the yes/no amigos. They put down what the lawyer tells them to put down. If they are for ya, they will help ya. If they are against you, they will hurry your ass out more less they don't care about your aches and pains. They will tell you it's all in your head type of bullshit.

5) The Judge's WILL NOT go against the law firm. In another words (pay offs) if they don't want something be presented in a court room. If it can hurt the law firm, it will be stopped at all cost. Judge's and other lawyers are paid off too. If I did get a lawyer in Arkansas to finish my personal, I would still get screwed the pictures I have couldn't be used,  mom and I was told that to our faces. Because the firm and the state police they have any lawyer under lock and barrel in Arkansas. The pictures can't be brought into the court room at all. Man, I want to know so bad who they are protecting. I bet it's the main lawyer of the firm and several other people that made phone calls that day. Let me bet on it. If the right lawyer gets their hands on this case they will establish their self world wide because it will be an explosion of secrets and lies buried neck deep in corruption.

6) Attorney for Conway County and the law officials. If they need something off the police report. Bam, it's a done deal. Favor for a favor. Pay off! Look at my police report that's hardcore proof right there. Something is wrong here. I want to know why?

7) Last but not least, attorney for all elected officials in Conway County Arkansas. The good ole boy system at its finest. From the bottom to the top. No need to explain that.

See when I presented my pictures on May 28th. That shock the shit out of them, they weren't expecting that because they thought they were in the clear. The stalling began to starve me out after the pictures showed. They almost had my case done within a couple weeks away. Bam, the pictures came and the fight began. They can't have the pictures in the court room. They knew about the alcohol beforehand. If the pictures landed in court everyone including them the firm would get exposed. So this tells me the big dogs ran this show. Stalling and starving me out until I took any amount that was the plan Stan. A non corrupted lawyer could have closed this case in a few weeks after presenting the pictures with a good settlement for him and for me and the non corrupted lawyer would  have done my medical right to begin with no worries there. The pictures were damaging and it was concrete evidence to bring the whole house down whoever was involved. My police report has 14 mistakes overlooked one by accident. I studied that police report for an hour. That's way too many mistakes for a police report that is a seer sign of a cover up. I want to know who done it and why? It was several people involved I know. Their names and faces should be on TV for the whole world to see. Amen hallelujah praise the Lord. Scumbags scumbags everywhere. They thought I was a dumb as box full of rocks I suppose and I wouldn't fight this. I'm on the right side of the law. I don't care who gets exposed. I will fight this.

I have had people to ask me if family was involved the ones that know me. I told them, I don't know who they are but I have my suspicion if that is the case I can't be worried about that at the moment. That is the least of my worries right now and hopefully I will be living in New England far far far away from here so I can't see the exposed on a daily basis. Whoever covered this wreck up no matter who it is. I hope they get the maximum punishment. Lose their jobs and retirements or whatever. This is a very big no-no and it has absolutely positively truthfully destroyed my life. How they had the audacity to cover this wreck up and pretend the alcohol and other things didn't matter. I hope they basically rot in hell for that.

I'm living the all American Nightmare going on nearly a year. I hired scumbag lawyers that was supposed to be protecting me and they were protecting the other side once I figured it out. I will never ever live in the state of Arkansas again after this is over with. If I know the ones that did this to me especially family because I don't know who is involved. They will be dead to me in my eyes. This has got to be the the worst year of my LIFE ever. When I look back, I'm  supposed to be living in New England by now and going on with my life like a normal person but instead the scumbag lawyers and the ones that covered this wreck up drugged me through hell they absolutely positively truthfully ruined my life on purpose. I'm a changed woman because all the trauma that I was put through in 2015 and now starting 2016. I loathe a lot of people and I can't wait to move. I'm ready to start my life over elsewhere. The trauma they caused me sickens me and I will have to live in high amounts of anxiety over stupidity. No one doesn't have a clue that I'm mentally destroyed by this. I TRUST no one. I've became such a recluse the past few months and it's getting worse. One thing I do hope, I hope I shut that law firm down. They don't need to be in business if they can't support their clients, end of story. They have totally traumatized me. I am living with headaches, numbness and chest pains because I don't TRUST one medical professional in Arkansas I refuse to get help. I rather die at home or live with the pain. The hate in my heart is strong. This was so uncalled for all because I wrote a book and I told the truth.

This was a doctor's point of view, now this is Social Media who knows but it made me think and it made sense..... He stated I probably have untreated whiplash. I told him my headaches come out of nowhere and my neck hurts too. When the headaches hit they hit hard and I have to lay down. I usually cry because it's painful.  They come and they go however I have strange cravings afterwards, Pickle juice, V8 and cashews. I can't get enough of them. It's strange as hell and I don't understand it. He stated I'll have nerve damage regardless and there's not much to be done about that because it was untreated maybe a chiropractor can do something. I should have gone to a neurologist and a chiropractor like you stated in your YouTube videos. He couldn't understand the physical therapy at all. He also stated my chest pains are coming from my anger, rage and anxiety. When that occurs go lay down and take deep breaths think of a far away place, happy thoughts. He asked if I'm working. I was like I don't have a car I can't work I can't go nowhere I'm stuck. He told me I shouldn't work until your anger and rage is under control. I believe you could hurt someone right now and not mean too if they said something wrong. You anger and rage needs treatment now. You're a mad woman. It's awful that you don't feel safe and can't trust a medical professional in the state of Arkansas that's a disgrace. Hopefully help will come soon. You need to get your anger and rage under control that's a must. I think you have untreated whiplash he's 99% sure. That doctor the law firm sent you too should be fired on the spot.

Now let's talk about my life. I was a TARGET so they could take me down it was over my book I wrote that's the fact jack and God knows the truth too. No one thought about my mom in the process. That's how stupid these people are. She was taken down too. I really hate these people. I can't work because of liens. My credit is completely destroyed by scumbags and the scumbag lawyers. I can't get a car because of my credit. My life was destroyed on purpose. Lawyer scumbag and sheriff scumbag. These 2 need to be fired on the spot too low life twat waffles they are the MAIN reason they caused this too me. I hope karma comes back around and hits them where it hurts. This law firm that lies to the Arkansas people like they do shouldn't have commercials on TV. The sheriff's office I hope every cover up comes uncovered because I know several that will be glad to say something to the big dogs if I get them in here. I know several that wants to join me in a class action lawsuit because they were told the same thing NOT one judge will favor for us nor take our evidence. See dragging me through hell COMPLETELY RUINED MY LIFE over this wreck because I wrote a book and told the TRUTH is going to open many many many doors in this county (doors of corruption) big time headlines. Oh the lies that have been told will surface up. This is God's work indeed. He put me in the path of that truck for a reason but he spared my life to do his work and be the voice for the dead because there's so many cover ups and it's so sad especially dealing with death. My 3-1-2012 blogs that I explained are in my archives. I don't know why God chose me to do this job for him but I will do it. When I do I WILL NOT have remorse for any corrupted ass bastard in this county or anywhere I promise that much. They destroyed my life watch me destroy theirs by exposing the truth. Bam, how you like me now bitches.

NOW---let's say I died in the wreck. I bet a lot of people in Arkansas now wished I would have died in the wreck to be honest. Okay, here is alcohol was all over the wreck scene. The smell was strong too as I was told. No sobriety test was done and the police report was completely false. My mom wouldn't have had me to investigate this situation and have my social media supporters to help me to figure this out. She would have been faced with my daughter died in a car wreck and the alcohol was covered up and there wasn't a damn thing she could have done about it. How sad and pathetic is that? OKAY---- there's going to be another wreck in this county one day and someone gets killed and alcohol disappears. What about that family? Has anyone thought about that? NOPE. It just sickens me. This is dirty corruption and dirty politics at its finest. The lawyer scumbag knew from the start. Something should be done about this it's injustice. I'm not just going to state one future death this will continue if something isn't done about it NOW. LIVES of the innocent and they don't deserve this kind of hell I'm going THROUGH right now hell no they don't. This should be addressed and be a lot harder to minus the alcohol when a distraught parent or whomever calls to try to get it off the police report. All lives matter regardless of what the situation is. This will teach the driver where the alcohol came from a hard lesson in life not to do it again. This is a serious matter that should be taken seriously. The sheriff to the lawyer (that lawyer should be disbarred) to control the situation with pay offs. This is 2015 and times have changed. They need to get the corrupted OUT when situation like this can be exposed. This is high amounts of corruption something should be done, period! I hope and pray that the FBI headquarters in Washington DC talks to me and my mother. We are wanting to talk to Dr Phil too. AL Sharpton needs to be in this county too over other situations. Nancy Grace she needs to air this as well. CNN and Fox News should be brought into the picture too. This is a very serious matter and something should be done about it ASAP. Alcohol is NO joking subject when it's swept under the rug like it didn't happen at all. This story needs exposure big time, world wide exposure. They have destroyed my life and I don't have any problems EXPOSING the truth in Conway County Arkansas.


I hired a law firm to PROTECT me and REPRESENT me hmmmmmmmmm 35% to them.  They buried me alive to protect CONWAY COUNTY ARKANSAS and the ARKANSAS STATE POLICE. They stalled this out on PURPOSE by protecting the BAD GUYS and destroy my life and took my mother down in the process. The knew it was 'conflict of interest' from the get go. How would you feel if this happened to you such behaviors from lawyers that YOU are suppose to TRUST? I was told there are people out there to take a law firm down not worry about that at all or anybody in this case to be honest. These people have big ego's. Yeah, they paid off the FBI here in Arkansas too don't let them fool ya. Craziest mess I've ever seen. Mom and I got shut down there as well. We made 2 trips to that place and the 2nd trip we waited over an hour. Shit isn't adding up. I believe a lot of people have a lot of explaining to do soon. I got attacked on YouTube, possible hit, possible set up because they want me to shush which that isn't going to happen not in this lifetime my life is totally destroyed, I am in my IDGAF mode. I will fight this like the warrior I am, end of story.


Jane Doe was so sure of herself and her conscience was clear. She would have kept her comment on YouTube and let the fight begin to stand her ground. I set her straight and she must have looked at the police report, she deleted her comments ASAP! She knew I was in the right and telling the truth when I replied back. However I have them screen shot and saved put away for the future. Others commented some made sense and some were like WTF did they just say moments are you high or something. I knew what was up to begin with. Conway County Arkansas was trying to set me up and keep my mouth shut I've been dealing with this since 2004 nothing has changed I'm used to it. The law firm, RIP Tina you're not ruining my establishment that I built from ground up. I had a gut wrenching feeling. Always trust the gut. Always the gut feeling never lies. These people are always getting away with murder literally they do. This time it caught up with them. They can't get out of the pictures. Now people around here are getting mad because something should be done about this. Like one stated, what if that was my wife, daughter or son got hurt or died in Conway County Arkansas in a wreck and the alcohol disappeared like it didn't happen. He got furious. This is not cool at all. The law firm people of Arkansas should know about this. Lawyers are ALWAYS about that money and they would have had it with those pictures hands down. They chose to bury their client and rescue the other side made sure they couldn't get into trouble by pay offs. That law firm should get called out on TV. This is a serious matter and it shouldn't be covered up at all. This is a disgrace on all levels of the criminal justice system. Something should be done about it NOW not later.