March 29, 2017

Conway County Arkansas

I have nearly 4 pounds of paperwork.

(all this paperwork I have now shows exactly how deep this corruption goes it goes deep. My paperwork speaks volumes. It is scary too, read it and look at it. I have tried everything. No one wants to have a meeting to discuss this corrupted situation with me. When a meeting does take place. They will have to ADMIT to everything they have done to me in the last 2 years. This is high amounts of corruption. Avoiding me like I have a plague, yes, they are) but something will be done about this trust me. I have trump cards in my back pocket. I will lay each and everyone down, I swear to god I will!

A very long list of lawyers that have turned me down. These lawyer's can't or won't mention the alcohol cover up in the court of law. I mention the alcohol the lawyer's avoid it like it's a plague. This is crazy and very ridiculous! Because they know their is a judge to toss out my evidence without hesitation. He's protecting people.

Why a long list of lawyers, Tina?
When a lawyer takes this case:
They will have to expose this corrupted judge.
They will have to expose these corruptive lawyers from RHS law firm.
They will have to expose everyone involved in this cover up. Sheriff, State Police, parents, certain family members of mine, everyone involved.
That's why this particular judge blocked me so these people can't get exposed nor himself.
Let's punish the victim instead.
May Karma rain on these people so hard until they are beat into the ground like they did me and my mother.
A lawyer can't touch this case because the corruption will surface. How stupid is that? Pretty damn stupid. That's the lawyer's job expose the scumbags so this doesn't happen again to someone else. Real talk. Yes, it's very against the law to block me from having a lawyer and jury trial. Now I want to know who at the very top, is protecting these scumbags? That I DO want to KNOW!!! That's the lawyers job, expose the corruption and get the client justice NOT block the client and bury them alive in political and police corruption that's what RHS law firm did to me! RHS law firm is a corruptive law firm I can prove it.

I was told always remember what the head lawyer of RHS law firm said to me.
Yes, it's illegal to leave off alcohol on the police report. The state police should have not done that at all. You have total leverage now Tina. The ball is in your court. Those pictures that you have tells the story and they will tell the story in court. You don't need witnesses now, Tina. You have total leverage with those pictures.

I was told just remember that because what RHS law firm has done to you it will bite them on the ass in a karma way. That lawyer knew from day one your wreck was covered up and he knew who blocked your evidence out of court. These lawyer's are behind it too. Bad karma is all around the RHS law firm. These 3 lawyers I am in conflict with are very evil lawyers (Satan) I am telling nothing but the truth. The judge is very evil too Satan like as well. Lie straight to your face and NOT blink an eye very evil people. The citizens of Arkansas really should know about this immediately.

Everyone in this situation Tina, they WERE confident that the pictures and witnesses would NOT go to court. That was told to the ones that covered this wreck up. The highest court in Arkansas, a judge protecting them making sure your evidence will never make way to the court room. Everyone was confident NOT so much anymore. That's why your cousin stated that you couldn't do anything about the alcohol cover up. It's a sowed up deal. She knows exactly what happened on March 24, 2015. That's why they weren't worried. They have a judge to solely block you out of court in Arkansas and silence you. However they didn't realize Freda was going to get punished too. She seen the alcohol all over the road and she knew it was wrong to cover up the ALCOHOL. Your cousin said it was wrong but there's nothing I could do about it. Karma is going to slap these people so hard. I hope they rot in hell. What the family has done to my mom is unforgivable not in this lifetime I will forgive them. Alcohol is a serious piece of business it shouldn't be covered up at all.

I was told this, this is a scandal a true scandal in Arkansas. Just watch how this will play out. This will be world wide coverage. I have rights and I have a right to hire a lawyer and have a jury trial to find out why my wreck was covered up in the court of law. We all KNOW why your life was destroyed.

The Wolverton Mountain Woman
Overcoming, Slander, stalking and bullying.
Your book, Tina. That's why.

The FEDS can go back on you via social media since 2010. It's there it's time stamped too. They should be the ones to appoint in a lawyer. That's their job when corruption has surfaced like this. It's going to take that kind of lawyer and that kind of power.

Just remember how stupid these people are. No matter how high your position is NO ONE I mean NO ONE is above the law. These people broke a lot of laws and there IS punishment for them too.

Most need at least one year in jail. That includes the judge and lawyer's too. These people are BAD people. This needs exposure in the media. So this can't happen again. The RHS law firm, the AR Supreme Court, Arkansas State Police, Conway County sheriff's office, when this hits the news the media circuit they are all DOOMED. What I have in my hands is about 20 pounds of c-4 going off. You can back your story up and show people what these monsters have done to you. They can't lie their way out of this with the pictures and paperwork they can't lie at all. You can solely prove this is a scandal in Arkansas. You're blocked and silenced not for long tho. ALL news stations they have a story with you girl. News reporter dream story breaking news.


For the new readers. I have been fighting this for 2 years now.

Conflict of interest
Arkansas State Police- attorneys/ RHS law firm
Conway County Sheriff- attorneys/ RHS law firm
Tina Graves- attorneys/RHS law firm

The attorneys have a professional responsibility and obligation NOT to represent two clients who are in conflict.


Misrepresentation - withholding evidence
I presented pictures of the ALCOHOL at the wreck scene PLUS a list of witnesses on May 28, 2015. I was told by the RHS lawyer's that it's against the law to leave ALCOHOL off the police report. I was told I had leverage with the pictures of ALCOHOL at the wreck scene. The pictures will tell the story in court. I DID NOT need witnesses now. I had 100% leverage.
October 28, 2015 went to NO leverage.
I was told all I had was a bunch of empty beer cans and NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas would favor for me or my evidence once I got into court. RHS law firm dropped my case. My evidence was NEVER used and withheld my evidence for 5 months. RHS law firm are professional throat cutters and professional con artists. I can prove it too in the court of law.


The attorney's have a professional responbility and obligation to zealously advocate the client's claims to the extent of the merit of these claims.

The attorneys have a professional responbility to give each client the independent council service that is in the best interest of the client and none other.

RHS law firm ruined my life. I will never ever recover from this NOT in this lifetime.

RHS law firm billboards are
RHS law firm commercials are
RHS law firm Internet activities are
They are professional LIARS
They are professional CON ARTISTS
this is NOT a joke, this is very SERIOUS
Murderers have more rights than I do, they can hire a lawyer and have a jury trial. When murderers have more rights than I do, something is bad wrong with the criminal justice system.
Tina Graves can't get a lawyer in Arkansas or have a jury TRIAL, I AM BLOCKED. Let that sink in. Because I had my wreck in Conway County Arkansas there are NO rules there to follow. They cover up whatever they want too AND GET AWAY WITH IT that includes murder.
 They have a protector that blocks evidence out of court. This is the truth! If they don't want something to go into court it will be blocked. They are protecting people your evidence will be blocked out of court.
This is a serious story that needs serious attention and these evil corrupted people should be exposed immediately.


After my wreck on March 24, 2015 where alcohol was present at the wreck scene. The police report wasn't released until 3 weeks later with no mention of the alcohol. During this 3 week span there were several family members who knew WHY the alcohol disappeared from the police report, yet did NOT share this information with me. They were okay with what had been done to me as long as the boys were saved, no problems there, no mention as to who was responsible for doing this or removing the alcohol off the police report.  The ONLY reply from one family member was that there was nothing I could do about it. It's a sowed up deal, Tina. This was said to me many times over a 7 month period. This is also the same family member who told me several months later that the law firm I hired was also the law firm lawyers for Conway County AR, police officials so on and the Arkansas State Police there was nothing I could do about the cover up. This is also the same family member who told me before I met with the RHS law firm lawyer's in October of 2015 they were going to drop my case. That's exactly what they did 5 months after they received and withheld my evidence, after me  proving alcohol was at the wreck scene. I screwed up big time when I hired RHS law firm, they cut my throat all to hell corrupted lawyers very much so. (The family members knew everything that was going on still remain silent.) How did she know all of this? Did she take part in covering the alcohol up to protect the boys? That's a million dollar question baby! These questions should be answered honestly. I hope and pray to God that the family that IS involved in this alcohol cover up will do at least one year in jail. They need to learn a lesson big time. Keep your noses out of other people's business!

I am still trying to find a lawyer to get this settled in court. These corrupted maggots which involves my own lawyers that I hired, also this one judge in particular with the S. C. C. who has a personal interest in one of the passengers involved in the wreck. There are others also involved in this alcohol cover up. The family members involved in this corrupted mess are no better than the corrupted lawyers, judges and the sheriff. The family that participated in this corrupted mess destroyed my life and my mother's life. WAY TO GO MAGGOTS! The best thing I can hope for is to NEVER see any of them  again for as long as I live. My mom feels the same way as I do. Cut the chords and go on. I've got 2 years worth of evidence stacked up and don't forget mom and I got kicked out of the house because we are fighting this corruption it's not right and very illegal to cover up alcohol. Yup, family kicked us out because of my social media. I am just stating the facts, the truth of it all. People don't want to hear the truth whatsoever.

You people pretend to be righteous Christians, yet are politically corrupted minded at the same time. You can't be both that's impossible. God does not like UGLY!

I was the victim, I did NOT cause this wreck, yet I was the person who took ALL the punishment while 5 underage boys in possession of ALCOHOL got off scott free nothing was done to them at all. This is what happened to me in Conway County Arkansas. Don't think for a second this can't happen to someone else in Conway County Arkansas it can in a heartbeat. Depends on your last name.

There is a person in place in the judicial system to protect the people in the sheriff's office, the corrupted lawyers and the Arkansas State Police. This person holds a seat with the S. C. C. judges. He is a lawyer and resides in Conway County Arkansas. He is well known for being a corrupted lawyer. If you need to get your case into court and you can't, he is the person who is stopping you. He is the person you have to get past, I've learned this the hard way. He's protecting the RHS law firm lawyer's big time. I am 100% nose deep in corruption from the top to the bottom barely breathing. I have solid proof concrete evidence to win my case and justice is blocked. Let that sink in.

Listen up citizens of Arkansas. I have a news flash for you.
RHS law firm
Are telling you when you need to hire a personal injury lawyer.

I have 35 pictures of my wreck scene and alcohol all over the highway too and a list of witnesses that seen alcohol. I have all the emails time stamped to the day they got them.

RHS law firm NEVER used my evidence instead they dropped my case and kept it out of court. They blocked my justice.

I am blocked from getting a lawyer in the state of Arkansas. No lawyers will go up against them not yet anyways.


This is real, BEWARE!!!!!!

Why don't 4, 7, 11, and 16 interview me and my mom put us in the news ASAP. Oh that's right. The ones that covered this wreck up don't want this truth to surface at all. They want it to stay hush-hush and lets not talk about it. They want to keep this scandal buried. We need to be on the news in the worst way.

RHS law firm
Arkansas State Police
Conway County Sheriff
The list goes on.....
they don't want me and my mom on the news. The truth will spread like wildfire which it should. The truth about this should surface immediately so someone else don't get burned like I did. We should definitely be on the news.

Because I had a wreck in Conway County Arkansas. I can't hire a lawyer and have a jury trial to expose this corruption so therefore let's punish the victim instead. That's NOT right. A certain judge is going to make sure the evidence is NOT brought into court they are going to make sure the evidence is thrown out before anything takes place. Who is allowing these people to step on innocent people like this and let them get away with it? This is corruption and it should be exposed in the public eye.

These people that covered this wreck up don't want to be exposed they don't want to be in the public eye. They want to keep this scandal hush-hush.  They want this scandal swept under the rug too.

So they are stopping me from hiring a lawyer and stopping me from exposing this in the court of law.

Who is allowing this? Who is responsible for letting these scumbags to do that to innocent people. I DID NOT cause this wreck. 5 underage boys in possession of ALCOHOL the ALCOHOL was swept under the rug like it didn't happen. I don't think so NOT in this lifetime. I have solid proof concrete evidence it should be allowed in the court of law most off all I should be able to get a lawyer to expose the corruption so it doesn't happen again to another innocent victim. This is a horrific story.