May 13, 2017

The Battle Will Continue

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  • There are some lawyer's I have talked with who say they will take my case but can not address the alcohol cover up. They can't or won't say why or who is stopping them from addressing the alcohol cover up. This subject is hush-hush. Protection a lot of protection going on.

My reason for obtaining a lawyer is to get the alcohol on the police report. I have 'picture proof' of alcohol at the wreck scene. Since the lawyers are being blocked from addressing the alcohol cover up, I have been 100% shut down in the state of Arkansas from getting my evidence into court.

Have I reached out to people in office in Arkansas to help me?

The answer is yes. I have reached out to the....

FBI in Little Rock
The Supreme Court committee judges on professional conduct of lawyers in Little Rock
The legal aid services in Little Rock
All local news media in Little Rock
ACLU in Arkansas
Many many many lawyers in Arkansas
The Governor of Arkansas

Have I received help from any of these people?

The answer is no.

Some don't have the common courtesy to reply back. The corruption continues. Many people at 'the top' are involved in this corruption some or most have been named to the highest people in the criminal justice system in the United States.

The battle continues.......

I have a right to hire a lawyer
I have a right to get my evidence in court
I have a right to expose this corruption to the fullest

So this doesn't happen again to someone else in Arkansas.

26 months of excruciating pain and suffering that mom and I have been through.
All I want is a lawyer and get my evidence in court to expose this corruption.
So therefore let's punish the victim instead  because I can take the whole house down (in a split second) the ones that covered this wreck up made the alcohol disappear from the police report.
Let that sink in. All of this was so uncalled for. I have solid proof concrete evidence let me have my day in court let me have justice. I should have had my day of justice in summer of 2015.

You know what makes me sick to the core...
RHS law firm advertising luring innocent people into their web of lies.
Internet advertisement
When I see these 2 POS lawyers hand over a check and make themselves look good on TV it makes me puke. When I look at those 2, I remember what they said to me.
One of them stated, yes mam it's illegal to leave off alcohol on a police report. Yes, it will be added. I remember the other one stated to me. Remember the OJ Simpson case. Sometimes you don't get justice and this is one of those times.
Then I remember both of them telling me NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or my pictures and witnesses. On October 28, 2015 that was the day all lawyers in Arkansas were blocked from taking my case.
Seeing these scumbags are on TV presenting checks etc. They are soooooooooooo fake. They don't need their law licenses neither does the son. He will turn out like his dad and cut people's throat for a living by underhanded profit. They really need to stay off of the TV and the Internet. A lot of people are protecting them it absolutely positively truthfully makes me sick to my stomach knowing they are preying on the innocent while my voice can't be heard and this scandal can't be brought to life. People in Arkansas should really know about this story because I don't want it to happen to another innocent person.
RHS law firm
Sat on my evidence for 5 months
Then dropped my case and totally blocked me out of court from getting JUSTICE.
They had 7 months to do something but they cut my throat for the sheriff of Conway County Arkansas over the book I wrote.
Then this particular judge which he is a lawyer in Conway County Arkansas and now a judge in Little Rock. He has activities with the Arkansas Supreme Court he is the main blocker making sure my evidence will never ever make it to the court of law in Arkansas. The ones that covered up the ALCOHOL will NEVER ever get into trouble.
I am the victim
I got punished severely no words for the punishment I received this wreck was not my fault but I got punished for it.

Yes, I will swear under oath and testify and so would my mom.

 The main protection is the judge and those 3 RHS law firm lawyer's. When my evidence goes into court they will never ever practice law again. That's a good thing because those 4 are 100% throat cutters they need to be out of the criminal justice system immediately before destroying anymore lives. The Arkansas citizens don't need that at all and they don't need their life destroyed. This kind of punishment should stop at me. I don't want no one else in Arkansas to go through this kind of torture. It's pure hell trying to get help and everywhere you turn for help you're blocked NO HELP at all in Arkansas because you're stopped immediately someone is protecting these thugs in a very high position.

This takes a person's mental health to a whole new level but I understand murder more clearly now I totally get it. Why people put justice into their own hands when they hit that final wall. It might be wise for someone to sit down with me before this goes to a drastic level. This could have been prevented type thing in the aftermath of destruction.

I bet money that the east coast knows where my anger and rage lies within. I bet they KNOW that I am about to go on destruction mode too. Snapped it happens when you get pushed as far as you can go.

What makes my anger and rage soar, lies within the protection of that stupid ass Judge and those stupid ass lawyer's from RHS law firm. I am blocked from getting JUSTICE because of these thugs can't be exposed. This situation is going to be dangerous soon if someone doesn't step in.

This alcohol cover up isn't going to be swept under the rug like it didn't happen nor I won't be ignored either.

This is a brutal choke hold I'm in very tortuous. Someone in a very high position is making sure the ALCOHOL isn't addressed in the court of law. They are making sure this SCANDAL doesn't make the news of any kind. They are trying to keep this hush-hush at all cost. Making sure that the ones that covered up the ALCOHOL are protected. What these people are failing to see. When I turn into satan. I WILL NOT have any pity on these monsters that covered up the ALCOHOL and destroyed my life on purpose. When I place this into my hands, yes, I will go to jail. Yes, I will be on death row but I will have relief. Relief is what I need. This is a HUGE SCANDAL and I am being severely punished for it because I want a lawyer and address the alcohol cover up in the court of law. Everyone involved will be exposed from the top to the bottom.

This judge and these 3 RHS law firm lawyer's are bad apples they are no good for the criminal justice system they have got to go. This scandal needs to be exposed now NOT later. When I hit that final wall. I'll take care of this situation. I bet it won't happen again, I promise that much. That happens when  you get 100% shut down. You can't get help, you take care of it yourself.

The wise thing, the 3rd round that I have sent off. Someone should fly in and talk to me. This is escalating into a dangerous territory.

That happens when you have been in hell for 26 months BLOCKED from getting help. I did not cause this wreck but I got punished for it. My life got totally destroyed beyond repair because 5 underage boys in possession of ALCOHOL couldn't get into trouble. My book played the biggest part tho and my book sealed the deal. The truth set me free with that one.


Why I can't have a lawyer and a court date because this case is so easy now (over with quick) with my pictures, witnesses and now my paperwork, my paperwork completes the circle of reaching out for help. My paperwork will show everyone I am 100% shut down in Arkansas. I can prove on paper and certified mail receipts that I have been turned down or totally ignored by some at the top. I can prove it on paper. My paperwork speaks volumes. I am denied justice because this judge and 3 lawyers can't be exposed or disbarred. They keep their titles so they can continue to screw people over from here on out. What the hell is going on here? They need to be in paper's, on TV and across the Internet let people know what can happen to them in the state of Arkansas. BV, MR, BS, and JR are nothing but crooks and criminals. They have totally destroyed my life all to hell and I can't repair it either there's no way.  When those pictures and witnesses dropped on May 28, 2015. The sheriff on down everyone involved in this alcohol cover up at that time should have been exposed and punished immediately however RHS law firm protected the bad guys and cut my throat and threw me right under the bus. The audacity that the RHS law firm advertise on the daily. They are so FAKE! They are nothing but maggots that get paid a lot by underhanded corruption work. I speak the truth nothing but the truth so help me God. So punish Tina Graves instead. Because they can't be disbarred or get touched. Let me tell you this, there will be a bad day in Arkansas pretty soon I believe it will be unforgettable one. A person can be beat into the ground for so long and that person will take care of justice her way.


Yes, I have reached out to the east coast like I stated up above.

They have my
List of witnesses
My paperwork (full circle paperwork)
They suggested some stuff and I got turned down in the state of Arkansas. My paperwork is explosive and my case is built my paperwork proves I am 100% shut down in Arkansas. I can prove it via paperwork.

My emails,

RHS law firm
I begged and pleaded with them that my wreck was a cover up please do something about it. RHS law firm completely ignored me. I can prove that too.
I was told to remember what MR said to me on 6-3-15
Yes, it's illegal to leave off alcohol on a police report.
The state police shouldn't have done that.
Those pictures that you have tells the complete story of the wreck. The pictures are worth a 1000 words and you don't need witnesses now Tina. The pictures explains the situation.
MR knew that the alcohol was covered up and the RHS law firm knew all about it. He was blowing smoke up my ass making me think RHS law firm was on your side but they weren't they were steadily cutting your throat for the sheriff of Conway County AR.

The Dr Phil show I got an invite
However I was told that email is the scorcher. Bombshell!

The emails to 4,7,11 and 16
Begging and pleading for help please get my story out there. I have all of them too. Pleading please help me.

When people protects maggots like these people that dims my light on the criminal justice system. These people are nothing but maggots the ones that are involved in this alcohol cover up. They need jail time or lethal injection. They don't deserve freedom.

This is political corruption making sure this scandal doesn't make the news of any kind. Keeping the scandal hush hush at all cost. The scandal should be busted wide open NOW so this doesn't happen again to another innocent person in Arkansas.


This was told to me....

Your pictures
Your list of witnesses
Now your paperwork which made a full circle. You are 100% shut down in Arkansas to expose this corruption. You're 100% blocked from getting JUSTICE.

Okay you also have
Emails begging for help
You have texts that are quite damaging too
Your cell phone records (calls)
Calls to ACLU in Arkansas
The times are damaging, you woke up with panic attacks.
That is called anxiety high amounts... Stressed out...

These people can't get out of this alcohol cover up.
The RHS law firm lawyer's that are involved and the ones that worked for them too. They can't get out of this cover up either.

Why wasn't something done on May 28, 2015 when the pictures and witnesses dropped. RHS law firm will have to explain themselves and why they dropped you on October 28, 2015. They can't lie their way out. They will have to tell the truth nothing but the truth. They can't lie. They can't dodge your proof of evidence. The question will be:
Why did you tell, Ms Graves and her mother, NOT one judge will favor for her or her proof of alcohol in the state of Arkansas? Why did you tell them that? They will have to answer that question honestly.

List of witnesses
Phone records
Trust me the east coast will court order the last 3.
They already have the rest.
Don't forget your book. That's the main reason your life was destroyed. Sheriff of Conway County AR was going to get back at you. This is all about REVENGE. They used the boys as a ploy.

Tina, you have a solid case that will explode in the court room.
You have concrete evidence these people can't lie out of it.
Now it's time for them to tell the truth and own up and take their punishment.

These people are nothing but thugs in the south they need jail time. Abuse of power at its finest in Arkansas.

He also stated that he hopes I don't go on a killing spree because of the massive choke hold I am under. These people have you in a choke hold they are going to make you eat this and make sure the corruption doesn't come to light. When a person is backed in a corner under major pressure in a choke hold like your under. That person will fight back and death will rise. I hope this gets cleared before a tragedy takes place in Arkansas. Your anger and rage is on an extremely scary level now. You can't get help, you will place it into your hands your way. You need relief and someone should step in ASAP. This isn't a joking matter anymore.

Someone mentioned to me that the news media the news reporters should get off their asses and report this story to warn everyone in Arkansas about what is going on in this situation. The Arkansas citizens should know about this story via TV.

She stated I don't care if the RHS law firm donates 500 1000 or 2000 dollars to charities every week.

Blocking concrete evidence solid proof out of court is a CRIME! They lured you in and destroyed your life for profit because blocking evidence isn't free. Then having a judge within the Arkansas Supreme Court committee making sure your evidence is thrown out once it's in court is disgusting.

This should be addressed to everyone in Arkansas warn people. Now if the news reporters are protecting these criminals too they need to be called out. This should go international. Blocking evidence out of court is a crime they need to be punished. Shame on the Arkansas governor NOT helping you. He should be impeached immediately. This is a horrific story that you can't get a lawyer to expose this corruption because of protection. Whoever is behind this need 30 years in jail. Those people don't need to be in society.

I liked that feedback


Let me explain the family situation since my blood is boiling

Mom explained herself pretty good on mother's day.

Mom and I don't want to be in the same room with these people the ones that knew about the ALCOHOL cover up and the ones that helped. Help cut my throat SMH

See, these people knew why the ALCOHOL was covered up and WHO done the covering up. They didn't tell me or my mom. They just watched us sink into the depths of hell NOT saying one word to us. Family doesn't do that to family.

This is a permanent split in the family and it can't be fixed.

Why can't it be fixed one person stated?
The TRUST is GONE we can't NEVER TRUST these people again. NEVER!!!!!

That's why we are moving to New England so we don't have to worry about a run in. No worries about running into each other. PEACE TRANQUILITY AND SOLITUDE awaits for us in New England.

These people wanted to cover up the ALCOHOL so they got to suffer the consequences.

Anyone that is involved in this alcohol cover up that puts them on the same level as maggots. I've been saying that for 2 years now.

The trust is GONE its that's simple. We don't want untrustworthy people around us. However we know the ones in the family that have been good to us. We are good to them. No, problems there.

It is NOT okay to cover up ALCOHOL at a wreck scene when lives could have been killed that day. The people that are involved in this alcohol cover up are nothing but pure EVIL people, end of story!!!!!!


What really pisses me off is Asa Hutchinson the governor of Arkansas. He has copies of my proof. When he looked at my evidence he knows this is corruption. He sees it quite clearly. The corruption stands out like a sore toe. It's obvious anyone can see this is massive amounts of corruption when they look at my evidence it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out!
Has he done anything about it?
Is Asa protecting this particular judge, the RHS law firm lawyer's, the Arkansas state police, basically everyone that is involved in this alcohol cover up? Is he protecting them??????
I believe he is protecting these scumbags, these maggots, these crooks and criminals.
If Asa wasn't protecting these corrupted morons he would have came by my residence to talk to me and my mother face to face, end of story. There is a lot of protection going on here and having the media shut down so I can't get this story out there is a major red flag. That really pisses me off about the media being shut down. My voice should be heard. Arkansas should know about this story immediately.

I WILL go over everyone's head to get something done about this scandal in Arkansas. This story should be broadcasted all over Arkansas and all over the world. It's pretty God damn disgusting what these gutless cowards egotistical maniac liars have done to me and my mother.

Now IF the governor is protecting all these egotistical scumbags he should be impeached immediately because he thinks it's okay to drink alcohol and drive since that's the reason for this fight. I want the alcohol cover up to be addressed in the court of law and placed on the police report like it should have been on the police report March 24, 2015 instead they swept the alcohol under the rug like it didn't happen. On March 24, 2015 the Arkansas State Police gave it the okay (it's cool)  to drink and drive to 5 underage boys. How disgusting is that pretty disgusting to be honest. This puts the governor as the protector. This clearly states that the alcohol could NOT go on the police report because of the boys sports scholarships had to be saved and their records had to stay clean at all cost. This also puts the governor protecting the sheriff of Conway County AR too. We all know why my life was destroyed, over the book I wrote. If this is accurate the governor should be impeached ASAP so this doesn't happen again to another innocent person in Arkansas. This is NO laughing matter. This story should be on the news media NOT swept under the rug to protect reputations. This judge, these RHS law firm lawyer's, everyone involved in this alcohol cover up NEVER had reputations that was all inside their sick heads. I am the victim and I got my life destroyed by scumbags. Give me a break, something will be done about this one way or another.

To be honest cracking of necks sounds better and better each day as I wake up. Get rid of these people on a permanent basis.


March 24, 2015 to May 24, 2017
Excruciating pain and suffering for 26 months.
All I want is a
My pictures and witnesses
Now a shit ton of paperwork brought into court to expose this corruption to the full extent of the law.
However I am denied a lawyer and justice.
I am 100% blocked from getting help in Arkansas.
All because they don't want this SCANDAL be brought to light. They don't want this SCANDAL let out. So let's punish the victim instead.

While this particular judge keeps blocking evidence out of court so other people can't get justice too. Let this judge work and destroy other lives on the daily. What kind of fucking bullshit is that?

While these 3 RHS law firm lawyer's continue to give out awards and money to non charities. So they can show their fake ass on TV to promote their fake ass law firm. So they can lure and sucker people in with their bullshit lies. Like they did ME!
Why 4, 7, 11 and 16 can't help me get this story out to the Arkansas citizens it's all about business and money.
They air their commercials every 15 minutes. Every minutes a life is going to be destroyed all to hell just like MINE! Now if mom and I got on the NEWS they would BE stop immediately. That law firm  doesn't want mom and I on the news the truth would be told about them. RHS law firm they need to be stopped in their tracks and be shut down. However they have protection tho and continue to destroy lives on the daily. How fucking sick is that pretty fucking sick to be honest.

I was told last summer, someone in a high position is stopping you in your tracks from exposing this corruption. Stopping you and while they are doing so. They are beating you into the ground in the meantime to make you give up. They KNOW this will be a high profile case if this corruption gets leaked out to the public no ands ifs or buts about it. They can't have that at all. Looks like Asa Hutchinson is the keeper and keeping this SCANDAL in the dark. If it wasn't him he would have contacted me weeks ago. No one can bullshit me at all, hell to the no they can't. He has copies of my evidence and he knows what is up too. How fucking sick is that pretty fucking sick to be honest. I need help in the worst way and can't get it there. That's a major red flag!

Texts (court ordered)
Phone records (court ordered)
Brought into court
What I need is a fucking lawyer
And a jury trial.
I need to expose this corruption immediately so it can stop at me.
This is excruciating pain and suffering and I do not want another person to go through this at all. It's a terrible feeling to feel. Trust I know and so does my mom.

See this is all about beating me into the ground so I will give up on a lawyer and jury trial.

Let's turn the tables, let me have a ball bat and let me beat their fucking heads in so they can't harm another person like they harmed me and my mother. Sounds legit and it sounds fair. Then I would NOT have to worry about them fucking up another human beings life that would most definitely stop at me thank GOD. That's teaching them a lesson straight to the grave.
These people are nothing but sick and twisted monsters that need to be stopped. I am the WRONG motherfucker to be fucking with.


May 24, 2017
2 years 2 months
Trying to get a lawyer to get my evidence into court it's taking an act of Congress to do so. This is unheard of and unthinkable. It's totally ridiculous I can't get justice. Really its ridiculous that I can't hire a lawyer or get the news media involved. This story should be on the news ASAP.

March 24, 2015
That's when all the dirty work was done. All the covering up took place. Conway County Arkansas Sheriff and everyone else that was involved in this alcohol cover up. That was when it was all done. All the dirty underhanded work was done that very day.

April 6, 2015
I hired the RHS law firm
At that time I didn't know that they were the attorney's for the Arkansas state police and the Conway County AR sheriff, cops, county officials.
My throat got cut right at first when they took my case. RHS law firm knew this alcohol cover up had to stay covered up.
They had a judge within the Arkansas Supreme Court committee to protect them. The judge was the one to totally block me out of court. When my case number came up out goes my evidence before a jury could ever see it. My evidence is concrete solid proof.

May 28, 2015 when I got about 35 pictures in and my list of witnesses that seen alcohol at the wreck scene. I sent them to RHS law firm immediately and they absolutely didn't do anything about it. RHS law firm is a corrupted law firm I can prove it too.

What threw this into a tailspin or threw a monkey wrench in this alcohol cover up was the pictures. They weren't expecting pictures that damaging to show up. The pictures threw everyone off track because the dirty work was already done beforehand. Everyone knew when my pictures went into court everybody that was involved in this alcohol cover up was going down immediately. So they had to stop me in my tracks and they had to stop me from hiring a lawyer because those pictures could NOT reach the court room at all cost. The pictures could NOT surface. These people could NOT be exposed at all.

So this particular judge and these 3 RHS law firm lawyer's ran to someone because they couldn't be disbarred they had so call reputations to protect and the RHS law firm empire couldn't be dismantled. They could NOT be touched at all. Those pictures went into court, goodbye judge and goodbye RHS law firm lawyer's that are involved in this alcohol cover up no more practicing law for them.

It takes a very powerful person in Arkansas to 100% shut me down from hiring a lawyer. To 100% shut me down from getting JUSTICE and 100% shut me down from the news media to air this scandal out. This is what you call a true scandal. Stopping the victim 100% in her tracks so her voice is silenced so she can't get help or speak up on this situation. It takes a very powerful person in the state of Arkansas to completely totally shut me down.

This person should be called out immediately and this person should be placed on death row. This is a true maggot and they don't need to represent Arkansas. This is NOT taking care of the Arkansas citizens at all. This person doesn't care about anyone's safety but their own.

2015 vs 2017

My book

My book

I completed a full circle of paperwork. I am 100% shut down in Arkansas from hiring a lawyer and seek justice that I wholeheartedly deserve after 26 months of nothing but pure hell pure torture. I can prove all of this on paper immediately. Which I got in 8 different spots.

Emails begging for help. No one helped me either. I can prove it too.
4, 7, 11 and 16
That's false advertising on their part because they would not help me get my story out there either. They were protecting the RHS law firm and everyone that took part in this alcohol cover up.
I got saved emails begging, pleading for their help. They wouldn't get my story out there. Why advertise that you will help Arkansas citizens? When they don't help they protect the bad guys instead. I got the emails to prove what I am talking about.

My phone records and texts are damaging too very damaging. I was told a lawyer will court order and select the ones they need. That's the lawyer's job.

2015 to 2017

What I have in my possession is mind blowing, unheard of and unthinkable. This is a true scandal and I can prove everything straight to the T. They got me in a major choke hold so this doesn't go into the public eye. They don't want this scandal to surface whatsoever. They made a monster out of me and I am going to get destructive real soon. I promise!

God himself couldn't get out of this cluster fuck he would have to own up to the wrong doing and take his punishment like a man. That's the only way, he could NOT get out of this he couldn't lie his way out either. The only way out is to start telling the truth nothing but the truth.


That's what this fight is all about. They don't want me to have a lawyer.
No, lawyer in the state of Arkansas will address the alcohol cover up. Someone in a high position is stopping the lawyer's from addressing the alcohol.
I have solid proof concrete evidence that will stand in the court of law and no lawyer in the state of Arkansas will address the alcohol. The alcohol cover up is hush-hush. The alcohol cover up can't be mentioned in court. Give me a break.

Yup, big time protection going on here. So this judge, these 3 RHS law firm lawyer's, the sheriff and everyone else that is involved can't get into trouble nor get touched.
That's unacceptable and I will NOT go for that at all!
I have rights and I want this alcohol cover up unfold in the court room where it can be documented and exposed. These people should be punished to the FULL extent of the law.

Once I obtain a lawyer and get ALL my evidence into court
County officials
All the ones involved in this alcohol cover up will go down immediately no ands ifs or buts about it. They all will be exposed. They need to be exposed they are scumbags. They don't need to do other people like they have done me. This is an American Horror Story total depths in hell. Pure torture!!!! I want it to stop at me.

That's why I am 100% blocked from hiring a lawyer in the state of Arkansas. That's why I am 100% blocked from getting JUSTICE in the state of Arkansas and 100% blocked from the news media in Arkansas. They don't want this scandal to surface. I am 100% shut down in the state of Arkansas and I can prove it on paper. I can prove all of this with my paperwork. If a news reporter would give me a chance they would be shocked, what they would see. No words for it. They would see what I am talking about. See it firsthand that I am 100% shut down in the state of Arkansas getting help and justice.

This would turn into a high profile case within minutes after it bust wide open in the news media. Mom and I need a news reporter that isn't scared that would be great. Bust it wide open. Like a boss!


I have been without a
Car for 26 months
Money 26 months
Job 26 months


All because of this
Judge he can't be exposed or disbarred
All because of RHS law firm
These 3 lawyers can't be exposed or disbarred
This crooked ass Sheriff he can't be exposed or fired
When they covered up the ALCOHOL they had a big time protector in Arkansas making sure they didn't get touched
Then that person made sure the others that also covered up the ALCOHOL could NOT get touched either.


I have really bad
Because I am the victim and I got punished for a wreck that I didn't cause. That's NOT right or fair.

I have been traumatized and victimized for 26 months. This was all uncalled for, I have proof. Let me have my day in court.

What is going through my mind is that these people need their brains beat out of their heads. Their brains should be laying on the ground. These people are nothing but pure evil and they deserve death.

My mental health is GONE. No one can put a price tag on this cluster fuck. No price tag!!!!

I will never ever get over this beat down not in this lifetime. There is NO way I can recover from this. There's no way!

Then watching my mom take the same beat down makes me want to kill each and every one of these people because they think they are above the law and they can doing anything to anyone and get away with it. Because they have a protector backing their corrupted ass up.

Why don't they put me and the protector in the same room and see what happens.

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