February 28, 2017

Heaven forbid my pictures & witnesses get into court!!


3-24-15 to 3-24-17 will be 2 years FIGHTING this corruption!

I have solid proof concrete evidence

I have solid proof and I can't get justice because of corrupted people. They don't want any  of my evidence in court, they don't want to be exposed. Political and police corruption at its finest in Arkansas!

The sheriff he's the one orchestra this crime over revenge (my book of course). I can prove it too. Just let me have my pictures, witnesses and now my paperwork in court right in front of a jury and a non corrupted judge. Let justice prevail!!!!!

The judge he's the BLOCKER he's blocking my evidence right out of court. That's against the law too.
I WILL find out how he got that position in the Arkansas Supreme Court. I WILL find out why he's allowed to destroy people's lives he gets away with it too. How in the hell did he get this position,  Arkansas Supreme Court????  One of the most corrupted lawyer's in Conway County Arkansas, something is very wrong here. He smashed mom and I into the ground NOT think twice about it!!!!!!!!! If he's innocent he would set a meeting up with me and mom. I have been requesting a meeting with the ASC committee of professional conduct for the last 5 months. They don't want to set up a meeting to talk. Imagine that??????????? Wonder why???? I have proof with certified mail. They are dodging me like a bullet. FYI everything I have mailed off is certified and I can put them all on a table at any given moment.

The whiny ass parents. OMG they could NOT have the ALCOHOL on the police report. Their son's lives could NOT be destroyed but let's destroy the victims life instead. However in Conway County Arkansas, when you want something removed off the police report it comes with a price. Someone should talk to the parents. see how much it was.
I was also told the driver, if the alcohol was on the police report the insurance company would have dropped the whole entire family because of underage drinking. So let's destroy the victims life REMEMBER the victim didn't cause this wreck THE DRIVER DID. These parents need jail time too. Covering up alcohol is against the law. The alcohol couldn't go on the police report because the boys couldn't get into trouble. Give me a break. These parents should be under the jail cell that took part in this cover up.

The RHS law firm lawyer's,
They sat on my evidence for 5 months.
Stalled my case out on purpose to starve me out so I would take any amount of money. Dropped my case and blocked my evidence out of court with the help of a corrupted judge in the Arkansas Supreme Court. These lawyer's should be disbarred immediately so they don't destroy anymore lives. They need to stay off of TV too! Every time they open their mouths out comes a lie.

The family involved in this cover up. Mom and I hope they do jail time for this. So they can learn a lesson and NOT stick their nose in other people's business. They chose the corrupted route so they deserve what they get. They need to do least one year in jail.

Asshole buddies (The system)

The judge
The RHS law firm lawyer's
Arkansas state police

Worked hand in hand together with this cover up.

Destroying lives one at a time. They destroyed mine all to hell. You can't put a price tag on this situation at all. Corrupted to the core, yes, it is. I can prove it too.

My medical is about $25,000 that's the alloted amount for the insurance. $25,000 in medical nothing is wrong with me they said. That's too much money for nothing being wrong with me, real talk. The sheriff of Conway County AR was making damn sure I didn't get anything out of this wreck but a destroyed life because of the book I wrote. RHS law firm backing him up because THAT is his lawyer too.

FYI something is wrong with my medical, I pray to God it ain't. I hope I am in good shape. My mental health that's a different story. If I have nerve, brain or heart damage. I swear to fucking God I will place these people (all that are involved) under the jail cell or under something. I'll make damn sure this doesn't happen again to anyone else.

Karma is coming because I'm flying over everyone's head. They better hope and pray I don't have medical damage that went untreated. I suffer every day of my life because of this wreck.
My mental health is gone all because of these corrupted assholes. My mental health is in bad shape.

All of this was uncalled for. I have solid proof and I wasn't allowed justice so these people can't get into trouble or get exposed. I can prove all of this. Just let me have a jury trial. It will be over with real quick after my medical is redone.

I was told the FBI should go ask the family the ones that helped cover the alcohol up.

Then go to the boys because they know what happened that day. Alcohol caused this wreck by looking at your pictures but they need interrogation. They need to tell the truth.

The 2 Arkansas state troopers, that's when the cookie will crumble.

The truth about this alcohol cover up will come to light and the Feds can get a better understanding and they can go punish the ones that are responsible for this cover up. Just remember Tina, no one is above the law NOT even the judge or lawyer's. That's all inside their heads. Anyone can be brought down if they committ a crime especially solid proof concrete evidence like yours. No one can lie nor get out of this NOT by those pictures. The pictures tell nothing but the truth. What's on the police report is nothing but lies.

The right judge the right jury this will be over with quick. A speedy trial to get you to New England away from this corrupted mess. This is pure corruption.

I can lay my pictures, the list of witnesses and all my paperwork on the table. I can place my book on top. My book sealed the deal. I wrote about corruption, look what happened to me. Corruption massive amounts of corruption is all around me in this alcohol cover up.

The sheriff
The judge
The RHS law firm lawyer's
The Arkansas state police troopers
The parents that are involved
The family that are involved
Everyone involved
Should do massive amounts of jail time.
Scumbags is what they are!!!!!
I can prove it in the court of law baby!

Oh BTW I heard about a warrant for my arrest, MAYBE????

((((( in my eyes, this is a way to get me into jail. Supposedly I attacked them, I come up dead. They do things like that there. Since I'm raising hell to get justice. We can just silence her. The motive for murder. It's there I can see it.))))) I am going to continue this until I get a civil rights lawyer to get me justice that I wholeheartedly deserve.

Ummmmmmmmmmmm I haven't had a car, job and money for 2 years now.
I am NOT paying for my medical until it's rechecked. I just don't have any money.
My unpaid bills should be devided between
The sheriff
The judge
The RHS law firm lawyer's (3)
The parents that took part in this
The family that took part in this
Everyone that took part in this!
Y'all wanted to remove the alcohol to ruin my life. Y'all chose the corrupted route so y'all pay my bills. Y'all have destroyed my life all to hell because of corruption 2 years today. 3-24-15 to 3-24-17
Y'all have paralyzed me and now my mom financially so y'all can divide and pay them. Crooked assholes. Y'all have money and I don't. Y'all wanted to remove the alcohol and destroy my life pay my outstanding bills!!!!!!!!! Especially the parents, hell is going to love you guys one day.


to the family..........
What has my mom done to y'all?
Why did y'all bury her alive too?
She has been good to y'all and she didn't deserve this at all whatsoever!!!!!
I'll want answers when the time comes because I'll be asking them trust me!!!!!! FACE TO FACE!!!!!!!

One thing the family that took part in this alcohol cover up. Don't hide behind religion. That is making you guys look real stupid because God knows what you have done to me and my mother. God doesn't like UGLY either. I wouldn't get all religious because that will backfire too NOT in a good way.



What this is all about my pictures and witnesses going into court, these corrupted people are making sure that doesn't happen with the BIG DOGS backing them up!

Once my pictures and witnesses now my paperwork goes into court. Everyone involved covering up the ALCOHOL is GOING DOWN! The party is OVER!

See I am dealing with high amounts of corruption. Talking about my ANGER and RAGE I could rip these people's heads right off their shoulders. I got the evidence and proof these corrupted assholes are keeping me from getting JUSTICE this is the WORST feeling to feel to be honest. Knowing I have 100% proof this wreck was a cover up, being blocked out of court because these people can't be exposed. It's a terrible feeling and the thoughts that run through my head it's pretty scary now going on 2 YEARS March 24th. I wish I was living in New England. I should have been living there summer of 2015 but these corrupted bastards stop that. I found peace tranquility and solitude in New England and these corrupted bastards did not want me to have that at all. I hate these people to the core.

When you look at my pictures you will automatically see that ALCOHOL played a MAJOR FACTOR in this wreck. That was high rate of speed flying across the intersection like that, impaired judgment caused this!! The 5 underage boys at the time of the wreck were in possession of ALCOHOL no SOBRIETY tests NO alcohol possession charge. These 5 underage boys got off scott free so their scholarships stayed intact and their records stayed clean. What about the victim and their rights? That's right, these corrupted assholes stripped my rights from me to the core. This is a shocking story. We all KNOW why I was smashed into the ground, the sheriff of Conway County AR seen an open window to destroy my life because of the book I wrote. I wrote about corruption so this situation seals the deal, this is high amounts of corruption I am dealing with. I wrote my book this proved my point.

I was told I had the wreck in Conway County Arkansas and it will be hard to get your pictures and witnesses in court because of the abuse of power in the highest court. They will throw your evidence out before anyone sees it.

I'm like hell no, I have solid proof concrete evidence that these corrupted people lied. Let me have a lawyer and a court date. It will be over with soon.

Now this is ridiculous that a Judge, these 3 lawyers from RHS law firm, the sheriff and the Arkansas state police everyone involved can do this to the victim. People in Arkansas should know about this immediately.

I have solid proof give me justice it's that simple.  This is a very easy case. I can prove this was a cover up.
Let's talk about RHS law firm,

April 6, 2015 I hired RHS

May 28, 2015
1st meeting
I emailed pictures and witnesses solid proof, concrete evidence that my wreck was a cover up. Get it trial ready please and thank you. Full investigation should have started immediately. Ignorance is bliss with that lawyer.

June 3, 2015
Meeting number 2
Yes, it's illegal to leave off alcohol, the police shouldn't have done that. The alcohol should have been on the police report.
Yes, the alcohol will be added so will the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone too.
You have leverage NOW
A picture is worth a thousand words Tina
The ball is in your court.
You got this!

5 loooooooooooooooooong months of Nothing starving me out.

October 28, 2015
RHS dropped my case
NO leverage NOW
NO JUDGE in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or the pictures and witnesses.
That day RHS kept my evidence out of court and the media was stopped too. The local news stations WILL NOT touch this story.

As for other lawyer's they can take my case but they can't do anything about the ALCOHOL the ALCOHOL cannot be brought up. Lawyer's don't want to touch that subject at all. It's like mentioning the word alcohol is a taboo they don't want to talk about it forbidden subject! Why take my case when you can't win?

RHS law firm connections

Bar association
Supreme Court the highest court there is a connection there one of the 5 boys involved he has a connection a strong connection there. That judge should be disbarred immediately!!!!!!!!!!! Committee or NO committee.

Attorney general office

The list goes on.....

RHS law firm sat on my evidence for 5 months the whole time they DID NOT do one thing for me but bury me alive in political and police corruption. I can prove this in the court of law. RHS law firm ruined my life, ruined my credit and most of all they ruin my trust in other people. RHS law firm is a terrible law firm. They are true snakes in the grass. Licensed theives!!!!!

That's why RHS law firm stopped me because they don't want their image destroyed in the public eye. This will be a shocker to the state of Arkansas once I get on the news. These people that covered up this wreck, don't want anyone near me or my mom. They don't want the truth leaked out at all because of their reputations. I am like over here what reputation?  They are scumbags, end of story.

These lawyer's should be disbarred and never ever be able to practice law again.

These lawyer's are criminal and crooks. I can prove it in the court of law.

Just think they protected 5 underage boys with possession of ALCOHOL made sure they didn't get into trouble. RHS law firm knew that ALCOHOL played a part in this wreck. They protected them NOT their  client (me) how many people have they done this too and how many are they going to do this too in the future. They make profit by blocking evidence out of court.

What RHS law firm done to me is a serious matter, this should be addressed immediately.  This should stop at me. There should be a Tina Graves law stated in about cover ups when concrete evidence comes in to the picture the cover up shouldn't continue. Covering up stuff really should NOT start up to begin with. That's so illegal, so illegal OMG.

I have solid proof and I want it in court, end of story. These corrupted bastards knew better and they still continue the cover up after the pictures dropped. That shows you how ignorant and stupid they are with big ego's. What punishment they get is what they deserve.

RHS law firm isn't a good law firm and the citizens of Arkansas should know about this so they don't make the same mistake like I did. The mistake of hiring them cost me everything in my life. I've lost everything in life because of RHS law firm. That law firm cut my throat. That law firm should be shut down to be honest.

THEY REALLY SHOULDN'T BE ADVERTISING TOO! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! That's how I got suckered in, I have paid dearly for it too.

You know what really chaps my ass, the head honcho lawyer, Mr Buckteeth:
I can still see and hear him tell me this to my face!

Tina, with those pictures you have leverage the ball is in your court now. A picture is worth a thousand words you don't need witnesses. Those pictures tells the truth the story what had happened that day you have total leverage. Standing there lying through his rotten teeth knowing he's gonna cut my throat for the other side and protect the boys. He was going to make sure the sheriff of Conway County AR got his revenge over the book I wrote and the boys stayed protected. He should be in prison right along with the other 2 lawyer's and that rotten judge and Sheriff too. Let Tyrone tap that ass on the daily. How many have these low life lawyers done this to besides me. Those lawyer's knew those boys were drunk and they covered this wreck up for profit anyways. RHS law firm is a disgrace and disgusting to do their clients like they done me. I can prove it!

Just remember I know who stabbed mom and I in the back and who was nice to me and my mother while we are in the depths of hell. I have NO beef with the good part of the family but I did take my knife out of my back cut the cord for the family that stabbed us in the back helped with this cover up! When I am done with someone I am d-o-n-e baby!

The family involved in this cover up. This will be short and simple.

They are dead to me.

They watched me and my mother go down the drain and none of them would tell us that the wreck was covered up to save the boys. They kept their mouth shut said nothing at all just watch me and mom sink into the depths of hell.

I have no use for these people and I don't want them around me or my mother.

They are no good, they can stay the hell away from me and my mother too. We don't need that toxicity in our lives.

Corrupted people I don't want them around me at all.

((((((( This is a horrible feeling to feel, when you have all this proof, you have concrete evidence. You're being stopped because of these people, they don't want to be exposed. They don't want people in Arkansas see their true colors. It's an awful feeling to feel. You can't get help because of these people. To me these people deserve the death penalty. This is abuse of power at its finest in Arkansas. I loathe each and every one of these people that are involved.  I hope they rot in hell.)))))))


I feel like turning into Negan off of The Walking Dead, cracking skulls one at a time. That's where my anger and rage is at! That's the level I am on.

Just thinking about this unnecessary bullshit. This was all uncalled for. I have proof 100% proof this wreck was covered up for the love of God let me expose it in the court of law. Let me have my lawyer, let me get my pictures and witnesses in court. Let me get my medical redone, let's settle this shit. I want to move to New England and get the hell out of the Twilight Zone in Arkansas. I will never ever move back, I swear to God, I won't!

The AUDACITY of that judge blocking my evidence out of court because he's the main one backing this cover up making that alcohol disappear for many reasons. That's why he's in that position to keep the corruption going. God's honest truth right there. Abuse of power at its finest, removing the alcohol and traumatizing the victim to the core. Mentally beating her down by abuse of power, yup, what a scumbag he is. Blocking me out of court and blocking the media. I should be able to tell about my American Horror Story right along with my mama. We have a story to tell. Pure horror!!!!

RHS law firm give me a break these lawyer's are such a joke.

Conflict of interest---- they are the lawyer's for the Arkansas state police.
They are the lawyer's for Conway County AR, sheriff, county officials and the cops.

These bastards can't represent 3 parties.

Misrepresentation----- they DID NOT do one thing for me but ruined my life, ruined my credit and ruined my trust in the human race. They have severely traumatized me to the core. I took a severe beat down from RHS law firm a beat down from hell!

Withholding evidence---- they helped blocked my pictures and witnesses out of court. They were making sure I didn't get justice and they made sure the other side was taken care of. They don't care about their clients, trust me!

I can prove all of this in the court of law. RHS law firm is a JOKE they are FAKES. They will destroy a life for profit, I am living proof. Just ask me, I will be brutally honest about this situation.

They cut throats NOT think twice about it. I know what I am talking about.

The sheriff of Conway County #Arkansas, yup, he destroyed my life over the book I wrote. I was telling the truth. What a true scumbag he is. He prove my point how stupid is that? Pretty damn stupid.

The family that was involved in the cover up!
Just sit back and watched Freda and Tina go into the depths of hell NOT saying a word. There's a special place in hell for y'all.

Hiding behind religion is such a joke. God knows what y'all done. God will punish each and every one of YOU! That I do KNOW.

Mom and I have taken one hell of a beating. I'm surprised we are NOT dead yet. The stress we live under everyday of our lives. I am surprised that we don't have cancer or had a stroke by now. No one gives a fuck about us but a few. That has been a real eye opener right there.

All I want is lawyer, get my evidence in court and get justice. Get the hell out of Arkansas!

What I've gotten so far is a mental beating because these people are stopping me in my tracks because they don't want their precious reputations ruined so let's mentally beat Freda and Tina into the ground and stomp all over them. BTW their reputations that's all in their head!

This blog here is my brutally honest blog!!!


The conversation


What this boils down to Tina.......

The judge, the one that has connections to the wreck most of all the sheriff of Conway County AR. He's the one to block the evidence out of court he's the go to man. If he didn't have any connections, he would have set up a meeting a long time ago. He's connected to this cover up. He should be fired immediately.

(((let me note this)))
This judge is in with the Supreme Court and a lot of other activities too. This judge keeps stuff of the court room for Conway County AR he protects lawyers, cops and the sheriff so on.
He's my thorn in my side, if he wants evidence blocked out of court he blocks it no ifs ands or buts about it. He's the culprit. If someone wants something blocked out in the court of law in Arkansas. He blocks it. This runs deep. Trust me I know what I am talking about. That is why the residents of Conway County AR can't get anything done in court. If someone wants something blocked, it's blocked with a protector making sure it stays out of court. The truth nothing but the truth right here.

See when my case number comes up, my pictures and witnesses will be automatically thrown out of court. This particular judge has it set up that way. No trial no jury.
That's why certain lawyers stated it would be an uphill battle to win this case.

Once my pictures and witnesses goes in court everybody will be exposed immediately they have stopped that so that won't happen. Corruption overload big time! I would win hands down once my evidence is presented in court. I have everything in my hands to bring down the house. I have solid proof concrete evidence! A lot of people will have some explaining to do, why the alcohol was covered up. So therefore I'm blocked from hiring a lawyer and having a jury trial in the state of #Arkansas blocked my justice because of precious reputations. I'm over here like what reputation? These people are scumbags, end of story!

They have a system and its been going on for years and years now. A lot of covers up in Conway County Arkansas. It's pretty bad and it's pretty scary..

The RHS law firm lawyers,

Conflict of interest
Withholding evidence

Sit on your evidence for 5 months didn't do one damn thing for you. Dropped your case and turned around told you NOT one judge in #Arkansas will favor for you or your evidence.
Those RHS lawyers should be disbarred immediately so they don't destroy anymore lives in the future. They are ROTTEN lawyers. Tina, you can prove all of this in court.

Okay, all these lawyers you contacted and they told you they can't take your case or they could but they couldn't do anything about the ALCOHOL. Just remember those lawyers will be subpoena into court, sworn under oath why they couldn't mention the alcohol, when you have solid proof. They will tell the truth because they don't want to get into trouble or lose their license. You got a long list of lawyers they have some explaining to do. The evidence is right there, "proof of alcohol" solid proof, concrete evidence in front of their eyes. Something is very wrong with this picture. Who is blocking the alcohol? Why is being allowed? What is the reason? Come forward and come clean, enough with the lies, 2 years already. Tell the truth about this cover up and the corruption that surrounds it! Tell the truth and set yourself free!

They will admit to who told them NOT to mention the alcohol or bring it into court.
They WILL tell the truth.

The 3 ring circus,
The judge
The lawyer's
The sheriff

However the sheriff did all of this out of revenge over the book you wrote and used the boys as a ploy. He seen an opportunity open window he ran with it making profit while doing it. He needs as least 10 years in prison.

When you get everyone in court under oath the truth will come out. Especially the boys. They lie they will DO time in prison but most of all the lawyer's they are NOT going to lie that's a given. They will tell the truth.

What these people should do is tell the truth nothing but the truth so help them God.

Those pictures they can't get out of this nor lie!
They need to tell the truth for once in the last 2 years. This case should have went to trial in summer of 2015 NOT 2017.

This person told me he doesn't feel sorry for these people and they should be punished to the FULL extent of the law, end of story.

What they did to YOU and what they did to your MOM. They can't put a price tag on that. Hell no they can't!!!

This was all uncalled for this should have been settled a long time ago. You have 100% proof concrete evidence! May 28, 2015 says it all.

Abuse of power by a judge
Abuse of power by RHS lawyers
Most of all abuse of power by a sheriff

What they get is what they deserve!!!!!

I would hate to be on this person's shit list!

This is a uncorupted lawyer's dream case right here. They need to block out and ignore the bullying, the scare tactics and intimidation that's all. Take it to court and get justice!!!!!

We talked about my medical too.
Tina, he stated, your wreck was 100% covered up.
Tina, your medical is 100% covered up too.
Your medical had to match the police report. Minor damage. This was a horrific accident. This is an unbelievable cover up.

This wreck happened 2 years ago on March 24, 2015.

To this day,
I suffer with chronic headaches
Chronic numbness
Chronic chest pain.

I have a phobia a fear they will continue to cover up stuff. So I suffer with my pain.

If I was told to go to Little Rock and get my medical rechecked. I would have severe panic attack and I would start kicking and screaming. Traumatized that's me at this point.

They have covered up everything, they have shut me down, they have shut my voice down in Arkansas. I can't have another slap in the face covering up my medical records again. Saying there's nothing wrong with me. I can't do it. I just can't do it.

I know something is wrong with me. It's my body and I can tell. RHS law firm and everyone that is involved they have traumatized me to the core.

I found a place in New England, I want to move too. My medical can be redone there so I'll be on their records if I have to get something done.

Abuse of power in Arkansas there's too much going on, I can't risk it. I can't have another slap in my face. I just can't.

My mental health is gone. I will need a psychiatrist. I will get one when I move. I will be by a pretty famous town with very intelligent people that will help me through this process this life storm. There's a good psychiatrist there.

I just want to move and try to recover but I know in my heart, I will never fully recover from this but I should be able to live in peace in New England. I'm NOT asking for much. Most of all I have to make sure my mom, Kayli and Kade are taken care of.

When I say I am living an American Horror Story people need to believe it.

This man also stated, once I get the media involved you will see a big difference. Media will take over take control.

Your lawyer will speak for you because your lawyer will see the hell in your eyes and in your mom's eyes when that time comes. Your lawyer will see how bad off you really are. No one should have gone through this much torture when the victim has 100% proof. This was all uncalled for.

Abuse of power by everyone involved.

These are evil people they are liars. They need full punishment.

I've been asked hundreds of times, why won't the:

The Arkansas State Police
Conway County sheriff's Office the sheriff
RHS law firm
This particular judge
Stand up and defend themselves? Why don't they stand up and defend? You have been beating them into the ground for months.

It's easy, I have the (goods) in my hands. I have the truth.

So therefore they would have to tell the truth for once and for all. They would have to confess, why they covered up the ALCOHOL. Who done it....... Why?

They are keeping my pictures and witnesses out of court because that's where the truth lies at. My evidence speaks volume and my evidence tells the truth. My evidence states the facts nothing but the truth.

Oh I am like sue me bitches, my evidence will get into court then and the judge and jury will understand my anger and rage most of all they will understand why I am acting the way I am acting. They will see injustice when they see my evidence. They will see 100% proof of covering up the ALCOHOL. They will see the truth...

That's why......... They won't defend themselves because I hold the TRUTH and they know it. The party is over once my evidence is presented in court. My evidence, the truth will be set free.


You know what makes my anger and rage flare on dangerous levels. That I could hurt people fighting this for 2 years now. Hell, anyone would feel like I do fighting for 2 years for justice. I've been traumatized to the core.

All I want is

A lawyer

Jury trial

I want to be able to sit down in a court room and find out WHY? my wreck was covered up? Why doesn't the police report match my pictures. What happened on the day on March 24, 2015. There's a lot of lying going on. I have every right to have a lawyer, jury trial and have my pictures and witnesses presented in court. Find out the truth expose this corruption in the court of law. The evidence I have, it will be over quick. It's a cover up and I want the truth be said in court.


Why I can't have a lawyer and jury trial

Because the RHS lawyer's and that rotten judge can't get exposed or lose their licenses.

These idiots chose the corruptive path. They don't need their licenses. They need jail time about 20 years needless to say maybe more. They don't need to destroy anymore lives. This should stop at me.

If this was done right in the first place on May 28, 2015 when the lawyer got his email.

The sheriff on down would have gotten fired and exposed and punished to the FULL extent of the law. IF the lawyer would have done his job right in the first place. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

What these corrupted maggots done to me and to my mom destroyed our lives all to hell. To keep us from exposing this corruption. Keep us from exposing the truth in the court of law.

The RHS lawyer's and this rotten judge, block my evidence out of court so I can't get justice because they can't get into trouble. That's NOT a good excuse at all.

How inhumane is that? Destroyed our lives so they can't get punished. I hope these people die a slow death of misery and pain so they can feel every bit of emotion of all the people they have fucked over in the past especially me and my mother. They need to die a slow death and feel that pain to the core so they can be reminded of all the evil things they did to people that they screwed over. I mean this too.







Someone in a high place is protecting this

Rotten judge
Rotten lawyer 1
Rotten lawyer 2
Rotten lawyer 3
Rotten Sheriff

As I remember rotten lawyer one told me to my face. Yes, it's illegal to leave off the alcohol on the police report the state police shouldn't have done that. Yes, it will be added to the police report. That lawyer knew it was illegal sweeping the alcohol under the rug. RHS law firm didn't do jack crap for me but buried me alive and laughed about it. I can prove all of this too.

So therefore this lawyer, I mean lawyer's are stopping other lawyers in their tracks from taking this case because these lawyers involved will be disbarred. They need to be disbarred they are crooked lawyers. The judge is crooked too and the sheriff.

Sooooooooooooooooooo lets punish the victim to the core by blocking her and the pictures and the witnesses out of court so these scumbags won't get into trouble and Tina doesn't get justice. RHS law firm I hope and pray that law firm gets shut down. So no one else in the future gets tortured again like I've been tortured. I've been through hell.

Nevermind Tina Graves the victim the one that got her life destroyed all to shit because of this protector, I am pretty sure i know who it is. I'll take their ass down too. IDGAF

These rotten people are destroying lives on a daily basis getting away with it. This corruption should be exposed immediately!!!!!!


I knew this already but I'll put it on here.

Why the lawyer's won't take my case.
Some will take it some will NOT, the ones that will can't mention the alcohol.

I've been told, I can't win, I won't make a dime from my pain and suffering the bullshit talk goes on and on..... I can't win this.....

I was told,

The lawyer's of Arkansas are protecting the lawyer's that are in trouble and the judge, the sheriff the list goes on. They are making damn sure these people don't get into trouble.

That's why they won't mention the alcohol.

The main lawyer of RHS law firm told me to my face:

That it is illegal to leave off alcohol on the police report.

The police shouldn't have done that.

The alcohol will be added to the police report and the other factors.

Those pictures tells the truth the story about the wreck as of what happened that day of the wreck.

A picture is worth a thousand words and you don't need witnesses now not with those pictures.

I have TOTAL leverage the ball is in my court. I would win this because of the pictures. They tell the truth.

This was told to me by one of the top lawyers in Arkansas.

Him and these other 2 lawyer's helped with the cover up. They knew that this wreck was covered up on March 24, 2015. With a judge abusing his power by blocking my pictures and witnesses out of court in Arkansas. To protect the boys and everyone involved. The judge got a protector too. I already knew that.

This person stated that's why the lawyer's won't mention the alcohol.

He said, I'm just a state over and I know all about this case. I am a lawyer. I seen all those pictures and it DOESN'T match the police report. That Police report is falsified and there is a lot of lying going ON BIG TIME. Lawyer's should NOT run in a pack and protect other other lawyer's that covered up something and block evidence out of court. They should do their job and expose these dirty corrupted people.

Tina, those pictures and witnesses are the foundation of this case. Yes, it should be brought into court. This is an easy case. It would be over with in no time. Those pictures, no one can't get out of this and they can't lie out of it.

He said, he would give anything to be barred in Arkansas because I know the whole truth. I would take each and everyone of these people down and NOT think twice about it.

There should be a lawyer in Arkansas that has some balls. Take this to court and get YOU justice that you whole heartily deserve.

These people wanted to cover this wreck up. These people deserves to be punished to the FULL extent of the law. So this will NEVER happen again to another human being. These people are bad people they have got to go. They totally destroyed you intentionally.

Your pain and suffering for two years that should have NOT happened at all.

The ending of this, I would make sure you're A okay for the rest of your life  because you have been in conflict with these people since 2004. I would make their life a living hell in the court room. The jury would decide on this in 15 minutes. That's another reason they don't want this in court because they can't pay off a jury to side in with them. The jury would know the truth by looking at your pictures and the police report now paperwork that shows a big cover up going on. That's there worst nightmare is a jury when they look at your evidence everyone that is involved is going down. The cookie will crumble in the court room as it should.

I would have you and your mother on the local news then I would put both of you on a national level of the media.

This scandal should be exposed immediately. I am a lawyer just a state over.

My anger and rage, I am about to turn into a monster.

5 underage boys in possession of ALCOHOL ran an intersection flying like a bat out of hell. They thought they could beat me before I passed by. Drunk 10 foot tall and bullet proof playing with other people's lives playing a game. That was high rate of speed when they hit me and the semi driver.

I am the victim and I got punished for their actions give me a break. My life has been totally smashed into the ground 2 years, March 24, 2015. My life destroyed my mom's life destroyed because of 5 underage boys couldn't get into trouble. The alcohol could NOT go on the police report because they could not lose their scholarships or have bad records. These 5 boys almost killed me that day. They could NOT get punished. No sobriety tests NO alcohol possession charge so lets punish the victim instead. Talking about inhumane right here.

So everyone that covered this wreck up blocked me out of court so my pictures and witnesses can't be seen by a jury. They have stopped the lawyer's in the state of Arkansas. They can take my case but can't mention the word ALCOHOL. Alcohol caused this wreck. I have 100% proof and a lawyer can't mention the word ALCOHOL.
This is so inhumane punishing the victim like this.

I have every right to hire a lawyer, get my pictures and witnesses in court expose this corruption but I am stopped. What makes me sick, I should be able to sit down with a news reporter and tell them my story and show them my evidence. Can you please help me find a lawyer and get me justice that I deserve? I am stopped because of reputations can't be destroyed in the public eye. These people covered up ALCOHOL to 5 underage boys and these boys got off scott free and almost killed me. How inhumane is that? Very inhumane.

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