July 14, 2016

Organized Crime Ring

Let me sum this up in a nut shell.

March 24, 2015 alcohol at the wreck scene visible all over the highway and it smelt like a brewery too as I was told.  Place it on the police report obey the law.  Scholarships and protection of the boys isn't an excuse. Those 2 Arkansas state troopers must have gotten their badge out of a cracker jack box. Ignorance is bliss.

May 28, 2015 I gave solid proof to the law firm, alcohol was present at the wreck scene. Do your damn job right, these lawyers must have gotten their degree out of a cracker jack box too. On May 28th 2015 alcohol should have been added to the police report no ands ifs or buts about it. Scholarships and protection of the boys isn't an excuse. Obey the law. Ignorance is bliss.
(any lawyer that does this to a client should be disbarred immediately, they are a bad apple and should be exposed no matter how good their name is) that is false advertising and very deceiving among their commercials.

May 28th to October 28th 2015,  5 whole months to starve me out and break me down destroyed my life while I suffered with headaches, numbness and chest pain. With high amounts of PTSD right along with anger and rage. One anxiety attack after another. Watching my mother get beat down to the ground right along with me. That movie Falling Down, I totally get that movie now and I can totally see me doing that too. It makes me disgusted to think a law firm would to that to a client. This law firm are criminals and crooks bunch of lying assholes.

To sum this up, the sheriff of Conway County Arkansas and the head honcho of the law firm which by the way he runs Conway County and he protects the sheriff too. We will teach her a lesson to write a book about us. We will beat her into the ground and destroy her life however they destroyed my mother too. The ones that covered this wreck up ARE scum of the earth, period.

Oh, to the family that was involved covering this alcohol up, you guys destroyed me and my mother's life too. You guys are dead to me and there is no use to talk to me in the future. I am totally done with you guys.

Now I will pray to God that I am in Connecticut soon, so I can heal my mind body and soul. I found a happy place a peaceful place,  I should be able and also have a right to live there. That's where my peace, tranquility and solitude resides at and I should be able to live there because this will take years and years to recover from. That's real talk.

Another update:
I have a 2nd video of me talking to the insurance company. I got to protect myself put them on speaker let it roll.
The insurance company
The Arkansas state police
The law firm
Conway County Arkansas
Know they are doomed when the pictures and witnesses goes to court.
This wreck is a cover up, to protect the boys scholarships and keep their records clean plus retaliation over my book too.
When a law firm tells their client NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will NOT favor for me or the pictures and witnesses. This particular law firm should be called out immediately. They protected the other side NOT me.

Removing alcohol off the police report is a no no and it's very illegal especially at a wreck scene. Hiring a law firm to help with such corruption and silence their client and make sure she can't get help from anywhere are true scum of the earth.

So help me God if I have nerve damage, my medical is messed up. My PTSD is so off the charts right now because I am traumatized over this situation my anxiety is awful. When I lower the boom when it's time for me and my mom to talk. I promise my voice will be heard around the world. That's a given. Mom and I have been through hell 16 months of hell which was uncalled for. I have concrete evidence and it has been blocked that alone would traumatized anyone.

The Arkansas State Police
Conway County AR
The insurance company
Paid this particular law firm very well, to keep the alcohol off the police report out of the court room away from a jury. When they stated NOT one judge will favor for me or the pictures and witnesses in the state of Arkansas this particular law firm are the protectors. They got a hell of a pay off anyone can see it when they look at my evidence.
The audacity of these commercials that these egotistical maniac liars despicable gutless cowards put on TV. "we protect our clients" that's a negative, I call that bullshit!


May 28th 2015 (first meeting)
Mom and I told the lawyer about the alcohol. He didn't want to talk about it. He was skirmish, couldn't make eye contact after that. He stated if you have proof go to Arkansas State Police headquarters and staple it behind the police report. I was like WTF is that gonna do? Let the corruption go on and let these boys get away with almost murder. I don't think so. I was told these boys have been drinking alcohol all day at that time, all under 21.

So mom and I got home, got the witnesses together, then bam, all these pictures showed up of the complete wreck scene, how it went down. Alcohol in numerous pictures. So I sent them to the lawyer. Guess what he said, "go to the Arkansas State Police headquarters and staple them back behind the police report. Ummmmmmmmmmmm that's a negative. I got down right nasty via email. Alcohol visible all over the road and this law firm wasn't gonna do anything about it. Give me a fucking break. My police report didn't look like the pictures. They are night and day. Someone covered this wreck up, the pictures are (stating exactly what had happened that day, the truth nothing but the truth) a lot of lying was going on with the police report. At this time I didn't know that this particular law firm covered up the ALCOHOL in the beginning of April (when I hired them) for the Arkansas state police and Conway County Arkansas so the boys wouldn't lose their scholarships NOT get anything on their records the boys couldn't get touched at all this law firm protected them NOT me. They don't protect their clients, I'm living proof they don't and I have concrete evidence to back my story up someone is lying big time. So my throat got cut at that point I just didn't know at the time, I was left in the dark.

June 3rd 2015 (second meeting) with the head lawyer this time because he knew I meant business. Hey, my police report doesn't match to the pictures that I have. What is going on? The police report had about 14 errors on it more less 14 lies. This was a cover up from the word get go anyone can see it.
The MAIN lawyer was holding the picture up with the alcohol running all over the road. (When mom and I finally sit down with the big dogs I will reenact everything.) he was holding up that picture. Yes, mam, it's against the law to leave off alcohol on the police report. The state police shouldn't have done that. Yes, it will be added to the police report. You have the leverage now, Tina. The ball is in your court, a picture is worth a thousand words, you don't need the witnesses now, Tina. I asked about the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone because I wanted that added too.  The police report is a joke. It looked like a 2 year old filled it out. The whole time this bastard had NO intentions to add the alcohol and the other factors. June 3rd these scumbags put into motion to starve me out so I would take anything any mount of money minus the alcohol on the police report so they can get away with covering my wreck up like they had plan on doing in the beginning to protect the boys. They could not add the alcohol because they are the protectors for Conway County AR and Arkansas state police. If the alcohol was brought into court it would fall back on them because they removed the alcohol for the sake of the boys. They cut my throat instead and threw me under the bus. This particular law firm shut my voice down in Arkansas too. 3 lawyers should be disbarred immediately, end of story!!!

October 28th 2015 (last meeting)

After months of NO contact with the lawyer. The damn secretary doesn't count either, she didn't do anything anyway but lie.
They dropped me.
Looked at me and my mother they told us, NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me, or my pictures and witnesses. Sometimes you just don't get justice Tina. They chanted to me and mom several times, they were just empty beer cans that's all. June 3rd I had leverage, October 28th no leverage. They told me June 3rd they would add the alcohol and the other factors, don't worry, Tina. October 28th, they dropped me, didn't add anything but stopped my evidence from going into the court room so the ones that covered this wreck up will never get exposed. Yup, this is an organized crime ring at its finest. How many have they done this too in the past and how many are they going continue to do this too with future clients. This law firm are crooks and their commercials are a joke. Nothing but lies upon lies I got pulled in by a commercial, the worst mistake I have ever made in my life.

When I show my evidence to people they are in disbelief it states the obvious this is a cover up, you can see it, plain as day. I had people to tell me when a jury sees the pictures and the police report, their jaws are gonna drop because this cover up is ridiculous and mind blowing. The jury will see this is a cover up no doubt about that. They should have done something when the 30 something pictures showed up on May 28th 2015, the Arkansas state police, Conway County AR, the law firm can't get out of this nor explain themselves either. They can't come up with a good enough lie or excuse. Why didn't this law firm protect you? They are caught red handed and they can't arrest you when you tear them down on Social media blasting them all over the place. Freedom of speech because you got to get this story out there for headquarters in Washington DC to see it. The ones that covered this wreck up ARE beyond stupid and should be removed from the criminal justice system immediately.

On July 2, 2016, I received a letter from the driver's insurance company that was post marked, June 16, 2016. This letter took 16 days to reach me. They say that efforts to reach me have been unsuccessful. I check my mail once a week and I Google every call that comes in on my phone. No word from these people since end of October 2015. They stated if they don't hear from me in 30 days they will close my case. They also stated that the statue of limitations is 3 years and I will have to file a lawsuit within that time frame. I am fully aware of the statue of limitations. Why threaten to close my case in 30 days? I responded to the insurance company, 7-5-2016 which I videoed and recorded the conversation to protect myself from these people obviously they are up to something they want to close my case. They would love to say I didn't call and drop my case. The insurance company is in on this cover up with the law firm. Saving money and kick backs to the scumbags.

Not long ago these crooks attempted to play the crazy card shit with me saying I am crazy and I need to get on disability. This is 2016 and the crazy card trick no longer exists. It's history, a joke.  You people need to tax your brains and come up with something different to lie about. You people need to come out of the dark ages into the real world that exists today. This is now a world of technology for example; phones, cameras, pictures and videos. It's harder to pull your corrupted shit on people now days. You wind up getting your ass caught up with in today's society. You should know this by now, none of you are above the law.

Back to my wreck,
Who was responsible for having the 2 state troopers investigated for falsifying the police report after I presented evidence (witnesses and pictures) on 5-28-2015 to my attorney? I have solid proof concrete evidence that alcohol was present at the wreck scene. Then this particular law firm stalled out my case for 5 whole months and to starve me out so I would take anything because these scumbags were protecting the boys and their scholarships. That shit didn't work did it, I will fight this until hell freezes over. They dropped me on October the 28th 2015. Told me and my mother NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or the pictures and witnesses. This was an easy case but this law firm chose corruption. This should of have been settled no later than June the 28th 2015, fired whoever was involved covering the wreck up at that time. This law firm knew about the alcohol from day one. They helped and protected the corrupted. This law firm should be called out immediately. Let me note this again, I still suffer from headaches chest pain and numbness. I refuse to see a doctor in Arkansas because that too will get covered up. This is high amounts of political and police corruption.

Who was responsible for holding these 2 state troopers accountable for their actions?

Who was responsible for bringing these 2 state troopers to justice?

Who was responsible for presenting the evidence to the insurance company?

Who was responsible for protecting me and my rights and why was none of this done?

These questions are directed to my attorney who also happened to be the attorney for the Arkansas State Police and police officers and elected officials in Conway County Arkansas. (conflict of interest)

Oh, I have one more question to ask, why did you take my case? That scumbag should answer this question and be truthful for once.

I am far from being crazy. What I am is furious because of all the stupid, ignorant, corrupted, totally against the law bullshit,  these egotistical pieces of shit people have covered up and tried to pull over on me. Who wouldn't be furious? Crazy is the idiots who consider themselves above the law. Crazy is not protecting the rights of the people that they are being paid to protect. If you can't do your jobs and do it right then choose some other profession. Stop trying to make yourselves look good to the public when they can see first hand what you have done. I know, what you did to me when I lived in Conway County Arkansas. Everybody knows what you did. It's no secret you have no one fooled not one citizen in the county is better than the other regardless of the last name. Each and every citizen is contributing to the pay checks that you assholes don't deserve. You know who you are. I can't help but wonder how many more people you dumb asses have screwed over since my wreck on March of 2015. I also wonder how you will make the alcohol disappear in court? After all, you made it disappear from the police report. How do you explain this to a jury? How are you going to lie your way out of what you did? I have proof of your lying, corruption, tampering with evidence, falsifying a police report and conflict of interest by the lawyer. These people are really setting a good example for the new and younger generation of police officers.

The sheriff in Conway County had an ulterior motive for his part in the cover up. The motive was retaliation because of the book I wrote about corruption in the county and what does he turn right around and do? He proved my point, I wrote about corruption. How smart is that? Remember he has the same lawyer as I have. Guess who the lawyer chose to protect? You can bet your sweet ass it wasn't me. Conflict of interest, How stupid can a lawyer get? Same story with the Arkansas State Police. Remember, they also have the same lawyer that I have. Conflict of interest again. He was their leader and protector from day one I never had a chance. What you corrupted people did deliberately to destroy my life and that of my mom's is disgusting beyond words. This applies also who agreed with what they were doing and who went along with them. You are no better than they are. You know who you are and so do I.  So do a lot of people in Arkansas they know what's going on. Who can respect any of these low life individuals? Respect is earned.

One thing I would like to discuss with one of the attorneys at the law firm about a statement he made to me, a statement I didn't understand at the time. He says, Tina you just may-be the chosen one. I have thought about this for a long time and have decided that maybe he was right. I think that, yes, I just might be the chosen one. Just thought I would respond to your sarcastic remark. The chosen one to take all you scumbags down in this organized crime ring.