January 7, 2017

It's been hell for me since January 21. 2004!

***** My life has been destroyed for almost 2 years now by the RHS law firm and many others who participated in this alcohol cover up.

These people have had me in a choke hold for almost 2 years and I am fed up with this political corrupted BS blocking my rights to hire council, blocking my evidence out of court is a crime.

I am fed up being ignored by people who can address this problem, yet refuse to do so. I am being treated like I am less than a human being. My rights have been violated to the core.

I can prove everything I am saying is true. I have more than enough proof to settle this corruption mess in court. I have pictures of proof and long list of names of people involved.*****

(Let me make note:
My wreck happened on March 24, 2015
I got BLOCKED from a lawyer, jury trial, and the media on October 28, 2015 when the law firm dropped me.
RHS made damn sure that the alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving would not be placed on the police report. They made damn sure that my 30 plus pictures and my list of witnesses would not be seen by a jury.
My pictures and police report doesn't match. The pictures tells the truth nothing but the truth what happened that day.
This is an explosive cover up with major names involved. They made damn sure I didn't get the media involved in this too.
I've took the most ultimate beat down and so has my mother. There are no words for this beat down none whatsoever. I have the goods (the proof) in my hands and we have been severly punished for it because we can tell the truth in the court of law. Thanks to RHS our lives are ruined forever.)
I have every right to hire a lawyer, have a jury trial find out why my wreck was covered up instead I'm blocked, my rights have been taking away from me. That's very inhumane and brutal to punish a victim like this in the state of Arkansas.

In 2 weeks will mark 13 years of full blown torture from Conway County AR from the sheriff on down with me. I'm stating nothing but the truth y'all. If I could erase my second marriage I would in a heartbeat and NOT think twice about it. My second ex husband left me nothing but a disastrous aftermath of scum it's been lingering on ever since. It's like I've been dipped in shit and it's taking a long time for it to come off. That's a good way to put it.

Yup, this whole cover up started with these whiny ass parents.

OMG, my son can't have his scholarship revoked, my son can't have a bad record. The alcohol, the speeding in a school zone and reckless driving can't go on the police report at all. What am I going to do? what am I going to do? My son, my son's future. They never one time gave a thought about the victim and their rights. Let the underhanded bullshit of corruption begin to destroy the victims life. That's nothing but the truth so help me God. They destroyed me and my mother's life to no end. There's NO words for what they done to us.

Then a magical wand appeared by the fucktard. If the price is right anything can be removed from the police report ANYTHING. Name the price. Then I hired the WRONG law firm, they cut my throat without thinking twice about it. So therefore let's smash the victim into the ground. The law firm, that I HIRED to represent me, they helped with the cover up. It's the truth nothing but the truth so help me God again, he knows. The law firm protected the sheriff on down made sure my pictures and witnesses (plus my paperwork) didn't go into court. There's a judge in place to toss out my evidence before the jury had a chance to see it. The top dogs are protecting the law firm that's a double whammy on me. These corrupted bastards are going to make damn sure my evidence never reaches the court room or a trial.

Okay, when my pictures, witnesses, and paperwork goes into the court room all my evidence gets into court and the jury sees it. (The jury will KNOW this is a cover up right off the bat (my pictures and police report doesn't match.) Everyone including the 'top dogs' will be going down EVERYONE involved in this alcohol cover up are going down. Major names and faces on TV. They all know it. Let me tell you this right now, mom and I have taken the WORST punishment EVER. We have been treated like shit, a piece of trash on the floor, beaten into the ground over corruption.  This was ALL uncalled for, I have the proof 100% proof and let me expose it in the court of law. If these people are worried about their reputations and such, they should have done their jobs right in the first place on March 24, 2015. They wouldn't be worrying about the skeletons falling out of the closet with underhanded corruption bullshit. I'm stating the facts man. They should have obeyed the law in the first place. Add the alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving to begin with. The boys knew better they chose to break the law instead, they deserve their punishment. Goodbye scholarships and hello bad records they knew right from wrong. I got hit by a drunk driver and the #Arkansas State Police Conway County AR the law firm covered up the ALCOHOL, end of story. I don't appreciate that at all. The boys made a decision that day they need to pay for it. Those 5 boys should and will be sworn in under oath in the court of law. Tell everyone what happened that day. I've heard by many by (young people) they were drunk and high as fuck that day when they ran the intersection doing over 60. If they were sober few of those boys would have died they were drunk and limber to survive that accident. They need to tell the truth or go to jail, one of the two. It needs to be stated and put on paper in the court of law. Only they know what happened that day and why did they ran an intersection like they did? I could have been an 18 wheeler. They wouldn't be here today if that happened. What these 5 boys need to do is tell the truth in the court of law.

This is the worst punishment I've ever taken in my life. I fucking HATE people now, if you look at me wrong, I might kick your ass. These people have traumatized me so bad. I am about to take care of business my way. When I place justice into my hands, I will get justice, I promise you that much. This beat down is ridiculous and it can be corrected in the court of law. It's a simple case, expose these maggots on TV and let people know to stay away from these scumbags. They will hurt and stab you in the back in a heartbeat. Just leave them alone let them be.

These people made me hate life. I have NO trust in no one now. I have a lot of hate, anger and rage within me, when I snap its going to be bad.

Let's talk about this law firm that I chose, I wished to God I never called that number to begin with. I am paying for it dearly.
Anyone can buy awards and such make their law firm look so good in the public eye. To good to be true. I overlooked all the red flags. Live and learn.

Best lawyers
Best law firm
Best workplace and so on....

They can make commercials and billboards look so good too. Lure you in then turn around and screw you over. It's like a web of lies. They are a bunch of spider's and they lure their victims in. The victims are doomed after they are caught. That's the best way to put it. Then they have the higher power to protect them while the law firm are protecting the sheriff's on down.
I can go into the court of law and prove these lawyers I'm in conflict with are bad apples. However they are being protected to the max.
How many have they screwed over since me and how many more are they going to screw over. This is a serious matter. This law firm should be called out and to protect the next victim. The people that knows this situation personally knows I'm telling the truth. It's scary that they can block evidence out of court and get away with it. That's NOT good at all. Some kind of punishment should be brought upon this law firm so it doesn't happen again. These lawyers should come clean admit what they did to me. It's the ONLY right thing to do. They are NOT good lawyers and I can prove it.

The kind of torture that the victim endures trying to get a lawyer and jury trial but this particular law firm blocked the victim from getting justice and they have the top dogs backing them up. The victim is so traumatized that they will never snap back and be the same person that they once were. People should really think long and hard about that too. The victim they have rights to expose corruption NOT have them to be BLOCKED from exposing corruption. This is serious and this should be addressed to the public as soon as possible. This law firm can't continue to do this.
Law firm's are suppose to help victims get back on their feet NOT bury them alive in political and police corruption for their own benefit. I can prove this in the court of law and I am BLOCKED something is very wrong with this picture.

I have a few helping me outside of Arkansas. I don't know their names and I don't know their faces but I do know they have helped me in so many ways to build my case. I do thank them and I really appreciate social media because without social media I would still be on step one. Most know I'm in a bad situation in Arkansas. Organized crime ring corruption to be honest. Everyone one has a spot and job to do. That's why I'm blocked from a lawyer and jury trial. I was told build your case and the 4 major agencies on the east coast will come in. They got to have a case and something to go on. Your package that you send out. It has everything in it to blow this out of the water. I was told it's going to take the highest power to come down hard on these scumbags. I have a right to a lawyer and I have a right for fair jury trial. I have 100% proof to back up my claims in the court of law. These people that covered this wreck up should step back and let the court of law handle it. If they are worried about reputations and such. They should have thought about that on March 24, 2015 when they covered my wreck up. These people doesn't feel sorry at all for the ones that did underhanded work. They need to be punished to the extent of the law. They have never seen anything like it, how a victim is stripped from her rights. It's shocking and these people need to be punished for it.

Some of these people told me that an Arkansas lawyer should take this on and get credit for it. Get the media involved. Have you and your mom on TV let people know what had happened to us. An Arkansas lawyer should be the one to take credit for bringing down corruption.

Some of these people told me, I need a lawyer and judge appointed in because this way everyone involved in the alcohol cover up will get punished to the max. Mom and I should be on national television NOT local. This is organized crime and it should be exposed on a national level. This is serious and you need a mean ass lawyer to bring these scumbags down. The lawyer's that I am in conflict with are smart asses and their ego's are as huge as the Trump towers. You need a lawyer and judge to put these maggots in place knock their ego down a notch or 2. They stated local lawyer's don't have the back bone to do that.

I had one lawyer to tell me, if you sent me a package. I wouldn't call you or email you. I would personally knock on your door one afternoon. I would tell you I will take your case on and take these SOB's down for you and your mom. Get with a news reporter get you and your mom on TV go from there. I would thank you for putting your trust in me and I WILL take care of your situation. That's what an honest lawyer would do and NOT be afraid of the ones that are blocking your evidence out of court. Get you and your mom in the media stream as soon as possible break the barriers. Get you justice that you wholeheartedly deserve. This is a cut and dry case with those pictures. It wouldn't take long and I would have your medical redone. Let you chose the hospital of your choice wherever that may be. You have been in hell long enough. You need to get your case settled and get you moved to New England.

I was told to send my packages to lawyer's and if they turn you down or whatever. They will eventually have to go to court. They will have to tell the truth why they couldn't take my case. As long as you got proof you are sending your packages off stack that paper trail it will benefit you in the end. If they mess with the mail that's federal offense. Jail time for those scumbags. Stack your paper trail up everyone will have to explain themselves in the court of law. You have 8 or more lawyers to turn you down they will all be in court explaining themselves never forget that Tina. They will have to explain themselves why they couldn't take your case. EVERY LAWYER THAT TURNS YOU DOWN IS IN YOUR FAVOR, TINA! They will have to explain themselves and tell why they could not take your case.

I was told I'm dealing with pure scum and I have to play hard to get justice. These people are filthy rodents. Abuse of power at its finest in Arkansas. Keep stacking that paper trail up. All of this corruption will soon be exposed like it should. You have leverage they don't they have lies upon lies. You have truth upon truth. These people they are lying to certain people. These people are looking at your proof when they talk to the scumbags. They know this is big time corruption. They know who's telling the truth who's lying.

When the right lawyer steps in they will discuss your social media what to do until then you give these maggots hell and let them know what's up and you know what is going on. He told me to never back down from scum. He's a firm believer in karma, these people are going to get what is coming to them.

One stated to me, I have a right hire a civil lawyer to finish my personal injury and sue everyone involved in this alcohol cover up at the same time. You can back up your claims in the court of law, hands down. These people stomped you and your mother into the ground and they will have to pay for it. This is wrong on so many levels. You have rights and they can't be denied. They will regret taking your rights away.

I was told when I requested a meeting, they should involve everyone that covered this wreck up and that includes the parents that are involved too. You and your mother have every right to ask questions and these people will have to answer them with honest answers.

One question I like to ask to the parents...

How do you feel about stomping a 43 and 72 year old women into the ground and ruining our lives by having the alcohol removed off the police report by saving the boys?
How do you live with yourselves? Knowing that you had alcohol, speeding in a school zone and reckless driving removed off the police report.... Y'all committed a crime and involved a lot of powerful people in the process. They took profits from it too.
How do you live with yourselves when you know you ruined 2 lives for almost 2 years now?

I would look at each of those parent's that took part in this alcohol cover up. I would tell them, I've lost EVERYTHING in my life over your crime to save those boys. You CAN'T put a price on that either. Some of the things I lost can never ever be bought back. How do you sleep at night knowing you done this to the victim that didn't cause this wreck? This wreck was NOT my fault!

If that was me, I would admit of my wrong doing and take my punishment but these people straight up don't give a fuck that they ruined my life and my mother's life. I am being straight up honest. As long as their sons were okay piss on Freda and Tina. True Story! That's how this story goes.
People that are involved in this alcohol cover up are throat cutters.

My family that are involved in this cover up. Mom and I are on the same level with this. These people are no more to us they don't exist. We don't want these type of maggots around us. We could never ever trust them again. We are done with that part of the family and we will never ever be whole again. This is a done deal for me and for her. They are NOT welcome around us and they need to leave us alone. Family doesn't help remove alcohol off the police report. The boys aren't the victim, I am. They have turned this around and made it all about the boys. The boy's caused this wreck NOT me. So the ones that are involved covering this wreck up and the alcohol should leave us alone for the rest of our lives. I am being real serious about this too. I've cut the cord permanently no more.

New England,

Oh I am going to get there, my plans are different now but I will get there. Let me discuss this needless to say. I want so far away from Arkansas. I don't to be around this type of nonsense.
I want peace tranquility and solitude for the rest of my life. I should be able to live that way. I am a changed person. I will never ever be the same again. I just want to live in peace and just be left alone. I don't need this corruption bullshit around me. I don't have to live my life like that. I found a spot in New England by God I'm going to get there. I have a certain few that can visit me if your names ain't on my list. Don't bother fucking knocking on my door because I WILL NOT answer it. When I say I am going to live in peace take it to heart. Arkansas ain't nothing but chaos and bullshit. I am removing myself from this situation ASAP. That's a promise I can keep. New England is my safe haven Arkansas is NOT! #Arkansas can suck it! New England has my heart and I can't wait to get back there.

My social media

My social media has been a blessing. I've learned so much. Especially when you get shut down in Arkansas. When you are blocked from getting a lawyer and a jury trial. I have rights and they have been taken away from me. Social Media is the bomb dot com to get the word out. Hey, my rights have been taken away because people don't want me to expose this corruption. People doesn't want this story in the media outlet.
When I made that call on September 19, 2016 two days later my life changed and I started to form my case. I was told to stack it high. What numbers to call and steps to take.  What I have in my hands now is amazing. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. These people knew I was nose deep in corruption barely breathing. I do thank these people too.

I've been asked what if my tweets come up in court? Then I replied, yes, I tweeted that, your point is? I tweet facts NOT fiction. I tweet the truth while these assholes are lying to everyone. I have the truth in my hands all I got to do is take my package out place it on the table. Corruption spills out all over the place. I'm NOT lying my evidence in my hands back up my truth like a boss. These people are used to stepping over people destroying their lives and completely get away with it too. Well, not this time. Tina Graves fights back she lays the truth down. You can actually pick it up and start reading it. The police report and my pictures tells the whole story by itself. My paperwork is just more cushion of the truth of what I am talking about. I am NOT crazy so therefore I don't need disability or draw a 'crazy check' I'm speaking the truth nothing but the truth so help me God. God KNOWS I am NOT lying about this corruption overload in this situation. God knows this is full blown corruption in Arkansas.

Consistency is the KEY with this situation.

I know I have 100% proof to back up my claims in the court of law even though I'm blocked from having a lawyer and jury trial to expose this corruption in #Arkansas. I know I can win hands down. I'm consistent with my social media, by beating these motherfuckers in the ground like they have beat me and my mother into the ground. I've have been bashing these people for months on end NOT one agency or facility will take up for themselves NOT one. You know why? Guilt they are guilty and they know it. I am telling the truth nothing but the truth so help me God. If they wasn't guilty they would shut me down but they know they are guilty. They don't want to be exposed.

Now if I didn't have a leg to stand in court. I would NOT use my social media. I would have to cut my losses go on however I have 100%, proof this wreck was a cover up and I refuse to back down. That's the bulldog in me. I am a bulldog and rottweiler mix. That's why I am consistent. You raise enough hell, you'll get the right ones to step in. These people need to be up under the jail cell, these people need to be in the media circuit because they are pure maggots. They need to be exposed, I WILL NOT back down when I can prove it in the court of law. These people have met their match her name is Tina Graves.

See,  no one can dodge this bullet, what these people should do is come clean. They can't lie and get away with it. Those pictures, NOT one soul can lie their way out of this situation. By stalling it, my paperwork is stacking high getting thicker and I can prove the stall out in the court of law too. They need to come clean and take their punishments. That's the honest answer to this ridiculous situation. I have proof and they can't get out of it. Stalling it out is making it worse on them. Come clean and be honest for the first time in this situation. That's the logical thing to do, come clean, tell the truth. The evidence that I have in my hands, these people can't get out of the cover up. I can prove it in the court of law. Admit of the wrong doing, it's that simple. Just tell the truth what happened!!!!

7 people could have died on March 24, 2015.
What did they do?
Covered up the ALCOHOL and saved the boys punished Tina and Freda.
I can prove all of this in the court of law!

ANYONE can look at those pictures and LOOK at the the police report...
did they continue the cover up after May 28, 2015? Why why why why why?
It's OBVIOUS to see it.

Deny the victim a LAWYER and a JURY TRIAL......
the victim can mail their proof all over the place.
Very stupid cover up, very stupid........
I was told it was the most SLOPPIEST cover up they have ever seen in their life.
The higher power of Arkansas helping with this cover up.
One thing guaranteed those people will be FIRED and EXPOSED on TV.
People around the world should know about this ASAP.
The law firm should be shut down. Tbh...


I've requested a meeting and that's being ignored to an extreme level. They will NOT get back in touch and I can prove it.

I have questions that deserve an honest answers.

I am blocked from a lawyer a jury trial and the media. These people are the highest in the court they should explain this to me but they won't. They are ignoring me big time.

I can't get one person to sit down with me and explain this. Not one person in the state of Arkansas.

These people don't want to talk about the alcohol. 5 underage boys drinking and driving got off scott free. No sobriety tests NO alcohol possession charge something is very wrong here. It's like the alcohol is forbidden, taboo can't talk about it.

The highest power in Arkansas protecting these scumbags something is definitely wrong with this picture.

I take it quite seriously that the alcohol disappeared. Alcohol is a serious piece of business and it should not be ignored but it's being ignored in the state of Arkansas. I can prove it too. I have been ignored since October 24, 2016. I can prove it.

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