September 17, 2011

September 17th 2010 TO September 17th 2011 30 BLOGS 1 Year =)

It has been a year, since I went on a mission to get these fktards off my back. It has been quiet around me now somewhat I still have a lot of nosiness going on. It has had its moments to be exact. When I started this I was, not backing down by no means, it very well made me have a mental meltdown for sure; however I was standing my ground. I meant business, it was just a simple in the beginning, ‘just leave me alone’ that is all that had to take place but no, I had to go through hell. I wonder if it was worth it because it has landed on the World Wide Web. I will get my story out that is a promise I can keep. I hope that ‘Karma’ zaps my 2nd X-husband and his stupid ass brother; I hope she cuts loose on them like no other. All due in respect, these people deserves every bit of punishment that comes their way. As far as the law dogs here, I thought that was cute when they sent underage kids (males) to the house to buy alcohol for them and oh I can’t forget about the underage kids (males) around my daughter’s age, to see if I will sleep with them, oh how sick and twisted was that? People should think about the mentality around here it’s slim to none. I am like, ‘really’ I don’t think so, however nice try bitches, when the sh*t hits the fan, I will be sure to talk about this. It does not matter how much I stay off to myself, but every dog has their day and I will make sure the cops that has f**ked me over will get what is coming to them and that is a promise I can keep as well. Now, NOT all the cops are bad, these cops know who they are and they know what they have done. Helping these low lives out has landed them in trouble needless to say. I am proud of myself to get this out on the net. Since I have gotten my point across, I will be closing this out on my part; September 17th 2010 to September 17th 2011 is done. I will bust out a blog if I need too if they start back up. Now I will have a year to do short stories of different occurrences. Like the Wal-Mart parking lot and Killed Front of my Daughters. Names and places will be with-held. However I will get my point across. Here’s to the next chapter in my life.

September 5, 2011

Just a MINOR setback for a MAJOR comeback that's all =)

Being rip to shreds over and over gets old, yes, it does. I just think to myself and ask, why me? I am put on earth for some reason; I really do think that I am the one to set this county straight. It has been so quiet, however, I wish something’s would go as order, getting certified letters, emails, and phone calls now, is a pain in the ass. I will be glad when this passes. The more I try the more I get tore down, I am so used to it and that right there is a sad thing to say. My education just went out the door; I was doing so well in Little Rock. Then my life went to hell in a hand basket once again. I had to move back to the Ass End of the World. By September of last year, I had enough of the bullsh*t and then I started fighting back. I started to blog about my occurrences which took place at different times. I am glad that I did this because it shows what kind of jerks I deal with and I have too many to count. Hopefully my education will pick back up; it will kill my soul if it doesn’t. I had a certain friend to tell me, there is a reason for you to be back here. Everything happens for a reason they stated, you are the one to shut this crap down. He told me I will be known all over the world, not just by my BlogSpot, Twitter, and MySpace. I just hope that I can hang on, because this is really tearing me down, emotionally, mentally and physically. That is why I want to do an interview; people should see my face and my emotions. It’s not pretty it’s really scary to tell you the truth. It should be talked about and evaluated for the world to see. I have this gut feeling that all hell will be breaking out, I can’t shake this feeling. Whatever it is I hope it tears these fktards a new a**hole. I really do. I hope they wake up and smell the roses. I highly doubt that, stranger things have happen though. I have a serious gut feeling. I just want my life back, that’s all. Paybacks are a bitch, just sayin’