August 1, 2016


------All I want is my pictures and witnesses in court and show the jury that the police lied on the police report this wreck was 100% covered up and my medical was covered up too.

Then I have this scum of the earth law firm blocking my evidence out of court because this law firm are protecting people because of pay offs. Give me a break. I was told one parent paid 10 grand to the sheriff to keep the alcohol off the police report because of a sport scholarship. That was just one parent can you only imagine the rest! The sheriff got big time money keeping the alcohol off the police report. This is ridiculous that I can't have my concrete evidence in the court room in the state of Arkansas. That's high amounts of political and police corruption right there------

??? I have been analyzing this tip, let me zoom in on the witnesses. Yeah, I can see a pay off its there can't rule that out. Let me straight up tell the truth about it.

My Cousin stated she saw a sobriety test done on the driver and she is on the witness list. Those boys were all drunk and she didn't see a sobriety test done. On the police report NO sobriety tests were taken NONE!  I've heard the true story anyways. Let me clarify myself!!!!!

When the law firm told me that NOT one judge will favor for me or the pictures and witnesses that means.

The law firm are protecting people at the Arkansas State Police keeping them safe and intact so they can't be exposed. Their jobs and retirements are safe! Gatekeepers!!!!!

The law firm are protecting people in Conway County Arkansas like the sheriff on down to the parents family and friends. Keeping them safe and sound. So they can't get exposed. Their jobs and retirements are safe. Gatekeepers!!!!!!!!!!

Then the law firm saved the insurance company shit loads of money too. Keeping them safe and sound and protected. Gatekeepers!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping the media out too so no one will talk to mom and I and get the truth the actual truth. Gatekeepers!!!!!!!

That's why the pictures and witnesses will NOT go into court because the law firm got a huge pay day and they cut my throat and my mother's throat because she's my ONLY supporter our throats got cut and the corrupted got protected.

(My cousin stated to me and my mom, there's nothing that I can do about this.)  I will have to eat this because people are in place for protection by the law firm that's easy to see now, I didn't understand then.

Now let me put my hands around that lawyers throat let me send him straight to hell where he belongs and that goes for my cousin too she needs to be sent straight to hell as well. See where I'm about to fly over the coo coo's nest because I have took the ultimate beat down and I'm the victim of this wreck NOT the boys. I've took all that I can take. It's around the corner. Beware.......

I see these scumbags from the law firm on TV with their commercials and I see them donating 500 bucks here and there making themselves look good in the public eye, all I see is scum of the earth and they are lying to the Arkansas people and these bastards should come clean about their organized crime ring and they protect the corrupted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous tip, this tip is going to push me over the edge because a person can put up with so much in life and I am tapped out. I would hate for this to turn into a blood bath, then the real CNN and Fox news came in on that.

Okay, why the pictures and witnesses can't go into court? Why no judge in Arkansas will favor for your evidence here's why..  This person stated hush money another form of a pay off. I didn't see alcohol at the wreck scene after they got some money. Conway County Arkansas is notorious about this paying people off. The sheriff got his money on 3-24-2015 to remove the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, and the reckless driving. (Scholarships and the boy's records had to stay clean) They had to cover all basis including your medical.

Okay here's the kicker, I don't care how much money one person got to keep their mouth shut. When they swear under oath and take the stand they will have to tell the truth no matter what. If they lie that is perjury, that's major jail time. Lying under oath is a no no in court. Your wreck was a done deal after it happened.

Here's the other kicker and you will want to kick these lawyers teeth down their throat too. This law firm is crooked. Okay you hired them April 6, 2015 just a few days after you hired them they cut your throat and made sure the alcohol will not surface. This law firm and their staff and their medical professionals knew this wreck was a cover up. They had to go along with it. These people got paid too.  This law firm was going to make sure those pictures and witnesses didn't go into court. They are the gatekeepers like you stated before. No lawyer in the state of Arkansas will (not) go against this law firm because all lawyers in Arkansas got a heads up about your case.

Okay this is a big time cover up. I'm going to let you know this right now. Tina Ann Graves will be a household name real soon. You used your social media to send batman signals because you are shut down in Arkansas. You've reached out to the top agencies in the United States. They are zeroed in on you and your mother. I know that for a fact. This is huge more than you know. Batman signals is perfect, what you stated the other day. People see you and your mom in distress they see you guys are suffering. They see both of you being stomped into the ground over corruption however if they see murder in your eyes or actions becoming worse because your pushed as far as you can go, Tina. They will get you out and get your head clear and get your medical properly redone. They know how you feel and what you want to do to these people they know all about it.

Let me tell you right now, your medical is covered up but these people better pray that you are alright because that's going on a whole different level if you have damage. The lawyers will know exactly what I am talking about. That Tina scares them to death because they thought they had you blocked in the state of Arkansas nothing you could do about it and they were going to make you eat this settlement and these people were laughing behind your back. That's why your own flesh and blood cousin said there's nothing that Tina can do there's nothing she can do about this at all. She will have to deal with the cover up go on.

The Arkansas state police, the ones involved they will be exposed on TV.

The law firm the ones that are involved the lawyers, staff and medical professionals exposed on TV.

Conway County AR, the sheriff on down to the courthouse to parents, family and friends exposed on TV. You will see your on family on TV too. Your family done a number on Freda. (She holds grudges too. Good luck with that for them)

The sheriff seen the boys and use it as a ploy. You have stated that in the past. Guess what you are absolutely right. The sheriff did this for revenge over your book. He was protected by the same lawyer you hired to protect you. Conflict of interest is going to tear that law firm down.

Organized crime ring that's true this has been going on for years. Tina these people underestimated you and now their ring will crumble like it should. You are the chosen one I see it quite clearly. These people are scared to death.

***My thoughts, I know all those boys were drunk when they hit me on highway 9 on March 24, 2015.

If 4,7,11, and 16 doesn't take this story corruption goes way up there and CNN and the real Fox News should step in and bust this wide open.

Mom and I have been through hell and it's going on 17 months of pain and suffering for us. My headaches, my numbness on my right side. It feels like ants are going up and down from the top of my head to the tip of my toes on the daily and my chest pain is scary at times. I've suffered enough and something should be done about this before it gets extremely ugly in Arkansas.***

My number one question is....

Why haven't the Arkansas State Police defended themselves yet?
Why haven't Conway County Arkansas defended themselves yet?
Why haven't this particular law firm which you haven't stated the name of the law firm defended themselves yet?

They can't defend themselves because I have the goods in my hands. I have the proof they are lying big time. Only cowards do underhanded work. Those type people are cowards. Making profit from the victim to silence them when concrete evidence comes into the picture are simply egotistical maniac liars despicable gutless cowards that's the truth right there. God knows I'm not lying about that.

When I gave my pictures and witnesses to my crooked lawyer on May 28, 2015. A complete investigation should have been done. Fire the 2 state troopers for falsifying a police report it's there plain as day. Fire the sheriff because he headed this off for revenge over my book too not just the boys. Expose the rest of the scumbags that was involved in this cover up. Expose the ones that gave the pay offs to keep the alcohol off the police report the reckless driving, speeding in the school zone. Expose the ones that participated in this cover up to protect the boys and their scholarships immediately. This case should have been over with last summer if they were a truthful law firm which they were not. I made the biggest mistake of my life calling that number. This is an easy case but this law firm ruined my life for profit. It's there for the whole world to see.

What my lawyer did to me was cut my throat and protected the ones that covered this wreck up they protected the boys and their scholarships. They protected the ones that paid to keep the alcohol off the police report and out of the court room. They didn't protect me at all and I was paying them and they buried me alive and my mother too. I did not know I hired criminal lawyers until it was too late. One of my greatest mistakes in my life trust me. I live with it everyday, I wished I wouldn't have hired them mind set. My life is totally ruined because of this law firm.

However I am the very first person to call these maggot scumbags out. The very first person in history. I will stand tall through this hell of a storm I am in. I gotta make sure this doesn't happen again. A woman too yup this is a hell of a test and battle.

For them to defend themselves they will have to admit to the cover up. They will have to tell the truth about this cover up come clean for once just tell the truth. I hope and pray that these 3 lawyers get disbarred because I don't want another human being to go through what mom and I have been through. This is the worst nightmare ever and I will be glad when it's over and I am living on the east coast where I belong. These people have smashed me into the ground and it will take years to recover from this horror story that I have had to live through. This punishment ain't no joke and I don't want anyone else to go through what I had to go through. I swear to God I don't.

They were going to make me take that settlement and they were going to make sure the alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving was not going on the police report. They were going to make me eat this and go on my marry little way. Like I was going to take this beat down. I proved them wrong. The alcohol, speeding in a school zone, reckless driving is going on the police report and the insurance company will have to get over it and the ones that paid to keep the alcohol and other factors off the police report will have to show their ugly mugs on TV. You do a crime you have to do the time. Take the punishment for breaking the law. Simple as that. My witnesses and pictures will be presented in court like it should have been done in the first place. This case is easy when I got those pictures of the entire wreck scene because my police report didn't match it at all. That was a major red flag. People that has seen the police report and my pictures together they are shocked because you can recognize this as a cover up hands down. However the law firm was going to make sure the pictures and witnesses didn't make the court room at all not front of a jury. This law firm should be called out immediately to let other people know not to hire them so they will not make the same mistake as me.

(the answer to the top question is because they are GUILTY end of story they can't explain themselves nor defend themselves they can't lie their way out they have to tell the truth about this cover up about this wreck and what they did. I am dealing with maggots and scumbags. Egos and untouchable attitudes we can do whatever we want and we will get away with it. These egotistical maniac liars have been doing this for decades.)

If the price is right, anything can be left off of or can be falsified on a police report. When the Conway County sheriff's office, Arkansas State Police and their lawyer, which was also my lawyer got finished with me, I no longer existed. I was no longer the victim here, no rights, no consideration for me. This is what my lawyer did to me along with several people in the community who asked for favors from law enforcement.  These fine people got the favor from the Conway County sheriff,  but it didn't come cheap. They paid out the ass for it. The lawyer that protects the sheriff also had a good pay day too. Conway County paid out the ass to protect the sheriff and the story goes on and on. The story I got from my lawyer on June 3, 2015 was, "yes mam, the alcohol should have been on the police report"on October 28, 2015 the story was, "just a bunch of empty beer cans." this is the day he dropped my case. The lawyer and another lawyer who was present informed me in the presence of my mom, a third lawyer and their secretary, stated that for sure not a judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me and my proof of alcohol. Why would any lawyer make a statement like that? I was your client, you just admitted that you did nothing for me from April 6, 2015 to October 28, 2015. You drug out my case for 5 long months after you received my list of witnesses and 30 plus pictures, I sent you.

You say you are an honest lawyer. If you were an honest lawyer you would not have taken my case.  You cannot protect me, the Arkansas State Police and Conway County Arkansas and the sheriff at the same time. That's conflict of interest at its finest. You took my case to destroy me and you did exactly that just days after I hired you, April 6, 2015. You took care of business before April 17, 2015 before the police report was released. Everything you say in your TV adds is simply not true and I can prove it. I am living proof. You can't lie your way out of this none of you can. The whole world knows what you people did to me. I was treated like shit from start to finish. You took away my rights and you are responsible for ruining my life and my mother's life. Destroying my life for profit is a crime. That applies to every person involved in this corruption. I want justice for myself and I will not let up until I get it. I want my life back and I will not stop until I get it back. I will fight you crooks and criminals until hell freezes over and I may not give up even there. This corruption has been going on for decades and will continue to go on until people start caring enough to get it stopped.

A question for the sheriff in Conway County since learning how much you charge to keep alcohol off a police report, I was just wondering how much would you charge me if you put it back on the police report? If you aren't certain about the cost, maybe you could consult with your lawyer, I'm sure he will come up with something.

Anger and rage tons of it and my PTSD is definitely off the charts.

I think the sheriff should step down right now, taking pay offs to remove alcohol off the police report is ludicrous and totally against the law. I am so sick of Conway County Arkansas covering this up and that up for favors and for votes. The scholarships had to stay intact forget about the victim and their rights. There's a special place in hell for that person and all that was involved. This wreck wasn't about the boys or scholarships. This wreck almost killed 7 people that day. Alcohol visible all over the highway and I was told it smelt like a brewery not one sobriety test was taken. It was all about the scholarships and protecting the boys keeping their records clean. The alcohol, the speeding in a school zone, reckless driving couldn't be added to the police report because of scholarships and the records had to stay clean. Give me a break! What about the victim? Conway County Arkansas is so full of corruption and everyone knows it.

I think that the law firm should do a commercial and apologize to me and my mother. Ms Graves, we are sorry that we blocked your concrete evidence out of the court room in the state of Arkansas because people had already paid to remove the alcohol off the police report. We had to blocked the evidence out of court because we had to protect the people that wanted the alcohol off the police report. Yes, we got a big pay off too. Just admit it dumbasses. This law firm consist of crooks and criminals. They definitely need to be under the jail cell. Their commercials are a joke. They DO NOT protect their clients.

I will testify under oath and I have no plans going to jail for lying. I will tell the truth and so will my mom.

I think that the ones that are involved covering this wreck up, the state of Arkansas should be able to see their faces on TV, end of story. This is a criminal act and alcohol will NOT be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. I believe the ones that took pay outs to have the alcohol removed off the police report should look at me and my mother, they should see the disgust in our eyes. They should see the hell traces they put on our faces. We have been through hell pure hell nothing but hell. These people are scum of the earth and that includes the family that are involved.

Let me tell you right now, these people that removed the alcohol off the police report. What if this happened to them? What if they had concrete evidence and a law firm has shut them down so they can't present the evidence in court because of protection. What if they were dealt with a death because it could have happened? How would they feel about it then? They need to think long and hard about that. What if this happen to one of the lawyers too? Tables can turn quick. Karma!

When I lay my trump cards down, it will be bad for Conway County Arkansas that right there is real talk.

I should have seen a neurologist, a chiropractor or nerve reduction doctor not the ones I went too. That was a joke and a half. If something is wrong with me. I will own the Arkansas State Police, this particular law firm and Conway County Arkansas. I haven't been right since my wreck. That's a fact. I bet there will not be another wreck covered up after I get through with their asses. Stating facts.


Just saw your commercial on TV this morning. You guys are still lying to the public as usual. Why not say, what you really do to people, tell everybody what you did to me. Tell the truth for a change and you might feel better about yourselves.

It's amazing that a sheriff gets paid to keep the alcohol off the police report and the lawyer I hired to protect me protected him instead because he got paid to remove the alcohol because the scholarships had to stay intact. Profit is a crime when removing major factors off the police report such as alcohol is a no no. May Karma strike upon these scumbags may they all go down in a blaze in hell. What these people did to me, my mother and my kids, these scumbags should be put up under the jail cell to be honest. They are egotistical maniac liars despicable gutless cowards to cover up ALCOHOL and thinking they were gonna get away with it. True scum of the earth, period. What's coming to them they will definitely deserve it.

The more I learn about this cover up and their shignagians. I am definitely sending the information straight to the FBI headquarters in Washington DC ASAP. I promise that much. This is an organized crime ring big time organized crime ring.

I hired a law firm that protects the mob. When it benefits to them money wise. They most definitely will cut their client's throat.
When keeping concrete evidence out of the court room away from a jury. Yes, they will protect the mob to the fullest, when the client reaches out for help they have them shut down immediately so NO media will come into the picture or the county to ask questions and such. They will make out like the client is crazy and they don't know what they are talking about. This explains the nightmare that I am going through right this moment it's a freaking nightmare at its finest. This law firm is a joke and this law firm will be called out. This law firm should have done their jobs last summer but they dropped me on October 28, 2015 and shut down my concrete evidence out of the court room because they got a HUGE pay off. I'm going to make sure this story gets exposed to the fullest. I bet they will never protect the mob again. I bet they will get disbarred or they will start protecting their clients like they should have done in the first place. I didn't know I hired a criminal law firm I had no clue, I walked right into that trap via commercial. The insurance company is 999% involved in this cover up too.  I got scammed by Outskirts Press over my book. I think I have made about 500 bucks going on 3 years. I have got scammed over a law firm because they protect the mob if the price is right to keep concrete evidence out of court. I can't win for shit in Arkansas. I TRUST NO ONE!  I will be glad to get to Connecticut and be left the hell alone for once in my life. Inbreeding maggots just makes me sick to my stomach. I will be glad to move as soon as I can.

If I don't have a story to tell the world, I'll kiss your ass. This is pure stupidity straight from the south ignorance is bliss. I will be ever so grateful to remove myself from this situation and live on the east coast and just be left alone. Wheew I need a break. A person can take so much bullshit, ya know! I'm buried alive in bullshit mob business. SMH scam artist law firm.

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