April 19, 2013

Is the 3rd time a CHARM? My Facebook!

Here is my personal Facebook:


Here is my Like Page:


Ok, I still have my 1st Facebook, I check in about every 6 months or so. I got off of Facebook because of the damn DRAMA. It was indescribable and ridiculous.  My 2nd Facebook I got hacked on December 24th 2011. I can not get into that one at all. I said 'Fuck It" for almost a year I had no Facebook because that pissed me off. November 10th 2012,  thought that I would jump back on and give it a whirl.

My friend at work set it up for me in a circle of writers and authors and let me tell you something right now. It has taken off, I am very impressed with it. The Timelines on both pages, rock my world. My hopes were not the best in the beginning. She told me to give it a few months if I did not like it, delete both accounts and be done with it never get back on Facebook again. So far so good. She done a good job and I would never ever have thought about building my pages like she did. I have learned a lot from her and still learning. She knows Social Media. She told me about Twiends for Twitter. She rocks and she also stated that my books will go through the Social Media circle like wildfire and I will not have any problems selling them once I get published. I will say bye-bye to the medical field. Hello to a whole new world, she says, if anyone deserves it, it is you Tina. I have seen you struggle and she does not know how I have made it this far. She is established on the web as well and she will help me. I know that, I just love her. I just wished I had her around January 24th 2010 when I started Twitter. Oh my, I would be in the big-time like her. She has a pen name and she is low key because she is an RN. She is also getting out the medical field too. 20 years for me and 25 for her. She has already told me what to do when I get published. When I have a little bit more money to maneuver around on the web, I can go 'bigger' in the Social Media world in no time flat. I am getting very well established now, it took almost 3 years to do it but I am getting there. She is amazing, a true friend. She wants the best for me and I want the best for her too.

I have yet to add my family I won't. Once I get published, I will add my kids and my brothers. I can't forget my 2 sister-in-laws. Oh my niece and nephews. I have NOT dealt with any drama this time around and now I know where it came from that is a good thing to know. The rest can add me if they want too. I will not search and hunt for anyone. I will not turn them down, that is fore sure. My books are brutal and straight to the point. Most don't want to hear the truth at all. This is my life, my writings and if someone that I know has a problem with it. Don't read my books and stay the hell away from me, it's that simple.

April 1, 2013

No Support System for this Ole Girl!

Yep, I can say that all at once and mean it. The support system is slim to none here with my book. When I started this journey back in June of 2012 I knew it would be that way. I live in the South and this is where the quote, “Ignorance is Bliss.” Comes in, I knew it was going to be very difficult to do. Most people are the shhhhhh, let’s not talk about it or it’s in your head kind of people. I am like what the fuck ever, I am going to write this book and I don’t care what obstacles come my way. I am writing this book in a fictional form, if they have a problem with it they can kiss my ass. I know in my heart and how I feel this is the right thing to do. I have felt like this from the beginning. If it wasn't for a couple of my friends to talk me into writing this book, I would still be in the same old funky mood and putting up with the same ole bullshit. I am glad that I wrote this book and I am glad that I don’t have that support like I should. I know that doesn't make sense but it makes sense to me because it makes me value my writing more. Now I have some friends at work told me they would pay for my publishing fees because they want the book online and for people to read. They told me I have a story to tell and it will take me to places that I would never dream of going. The book says a lot. They also stated the Dr Phil show will be a plus for me more ways than one. However, I turned them down; they told me they are still there for me if I needed that extra boost. I am very thankful for friends like that, seriously. Those kinds of people are hard to come by. I want to do this on my own though. My first book was my stepping stone for writing. My second book is off the charts and I am glad I am doing it. This time I am writing it down and then typing it out. I am really fortunate to still have my laptop because there were about half dozen times I wanted to break my laptop into pieces because I got mad, going back in time will do that to a person. I got closure with my first book and now I am getting closure with my second book. I thought that would never happen. It’s about my father and my childhood. I know that I will never have a relationship with him again but I will have closure that counts and I hope he understands. I don’t know if he will read it or not but writing the  book is doing me good because I am seeing this in a 39 year old woman’s perspective. I needed that. I have 4 books lined out on my part of the self-healing writing. Then I will start a series of novellas of different people in this county but in a fictional kind of way though. Someone suggested that to me and I ponder my thoughts and it’s not a bad idea at all. I would love to do that in near future. I am taking this one day at a time and I will get my book online.