May 1, 2016

Brink of insanity

( I have a question for all you gutless people who participated in this pathetic plot to cover up the alcohol that was present the day of the wreck. What gives any of you the right to violate my civil rights? I was the victim, I have rights. These boys were NOT the victims, nor were the scholarships.

You people are on the wrong side of the law and in the midst of corruption by choice. No person is above the law.  We are all created equal and that includes me. Each of you so called Christians, you know who you are and I also know who you are. Most importantly, your maker knows who you are too. From the top dogs down to the peons.

Not one of you people are any better than me. I have the same maker as all of you cowards that pull your sneaky crap behind a person's back, then try to lie your way out of it.  You people have no back bone, no courage, no qualities that would make you a human being. I have much more to say to you cowardly bunch of dummies and I will continue to do so. Come forward and stop me if you can)

Anonymous tip, 5-7-16

On April 6th 2015, 13 days after your accident where alcohol was present, you hired a law firm to represent you.

What you were not aware of at this time was that this law firm could not legally represent you. These attorneys from this law firm are also attorneys for the Arkansas State Police and attorneys for Conway County police officials and elected officials.

Your wreck occurred in Conway County at an intersection. There were 2 Arkansas State Troopers on the scene to handle your wreck. Alcohol was visible, scattered all over the highway. You assumed that this alcohol would be on the police report according to state laws. This did not happen. Alcohol was not mentioned by the Arkansas state troopers. The decision was made to cover the alcohol up. (scholarships)

You had no idea of what had happened during the first half of April 2015. You were in the dark until April 17th 2015 when you finally borrowed a copy of the police report.

You aired your complaints about all the discrepancies on the police report. You assured the attorney you could provide proof of the alcohol which you did, along with a list of witnesses their phone numbers also approximately 30 pictures of the entire wreck scene and the alcohol.

The law firm attorneys continued to mislead you as the months went by. They did this deliberately even after you presented them with solid proof of alcohol. This law firm made a fool of you for 6 months. This gave them ample time to bury you alive with debt, leins, medical bills. They ruined your life as they had planned to do back in April 2015. This was done on purpose.

You know now there were many people involved in this alcohol cover up. People at the top, local police, and the state police, sheriff's office, individuals in the community. All involved violated your civil rights, tampered with evidence, falsified the police report. Your attorney was at fault for taking the case, conflict of interest. Attorneys dropped your case October 28, 2015. They destroyed your life on purpose.

At this time you have one right remaining, that's the right to file lawsuits and sue the pants off every person who participated in this alcohol cover up.  Actions taken by this law firm are a disgrace to the human race. May God have mercy on all their souls.

You do not give up, fight for your rights and fight for justice that you have NOT Received.

Trust me in what I am saying, The law firm attorneys and the others were laughing at you as they were in route to the bank after they received their pay off.


The ultimate anonymous tip of all tips. I'm going to leave it right here. This man rocks for a reason.

My wreck was a sowed up deal before the police report was even written up. The law firm,  I chose to represent me knew about the alcohol since day one. This wreck was sowed up until the pictures showed up. Thats when the starvation took place they had to get their heads together think up another plan they knew the alcohol couldn't be brought to surface because of the scholarships. So here it comes, starve me and my mom down to nothing stomp us into the ground and family was involved in this process too. So I would take anything any amount and sign it off, so these people would never get into trouble and the corruption will still continue in the future so other people can go through hell just like I have, BTW I'm NOT signing a DAMN thing until it's made right, to the Arkansas State Police do you understand me?  If the Arkansas State Police gotta problem, come and see me. NO, the pictures and witnesses will NOT be stapled to the back of the police report so the corruption can continue, I don't think so. They are used to getting away with everything in Conway County Arkansas this is way of life has been for many, many years. If they don't want something on the police report it does not have to go on there. (My property damage can be handled later on not to worry about it) Check this out.......

1) Law firm was the head leaders with a huge (pay off) of underhanded work at its finest. They done all of this to keep the pictures out of court at all cost. They protected the ALCOHOL aka scholarships not their client. Guess what? They are screwing someone over right now as I type this. This law firm are crooks and shysters. They need to be exposed immediately.

2) The judges, they were paid off as well, when the pictures showed up in court. Paid off jury nothing more to say about that. He stated this is one hell of a scandal and he can't believe how it has played out either. However your lawyer stated NOT one judge will favor for you or those pictures in the state of Arkansas.

3) Arkansas State Police, they are paid off too. The head honcho of the Arkansas State Police knew all about this from the word get go don't let them fool ya Tina. The Arkansas State Police knows all the dirty details about your wreck girl. Trust me. They know this was a cover up because they helped with this corruption.

3) Conway County Arkansas, pay offs, at the sheriff's department, the court house etc. He stated this is truly a scandal of the decade.

4) pays offs among the parents, family and friends most you know. The ones that knew about the alcohol paid to keep their mouth shut. Anyone that can state the alcohol being there, they shut it down by paying them off. The scholarships had to stay in place, the boys couldn't lose them.

He doesn't understand this at all. The pictures and the police report are night and day. He had the pictures blown up and he doesn't understand how they were going to get away with this because the pictures states the truth nothing but the truth that's concrete evidence, the Arkansas State Police lied on the police report that's tampering with evidence.  He's blown away by this scandal. He was told they are used to getting away with stuff and no one has challenged them until Tina Ann Graves came along. Boom, there she goes. She called them out on this and this is the first time it has ever happened to them. A woman on top of that shear excitement right there. Tina is like, oh hell no. They are NOT going to dismiss the alcohol like it wasn't there at the wreck scene, alcohol all over the place they will correct the police report and add it. Front end of her car was ripped off and they made this out as a fender bender, that's pure stupidity, ignorance to begin with. She called them out, she can slam them all into the ground on her social media all day and all night they can't do anything about it. She's got the goods in her hands and she protected herself along the way played detective with little help from anyone just anonymous tips so she can figure stuff out. She's the true bad ass of this situation. Tina has the proof to back her story up. The ones that covered this wreck up has nothing to go on but lies and deceit by protecting the scholarships. This is a break out story on a national level, big time break out story to be honest.

Mom and I will never ever forget getting kicked out of a family based rental house. Mom and I got kicked out because we stood our ground with the police corruption and political corruption in Conway County Arkansas, plus my social media too letting the world know what was going on and what had happened to me. See, one day those family members that did this to me and my mom will be in court. Trust me I know, I have everything saved in several different places. I will break it out and let the magic begin. Just remember my aunt wanted mom to be taken care of until she died. Trust me, my aunt and everyone that has passed on knows all about this situation down here on earth. Hey, some are NOT going to heaven they will go straight to hell where they belong. My mom knows who done her right and who done her wrong within the family. She's like me, she doesn't have any problems writing people off. I'm the one that has watched her suffer for 13 months and family stabbing us in the back, there's a special place in hell for these people and the scholarships. I don't forget anything. Something happens to my mom during this trial in life, I will take care of this matter fully on my own. All the ones that covered this wreck up better kiss their loved ones goodbye, I promise that much.

Okay, where's my pain and suffering check, everyone else got paid but me, oh that's right. The ones that covered this wreck up were laughing hard at me very hard needless to say. We are going to smash Tina into the ground for writing that book. Yes, we are protecting those scholarships the boys will keep them, no, those pictures will never ever be brought into court by NO lawyer in the state of Arkansas it's a done deal Tina. We fixed you bitch, fuck you bitch. How you like them apples now Tina..........they were all laughing at me while they were covering this wreck up. We got her now where she can't get help from anyone from anywhere. The boys will keep the scholarships and her life and credit will be completely ruined. She will have to file bankruptcy and live with her pain from the wreck for the rest of her life. That's why I didn't get proper medical treatment they wanted me to suffer until the day I die. This was a brutal cover up by the Arkansas State Police, Conway County, Arkansas and the law firm I chose to represent me but threw me under the bus after they cut my throat to protect the other side. Here I suffer from pain since the wreck, tried to tell the doctor and she wouldn't listen to me. I WILL NOT pay those medical bills until I am rechecked by a medical professional NOT from Arkansas either. I have nerve damage or whatever, I will lower the boom like a boss on these people. My other bills like student loans etc, I have NO car, NO job, NO money, good luck getting money from me. It's NOT there. I should tell them call that fucktard law firm get the money from them since they took a nice pay off. They could wipe my credit clean with that pay off and my mom's credit too. I suffer on the daily with numbness and headaches since my wreck. People should think about that before I snap.

Now it's my turn to laugh, read this, see if you're gonna be laughing now assholes........I have been living with pain and suffering for 13 months. Let's see if you're gonna laugh now bitches.

Remember that one time in Conway County Arkansas, a young boy got shot in a parking lot. Yes, it was premeditated murder everyone knows. When that boy walked straight up to that young man, shot him in the chest turned around smiled, got back into his vehicle. Yup, that's premeditated murder, end of story. See they took alcohol off my police report put nothing on it. They took murder off that police report put horse playing, true story.

Remember that one time, this cop shot this kid and he was African American male about 19. He got shot 7 times by a cop over alcohol. That boy knew he was going to get killed by the cops a week before he died. The FBI of Arkansas shut it down so it wouldn't hit on a national level. Inside job with the police department. That story is breathtaking needless to say.

Remember when this young man committed suicide so they say but he actually got killed outside of his home. They brought him back into the trailer and 2 little girls watched it. Tossed him on the bed, tossed the gun opposite side of the trigger finger (the wrong side) and wrote it off as suicide. State Police involved in this too...... Remember that????

Are you laughing at me now fuckers? See I'm on a brink of insanity with my wreck, for being done wrong for too long. The ones that covered this wreck up, I will NOT have one ounce of remorse sending you guys straight to hell where you belong when I finally snap. Facts pure facts. You fucked with the wrong one motherfucker. Trust me you did.