February 28, 2013

Overcoming, Slandering, Stalking & BULLYING!

I am so proud that I was able to write this book. It was a hard one to write. Towards the end, my editor wanted me to read some of it to her out loud. Now that was hard to do, she seen my emotions and actions. Right then she knew she was glad that she helped me with the book and took a part in it. She told me I will not have any problems selling the book and she would not be surprised if it became a Best Seller. The book is ready. She told me, I was making the right choice with Dr Phil and the exposure over these particular subjects it’s happening all over the world no doubt about that. She stated he shouldn't turn me down. She also stated that it took guts to write what I did and kept myself grounded even though it’s an ongoing situation and my ending blended in beautifully while I had to keep my feet grounded from the court system. 

My life is not pretty at the moment however I got to say what needed to be said and that satisfied me. She was impressed with my work. I wrote straight from the heart that says a lot about the writer. Nearly 65,000 words of hell, I got through it. I couldn't have gotten through it without God and prayers. He has been right there by my side and he will be here until I finish my 4 book series. I am pretty sure he will continue to be with me until the day I die and afterwards.

My next book which I am working on now is a killer. Mental abuse, bullying and control all rolled up in one from a parent. I will get through this book too. I can say that there’s NOTHING going on around me now. What I am seeing now people are putting on a fake front and saying how good this one is and that one is. I am like let’s talk about this on Dr Phil; I barely got through reading it out loud. I can’t imagine what being on a stage front of millions of people would be like. Like the story goes, when shit gets real people get fake, yes, I am seeing a lot of that lately. I have opened the gates of hell while I am writing these books; I will close the gates of hell when I am done writing these books. That is a promise I can keep.