February 13, 2012

We Are NOT Promised Tomorrow nor the Next Second!

We are not promised tomorrow and that is a fact that I can state have 100% truth behind it. I had a friend and her daughter pass away today 2-13-2012. My daughter was best friends with her daughter. Steph and I were friends when we went to school. How ironic is that? Life is too short. My daughter locked herself in the bathroom for a really long time finally she made it to the bed. My daughter is so tiny, and she is all curled up in bed crying her eyes out. However I told her that is part of life and love the ones that are in your life and always tell them how you feel always. Just be grateful for what you have and appreciate the things that are presented to you in life. I remember in 1988 I lost 5 best friends from January to December in car related accidents and it nearly drove me nuts. However I was 14 and I got through it, barely. I have been through a lot more since then. Death is part of life; our days are numbered when we come into this world. Some people lives a long life and some don’t. I have people in my life I can’t get along with but I did write a letter and left it like that. Some people you can’t reason with no matter what. The relationship is very poisonous, someone has to give in somewhere and just walk away. If you can’t say it then write a letter. Spoken or written that will do the job and whatever happens in life you can say you did what was right and did your best. I have went through major hell in my life these past 8 years and it’s getting better since I got my story out on the net. I will get something done about it that is a promise I can keep. But in the meantime I am grateful for what I have and appreciate things even if it’s the simple things in life. We don’t know when it’s our time to go and never leave words unspoken or unwritten. Because when the final chapter closes its closed and never to be open again, not in this lifetime. I am just keeping it real baby.

February 7, 2012

Purgatory Defines My Life


I am down in the hole and drowning in my sea of sorrow. I am hoping and praying that my life comes to a fork in the road and I can go into a new and better direction in life. I am surprise that I am still breathing and living at the moment I do believe. However I am a fighter and I will continue to push my way through this battle.  The Good Old Boy System will regret messing with me and my ex-husbands the 2 obtuse morons that I married will wish they NEVER married me. It will all come to a head soon; I will not worry about it. Karma will speak louder than me, any day of the week! I have 4 very interesting blogs that I will be doing. I have been asked to put my thoughts and my perspective on some of the cases around here. I told the family I will do it, I would love to put my two cents on these subjects. They know that I don’t care, what people think. Since the tards want to slander, stalk and bullying me, I thought this would be a return favor on my part. I will not put names and places out there but the ones that know will figure it out real quick. It is what it is and I got to do what I got to do. I so love Blogging and release distraught factors that go on in my life. Talking about good therapy to the soul, I need it!
On the note: When my oldest brother was down for a visit. My brother and sister-in-law have the same birthday. January 19th to be exact and mine is the 21st. So on the 20th the day after theirs and the day before mine, I treated them and my mother for a birthday meal at a local establishment. They were leaving out on my birthday so I thought this was a good idea. We were there for a while and having a good time and then I paid for the meal and we left. On our way home we were behind these gas and oil rigs and the traffic was going so slow. I always keep my eye on my rear view mirror; it’s just a habit because what I had to go through these past 8 years. A cop got behind my brother; I knew something wasn’t adding up. Then the blue lights came on, I told my mother. My mother said, “Turn this f**king car around now, Tina!” So I turn around and pulled up front of them. Mom came back with a remark, “Yeah, they are from Texas we have someone now” the cop just looked at mom. Yes, he heard that and when my mom slammed my car door. My mom doesn’t play, she will get your ass like I will get your ass, and we are alike. The cop wanted the get the hell out of dodge ASAP. I walked off and threw my middle finger in the air, IDGAF. I hate bullies. My brother told me that if we wouldn’t have turn around. The cop was going to do a sobriety test on both of them. We drank lots and lots of sweet tea, BTW.That right there pissed me off, I told them, someone seen us at the local establishment. I also told them not to worry because I will lay down a tweet like no other. There are Federal Agents following me and I wonder if the tards realize that yet? Prolly, not! 
Just remember I don’t blog for my health, I blog for getting the truth out there and things will change in this county, I promise that much =)

On another note why is it January 21st? I always get sh*t on, I never had that problem, when I lived in Little Rock, when I was ran of the county, I had to go somewhere, just sayin' oh my life is in immortal hell -_-