July 19, 2015

The Horror in Hooterville (triolgy) short-story Part 3

As the time goes by for the woman that lives in Hooterville, Arkansas was getting worse for her. It was approaching 4 months, NO car. She had to put in her 2 weeks notice in at work because she had NO means to get there. The situation where she was living changed. She had NO income coming in either. As she was reflecting what had happened to her over the past 4 months. All she was doing that day was going to work plus she was leaving for Connecticut the following week exactly a week to be honest. Then her life changed before her eyes. This was NOT her fault at all but she was getting punished for it to the fullest. It was NOT her fault that the cops covered up the wreck she had NO control over that what so ever. She couldn't help that they listen to low life scumbags and most likely got a good pay off. This was NOT her fault by any means. The corruption just drowned her everyday where it made her hard to breathe.

Someone was talking to her and they stated, whoever is involved in this cover up their names will be brought to light and this will be brought into the media without any obligations from her. It will not be her to bring this to the media. The ones that are supposed to be doing their jobs right will bring it to the media. Whoever is involved in this cover up will be fired on the spot. Faces and names will be addressed properly to the media. This is a bad cover up and this will be addressed. The pictures and the police report don't match. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Wrong report that is not good enough 4 months into the wreck we are not going to listen to that nonsense. He calls that bullshit. Someone will be owning up to this and people will get fired over it and what the criminal case can't do the civil case will finish it. This is a very bad situation the corruption is malice a bad situation all away around needless to say. Whoever done this will have to pay the price. Then she knew this was a lot worse than she thought. They told her not to worry justice is on it's way. Just to relax faces and names will be brought to light soon enough.

She had been feeling a bit on edge lately however she had a premonition/dream a foggy type dream behind the veils type stuff. She seen exactly what was going to happen. Sometimes she thinks this is a curse or gift to have that psyche ability with a built in intuition. Nothing can't get past her. She analyzed it and she knew how bad this situation was. Then she did a ritual and she called on God, the universe and her spirit guides to help her through this because she couldn't do this alone. She knew she was on dangerous grounds. She needed protection. She knew that her civil case will be exactly what she needed for justice. She will not feel one bit sorry for anyone that gets fired or whoever's name gets smeared. All these years of being defeated, oh she's crazy the list just goes on. This situation bit everyone that was involved on the ass and that made her very happy with a BIG smile on her face. Karma-what goes around comes back around.

Since she has been beat to the ground for taking matters into her own hands pursuing the civil case. Put her shoes on for once. What if you were driving to work or wherever, someone was going about 60 miles an hour passing a stop sign at an intersection they did NOT stop thinking they can beat you before the punch, which you had the right of way. They hit you. Then you found out there was alcohol all over the place later on. The police gave a sobriety test to the driver but none was taken on the police report they checked no test was done. That is a for sure sign that he failed the test, you can't get clearer than that. This was a cover up!!! You got tons of pictures sent to you and the police report doesn't match the pictures. It looked like a war zone. Lies upon lies. You nearly got killed. If she didn't carry the weight she had, she weighed 175 at that time and was in good shape. She would have had broken bones everywhere. Just think about it. You got hit by a drunk driver and the police covered it up over some favors. How would you feel? How would you feel when you discovered the REAL truth. Think before you criticize!!!!! She could have died that day, that cover up to make the alcohol go away would have never been brought to light. She doesn't feel one bit sorry for anyone that loses their job over this. Maybe they will think twice about covering a drunken mess up again. It pays to be truthful and honest. Karma and God doesn't like ugly. Here she's been without a car, hardly no money to her name and she had to quit her job because she had no way to get to work. May the civil lawyer rip through this county like the Tasmanian devil.

July 11, 2015

The Woman from Hooterville Part 2

The woman from Hooterville, Arkansas was dealing with so much turmoil and despair from her wreck that she had encountered by NO means it was not her fault what had happen to her it was a 'freak accident' needless to say, just popped out of nowhere. What was getting her down was the fact that she got hit by a drunk driver and the state police covered it up. This was causing so much anger issues within her it was hard for her to control, she was having a hard-time living a daily routine.
The audacity of the cops to cover up a drunken mess which she was 7 inches close to death dwelled on her mind. Her PTSD grows everyday no one I mean no one has thought about that.

One night she just collapsed to the floor because it was so much to take in. She knew some of the parents were involved in this, covered up the boys mishap and she knew the book she wrote about corruption took part in this as well. She had a lot on her mind and it was breaking her down. As she was crying an angel appeared before her. She found that quite comforting and she listened to the angel. Then she drifted off to sleep. She woke up and felt so much better and her mind was clearer.

 She knew what she had to do. She knew that she had to get a high profile civil lawyer either from the west coast or the east coast. She knew that she couldn't get a lawyer from the south, she had to break away from the 'good ole boy system' and the ties that bind it. She needed a bulldog in the court room a justice seeker. See the civil lawyer will evaluate the whole situation and especially her personal injury he sees no justice he will get justice for her in the end. He will rack everybody over the coals and that made her feel better.

She worried about money someone told her that the money will come at the end no need for her to worry about money this is a cut and dry situation. Her friend told her you have the leverage the ball is in her court any high profile civil lawyer would take her case in a heartbeat. He was very honest with her, he stated if she got 5 million, the civil lawyer would get half because of him being a high profile civil lawyer. She looked at him and stated, I don't care, the lawyer could take 3 million as long as she SEEN justice and a few fired from law enforcement that's what mattered to her the most. She needed justice and she will seek justice at all cost.

She needed a high profile lawyer to get her on the Dr. Phil show too because she knew in her heart that other people would step up the ones that had problems in this county as well. She wanted to turn her single civil lawsuit (her) into a class action lawsuit. She knew people would follow behind her she's confident about it. She knew she would have a massive meltdown on the show however she would feel 10 times better the next morning she had been living a nightmare for a long time now. She was moving to the east coast and she knew that Dr Phil would get her a good psychiatrist for about a year all due in respect she will need it. God has a plan for her, he didn't keep her alive for no reason at all. He chose her and she will do his job. What she needs to do is move to the east coast and clear her mind so she can take action and get this job done the right way, God's way to be exact.

Has anyone ever thought about the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion she had encountered over the years. It took a toll on her and she proceeded to write her book anyways. Then this wreck that came out of nowhere made her life more of a living hell.  The botched up police report that consisted of lies upon lies. It was a cover up and set up rolled into one. She has been without a car since day one of the wreck hardly no money to her name. They almost got away with it if it weren't for the pictures and the witnesses. She has been drug through hell even more since the wreck, has anyone thought about her emotional, physical and mental status since then. The answer is NO! She relied on a good law firm which they let her down as well. They did not do their jobs. Her and her mother did the investigation not them the pictures and the witnesses and at first that still wasn't good enough.  This has been a total nightmare and now she is praying to God, the universe and her spirit guides to bring her a high profile Civil lawyer. Nothing has favored for her and now she hopes justice will prevail with a good civil lawyer and he should be able to take care of that for her. She has been defeated for so long now she needs a whisper of hope to favor for her. She needs a mean ass lawyer that means business and seek justice in the court room.