November 28, 2015

It ALL came together......

They DID NOT want the pictures in the court room, the bad-guys would surface up. Call-out!

1) The firm helped the bad-guys. That is why the stalling out till the statue of limitations ran out. It's there loud and clear anyone can see that I'm NOT making that shit up. If the pictures landed in court EVERYONE would know who done it, end of story. They were making sure it didn't happen. Going the distance. Paying this one off and that one off.

2) There are a select few in the Arkansas State police being protected.

3) The shut down at the FBI, when me and my mom went for help. The Firm, called the shots with that sad to say. They shut that down very fast like and long waiting time too for me and my mother.

FBI Agent-- There's nothing criminal about the pictures, just empty beer cans.........
Me--Empty beer cans should have been on the police report
Mom-- Sobriety test should have been taken on everybody even my daughter.......
FBI Agent-- speechless....... what could he say.......

4) There are a lot in Conway County, Arkansas being protected too.

5) Tina Ann Graves, fuck her! She wrote a book no more to say about that. The crooked cops and the boys were their main concern NOT Tina Ann Graves hell with her she is on her own!

The Firm,

You know what makes me sick, sitting on my couch and seeing commercials. Yup, makes me puke every time. Shysters and shysters don't need commercials and lie to the Arkansas people to be honest. Real talk and true story. They don't need to be in business needless to say. Talking about underhanding protecting this person and that person. Can I say...... Disbarred!

June 2015- I have leverage-yes, it's against the law NOT to report the alcohol and it will be added Ms. Graves. You will win this. The ball is in your court more less.

October 2015-I don't have leverage and NOT one judge in the state of Arkansas will FAVOR for me or summit the pictures. In another words your are shit out of luck, Ms. Graves! You are DOOMED! You can't win!

June of 2015, this is what should have been done. Ms. Graves, we can not take your case because we stand behind the Arkansas State Police and we represent them, we can't sue them we back them up. We are in the Court Room on the daily in Conway County, Arkansas. We represent the county. That is called, 'conflict of interest' we can't take your case. You need to find someone else Ms. Graves.

Buuuuuut they took the case and simply destroyed my life for the bad guys. This way they could stall the case out feed me bullshit lies as long as they could and don't let them fool ya, they can stall the insurance company out too. If the pictures landed in court it was over with, whoever covered the wreck up would be exposed the ones they are protecting. I understand NOW when they said, "Not one judge will favor for me state of Arkansas." They will get in trouble too because they helped and they can't get exposed as well. Big-time pay offs! When the case was dropped because I got demanding shit or get off the pot emails,  I need my money, I'm drowning here and so is my mom. The insurance company called afterwards they have them in their hip pockets too with a $25,000 pay out I have 18,000 in medical how was I suppose to make my life whole again being off work 8 months I'm still off work with no car to my name. Bankruptcy is in the future if I can't get help outside of Arkansas. This is corruption and scandal and I got piled drive into the ground in the worst way. Favor for a favor...... Stripped my civil rights away so I can't voice my opinion in the state of Arkansas. I hope KARMA strikes upon them take away stuff like they took away from me. God doesn't like UGLY! These people don't need to be in business. People that know me in real life and they seen what they have done to me with their own eyes. They are spreading the word don't use these people because they will fuck you over in the worst way.

To the parents that helped these boys...

May you all go straight to hell with Hitler rot there for eternity. I don't care if it was Joe Blow's beer. Don't call in favors to leave the alcohol off the police report. That is NOT teaching the boy's anything. That is teaching them that very day, March 24th 2015. It is OK to drink and drive and my parents will get me out of it I have no worries attitude. You guys suck, end of story! If someone died the dead would get blamed anyways true story not the kids.

New England

To the ones that did NOT want me in New England to begin with, you guys can straight up kiss my ass! I will get to New England, I might have to live alone because my plans got smashed like my life in Arkansas. I can still go and come back to Arkansas to visit. When I leave I can throw my middle finger in the air as I go down the road. I belong in New England NOT Arkansas. I LOATHE Arkansas.

National Television.......
Everyone better get on their knees and pray because when I get on national television. I will tell it like it is and minus the cuss words. Truth will roll off my tongue. I grant you that!

I need to become a lawyer, I am good at this.

Maybe I can go to Yale and get my law degree. Fingers crossed or become a psychiatrist, who knows.

My YouTube

I believe someone was trying to hack into it. Yesterday was 6 weeks that I have uploaded my 1st video. I did my YouTube so high profile people can see it and view it. I am amazed by the hits and I am amazed by the subscribers. I was NOT expecting that at all. My videos, I wanted people to see me. I am real and this is a real story and I need real help for me and my mother. This is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug like it didn't happen. Protecting the boys and crooked cops and throw me in the ditch to die. I don't think so.

My channel link (below)

Karma, what goes around comes back around!

November 21, 2015

It's All Coming together.....

I have been thinking...

I was told that I would have had to use my settlement all of it to take it to trial, I felt something was not right with that picture (gut feeling.) I researched it did my OWN investigation, no, I would have not need to use my settlement because my pictures were concrete evidence I would win hands down too many told me that to begin with. The firm I hired was trying to discourage me that's all NOT take it to trial. They had NO intentions to take it to trial because they were protecting people. They made it look like it on paper that it could go to trial covering their own tracks. They couldn't take it to trial. They were protecting someone within the Arkansas State Police department because they put in a favor. They were protecting certain ones in Conway County, Arkansas because of favors too. This is all about the 'the boys' they did not want anything on the (boy's) records so I got the worst punishment of all protecting them I done without and it has cost me too. My book played a major part in this, I can't forget about it. It stood on March, 24, 2015 this was about 'the boys' NOT about Tina Graves, that was the day my civil rights were taken away from me. My civil rights were smashed into the ground and I couldn't say anything because my voice did NOT matter.

Now I understand the doctor why she was saying it was all in my head, there's nothing wrong with me and I could go back to work. It's 11-21-15 I still have problems lifting and my numbness on my right side is getting worse by the day. Beside all the lies how was I suppose to get to work? I still don't have a car. I was told I was supposed have gone to a chiropractor and a neurologist they can find pinched nerves from wrecks like I had, I have a pinched nerve. Now I realize they didn't want to send me to chiropractor nor a neurologist.  I went to a quack doctor and a physical therapist instead I didn't need PT. They did NOT want to find anything wrong with me that's why. The firm were protecting people and they were protecting them at all costs. I am very pissed off about this. What if I have nerve damage? I have a picture of keys that were bent and so many have told me that is where my problem lies at. To be exact it's on my IG 30 something weeks ago. Here I was trying to tell the doctor that something was wrong with me and she told me it was all in my head and I can work. What kind of doctor is that? I was dealing with high amounts of PTSD too. No one cared at all. That is sad because it was all about protecting the 'boys' and the crooked cops. They treated this accident like it was a fender bender. My injuries were treated like it was minor. I was hit by a truck that was traveling VERY fast and it was a hard impact. There was nothing minor about it. It was major wreck and I remember my neck popped and it hurt so bad. No one cared and that is sad. Like it didn't exist and all in my head type situation. The firm, The Arkansas State Police and Conway County Arkansas so many were being protected and what was going on with me didn't matter. It was about the bad guys not me I was thrown under the bus for the kill end of story.

There's a special place in hell for these people

I am going to get my story out because I have a jaw dropping story to tell and I will be heard and I will find out who done this I bet your sweet ass on that. I will search until hell freezes over I will find out. I have the goods in my hands I know it. There will be someone out there to help me I have a good gut feeling about it. A hell of a law team too that doesn't care about pay offs in the state of Arkansas. No one I mean no one will have them in their hip pockets. When someone finally talks to me and my mother it will be a jaw dropping story a true story to the fullest. I have a mind blowing story to tell.

My YouTube.......A MUST watch.....

November 16, 2015

This wreck was NOT about me what-so-ever, ok!

This wreck was not about me. This wreck was about saving 'the boys' making sure they didn't have anything on their records. This is all about adding the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone to the police report like it should have been done in the first place. I hired a lawyer and they threw me under the bus by protecting 'the boys' and the crooked cops. How ironic is that? When they protect the state police and they are attorney's for the county I had the wreck in. Can I say conflict of interest? Is that possible? When they stated, "no judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or summit the pictures on the police report." I seen that as a threat, that tells me they have the judges in their hip pockets and everything is paid for. There's not one damn thing I can do about it. We are untouchable, end of story. My civil rights have been crushed into the ground, I haven't had any rights what-so-ever. Zero NONE! This is a serious matter when it comes to alcohol and there are bad ass civil lawyers out there, trust me I just need to find one. No one can dance around the pictures, the pictures tells a story it tells the truth. Minors in possession should be added. When you put my pictures on a bulletin board you can see where the alcohol came from. I have pictures from the start to the end. It's all there nothing to hide. This is corruption and scandal at its finest protecting the bad guys. Whoever is doing the protecting may karma strike upon them. My pictures paints a different scene,  the police report is false. As I was told and my mom was told the same thing too. The police can put whatever they want too on the police report if they want to add the alcohol they can if they don't want to add the alcohol they don't have too. They don't need police reports if they are going to add what they want to. So that's giving an okay to drink and drive to minors when favors are done to protect them. How sick is that and I was told it's very common in Conway County Arkansas for the cops to do that. If the family or friends don't want it on the police report the cops will dismiss it as a favor. The victim gets the worst punishment of all time. Like it's their fault. Something should be done about this type of redneck shit and as far as the police they don't need to be a cop if they can't do their job right. My numbness that I'm experiencing is getting worse by the day. I still remember the 'yes' doctor of the law firm telling me, I can work, there's nothing wrong with me all of this is in my head. I beg the differ when I have concrete evidence that says different. May I get help, may I seek justice, may all these scumbags go down in a blaze of glory. May there be a new law stated after this is said and done. I am on bended knees right now praying to God that help will come and get me the justice that I deserve. No one I mean no one deserves this kind of punishment. I have been drugged through hell and back 1000 times over in the last 8 months. I need relief I need it now. Remember no one is untouchable any body can be brought down to their knees that's real talk. This is NOT the 1950's that's dead and gone. It's big brother time remember that. Like I was told in this situation consist of phone tapping and emails goes straight to spam so there will not be any contact. This is (southern mentality this is southern corruption) to stop the person that is fighting it in their tracks so help can't come. I have leverage with the pictures and social media to boot and I will get there. Keep my story out there someone will see this and I will get on national television. Wait till I get on national television and tell this strange ass story. I have a story to tell the world a jaw dropping story to be exact.

November 12, 2015

When you can't make your life whole again after a wreck.....

When your rights have been stripped away.... You have no say so what so ever.... Like you don't exist and you were the one that was traumatized and have been beaten into the ground and you feel like you were the one at fault but in sense of reality you are the victim and you never got justice or a peace of got treated like a piece of shit. I feel like a worthless person now over my wreck.

The wreck, I loathe a lot of people now. 'The boys'  the ones that were in the truck that got flipped over. When the parents and family interveen made phone calls for favors to remove the alcohol, the reckless driving, speeding in a school zone because they can't have that on 'the boys' record. I hate those people because they made my life a living hell. When you look at the situation when everybody intervened rescued 'the boys' the Arkansas State Police made it that very day it's okay to drink and drive you can't tell me any different. That absolutely positively truthfully makes me sick to my stomach. The victim (me) got the worst beat down possible and I did NOT cause this wreck. I could have died and the alcohol didn't matter at all. The police can kiss my ass too. Good cops would have made sure every one was okay then started a series of sobriety tests to make sure and put it on the police report like a good cop should. End of story....... I have hate in my heart over this... They didn't teach 'the boys' shit, they taught them to be rebels and rednecks. Gotta love the south. Kayli and Kade for an example my children. They done this, I would tell either one of them. Good luck with your destruction and ignorance. You have now danced so you got to pay that fiddler. I would tech them a hard lesson. If someone died, I would make damn sure they would go to the funeral and see what grief that they have caused to the family and friends I want them to see that. Alcohol is a serious matter and it can't be swept under the rug and make it disappear. To the ones that done all this to me made it disappear, FUCK YOU! Karma remember it don't forget it.

When you hire a law firm to represent you because you were done wrong and they were lying too you because they were protecting the bad guys right from the start. Fuck'em when you thought you hired the best and they threw you under the bus. I have no use for that kind neither does God. They knew what I was getting from the start and stalled it out on purpose to simply to destroy me everyone around me sees it now. I give myself credit for getting my point across with an email or two. I had enough, shit or get off the pot damn. I need my money I am drowning in life here. They stalled it on purpose technically they were scared of a high profile Civil lawyer and I pray to God one comes my way I am on my knees begging now. Never underestimate a woman that is scorn been done wrong. My numbness is getting worse by the day and all I hear in my head from their worthless doctor, "You can work (me inside my head) I don't have a car bitch, there's nothing wrong with you, it's all in your head." all I was trying to say where I'm hurting and my PTSD was spiraling out of control. There's a reason I don't trust doctors because 9 times out of 10 they simply don't care however they love the money but they don't love their patients or have compassion. What I should have done took her hand and went to Honda World across the street. Buy me a car and I will go to work. How am I suppose to function without a car. I hope Karma comes their way and teaches them a lesson.

The east coast, the stalling was to blame there too. They were scared for a lawyer and some selfish bastards here didn't want me out on the east coast to start with, I loathe them too. Well, plan A is simply destroyed and these idiots here done that on purpose they made sure that plan fell through and it was achieved Plan A went down the drain. I hope they are happy now to destroy something beautiful and I will never find it again. I was happy out there and few couldn't stand it. Why people want me miserable I simply don't understand. So they simply killed that idea. It breaks my heart to pieces. There's always plan B for me. I want out of Arkansas because Arkansas has broke me down to nothing. I have no use for Arkansas at all, I hate this state. My mom, my kids I will visit and return home because I belong on the east coast not here. My time is up and I need a new home and new start in life.

My book 'my book of truth'  about corruption and my wreck sealed the deal regardless of what I am going through at the moment. I don't regret it. I will pull my book from outskirts press and revise and republish. I need to add my wreck and few other things I left out. I will add them trust me. Now I have a story to tell and a good movie deal to boot when the time is right. Even though outskirts press scammed me I pray to God I get a traditional publisher and make things right there and get royalties like I should. I haven't got paid in a year and half so I know I was scammed,  embezzlement at its finest. I hope karma gets outskirts press one day. Fingers crossed for that.

Some days....... Like most days...... I wished I would have died of the wreck. I would have been with my granny and my family and not on earth hurting like I am now. Death is a reward and I am not afraid to die because death is relief from my pain and suffering. Knowing me I will live to be 110 years old. That absolutely positively truthfully sucks!

Right now I am on bended knees and I pray to God that I get justice,  Dr Phil, AL Sharpton and I will put Nancy Grace in there too. I get help on a national level. I pray I get a court date and I get justice. I hope I can stand before all the guilty in the court room one day say what's on my mind. Look at each and every one of them with tears in my eyes and tell them what I really think. I need to be heard and they need to feel what I feel believe me when I start talking they will feel my pain. Trust me, I hurt over this.

I went from a new car, a job, money flow to no car, no job, no money flow.

Now I will have to get a used car and it will take several years to get my life back on track if I don't get on national television and tell my story. I am praying to God everyday that I get that chance to tell my story and NOT get shut down I get shut down everywhere. My rights have been taken away from me for NO reason at all. I pray that I get a bad ass civil lawyer too.

November 9, 2015

My Civil Rights were violated

My pay out would have been $25,000 and I would have had $7,000 left to make my life whole again after I paid $18,000 in medical bills. I need a car and everything else. NO car, NO job, NO money for 8 months I am behind very behind. Hell no, I am NOT signing shit. I will have to file bankruptcy if I went that route. I am going for a Civil lawyer because my rights have been violated. In June 2015, yes, Tina you have the leverage now with the pictures. I was told it was illegal to leave the alcohol off the police report and it will be added on the police report. October 2015. Not one judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for you. The alcohol can't be added, nor the reckless driving and speeding in a school zone. What a flip flop within a few months. One lie after another. It was a BIG pay off from the peons to the top dogs I see it now and everyone sees it too. They KNEW what my pay out was going to be in June they stalled it on purpose and everyone around me is blown away by this. If I didn't get straight to the point with my last 2 emails. I would still be waiting for my check that they were stalling on purpose because they already knew what I was going to get. These people jumped ship got the hell out of dodge very quick. I think it's too late now to hide. People that know me are freaking out over this. They can't believe my life was ruined on purpose. I hired a conflict of interest and that is very illegal needless to say they knew all along. Everyone was working hand in hand even the doctor. The plan was set in motion the day of my wreck. It comes back down to my book that I wrote the 'book of truth' about corruption in Conway County Arkansas. I will find out who done this to me and I will call them out on a world wide level. For an example if a senator told the Arkansas State Police to leave off the alcohol. the reckless driving, speeding in a school zone. I will find out the ones that covered this wreck up and made my life miserable too. I don't care who it was. I will make sure that their faces and names are brought out on a world wide national level where people can see who done this and make sure it doesn't never ever happen again to someone else. I want a new law done where it can't happen again in the state of Arkansas or any other state to be exact. I have went through hell and I have been stripped from everything. There's nothing left of me everything has been taken away from me. Civil Rights committee will be brought into this. This is a serious matter that shouldn't be swept under the rug. I will go to lengths for JUSTICE! Now you can't dismiss alcohol and make it disappear that's very illegal. There are people against drunk driving and they will step in too. There is a bad ass civil law team out in California, I have my fingers crossed there. I got shut down in the state of Arkansas. I will see if I get shut down on the west coast. This is a very serious matter and alcohol shouldn't be dismissed. It was everywhere at the wreck scene and the smell was heavy too. I was told it could knock you down the smell was strong. This is serious my life is serious and I will go into the extreme depths of hell to fight this because my civil rights have been violated. I will get world wide attention on this because this shouldn't happen to another person they don't need to go through what I have been through. I have been beaten into the ground like a dead horse. I have been stripped of everything, I have nothing left. My book plays a big part in this can't leave it out either for revenge anyone can see that.

Anonymous Tip 11-3-2015

I was told to sit on this for a week. While doing so, I am about to have a nervous breakdown and I have lost a lot of weight and I cry all the time. This is scary! Someone wanted me put this on my blog by numbers and space them. So I am doing just that. The tip told me that I will have a good contact soon because you need someone that is powerful to bring the scumbags down. There are people out there in the civil rights committee that will help me. No one will favor for you in the state of Arkansas because everything is sowed up by pay offs. Your rights have been so violated and you have been buried alive and ruined on purpose. It's close to home and mainly because of the book you wrote. This was meant to destroy because of the book you wrote. The right civil rights lawyer will come, trust me.

1) 3-24-2015 the day of the wreck the set up started after the first phone call.

2) It is split in 2 ways close to home and I was told to think about it and I will see it. Just will be the first ones to throw the knife in the back.

3) Top dogs in Conway County Arkansas. I was told to think and it will all come together. Just think about it Tina.

4) The ones you hired were burying you alive from day one. Think about it...... It's all there.

5) They were all hand and hand on this and your medical should NOT be trusted as you stated. Just to be on the safe side.

6) They knew how much you were going to get from the start. They stalled this out simply to destroy you. You should have been paid in June no later than July. No investigation was done. Plus they were scared of a high profile civil lawyer too. They were stalling as long as they could. Your emails made them jump ship. Kudos with that you would still be waiting. This was planned out from the start.

7) The cops were told NOT to put the alcohol and the other stuff on the police report, there was a sobriety test done one the driver. He did NOT passed it so it was covered up. The evidence is probably gone buuuuuut who knows lol integration a good integration will tell the tale.

8) The police report was meant to look minor and that was why the delay of you getting the police report waiting on surprises and they saw the coast was clear they sent out the report. They had no worries until you got pictures to prove them wrong. That's why no judge will favor for you. Pay Off!!!

9) Facebook the kids posted pictures then they were deleted because they were told to do so. There is a way to retrieve them with the right civil lawyer they can do it. The kids posted the beer and the kids seen what happened don't let them fool you. The right lawyer can get access to all the Facebook accounts at school. Don't let anyone tell you different. It can be done.

10) It was a favor for a favor for the boys to keep the alcohol off the police report. Look within the parents and family of the boys it's there it's all there. Remember when you and your mother went to the FBI building and got shut down. Just think Tina it's there right in front of your eyes. The FBI shut you down for a reason.

11) The final the nail in your back and to ruin your life is THE BOOK for revenge. Like you stated a very sloppy cover up.

12) Your civil rights have been violated because you have had NO rights what so ever on purpose. The numbering and spacing will help the right lawyer out in the future. I need to hang tough because I will get a team of lawyers. The scumbags will get what is coming to them and what they get is what they deserve. You can't get help in Arkansas but there are teams out there on the east coast and west coast that will help you. Keep my story out there and help will come. This is a major pay off boils back down to your book. There's more people on your side than you think and they rooting for you to get on national television to tell your story because Tina you have a story to tell world wide and the civil rights committee can bring you justice and ease your mother's mind because both of you have gone through hell. Karma is gonna be bad plus God doesn't like UGLY one bit. What you need is Dr Phil,  AL Sharpton and MADD let's see if Arkansas can shut them down. Needless to say I don't think so.