November 16, 2015

This wreck was NOT about me what-so-ever, ok!

This wreck was not about me. This wreck was about saving 'the boys' making sure they didn't have anything on their records. This is all about adding the alcohol, reckless driving, speeding in a school zone to the police report like it should have been done in the first place. I hired a lawyer and they threw me under the bus by protecting 'the boys' and the crooked cops. How ironic is that? When they protect the state police and they are attorney's for the county I had the wreck in. Can I say conflict of interest? Is that possible? When they stated, "no judge in the state of Arkansas will favor for me or summit the pictures on the police report." I seen that as a threat, that tells me they have the judges in their hip pockets and everything is paid for. There's not one damn thing I can do about it. We are untouchable, end of story. My civil rights have been crushed into the ground, I haven't had any rights what-so-ever. Zero NONE! This is a serious matter when it comes to alcohol and there are bad ass civil lawyers out there, trust me I just need to find one. No one can dance around the pictures, the pictures tells a story it tells the truth. Minors in possession should be added. When you put my pictures on a bulletin board you can see where the alcohol came from. I have pictures from the start to the end. It's all there nothing to hide. This is corruption and scandal at its finest protecting the bad guys. Whoever is doing the protecting may karma strike upon them. My pictures paints a different scene,  the police report is false. As I was told and my mom was told the same thing too. The police can put whatever they want too on the police report if they want to add the alcohol they can if they don't want to add the alcohol they don't have too. They don't need police reports if they are going to add what they want to. So that's giving an okay to drink and drive to minors when favors are done to protect them. How sick is that and I was told it's very common in Conway County Arkansas for the cops to do that. If the family or friends don't want it on the police report the cops will dismiss it as a favor. The victim gets the worst punishment of all time. Like it's their fault. Something should be done about this type of redneck shit and as far as the police they don't need to be a cop if they can't do their job right. My numbness that I'm experiencing is getting worse by the day. I still remember the 'yes' doctor of the law firm telling me, I can work, there's nothing wrong with me all of this is in my head. I beg the differ when I have concrete evidence that says different. May I get help, may I seek justice, may all these scumbags go down in a blaze of glory. May there be a new law stated after this is said and done. I am on bended knees right now praying to God that help will come and get me the justice that I deserve. No one I mean no one deserves this kind of punishment. I have been drugged through hell and back 1000 times over in the last 8 months. I need relief I need it now. Remember no one is untouchable any body can be brought down to their knees that's real talk. This is NOT the 1950's that's dead and gone. It's big brother time remember that. Like I was told in this situation consist of phone tapping and emails goes straight to spam so there will not be any contact. This is (southern mentality this is southern corruption) to stop the person that is fighting it in their tracks so help can't come. I have leverage with the pictures and social media to boot and I will get there. Keep my story out there someone will see this and I will get on national television. Wait till I get on national television and tell this strange ass story. I have a story to tell the world a jaw dropping story to be exact.

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