November 21, 2015

It's All Coming together.....

I have been thinking...

I was told that I would have had to use my settlement all of it to take it to trial, I felt something was not right with that picture (gut feeling.) I researched it did my OWN investigation, no, I would have not need to use my settlement because my pictures were concrete evidence I would win hands down too many told me that to begin with. The firm I hired was trying to discourage me that's all NOT take it to trial. They had NO intentions to take it to trial because they were protecting people. They made it look like it on paper that it could go to trial covering their own tracks. They couldn't take it to trial. They were protecting someone within the Arkansas State Police department because they put in a favor. They were protecting certain ones in Conway County, Arkansas because of favors too. This is all about the 'the boys' they did not want anything on the (boy's) records so I got the worst punishment of all protecting them I done without and it has cost me too. My book played a major part in this, I can't forget about it. It stood on March, 24, 2015 this was about 'the boys' NOT about Tina Graves, that was the day my civil rights were taken away from me. My civil rights were smashed into the ground and I couldn't say anything because my voice did NOT matter.

Now I understand the doctor why she was saying it was all in my head, there's nothing wrong with me and I could go back to work. It's 11-21-15 I still have problems lifting and my numbness on my right side is getting worse by the day. Beside all the lies how was I suppose to get to work? I still don't have a car. I was told I was supposed have gone to a chiropractor and a neurologist they can find pinched nerves from wrecks like I had, I have a pinched nerve. Now I realize they didn't want to send me to chiropractor nor a neurologist.  I went to a quack doctor and a physical therapist instead I didn't need PT. They did NOT want to find anything wrong with me that's why. The firm were protecting people and they were protecting them at all costs. I am very pissed off about this. What if I have nerve damage? I have a picture of keys that were bent and so many have told me that is where my problem lies at. To be exact it's on my IG 30 something weeks ago. Here I was trying to tell the doctor that something was wrong with me and she told me it was all in my head and I can work. What kind of doctor is that? I was dealing with high amounts of PTSD too. No one cared at all. That is sad because it was all about protecting the 'boys' and the crooked cops. They treated this accident like it was a fender bender. My injuries were treated like it was minor. I was hit by a truck that was traveling VERY fast and it was a hard impact. There was nothing minor about it. It was major wreck and I remember my neck popped and it hurt so bad. No one cared and that is sad. Like it didn't exist and all in my head type situation. The firm, The Arkansas State Police and Conway County Arkansas so many were being protected and what was going on with me didn't matter. It was about the bad guys not me I was thrown under the bus for the kill end of story.

There's a special place in hell for these people

I am going to get my story out because I have a jaw dropping story to tell and I will be heard and I will find out who done this I bet your sweet ass on that. I will search until hell freezes over I will find out. I have the goods in my hands I know it. There will be someone out there to help me I have a good gut feeling about it. A hell of a law team too that doesn't care about pay offs in the state of Arkansas. No one I mean no one will have them in their hip pockets. When someone finally talks to me and my mother it will be a jaw dropping story a true story to the fullest. I have a mind blowing story to tell.

My YouTube.......A MUST watch.....

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