December 19, 2014

Zero Fucks Given Blog

Fuck the Police

Don't get me wrong there are some good police out there, slim to few. I have cops in my family but the cops in this county are corrupted to the core 90% of them ONLY 10% are good. I thought I would do this blog since the cops are in 'hot water' at the moment in time. I wonder if the 'bad cops' ever think about the emotional and psychological damage when they fuck with the law abiding citizen. I will not get into my whole situation cause it's all in my past blogs (you can read back). What I am talking about P.T.S.D. that shit is real and I deal with it from time to time. I am either on an emotional streak for a few days or I am on a mean streak because of my anger issues I deal with and it makes me want to play Kill' Em All, by Metallica just go to town. The emotional state is hard because all you want to do is cry, cry like a little bitch. Cry for days cause you hurt that bad inside. I hate when I am dealing with the anger part. I would rather cry like a little bitch to be honest. When my anger issues rises, the thoughts in my head at the moment are scary. I would go after the ones that caused me grief that would be the ONLY ones, I promise that much. The innocent shouldn't get caught up in the cross-fire, I don't believe in that shit. I can honestly say that I can keep my P.T.S.D. under control though. Man alive the police can really fuck up a life and the ones that I have dealt with in the past really can kiss my ass or suck my dick to be straight up about it. I have always stated, the police should protect and serve NOT torment and scare the shit out of people that is real talk. I have NOT been bashful over my blogs. P.T.S.D. is real and alive and it's scary to have at times. I don't regret writing my book. Chapters 1-46 I went through that shit and torment. 47-54, heaven forbid that I land in court so that is the fictional part of it. When people talk about the police and the damage they have caused them, I totally understand what they are talking about. Something needs to give that is fore sure. They need to make a place or clinic where we all can go because of the police and deal with P.T.S.D. that brought upon us that is nothing but the facts.

Fuck Outskirts Press

That is how I feel about Outskirts Press, I had so many people come to me on social media over this and they told me that I got scammed big-time over my publishing in the worst way they have ever seen. They were proud of me for coming forward with my story because this will save someone from heartache and pain in the future. I told them that is why I done it. Quarter of a million followers, $400.00 give me a freaking break. I am NOT the ONLY one they are scamming there are plenty more getting scammed too. I just have bigger balls than most and do a blog in all due in respect I really don't give a fuck what they think about it either. If I could throat-punch that bastard of a CEO I would in a heartbeat, embezzling motherfucker. People are putting in hard earn time in writing and also at work to pay for it and for this to happen. I had a figure in my head, you can't get rich off a book unless you have some awesome exposure that's the truth. I know I earned more than fucking $400.00. I guess they thought I am from the south and I did not know my ass from a hole in the ground. I guess they thought I was uneducated too straight up stupid from Arkansas. Those motherfuckers should have done some research on me before scamming my ass. My Klout is a lot more and stronger than what they have. Cocksucker motherfuckers, I hope they get investigated. I had a friend come to me and told me what happened to her and she went with Author House and she got a check over 20 grand when it was said and done. She told me that she just made a few hundred from them until they got investigated. She hopes and prays that something like that happens to me. Your interactions on all your websites are constantly jumping a lot of people draws into you. She is on everything I have so she should know, I guess. There's you another emotional and  psychological outburst from hell because a company that are scamming people. I hope I don't go off the deep in soon. I had a lot of people tell me I need to get my ass on Dr. Phil ASAP! I know that takes time and I will get there. I am confident about that. Fuck you, Outskirts Press may you rot in hell!

December 5, 2014

My Brutal Honesty

My brutal honesty gets me labeled as a bitch to be honest I really don't give a fuck. Freedom of speech baby! When I started this blog, it was all about my fucking nightmare. I caused hell and havoc over it too. I went through stalking, slandering and bullying with a dash of sexual assault and suicide. I have been through a lot and I am one tough cookie. I have zero tolerance. I stand up for myself at all costs because all due in respect I'm not scared. Then my ex and his wife they don't pay taxes but I still get the blame for it tho on his part since he hasn't filed since 2003. I have a October 2014 letter, I carry in my purse since I have been told that I am starting shit with them. When I pull out that letter they shut the fuck up real quick. They don't have a comeback for me either. I love to smile big when that happens. Both of them, moved to Wyoming to run from the IRS here in Arkansas, how pathetic is that? The tax man will get you in any state. Paying their taxes they will not be able to live high on the hog like they do. So I guess they avoid them. It is what it is. I have survived through a lot of bullshit and I survived that creek without a paddle, just saying.

My father my lovely father. Which I had to wash my hands from. Don't get me wrong, I love my father but I will love him from a distance. In 6 days it will be 3 years since I been on the mountain to see him. I am in the process of finishing my 2nd book. I have a bad case of PTSD. I know a lot came from the cops and thugs that I was having problems with for 10 years but it has run a little deeper than that as I started to write. This started in 1976, I was 2 years old. I am understanding myself completely with my 2nd book. It scares the shit out of me too. Sometimes you have to love a parent from a distance. I know I get uncomfortable when his name is brought up. It's sad but I have to protect myself. I am in that mode right now. This is one tough book to write and I am about done with it. I know I will get on the Dr Phil show probably next year sometime. When I do it will be awful because I have anger issues lying on top of the surface just like a pimple, ready to pop. I was told to categorize this as anger issues. I have them but I have it under control for the time being. When I talk about it. It will be a different story. A monster will appear. I know one damn thing. I want the sheriff of this county and the past sheriff to be on the show. I have many questions for those dirty rotten bastards. I hope I don't kick their ass in the process. I will pray about it. I have questions to ask them I hope they can answer them properly. I will not be a happy camper if they don't.

My last relationship I will go there again too this is my blog! I have a couple of switches, my 1st switch is that I will always love him and to be honest I am still in love with him and it's hard to turn that switch off, I do love him. We had an unbelievable connection and he knows that. Our connection was off the charts and he can't deny that one bit very rare. My other switch is when I reach out and try and I can't get anywhere with it. I turn that off, I refuse to hurt myself, I can't drown in my own tears. I have to set limits this is my mind, body and soul it belongs to me and I have to protect it. That switch is hard to turn back on too needless to say it can be done but it's extremely hard to do. My blog I done, I left it up for a few days. I have done that several times with other blogs. I just need to get my point across then take it down. I was being truthful. That is 100% real talk. I have never ever cheated during this relationship and I never have before to think about it when I was talking to him. I was by his side through two relationships. That's his loss, he had a good woman, he just didn't realize it, nothing I can't do about that. He will regret it one day, trust me I know what I'm talking about.  I sent everything through via emails so that is that. What else can I do?

What people are failing to understand is, I was moving a long ways from home like 25 hours away from home. My kids are grown so it's my turn to get my shit together. I was moving to a town that I did not know anything about. I was going to work in a place that I wouldn't know anybody. I was uprooting and reestablishing my life. That is a big fucking deal and I needed a household that was financially stabled until I got my feet off the ground once again. I am the stupid one tho. I think shit through before I take a leap. I will have my regular bills plus the bills there 50/50. No one has thought of this but me. I wanted my ducks in a row and my eggs in one basket, think about it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I would have had to transfer everything from Arkansas to another state. That was going to take time and money. That is a big-deal very big, yes indeed. I am very intelligent woman so never underestimate me one bit.

I don't know why my life is so damn difficult, I have placed this in God's hands and hope for the best. I know that I have put up with too much bullshit and I need to see some kind of break. I am really a good woman, I have a heart of gold. I just know what I will put up with and not put up with. I need to have deep prayer and hope it pulls through for me. I can honestly say, I have been pushed to my limit. I think I'm tired of being sick and tired of being sick and tired.

December 4, 2014

Outskirts Press Update on my Scam

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Outskirts Press decided to lock me out of my account and pull my book from their warehouse. I did not get a call, email nothing of that nature. They didn't say a word to me, when I tried to get into my account, I did it from my phone. It said that the name or email doesn't exist. I tried it again. I thought to myself its just my phone so when I got to work, I used their computer and it did that same thing. Then I knew something was up. I got so pissed off it shot my blood pressure up,  I tried to send them an email from my primary and secondary, they knew both of those, it would not take and that was from the main website just to contact them, anybody could have done it. I thought to myself  those sneaky ass bastards. They zeroed in on my emails, so I used an email a different one and it took that blew my mind all to hell. Let me tell you something right now. I put the fucking fear of God in them. In a couple days I was back into my account and my book was back up. These motherfuckers don't know who they are messing with, they didn't notify me at all and done this that is very shady and back behind my back too. My co-workers were telling me they have destroyed something, and they are up to no good and they told me, I need to check into that ASAP. My KLOUT is bigger than theirs, they better back the fuck up. Outskirts Press is nothing but a SCAM! The links up above shows you that I have almost a quarter of a million followers and I have made almost $400.00 in a year and I have not gotten another check from them since April of 2014. I make with Amazon (EBook), 2 to 6 dollars every other month. I get an email from them every month and they tell me they are depositing money in my account. One month I don't get any money at all and they send me an email saying that I am receiving money but I don't receive anything but on some months I get 2-6 dollars deposited into my account. Something is up and I don't like it. Barnes and Noble, I have never gotten any money from them, ZERO dollars. I figured why they locked me out, was over my blog. Well, I have every right to review them because they done me dirty so dirty. They have met their match with me, I betcha! Please don't use them, they need to be shut down. Here is my link to my blog review the first one I done look (below).....the day I get on the Dr Phil show, the shit will hit the fan all around and to be honest, I don't give a fuck either. I am sick of this shit and other things too. I wrote a book about getting screwed over now I am getting screwed over with my publishing my book. I don't know how much more I can take. When I snap, it's going to be bad!

FYI~ Outskirts Press is such a JOKE and a SCAM! Have they ever thought about the mental and emotional part of this? When someone writes from the heart and want to publish their work and they work their ass off at their job to get published. In my case, money doesn't come easy to me, I have to work really hard for my money. Then have someone to SCAM me like they have. Outskirts Press, should be out of business. They shouldn't be aloud to embezzle money from other people. This is embezzlement they are scamming 1000's of people. Quarter of million followers and I have only made $400 something is very wrong with this picture. I hope and pray they go down so other people will NOT get scammed like I have. They are rotten to the core! I would NOT use them!

UPDATE 2-11-15
OK, I made $118.00 in 2014 from Outskirts Press!!!

OK, I made $146.41 from Amazon on Kindle!!!

I made ZERO from Barnes and Noble. Let all this sink in would you. I have almost quarter of a million followers look at the links up above. I had to do this. $264.41, I made in 2014. My book sold out twice too.

I had a friend to get in touch with me today. They are making tons of money off my book because they have stolen my rights to my book. They are giving you very little because they can do so. He told me this is a form of embezzlement (big-time) they are scamming all the authors. However I want to put this up and let people know what is going on. Just remember they can access my information on all of my accounts, they have my email and passwords. I stated that in my 1st blog. This is mad-crazy that they are embezzling other authors too. My friend he told me it will take the FBI to step in on this because it's too big of a case for anyone to conquer. The FBI are big on embezzling schemes, he told me I should have got a good chunk out of my book in the beginning. However they are keeping my money. I hope and pray now that something is done to this company. I don't have the money to pay that kind of lawyer. However I am big enough and bigger than them on the internet to cause hell and havoc on their asses my Klout is way bigger than theirs. If anyone uses this company is very stupid do not I repeat do not make the same mistake as me! I hope the FBI reads this cause this will be right up their ally, they love stuff like this. My friend told me they are screwing me over in the worse kind of way. Please help spread the word of this fuckery.  I am not worried tho cause Karma will play her part on this soon.