December 19, 2014

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Fuck the Police

Don't get me wrong there are some good police out there, slim to few. I have cops in my family but the cops in this county are corrupted to the core 90% of them ONLY 10% are good. I thought I would do this blog since the cops are in 'hot water' at the moment in time. I wonder if the 'bad cops' ever think about the emotional and psychological damage when they fuck with the law abiding citizen. I will not get into my whole situation cause it's all in my past blogs (you can read back). What I am talking about P.T.S.D. that shit is real and I deal with it from time to time. I am either on an emotional streak for a few days or I am on a mean streak because of my anger issues I deal with and it makes me want to play Kill' Em All, by Metallica just go to town. The emotional state is hard because all you want to do is cry, cry like a little bitch. Cry for days cause you hurt that bad inside. I hate when I am dealing with the anger part. I would rather cry like a little bitch to be honest. When my anger issues rises, the thoughts in my head at the moment are scary. I would go after the ones that caused me grief that would be the ONLY ones, I promise that much. The innocent shouldn't get caught up in the cross-fire, I don't believe in that shit. I can honestly say that I can keep my P.T.S.D. under control though. Man alive the police can really fuck up a life and the ones that I have dealt with in the past really can kiss my ass or suck my dick to be straight up about it. I have always stated, the police should protect and serve NOT torment and scare the shit out of people that is real talk. I have NOT been bashful over my blogs. P.T.S.D. is real and alive and it's scary to have at times. I don't regret writing my book. Chapters 1-46 I went through that shit and torment. 47-54, heaven forbid that I land in court so that is the fictional part of it. When people talk about the police and the damage they have caused them, I totally understand what they are talking about. Something needs to give that is fore sure. They need to make a place or clinic where we all can go because of the police and deal with P.T.S.D. that brought upon us that is nothing but the facts.

Fuck Outskirts Press

That is how I feel about Outskirts Press, I had so many people come to me on social media over this and they told me that I got scammed big-time over my publishing in the worst way they have ever seen. They were proud of me for coming forward with my story because this will save someone from heartache and pain in the future. I told them that is why I done it. Quarter of a million followers, $400.00 give me a freaking break. I am NOT the ONLY one they are scamming there are plenty more getting scammed too. I just have bigger balls than most and do a blog in all due in respect I really don't give a fuck what they think about it either. If I could throat-punch that bastard of a CEO I would in a heartbeat, embezzling motherfucker. People are putting in hard earn time in writing and also at work to pay for it and for this to happen. I had a figure in my head, you can't get rich off a book unless you have some awesome exposure that's the truth. I know I earned more than fucking $400.00. I guess they thought I am from the south and I did not know my ass from a hole in the ground. I guess they thought I was uneducated too straight up stupid from Arkansas. Those motherfuckers should have done some research on me before scamming my ass. My Klout is a lot more and stronger than what they have. Cocksucker motherfuckers, I hope they get investigated. I had a friend come to me and told me what happened to her and she went with Author House and she got a check over 20 grand when it was said and done. She told me that she just made a few hundred from them until they got investigated. She hopes and prays that something like that happens to me. Your interactions on all your websites are constantly jumping a lot of people draws into you. She is on everything I have so she should know, I guess. There's you another emotional and  psychological outburst from hell because a company that are scamming people. I hope I don't go off the deep in soon. I had a lot of people tell me I need to get my ass on Dr. Phil ASAP! I know that takes time and I will get there. I am confident about that. Fuck you, Outskirts Press may you rot in hell!

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