January 12, 2015

2015 A Win or A Loss

I tell you right now, Outskirts Press has put me into depression and among other things too. I put my heart and soul into a book write it and get scammed like I did is heart-breaking and it almost made me say fuck it with my other books that I want to publish. I am almost done with the my 2nd book. Depression kicked my ass and I put it aside for a long time. I just got it back out and I knocked another big-dent in it. I need to get that part to my editor she has been after me because she said this is the best book yet. I have a talent and I need to finish it. I think I will pull my book from Outskirts Press since they locked me out of my account and took my book down for awhile without letting me know they were doing it. I know in my heart they destroyed some of my records. Then they opened my account and put my book back up (why did they close it to begin with). They got rid of something, I feel it. I hope and pray really hard that karma strikes upon them and tear up Jack on their ass. I would never recommend this company to anyone. When I get on the Dr. Phil show. I will let them have it I betcha. I will pull the book and I will have 3 books to publish, I will publish them at the same time. The Wolverton Mountain woman consists of 3 books. So in January of 2016 I should be able to pursue that and I will hope that I don't get scammed again, I will pray about it. Writing about my life and getting screwed over. Then write a book and get screwed over by the publishing company. I am tired of getting screwed over to be honest. Outskirts Press really fucked me up for sure.

I really need a good year, last year was somewhat a good year. I got a NEW car 2005 was the last time I got a new car, getting some of my shit back together and I found love and I lost love and I am hoping for a return with that because that kind of love is rare. I still need to get my shit together tho, I am almost there. Some kind of good karma is what I need seriously I do need good Karma. I work my ass off all the time and it seems like I can't get ahead for the life of me. I am tired of being stuck in this type of abyss or depression, I am really sick of it. Outskirts Press done more to me than I thought, I went into deep depression over this, that scam was devastating. I have been told when I make the Dr. Phil show it will be a show to remember because of all the bullshit you have dealt with and I have dealt with a lot. You are going to have one hell of a meltdown and I will feel oh so better afterwards when I talk to a professional. I need to talk to a professional like Dr. Phil it's going to take that kind of professional to push through this mess. I sure do hope for some kind of relief and new turn around in my life all due in respect I deserve it.

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