January 9, 2016

Police and political corruption has buried me and my mother alive.....

The political and police corruption in Conway County Arkansas has buried me and my mother alive. It has wrecked this household like no other nothing will ever be the same not in this lifetime. These scumbags makes us sick to our stomach. They are a true definition of a douchebag. My mom will never ever get over this and that's a statement that will be set in stone. I promise that much.

Let me make a note, everyone around here knows this was wrong and how it was handled. What was done to my wreck was wrong just wrong there's nothing right about it what so ever. Has me and my mom had any support through this?  Hell to the no we haven't. Only support I had was the day of the wreck ONLY. I am speaking the truth nothing but the truth no support system here not to our knowledge. (check this out, what we were told, there's NOT one thing we can do, the corrupted has this sowed up that anyone out of the Arkansas will be automatically shut down, we can't win this the alcohol disappeared for a reason and it will NOT reappear that goes for the other stuff too) I call that bullshit because anyone can be took down at any given moment in time. There's NO such thing as untouchable they need to get their ego's in check.  (I have concrete evidence to blow this out the water, let that sink in this is wrong on so many levels of the criminal justice system) The boys were protected and the crooked cops were protected (for a reason) end of story they mattered (I didn't.)  I can't wait for the day mom and I make national television and tell this shocking story, people will be blown away by it that's a fact. If I know the people that was involved in this cover up, I will take my knife out of my back, cut the cord permanently be done with THEM cut my losses and go on with my life. When I move to New England and when I come back to visit, I will see my mom, my kids and then I will head back out. It is what it is and I will do what I have to do keep peace in my life. This is a true tragedy but I will overcome it like everything else that has happened to me in my life I grant you that much. What's the difference between me and this county, I keep shit real and I don't hide things or make excuses for the corrupted assholes. I speak up and stand my ground for what is right that's the ONLY way to do it. The way they handled my wreck was wrong and I will NOT tolerate such nonsense especially when it is breaking the law. I'm on the right side of the tracks not the wrong. What my mother was put through, (forgiving them) I don't think so not in this lifetime. The rage and anger I carry speaks volumes and it's getting worse by the day. That is why I basically shut myself out from the world. I go around NO ONE (because I TRUST NO ONE, in Arkansas, I have every right to feel this way) the ones that covered this wreck up, I have my suspicion they definitely don't come around me and that is a BLESSING for sure.

The scumbags have these 'untouchable attitudes' and the 'above the law' attitudes. We do what we want here and no one can bring us down state of mind. This goes down to the sheriff, the law firm or firms, certain law enforcement officers the list goes on. If we want to cover something up, we have the power to do so. End of story.  If someone wants something off a police report by God it's off. Depends on who you know. They have a system here. Corruption runs deep to the core. American Horror Story. Just remember my life was destroyed on purpose by the book I wrote and they ruined my life so bad it will take forever to get back on track and make my life whole again. I'm mentally damaged from this and no one cares. Real talk. My life is ruined and my mother's being ruined in the process too and that's a damn shame.

Now people around here are waking up, it took nearly a year to do so. That says a lot right there. Good old southern mentality at its finest. What ifs, are coming into the picture. What if that was my wife, my husband, my children, my grandchildren they got hurt or they died. What if alcohol was everywhere and no sobriety test was taken they get the police report back and the major factors were missing. The police report became a lie for a cover up. Favor for a favor. If you don't have pictures or videos of the destruction basically you are shit out of luck. There's NOT one thing you can do about it either. However when you have concrete evidence, be prepared to be taken down into the depths of hell because that's what they are going to do to you because they don't want the cover up uncovered they want it to remain a secret for eternity. True Story. It can't be exposed and they will pull out all the stops so it can't be uncovered. You have leverage but you will be pulled into hell in the process. You can take that to the bank and deposit it. I am living it right now. True freaking nightmare for me and my mother at the moment.

Why I am fighting this, when another wreck happens it will,  it's around the corner and it gets covered up. I don't want it to hang over my head. Tina, you had the pictures you had concrete evidence. You should have stood up and made a difference in this corrupted county. Me and mother are taking major beat down over this big-time. Most of the time I hope I die in my SLEEP to be honest, I would be better off. This is a severe beat down and my 71 year old mother took one as well and that pisses me off! Most of the people I know are dead in my eyes and they need not to talk or look at me. I'm saying that straight from my heart and I mean it too. If another tragic accident happens again in Conway County Arkansas. I don't want to be held accountable for it when it's time for me to leave this earth. I have to stand up for this if I'm the only one standing for what is right. I have to do this NOW not LATER. This is God's work and he needs his work done.

My wish is to move to New England but when I do, my mother, my daughter and my son (gotta to be okay tho) and doing good for themselves. (stable)  I will be 21 hours away from them. I hope it all turns out for me because of the hell beaten path mom and I took over this wreck. This is a serious matter and it needs serious attention by high profile people that's our ONLY hope to get this job done, I'm on bended knees for them to come to Arkansas we need them very badly in here like right now to be honest. I hope and pray that my medical will be just fine. I still have my headaches, numbness, chest pain but I have learned to maintain no matter how bad I hurt and I hurt a lot. I was stripped from my rights and I was thrown off in a ditch to die I didn't matter to no one. Like I stated up above, sometimes I wish to die. This is a stressful situation to be in and yes, I am better off dead that's nothing but the truth. Why God chose me to do this is beyond my understandings or control, I don't know. God talks to me when I am down and out when I feel I can't go any further with this. When I lay on my bed and I can't move, all I do is cry, cry for help. He's shows up. My strength, I don't know how I'm holding up after all I have been through. I do a lot of crying tho, why me moments. This is one hell of a storm I'm ready to exit out of it please and thank you. I want to move so bad it hurts but I got to make sure my 3 amigos are taken care of before I leave.

I don't make money from my book. I haven't got a royalty check from outskirts press in about 18 months I need to email Amazon and Barnes and Noble to see what is up, I haven't got paid there in about 18 months too. I got scammed once again by scumbags. Story of my life. If I don't have a story to tell, I will kiss your ass. I have a story to tell the whole wide world a very unbelievable shocking story to be exact. What I want to do is pull the book from outskirts press and publish it elsewhere revise it add what I need to add and keep that ending and republish the book, edition 1. Edition 2 have a different ending which would be my wreck. Edition 1 the original and edition 2 the updated version that consist of my wreck now that one would turn into a movie. I have a story to tell and have it made into a movie without a doubt in my mind. (The Wolverton Mountain Woman) I just need the right people in that industry in my life to make it happen. They would be getting book and movie royalties out of that deal. I just need that right publisher. I will pray about that too. I need God's help yes I do. Pray pray pray pray for a miracle. A miracle for me and my mother, my children we need it in the worst kind of way right now. We have been starved out by corruption. There's nothing left of us for mother and I needless to say. I have 2 more books to do but I have 2 laptops down imagine that? I had good virus protection too. My other devices I have I put them in my purse I never leave them behind when I go anywhere but my laptop it is what it is. I am hoping I can extract my pictures and documents put it on a portable hard drive then I can restore my laptops put word doc and a good virus protection back on it. However I got to be living in New England tho NOT living here when I do that. I have rough times with the laptop at Hooterville strangest shit ever my mom is a witness someone doesn't want me to finish my books. It's a lost hope here because I live in the Twilight Zone. This is a nightmare from hell.

What I DON'T understand is, I got hit by a drunk driver and the Arkansas state police covered it up by favors. I have proof NOW that a sobriety test was done by Jane Doe on YouTube. Her profile can be traced back in this county. That comment right there alone acknowledges that ALCOHOL was around the wreck scene, PERIOD. If he passed his sobriety test the state police would have stated it on the police report RIGHT yes I am RIGHT? He did NOT pass his sobriety test, SIMPLE that makes it clear to see. Everything started to DISAPPEAR right after that. Plus, my book plays a major factor too a BIG one to be honest. Then I hired scumbag lawyers that were for the CROOKED and kept them out of trouble by starving me and my mother out. My own lawyer punished me how sick and pathetic is that? I absolutely positively truthfully loathe them. They need to be exposed to the Arkansas people so they don't hire them and let them screw over another client which they will. Favor for a favor type bullshit. This is serious and something should be done about it like right NOW. They can't get out of the pictures because they don't MATCH the police report at all. My life was destroyed on PURPOSE by scumbags and now my mom's life is being DESTROYED too on purpose because she's fighting this with me because she knows it's wrong and what I've been through breaks her heart to the core and she will never ever get over it. Alcohol should have been placed on the police report, END OF STORY. These sorry ass motherfuckers around here don't care about me or mom. We see that quite clearly now and some are in the family too. Not all my family there is a few that helped get the alcohol off the police report. We will find out and I know what I will do about my situation. I don't know about mom but when I leave Arkansas she's going with me because I don't trust the future with her being here ALONE and I am living far away. You can look back on my blog and see I was having trouble in this county for years and years that goes for the rest of my social media too. All I wanted was out of Arkansas permanently just come back for visits and mom & I got buried alive because of police and political corruption in Conway County Arkansas TRUE STORY. When I find out who covered this wreck up they will automatically be dead in my eyes.


DILLIGAF nope BOOM. Scare tactics doesn't phase me at all they don't work on me. That moves my anger and rage to high levels, off the charts to be exact. Mom and I are financially paralyzed because of this cover up our lives is destroyed. I really don't give a shit a about 'perfect images' 'perfect reputations' IDGAF if family is involved either that's the truth. They should have kept their nose out of it to begin with and they shouldn't have helped with the cover up, end of story. That's why I didn't go into law enforcement because I would take my own family down if they were doing something wrong. You can take that to the bank and deposit it. I don't care who covered this wreck up family or not however it lands. They need full punishment, names and faces exposed and loss of jobs and retirements. That's a fact jack. Sit and spin on that please and thank you. Corruption I will NOT back down from the bullshit. Someone needs to stand up in this county and God chose me so here I am raising hell until I get heard. End of story!!!!!!

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