February 7, 2014

My 1st book, stepping stone to my 2nd book

My 1st book, I am so glad that it is here! You know if I had more money and more time I could have had a killer book. However I’m a poor ass bitch that doesn't catch a break nor do I have the time. I had to make the time and worked my ass off at the hospital to get a decent package for my book; I still had to borrow money towards the end because I wanted my cover to stand out. This was NOT an easy feat at all, I had to spill my guts out over the past and make a fictional ending to set it off right without landing in to court. I done the best with what I had and with what time I could give. My life is totally a mess and my book explains that much! I am not lying by any means and I feel oh so better getting it off my chest. To be honest I really don’t give a flying fuck what these people (who) I know that hates what I (have) done because they don’t have to go through the turmoil that I have to go through every day they don’t see that at all. My mom has been the only one that has seen the mess that I am going through each and every day. It just feels good that the beginning and the middle of the book was all ABOUT me and I talked about it. I thought I did a kick-ass job at the end of the book and I totally finished my ending in a psych ward how ironic was that. I have been drove fucking crazy by these people. I am so glad that I started this back up in 2010 on the internet. I look at movies that are a franchise and see the first movies not looking too hot or they could have done better with this or that. They were like me, doing the best with what money they had to start the project with. When the 2nd movie came out the movie looked better and things started falling into place. That is how I see my books; my first book may not be at its best or whatever. I thought I did well, when the money comes in the 2nd book will be better than the 1st because I can do oh so much more with it. That’s what you call starting from the bottom working your way to the top. I will have total of 4 books with my Wolverton Mountain Woman series. As I write my 2nd book I really don’t how I am living in 2014 I really don’t know how to be honest. God is really good; he has been carrying me for a long long time. Now I know what he is trying to do for me and my writing will guide me into a much better direction in life and I will be able to take care of my kids and my mom the way I want too the way I need too. I am going to have negative feedback and I am going to have positive feedback either way I am going to grow from this good or bad and become the person that God wanted me to be. I know that I am driven and strong-willed, like the story goes, get tough or die!