March 1, 2014

Standing MY Ground!

I have been standing my ground for a very long time now, oh, about 10 years or so.
I was asked if I regret writing this book and putting it out there like I did?

My answer was, HELL NO! It is what it is and I want my story out there, no ands, ifs or buts about it.
Chapters 1-45, that was MY journey through hell and how I survived I just don’t know. Chapters 46-54, now that was a fictional ending I needed a happy ending in reality my life is still the pits and I need a miracle really bad however I count my blessings not my problems on a daily basis. I pray, pray, pray all the time. That’s what keeps me going in this cruel county I live in.

I was told that a few were having fits over my book. I am going to explain this one, these people that are having a fit over this book. I got a few words for those type of folks. Guilty Conscience Complex; that is being honest about it. I went through hell and back several times over. I have every right to write these books and published them. Cops and the informants are having problems with me as well; they can pretty much kiss my ass to be honest. Now, I am NOT saying all the cops here are bad majority of them about 90%. Brutal honesty right there! Only 10% are good cops here.

I had another question asked…..
Do you really think that you will get on the Dr. Phil show? I am going to try my best to get there. That is when all hell is going to break loose. When I talk about this can you imagine my emotions my feelings, OMG ~ it will be off the charts no doubt about that. I can’t wait, I am ready. I am very strong willed and strong minded person, I will get there.

My second book is another blessing from God and I am glad that I am able to write this book and I am glad that I will be publishing it too. I am to that point in my life, I don’t give a damn. I am going to write and I will be doing it straight from the heart those are good reads needless to say. This is the best therapy ever; God is good, all day every day. I am thankful that is he is walking with me through my storm. When I get through it, I will be a brand new person inside and out. I am going to be on the east coast thanking God that I am NOT living in the south can’t forget Arkansas too this state sucks. Drowning in my pain that’s NO life to live, WTF! I will be living somewhere and be happy for once. I can’t wait for that day. I can’t wait to meet this certain man either, he lives on the east coast too. I can’t wait to get there and start a brand new chapter in my life and I deserve that much. Happiness is what I want and happiness is what I aiming for, amen!