March 16, 2013

God Loves His Bad Children Too

What I am getting at is that, ‘God does NOT judge people.’ Yeah, I am very opinionated person and I take up for myself on the highest level. Who else is going to do it? Nobody but me! I suppose all the stuff I have been through all my life and especially the last 9 years. I did not have any intentions of backing down from that matter. Writing my book about it changed my life and changed my way of thinking and I cannot wait to publish it. Talking about an upcoming life change according to my editor she loved that book and she was happy to help me out. I appreciate it dearly.

Yeah, I cuss and I love women like I do men. I am not going to be damned to hell because how I live and state things. I am being real. Why be fake? Go to church and live a life of pretending. Yeah, my life sucks at the moment. However I am very thankful for the people in my life and the things I have. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God because of him I am keeping my sanity intact. The person that lives in the fake world of pretending will eventually meet their Karma one day and lose everything. That’s how it goes. Speaking of losing stuff I lost more than my share in this lifetime. I was put in this situation for a reason, I believe that now as I wrote a book about it.

I have no desire to change because I am as good as it gets. I hope one day I can get my college degree. I will be the ONLY grandchild to do so. I don’t have that much longer to get it either. The battle that I have been battling over the years will come to a close soon. When I publish my book! All the stuff I lost along the way I will be able to retrieve most of it however I will not be able to retrieve some of the years that I have lost but I will be able to make the upcoming days better for my children and that’s a promise I can make and keep.

I will keep doing what I am doing and I don’t give a fuck what-so-ever. Either you love me or hate me there will never ever be no in between when it comes to me. I don’t believe riding the fence.