March 4, 2013

Writing (Myself) OUT of this Situation

Writing (myself) out of this situation has to be the smartest thing I have done in a long-time. I am glad that I was talked into writing these books. It will help me out of my hole that I am in because of this county needless to say. That is OK though, what doesn't kill me through this period of my life will make me stronger in the end. These books are going to help me out mentally, emotionally and physically. Therapeutic writing is the bomb! Why spend money on therapy, when you can pocket that money through books. Something that I thought I could never ever be able to do. I done it! I wrote a book, a novel. It is such an accomplishment. I have turned my wounds into words. I think everyone should write at least one book in their life.
I have had nothing in life but hell pure hell. The next book I am working on is a touchy subject. I am going back to two years of age. I am glad I am doing it and I really don’t care who I piss off because I am being on-point that’s all. I have had several people to tell me I have something write about. They wouldn't want my life that is for sure. Maybe this is my calling my reason to be here. I know I am not the only one that is going through this in past-tense, present-tense and future-tense. That’s how the world works I suppose. Live and learn.

I used to have a place of my own; I had that taken away from me when I did not obey the ‘Good Ole Boy System’ that’s all in my first book. Writing straight from the heart relives the hatred and anger issues that are embedded deep in your soul. That causes so much pain and writing is a sweet release. Yes, it is.

After I get my series done that will be a total of 4 books in all. I will pursue my BA in professional writing. I think I will do this for the next 20 years since I have been in the medical field for that last 20 years. Writing takes me to a happy place and I know I can do it. I have a lot of ideas for future books when my self-healing writing is done and out of the way. I am working at a job that saddens me, why not change it up a little and write about things that I enjoy and love.

You are never too old to start a new adventure. You only live once and live it the way you want too. If people have any problems with it, they can stay away from you or be your friend and help you out through the good-times and the bad. "Life is too short to put up with bullshit." That’s my motto. Just remember, GOD IS GOOD!