September 17, 2013

September 17, 2010 to September 17, 2013

1) I don’t have any regrets of what I have written and of what I have said. I have every right to say what I want to say. I just have bigger balls than most people.

2) I will get my books on line and I will continue writing. I have learned a lot about myself and I will continue to learn.

3) My main reasons for my publishing’s of my books are for ME to make me a better person and to get that damn chip off my back, and provide a better life for my daughter, my son and my mother they deserve that much those 3 are my life and I love them with all my heart..

4) I have a story to tell and it will be told, end of story!

I will continue to have fun and grow on the World Wide Web and most of all keep it 100. Either you love me or hate me, because I am going to keep doing what I am doing. Just Google Tina Graves you will find my social sites one way or another. Thank You