January 26, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday to 'My Girl'

My daughter is 18 now, OMG~ where has the time gone? I want her to have so much more than what I had. She is so smart with her 4.0 and she got accepted into a great college. She will have most of her stuff paid for that is a good thing. Mama does not have that kind of money. I think the way she seen me struggle through-out the years to raise her and her brother she sees the difference. I tell her all the time; get that education then marriage and children if she wants that. I told her to stay clear of the young men at this time focus on that education most of all. They are nothing but trouble just another ‘notch’ in their belt. That is the truth. I told her not to have children at a young age. What it will get you, a baby daddy that will leave your ass after 2 or 3 kids. It will be over because you are too demanding or the kids are too much to deal with or just can’t get along. I also told her and it will be hard to find someone else with young kids at tow. They will use you as a booty call nothing more. Most will not put up with another man’s children anyways. You need to give that long deep thought girlfriend. There are men out there that will do that don't get me wrong, one in a million, slim to none. You gotta have some good luck to find a man like that. I told her you need a man with a brain, good education and good credit report. Man that will work and provide for you. I have always been the bread winner and she has seen that. I think she gets the picture. I told her women should not have kids until their 30’s that is the God’s honest truth. Live a little and then settle down. I am glad that she seen me struggle raising her and her brother. They have never had things handed to them. Hell, I was doing good to get what they needed in life. I have always done without, I am not complaining that is a mother’s job. I know she is very smart and I want her to play her cards right. She has told me that she does not what any children. I told her you will change your mind in the long run. I also told her to be honest having children in this monster of a world we live in now that would not be a bad idea not to have any. The world has gone to hell in a hand basket, why put a little one in such of a heartache kind of world I must say. But that is up to her. She has to make that decision, no one else. What she needs to do, get that college degree and live free spirited as long as she can. I love her so much and I know she will do well because she has her head on her shoulder. With the right guidance and support she will do just fine. I love my girl!

On the note, when it comes to having kids at a young age. You have massive bills and NO life until they are 18. If you don't have a college degree you are pretty much screwed and you are living on assistance as well. One thing about it, if you are going to college full time and working full time it's a total nightmare however if you are driven you can succeed and make your dreams come true. If you are lazy not driven your life will be complicated for a very long time. My advice, graduate from high school, then college, then children. Make your life simple NOT complicated. Live your life as long as you can then add the BIG responsibilities when you are stable and under control with life.