July 5, 2013


I have been through so much that when I feel some bullshit creeping up on me I will know it. Here lately I felt some strange vibes from the law enforcement of all people. I wasn't sure what was going on. I wanted to state something about the Arkansas State Police. I have never had any kind of problems with them. That is the God’s honest truth. However I know how this county operates and I figure it’s a deeper matter in that configuration of corruption. I pay attention to my surroundings like a hawk in the sky that’s no lie.

The State Trooper, I hate when you see a cop and they act like they are going to pull over turn around and come after you. My rear-view mirror is my main BFF. This has happened several times but the last time I went off. I took it to my Twitter account. I love my account. That 140 character keeps me sane and not in jail. I sent off my tweets like it was nothing. I was thinking to myself, I have never had beef with them they actually have helped me out. I was getting more pissed off and I was like the State Police doesn't want to be in this remix because I am not bashful for throwing them in the fire-ring. IDGAF that is truth! I have been through so much shit.

Then I started to ponder my thoughts and go back in time to figure out when this had all started. I kept on pondering then I figure it out after my daughter’s graduation. I did have someone mention to me about it. However I have already figured it out. Man alive, I have left this person alone for a while now. I have kids and I have to be respectful and deliver obedience regardless of the situation in hand.  I am not stupid by any means! What I have done was get rid of the negative in my life and stayed with the positive aspects of life. I feel so much better by doing so and I feel I can live again. I can’t wait for my second book to get to the editor and get it published. I am not going to be the nice one at all about that book. Throwing the cops on me like a scare tactic is low as one goes. He is now on the level of my second ex-husband and my ex brother-in-law. They were good about doing that to me. Every dog has its day and I hope I live to see that domino effect. But once I took it on the net it stopped so quick it made my head spin a little. I know some that are high up in law enforcement. They do have my back that is a guarantee fact.

 For nearly 10 years I have been laying on the floor in a choke hold of slander, stalking and bullying. Then you add the scare tactics along the way because I did not play like they did. As I write these books I have  started to get up from that spot that I have been in for many years. I see everything on a different level. The chaos and the control are disappearing. I am smiling again and I am overcoming a lot of obstacles in life.  I am rising out of that spot it’s almost like the phoenix. Once I get these 4 books completed then I will no longer be lying in that spot of doom and darkness. In my 40’s I will be living again. It’s about damn time. From sixteen to twenty nine it was sex drugs and rock & roll. In my thirties I was isolated because I did not obey the system. In my forties I will be living and breathing like a normal person. People don’t take my intelligence seriously but that is okay. Like the phrase goes, “What goes around comes back around.” Boom!