December 1, 2011

Dear Highway Patrol..........

I think it is real cheesy how the Highway Patrol does their job. Are they supposed to protect and serve or torment and piss people off? Here a couple weeks ago I had a problem, I am so used to it by now, I do believe. They were everywhere and that was unusual however there was a million dollar bust, now that was a joke, LOL it is what it is, I just go on with it. But one morning I left out for work and that was the day that they were all around, going to work like I normally do. Seatbelt and speed limit. There was this SUV rig that they were driving as I passed by them, I had that deep stare. I normally get that, the look that kills stare. When I was passing by he acted like he was going to get back behind me. He pulled up like he was going to pull out, then I looked in the rear view mirror. I got to the High School he decided to back up into his corner again. Don’t bully me like that, if you wanted to get at me, while I am driving pull me over motherfkker. Don’t be bashful, do your job. I was doing my job driving the speed limit and wearing my seatbelt. However I have this one cop that has a thing for me or just trying to punk me down by bullying me. I gave him an opportunity to say something at a local store I went into, but nothing was said. I am not bashful, if you have a problem let’s announce the situation and work on it. Don’t stalk nor bully me because in the long run it will get you in trouble, trust me! I have serious problems with this kind of behavior. To each its own, but they need to be concern how they do things in this county. Because the rug could very well be pulled up underneath them, just sayin’

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