June 13, 2015

Public Service Announcement

I am going to blog about wrecks and whatever other kind of behavior that deals with police reports and stuff. Police reports are considered as hearsay, however if you have proof like pictures and videos it becomes concrete plus witnesses,  sometimes they are needed.

For an example, when you come across a wreck. How do I put this, in a good way? Make sure the ones that are hurt are okay or get help for them. Then, get your phones out and take pictures all away around the scene take videos too. Especially when alcohol and other stuff are involved. Take lots of videos and pictures of that too. Why are you stating this you might ask?

When the police report comes in and the pictures don't look like the report more less the police left stuff out looks like a cover up. Alcohol all around the wreck scene but no alcohol on the report and no sobriety test given. That will turn in to a shit storm from hell. When the police report is falsified. Trust me I know all about it. Pictures tells an exact story of the wreck how it happened, hands down. When alcohol or whatever  isn't on the police report, what if that person died. There goes justice thrown out the door. If you didn't have evidence there's not much you can say or do. That my friend is a sad situation but it happens all the time.

I don't care if you don't know them. Give them your number and tell them you have pictures and videos of the incident that happened and you are willing to help them out if the police report goes South or something goes wrong. Give a helping hand it goes a long ways. If it was me, take the pictures and videos put it on a travel drive give it to the victim or the family. They will need it that's a given. The best way to do it in my opinion.

Pictures and videos are worth a thousand words. You really don't need a witness because the pictures paints the story of how it really went down all by itself no words needed. When the pictures and the police report don't add up. The anger rises on such levels that would scare the shit out of anyone. Trust me I know all about it.

I am going to do a blog of an example it may be my experience or not. Corruption comes in all kinds of forms. The police are in hot water at the moment. I have seen beatings to a cop that put his knee into a 15 year old girl's back to some cops shutting down a lemonade stand because an 8 year didn't have a permit. So much ridiculous bullshit that doesn't make any sense. Just beware and give a helping hand when needed. Picture and a video is worth more than a thousand words. It tells a story all by itself.

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