June 24, 2011

Get Tough or Die, take your pick..........

That phrase should sum it up right there. You either get tough or you die. However I am a fighter and I will continue to fight for a better life. I have put up with some major BS and why? I don’t have any idea but for most part of it, it's all about control. I am sorry, these folks aren’t going to control me not by a long shot. I will fight till my death over that. Tina Graves controls herself no one else will do that job. I have had enough and I will take this to another level. My life is like a nightmare that won’t end; I mean seriously it’s aggravating needless to say. But, I have seen a big let up like a release of pressure lifted off of my back. I can leave my place and not having different ones to trail me and see what I am doing. That there is a blessing in disguise; you know, like I have stated on here before. What I do is my business it is nobody else’s business but mine. It is not my ex-husbands business not my ex-brother-in-laws business either. People shouldn’t be running and telling them what I am doing. However getting on the internet has broken them from doing that. I am not married thank God! I don’t have to answer to anyone but me. I think that’s how it should be. Dear Jesus they need to quit being nosy ass bastards I swear my time. Thank God for the internet I have ways to get my problems out on a more mature level than the ones in this po dunk town.  Karma is a bitch and these people here have a wakeup call coming to them that doesn’t even make sense. However when you do people wrong then you have to pay the consequences in the end. These uneducated twits have never thought anything about that. Yeah, they need to keep doing their drugs and keep nosin'in people’s business and eventually they will get their noses slap off soon for being such punks. They need to stay clean all away around and people like me will  put them in their place. I do not feel sorry for them. I do live in a low mentality area and that is very tough to deal with, take my word for it. All these people does, live on my sites and I will give them something to read and make them think. An average 5th grader is smarter than them. They say I am dumb, I laugh at that remark. Since I have put my sites on a marketing level, even though it’s not a business (not yet, it will turn out that way soon) but it is my words and about my life and I am not afraid to talk about it at all. This is a very true situation and I would give anything to do an interview or just get on Dr Phil. I don’t have any shame in my game and I am so ready to talk about this more ways than one. My kids they will be the first ones to get rewarded in the end. I promise that much. I have a story to tell and I will tell it. I have had some to ask me about a reality show. I would do that if the right one came along. Everybody should see the ass end of the world. That is a good one right there. I would love to sit with an author and do a book as well. Either way you look at this situation it can go into many directions. The direction will be going towards the way for some much needed justice. Like today, I had a person came to my porch and talking the same O sh*t, I am like really. These people need to get a life and pay their taxes. They are worried about their taxes oh yes they are they need to be. Hell, they should have been paying them year after year in the first place.They live high on the hog and people like me, gets punished. I will not put up with that crap. I do right by the law. These people absolutely make me sick.Their no special than anyone else. I bet in the end of this situation they will be glad to pay those bad boys year after year. I just get tired of people trying to get me out and go with them. I know it’s either death or set up. My nerves are worn out and I really don’t know how much more I can take. I really don’t. I just want to be left alone that’s all. Now everyone wants to move out of state. Well the law will come out there and get them as well they can here. I hope these people lose everything they have worked for, and then they can see how it feels. I have lost everything time and time again over these people and you know what I hate them for that. I get everything taken away from me quite often for the truth to be known. I think they need to feel that pain for once. I hope these bastards get what is coming to them. I need a break for realz. I need to see some kind of justice, like right now.

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