June 3, 2011

The All American Nightmare =(

The All American Nightmare
Even though they have backed off, that doesn’t mean crap to me. The damage is done and I will seek some kind of justice. This should have never happen in the first place and I will be the one to set an example and put these people in their places. I am like game-on bitches. That is how I feel. They have destroy my life and I will make sure this doesn’t happened to someone one else. There should be some kind of law built within the system to protect people like me.
1)  A cop should not be able to stalk a law abiding citizen.
2)  A cop should know if an informant is telling the right story or not. The cop should know his/her job.
Now I can see if the person was up to no good and they were on the wrong side of the track and all. Yes, they need to be taken down. But let’s reverse this, when a person minds their own business and doesn’t disturb anyone. They need to be left alone, seriously.
They have started something with me and I will not give up until I see some kind of law standing within the system to protect people like me. I don’t care about the Good O Boy system; I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine kind of thing.
This county has absolutely done me in, I swear it has. Now everyone is quite. I beg thy pardon, I don’t think so. I can’t stand dope heads I swear I can’t they make me so sick. They need their ass kicked up between their shoulders and people that are around them, need to quit babying them and drop them on their ass make them crawl then walk right into recovery. These twits should be put in their place at all cost even if they have to lose everything around them and start all over. I have been there and done that and it’s not pretty but I got through it. However I still have everything taken away from me and I obey the law too, WTF is up with that one? I swear my time! Something needs to give, for realz! I wish the dope heads blame their selves and take a good look in the mirror because they are the problem, not innocent people that are trying to make it in this mean ass cold world we live in.

I tell you right now, I will never get married again. Men are crazy and controlling and I think I am better off being a lesbian. I am Bi so I guess I need to make the transformation of the cross over to the other team. This kind of punishment, stalking and accusing and cops galore at my door, I think I will NEVER get back in a relationship with a man. I am better off without them that’s for sure. I would love to do an interview or be on Dr. Phil, I want to talk about this on a worldwide level so bad it hurts. This situation should be talked about and laid out on the table. I want to talk about it and I want a Tina Graves Vs. _____ _____. That is what I am talking about right there =) I am not going to stop until something is done.

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