May 25, 2011

No Sir Re Bob, I don’t Feel Sorry for What I Have Said on Here, End Of Story

I don’t feel one bit sorry not at all, I have put up with so much BS that I can’t take it any longer. For me to stand up for myself feels AWESOME! I have been made out like I am a POS and a good for nothing trailer trash whore. Oh, I forget how I am a homewrecker when it comes to married men. I am like WTF are you serious? I haven’t done such a thing. The dope is talking on so many levels I do believe. I am not like that by a long shot. When I degraded the dope heads I really pissed some folks off. So be it, to the dope heads that can’t pass a hair follicle test is absolutely a POS a good for nothing moron. By all means they should have everything taken away from them and start all over by earning everything back. I feel good about myself knowing a hair follicle is clean on my part. That is one thing I can’t stand is a dope head. Hey, least I can sleep at night. How many of the tweekers can say that? Oh I don’t think none can say that. All I am doing is telling the truth and truth is killing a lot of people. If these people weren’t high they would not be by my sites all the time huh? When I started to get raw stating the way I felt about this situation everybody got defensive. Talking about some humor, I thought that was funny. However I am telling the truth nothing but truth. Tina is this Tina is that, she’s no good. The lies I have heard, were shocking it really was but all do in respect I give don’t give a sh*t. It used to hurt my feelings but now it has made me stronger. I must be doing something right for people saying all kinds of stuff about me. I know who I am and I know what I have done and it has not been all that bad. I have had my moments, hell who hasn’t? Because I don’t hang out with some people in this county because I don’t want to hang out with the low lives. That makes me into a bad person. I don’t want to play by the rules with the Good O Boy System? Well I think I will take the Good O Boy System rules and wipe my a$$ with it. How do you like those apples? I stand up to these people and make a stance, I am no good. So be it, I am like whatever anymore. This is how I feel and I will not change that, I am a good person with a good heart. Because I am blunt and tell it like it is and it gets me into trouble. Who gives a rats a$$? I shall not change for no one! I have been picked up and slammed on the ground so many times and that right there has made me into a person that I like. I have zero tolerance and don’t put with any crap; I am such a stickler huh? Oh I am sorry I am from the South, I meant a bitch, my bad. I would give anything to do an interview or just be on Dr. Phil, I swear I would love to do that. I know I have made some folks mad, but guess what? They could never ever get as mad as me. Thank goodness that I know my$$ from a hole in a ground that I can get my story out on the internet. I know in my heart that I will get media attention on this situation, I just have to have me some faith and everything will fall into place. I am thankful for BlogSpot and Twitter and MySpace. The internet is a great way to reach out for help, when you can’t get any help at all. I am not stupid by no means; I am just going to a length to get some kind of help. I can’t get it in this state or my hometown I will get it somewhere. I am tired of being bullied by these people. 8-5-04 should have been the last day to lash out, not 7 years later for crying out loud. I don’t like these people and there was a reason for me to separate from them. I do everything for a reason. I will get some kind of justice with this situation, hell and high water I will. I am done just stick a fork in me. This is what happens when people stay all up in my business 24/7 here in this county. “All over the world internet story.” There are millions and millions people on here and I will reach out to that many, that is a promise I can keep. When a person gets bullied, slandered and degraded on a daily basis will go up and beyond and get some kind of help. I took a hell of a lick last April and I still have not recovered from it, however I am just waiting on my letter on that part, it could go on my favor or the other ones favor. Who knows, but like the story goes the dope head gets all the glory so therefore I know where it’s going, I just need that letter, that’s all. So I can move on from that one. So I can recover from the other messes. I am the one that is trying and I get sh*t on like I do. All hail to the dope heads I suppose, this state is such a joke. I am getting to that point that I don’t care and I will get this story out there. Whatever it takes, I am done so done. In this state the good people are thrown to the waste side and the dope heads live it up with all their illegal activities that just disgust me and really pisses me off. This is wrong on so many levels. This state is so backwards. What is really going on here?

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