May 11, 2011

What is the Ass-End of the World? Do you really want to know? Seriously?

I have been asked that so many times on Twitter. I am like; do you really want to know that question? The Heat of the Night, Deliverance and Wrong Turn all rolled up into one. That is the county I live in. I am being serious on that note, what I have been talking about in my blogs are nothing but the truth. I would give anything to do an interview or just be on Dr Phil. I would so talk about this situation; I just want that chance to tell my side of the story. I know what their story will be, however they better have mug shots and documentation upon documentation to back it up. I know one of the records and that was such a lie at the Fall Festival in 2004, I quit going after that one. I mean really??? A hair follicle should have been done at that time. That was a lie and very uncalled for. Oh the Good O Boy System of crooked cops and informants. If you have ever watched Changeling the one with Angelina Jolie, that is also this county too. Remember the cops told her that the boy was hers even though the boy wasn't even hers to begin with, however it would make the police department look bad if she did not do it. She had to go along with it. There was also another scene about the State Hospital, there was nothing wrong with those women, all they were doing was just taking up for themselves that was all. Angelina also saved them at the end of the movie. You don’t do what the system tells you to do here; they will have you in the State Hospital for disobedience for not minding them. Yes, it still goes on in 2011. That movie was based on a true story of the 1920’s supposedly that's when the occurrence happened. All I ever had to do was go back to my ex-husband and everything would be OK. I was divorced and I did not want that marriage anyways. He had a baby on the way too. That was NOT going to happen. When I am done, I am done just leave me alone. So therefore I have had to battle with them for years and years. However my ex and his brother had the cops do everything possible to me. Just to make my life miserable. See they have to do what they say. My ex and his brother can get them in so much trouble. They can put the present sheriff and the past sheriff under the jail cell. My last incident with a cop was a highway patrol on November 23rd between 1:00-3:30 I was passing through _____ the last exit they just built the one with a hell of a curve to it. I hate that exit, I swear I do! (I can’t put names or places on here that sucks so badly!) Now the cops around here, they have backed off in February (2011) because of my ex-brother in law. Yep, all about drugs, lord have mercy on my soul. Hair follicle please, let me do one. To set the record straight! These cops and informants uses every excuse to torment the crap out me, so therefore it has made me into one bad ass motherfukker fo sho. I am not stupid by no means. I have had people to tell me that they would get in the car and get the hell out of Arkansas and NEVER look back. If they were me. But I stuck around and fought for my rights but it has brought me a lot of pain, I mean lots of pain. One my FBI Agent friends, he told me, “Good things happen to good people for the ones who wait.” Well I have been waiting for a long time and I am like really? I will believe it when I see it. All I know is being picked up and slammed on the ground on a daily basis. That sucks so badly and it pisses me off. But I get up and dust my shoulders off and go on with it that is all I know, that is all can do. I guess you can say I am a hustler and a hardcore bitch. I am one tough chic, in this situation either you get tough or you die. Take your pick. I think I did hit a nerve on the hair follicle though. However that is my thoughts on it. I can go back years on my hair follicle. Not many people can say that not in this situation. To those they are a POS and no good for nothing idiots that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. These are truly some retards and rejects. I have every right to say that I don't like dope heads, they disgust me. If you don't like what I say about them, kiss my a$$! Some people do grow up (cough) But let the truth be known the crack heads around here they get all the guts and the glory. It absolutely makes me sick. The honest working people that work their ass off don’t get crap in life, the ones that does everything illegal gets everything handed to them. I am like really? Are you serious? I cannot stand this county and some of the people. I should be used to it by now, but I have every right in the world to say what is on my mind. I can’t wait to do my book about this county. I will blow it right out the water. To tell the truth of this matter, I don’t care anymore. It’s time to do something about this situation.

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