July 13, 2011

Just found this website, now that is sum funny stuff right there, woot!

I have been tailed for years on the Internet. I means seriously. I have a tracker and it shows location and the ip address, come on now. Just found it, that is so funny. But I am not going to worry about it though. Liars are such fools. Karma is a bitch and what goes around will always come back around. This made my day right here. Just found out, oh about 2006 you guys did when I joined the Internet world, I think that is funny. But the ones that know are the ones that will get the job done. I can't wait, I just love print screen =) When I tell the truth and everyone goes crazy. Well they can go crazy all they like, woot-woot! Because I will continue to tell the truth. In the long this will favor on my part, whoop-whoop! Just remember I am TeamFBI and TeamDEA. I roll with those folks. I am the only one in this county stands up to the filth. I know these folks don't have a problem with me. Because when I started all of this September the 17th of 2010 with my testimony. It was all eyes on me with them.Well it was like that back in 04, thank God for them I mean seriously. They have kept me out of harms way. They will get rewarded more ways than one when this is said and done. Just found out, that is the craziest thing I heard. I bet the higher ups will disagree on that one. Like one of them told me, you will come out on top and the scum will be brought down =) Charges bring it on baby, because I am going to demand hair follicle testing, well this one is new. So go ahead shave the head or whatever put some kind of shampoo on it. It will not help, BTW. Yes, I can do this. I don't have anything to worry about. I would love to see the stats on that for the last 5 or 6 years. I wonder if the DHS would have to be call on. I never said that I would take any kids out of the home, now if the follicle comes back not good but that is out of my hands though. I was told about the illegal activities going on especially last summer, woot! Did I just say that? I am itching to do this soooooo bad! As far as you guys are in for a visit. I am told by someone, they just warn me that's all. I am like OK with it, I just work or I go visit. I don't want to run it to you guys. I'll pass, woot! Ok the 'brother' thing OMG how funny! He is a good guy, yes he is but a controlling man oh no I will not put up with that, no way. Stuck up each other's asses on a daily basis, I don't think so. I guess he said, that he kicked me to the curb too. My mom was there and I broke up with him. I don't know why they are putting their 2 cents in, but I don't give a rats ass. I am like whatever. I am up for a good challenge though. It's my choice to be single, there is one that I would get in a relationship with and he is a FBI Agent and he has seen the beat downs I have taken and he also has seen when I just pick myself back up and dust my shoulders off and go on. He will be the only one that is for sure. I bet your sweet ass on that! I have the right to block anybody so that is that on that part, LOL

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