February 7, 2011

It's either color my hair or color the world, it's your choice pick it = )

I am going to discuss my mishap the other day like February 2, 2011. Just a regular day, I thought that I would do something different with my hair; I wanted to color it to a light brown. Everything was going fine until I heard that my X brother in law from my last marriage, wife had been there early that morning, not once but twice that day. The first time at 9 and the second at 12:30 really she should have been there at 1 that was her appointment. To be exact, I got there at 10:15 AM, I was tweeting about how I was getting my hair done. I could not wait to have something different done to my hair. These idiots stay on my social sites like a flock of flies leaving there maggot infested poop behind them. If she would just realize, that he is sleeping with his (BOYS) mother still. Going home to her (the wifey) at night, baby mama during the day. Both of brothers are cheaters they will NEVER be faithful, end of story. Talking about soap opera, and I get thrown into the remix and I don't get it, I can't stand neither one of them, pretty much hate them both, to be truthful about it. Why they are married is beyond me seriously.Well it is the truth. That is one thing that I am gonna set straight is the truth, I am a realist and I don't like how I am being treated as well it is wrong on so many levels! It would not have been a thought if that was not her first time coming in and all. I would have NEVER thought anything about it. Now they made that very obvious I do believe. You could not get any more obvious than that, how crazy was that? Hello lay off the stuff and you would not have put yourself through this, just saying.  First time ever stepping in that particular salon, on the day I changed my hair color.That was very much planned. If this isn’t Sparta, Ms I don’t know what the hell it is, LOL add a little bit of wrong turn to the twist and you have my county that I live in, nothing but the truth, so help me God. I have said in the past, I see a stupid moment and I will blog about it. I am going to get my point across one way or another. Just leave me alone! You know I washed my hands away from this bunch in 8-05-2004 and I even changed my last name too. When I am done I am done. I am absolutely glad that I got out of that family and I do not have no regrets what-so-ever. Maybe one regret, marrying that POS 2nd X husband, I should have ran far away from that one, seriously! I can’t wait to get on Dr. Phil, I know he will have his hands full with me, because I can do at least maybe more than 4 segments or shows. Now, I have people telling me all kinds of stuff. The best one yet, I am a Kingpin, if I was one of those. I would not be living in poverty like I do and my kids would have new of everything and so would I. I would not be driving a car that has 130, 000 miles on it either. Now why would I do that in the first place because I would be going to jail real soon like. I am down with the DEA/FBI. I am getting tired of this kind of slander, yep my cup has runneth over this time. No more, it will NOT be I hope I get on Dr. Phil it will be I am going on Dr Phil. I have a good background check that is no problem, my credit sucks right now. Yes, it does  sad to say. I will be working on that, in 6 months I will be good to go hopefully. Now my taxes are a sore subject, we will see about that in the next few weeks. I will prolly pretty much will get a dumping on top of my head, just like last year. I get screwed over all the time. I am tired of being picked up and slammed down on the ground on constant basis that gets very old. From now on there will be none of that. I am the one that can pass drug test, and I have to be tested at work and at my college over my grants, student loans and scholarships. The state will not tolerate giving money away to dope heads, right? I get so sick of this, I really do and I will discuss this on a worldwide level on TV. I will be discussing my police record as well, because that was lies and it was thrown out of court. That was 7 years ago and why is this still going on? Speaking of police records, I know a few that are really bad super duper bad. If I had a bad record like that, I would very well keep my mouth shut and tend to my own business for sure. As far as the cops go, I am gonna make sure each and every cop that has listen to my ex-brother-in-law from my previous marriage gets fired. Cops like that don't need to be a law enforcement officer, if they can't do their jobs right they need to get the hell out of the police force. That right there shows you how corrupted the system is and it is pretty damn bad. Because there are people like me that will take them down in a heartbeat.  They better have more proof than word of mouth back their actions up and coming after me. I am a law abiding citizen.  Now I will nip this in the bud and I will nip it real quick like. I have never been by my 2nd X husband’s house not over there that is none of my business and none of my concerns. All I can say they better have proof, not word of mouth; I am saying photos or videos. All I am going to say on my part is GPS; yes they had that back in 04 and they still do and it is a lot better now. These people are a piece of work and a POS as well. For someone that stays off to herself gets chaos from hell thrown at her. I have NEVER seen anything like this in my whole entire life. It will stop, I promise that much. Being bullied by the informants and the cops has landed them in a whole lot of trouble, I promise. This will get world wide attention. I am shaping myself into a hardcore activist against the good O boy system and the drug infested informants. When you remove yourself out of a family/marriage you should not have these kind of emotional dwellings to keep you moving forward to make a better life for yourself.

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