December 7, 2010

The Highway Patrol has turned me into an ACTIVIST!

I thought I would blog about my mishap on November 23rd 2010. I really have not had the time to do it, now I do. I really don’t think I am going to forget about that occurrence, not in this lifetime. However I refuse to go to the police department anywhere in the state of Arkansas, like I have said before, a waste of time and gas, with the psychological babble bullsh*t, that comes with it. I really don’t have time for mental mind games. This University that I am attending is doing enough of that for me, no need to add more to my pain that I endure already. The Highway Patrol, now that was very unprofessional, what happen that day. As an officer of the law, you don't do that to people. 
     I really don’t get this at all; well this has been going on 7 years. What I have profiled about it, it is just like a big pile of scrambled eggs, I do believe. No understanding at all, no one can’t explain it to me. So that gave me an idea, Dr. Phil, I bet he can help this tormented person out. I think when people see my face and the emotional distress that has caused me nothing but grief, they will understand where I am coming from. Don’t think for a moment that I will not step on that stage, because I will and my balls are big enough to do so. I am not bashful, I just need an explanation. Maybe he can help me. It seems like he will be my only help, because I live in hell everyday of my life and I want it to end. I want to be in the norm. I am so done with this, and it needs to be address to the media, (yes the television) that is what I am talking about. If I have to get on national TV and tell these idiots to leave me alone, I will do so. There are no more breaking points, I am done. I will reach out for help, this is so unlawful, I can't describe it. It is just not leaving me alone; I need someone to explain it too, because I really can’t grasp the measure here, not by a long shot. I don’t understand it, it is like a broken record, and I am ready to throw that record away forever! Dealing with dope heads and crooked cops, it is really hard to deal with, that is the truth about it. It has wore me down. I will be glad when I move away from here; because I will not come back for funerals now. How sad it that? “Pretty damn sad”. I am just like the energizer bunny, just waiting on the batteries to go dead. I am so sick and disgusted at this point.

           Arkansas is ranking number 50 on the education (very poorly) and the FBI list, the top 20 dangerous cities in the United States, Arkansas made about 9 of those in the top 20 dangerous cities. Arkansas needs a makeover. I think this state ranks number one in meth use. I heard on the radio they want to switch back to, “Land of Opportunity.” I about wrecked my car when I heard that. This is what I think, “Number one Meth Capital of the World.”  That slogan needs to be on the license plate. My kids don’t have a chance here, I am encouraging them to go out of state for college explore the world. It makes me want to cry, when you see kids with no future. Because 9 times out 10 their parents are drug addicted or alcoholics. It stimulates out of poverty, I live in a county that is full blown poverty. The meth use is so high there and it just scares me to death with my kids. They are at that age and I hope they make the right choices. Well this is what I think, someone needs to step up and address this problem, and this might be my calling in life. I think once I step up and stand up for what I believe in, there will be others to fall behind me I am pretty sure of it. I think a lot of people are scared to say anything. Someone has to make a difference and there should be some kind of movement to make it a better place to live. The good O boy system of the 50’s should be booted out and let big brother come right on in, do their thing and make a better place for everybody to live in. Arkansas is beautiful, it is the poverty levels that has taken over. The meth is not helping one bit, that is very sad and I wish someone would help with this matter, seriously. Something needs to be done.
      I also want to point out that out of 14 grand kids that my grandmother had, I will be the only one with a college degree. (if I live long enough to see it) Out of 30 something great grand kids there are only 2 with a college degree. This is very eye ketching and sorta disturbing I might have to say. I try so hard and I get nothing but hell. I am the one that is doing right and I am getting tired of being bullied by these people, I really am and I will get on Dr. Phil, hell and high water whatever it takes I will do it! This issue needs to be addressed in the worst kind of way. I have enough fire in me still yet to do this and the wisdom to get this out there for the world to see. Here I am prolly the only one that can pass a drug test and I get treated this way, like scum of the earth! I am determined to get this out there that is for sure!

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