April 16, 2011

Like the story goes,"Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorn" So TRUE!

I was sitting outside the other day and I started thinking. This year would have been a good year. I would have had everything paid off. My kids would have a nice home and everything would have been in place. Then I began to cry and asked myself why? Everything would have been perfect. Getting run out of a county destroys your soul into little bitty pieces. It puts you on a level of hatred. I swear I hate my 2nd X-husband when he dies I hope he rots in hell. That goes right along with everyone that has helped that POS. They need to rot too! He has the audacity to say I was still in love with him; I was the one that was running away from him. He was saying, I was the one causing problems, yeah right, whatever. If I felt like that, I would have never gotten a divorce nor changed my last name, but I did get a divorce and I changed my last name. I knew he was my greatest mistake in life. I don’t feel one bit sorry getting rid of his nasty ass. I am something he will never have again and I think that was a trigger for him and his funky bunch for doing what they did. Well there has been one thing, the BS has stopped, knock on some wood. It took 7 years. Thank goodness that I have the internet and I can put my side of the story out for the whole wide world to read. I don’t give a rat’s ass what these people think about it either, they should have gotten off my back 7 years ago, dumb bastards. They might have backed off now however I am going to finish what they have started. But it will be on my terms and in a positive way. I am going to make sure this doesn’t happen again to someone else. That kind of punishment is a rollercoaster ride from hell and mind ripping experience that a person will not forget, I promise! If the little punk would think, his little girl cannot go around my dad I can’t do that to him and I could not do that to my sister either. He is just too stupid to think about that, I suppose. I get sick of trying to date someone and these people tell awful stories about me to them. How can you move on with your life? If you have people destroying your happiness before it even happens. It's hard to move forward when the scum will not let go. It's not right nor it's not fair. This part here is hard to understand I know. The ones that knows what is going on does understand. My life should be so different right now, not like this. I hate these people and I am going to make sure that these people get what is coming to them. Anybody that has any dealings with these people will have trouble with the law that is the “Good O Boy System” for you. I can’t say it is mafia type thing, all do in respect these people aren’t that smart. Mafia people are intelligent and they have their sh*t together. These people don’t know their ass from a hole in a ground. I hope the hell; I can get my idea off the ground so I can do my internet business. I love the internet and this would be great for me, I love doing this kind of stuff. I am in my happy place. You know I don’t have a happy place at the ass-end of the world. How can I? When there is nothing but torment. I used to be a loving person. I would love to break the cold-hearted bitch shell and be like I was, I would give anything if I could do that, I swear I would. I will have my finger and my toes crossed for a better outcome for me and my children. Maybe just maybe it will fall in place for me in the next few months and everything should go well with me. My family is in need, because since 2007 when my Aunt died it has been rolling downhill and it hasn’t stopped. I will hope for the best, hopefully everything will turn out and a new start will begin. Only one can hope for a positive outcome living at the ass-end of the world.

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