March 1, 2012

A Son Torn from his Father

Now can you imagine that you were at a local bar or party and it got out of control? I mean like any other gathering here at The Ass End of the World, Arkansas to be exact. However there was one person a male that got arrested one night. That’s nothing new in this county. But, this one was different. This one got media attention in the long run. Here is a man that supposedly got rowdy with the cop and like the story goes the cop beat the crap out of him. What’s new? However it was caught on tap appeared on numerous local news channels here in Arkansas. I watched that one, I had a friend to record it and I watched it over and over. The cop was smart; he knew the surveillance camera was there. He hid from the camera while he beat the hell out of the person that was booked in for disturbing the peace supposedly. The individual that was charged did not get that rowdy for the cop to beat him like he did. He was bruised up, he should have not got that kind of treatment.  This is what you call cop brutality at its finest. Ok, here is a kicker. The man’s father was a JP in this county and he was so upset and distraught over this incident. He went up and beyond to get something done about it. His dad stated that it was wrong for the cop to do that to his son. Which he was right, the cop took it to far needless to say! However he supposedly went to see and talk too the DA in this county, I believe the man’s father was so mad, I mean very angry over this situation. He had a heart attack and died while having a conversation. Now how freaky is that, I mean seriously. Once again that sounds fishy. In my opinion I bet he was given some kind of shot to make him a have a heart attack, things like that happens around here. If this isn’t the Twilight Zone I don’t know what is? The man’s father that died was a very well respected person in this county. He was a good person. This was a mind-blowing and it was hard to understand, to tell you the truth about it, the logic is just not there. Like any other accident around here. I always watch what I do, I obey the law. They want to f**K with me, I will continue this BlogSpot all do in respect I think Karma is coming to this county and it’s about damn time. This man did not deserve to be beat up by a cop and his father should not have died to protect his son and his rights. What a sad story. So many still talks about this one to this day.

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