March 24, 2012

Religion is "Big Business" seriously!

Religion is ‘Big Business” especially in the South. Whenever you walk into a Church, you see an immaculate setting. The technology has hit the highest I do believe. I remember when the churches were just simple and innocent. Now you see, big screens and elaborate pieces, what I mean, very materialistic gadgets. In some places it’s mind-blowing. Do you really need that stuff, to get the word out? I mean seriously do you? It has to cost out the ass, there would be no way around it. No wonder tithing is a major priority. I wonder if the ones that take up the tithing, think about the ones that are with little money or no money at all. They are giving their money up so they can get a reward after it’s all said and done. They don’t know if it’s coming to them or not. While the preachers and their family and don’t forget the ones that are on staff. Live in a big nice house and have top of the line products. Oh, don’t forget the cars and if their kids are in the picture and they drive, the cars they have too. I wonder every time they eat that big steak in a big fancy restaurant while the ones that give and they don’t have that much to give eats ramen noodles or they go without. I wonder if they think about the high tech stuff like computers and sound systems. The ones that give might get their lights shut off. No matter what anyone says, religion is ‘Big Business’ that is one way to make money and live high on the hog. I know a preacher that makes $1000.00+ a week and he is one sinning motherfkker. However he knows how to speak to the people and get inside their heads. People will give even if they don’t have any money to give. How sad and pathetic is that? It makes me so mad, however when people are brain washed, and the sheep will follow. That is why I have religion in my heart. I am a broke ass bitch and the maker knows that. I do my best throughout the day and am thankful that I am living and breathing. Tomorrow might not come for me but I know that I done my best when I have to go to the other side. I don’t think the maker told them to get the top of the line computers, phones or whatever. This is another part of corruption at its finest. If you can’t preach, preach simple and have simple ways of stating things.Don't preach! This high-tech sh*t is so over rated and I am so done with it, believe me. I don’t have a pot to piss in and window to throw it out of, but one thing about me I do have a heart. I think we are living in end of the times. I am thankful that I look at it on different angle and have realistic knowledge about it.

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